ILP 2018: Important Update- FIVE DAYS to GO!



Hello Friends,


ILP 2018:- COUNTDOWN for Prelims 2018!

Its been a great response so far.

ILP has been launched on 31st July 2017. Since it is an integrated programme so it will run till Mains 2018

It has been an overwhelming response from all of you 🙂

We hope, this ILP proves to be much bigger and better in terms of content quality and reach, touching thousands of aspirants devoid of coaching and proper guidance.

ILP will prove to be a game changer provided you are honest and sincere with the guidelines to follow it. There is no substitute to smart and hard work.

Smart and Hard Work=IASbaba + You—-> Success Guaranteed!


Aspirants who want to Join ILP 2018

  • Programme starts on 31st July
  • There is no deadline to join ILP and All India Prelims Test Series. One can join anytime.
  • If you pay online through instamojo, ID activation will take few hours. So do not panic. Once you receive payment slip, send it to [email protected] and wait for our reply.
  • If you pay offline or NEFT- send us the payment details and wait for our reply.

Aspirants who have Joined AIPTS 2018

  • First test is on 10th August 2017
  • Access to Test Platform with details of using it will be shared 2-3 Days before it
  • ID details will be sent to your registered email ID

Read the details of ILP 2018 here-

Access the Samples of Content in ILP- Click Here

Download the 3 Months Plan for ILP 2018- Click Here

Download All India Prelims Test Series (AIPTS) 2018 Plan- Click Here

Sample for Hindi AIPTS- Click Here

For any query- [email protected] 

How to Pay or Join?

Payment Link– ILP 2018/Prelims Test Series – To make the Online Payment – Click Here

Offline Payment Details: Please mail us the acknowledgment at [email protected] if making offline payment. 

Bank details

ACCOUNT NUMBER 8418201003785

Let the countdown begin!



  • Ghåïñt Nāddî

    We have faith in IASBaba 🙂

  • Ajay Kumar N

    Planning to follow ILP with full rigour religiously. Let the game begin.

  • Neha Pal

    me too waiting eagerly !!!!!!! 🙂

  • Apurva

    Hi! Please provide a timeline for ILP Connect as well.
    Thanks 🙂

    • It will be communicated on ilp platform 🙂

      • Apurva

        Thank you very much.

  • Sandy

    Mai bhi hu line. Babaji mujhe thoda ashirvad dijiye…

  • Anil

    how we could log in

  • Mithun Das

    climax of curiosity.

  • Manish

    Could not follow ILP 2017 due to some personal reasons, not enrolling this year because of not having any stable job(so need to ensure that first due to personal & family responsibilities), But one thing which i would like to share is that IASBABA has really changed the game. Once someone will look at the Value added notes , he/she will realise the efforts and desire of getting success by the IASBABA team and that success will come in the form of RANKS in the CSE.

  • Anmol Gupta

    Sir, which book to follow for world history…in ur previous timetable you mentioned of Norman Lowe and now in this timetable old ncert arjun dev..??

    • Anmol

      See the topics like American French and industrial revolution is not covered in Norman Lowe that’s why arjun dev and we will also give value add notes. For other topics of world history Norman Lowe as specified.

      • RubikJi

        Guys, a help needed! 🙂
        I have a question regarding Arjun Dev’s NCERT.
        Are they from class 10? named as “Story of Civilization Part 1 and Part 2”?
        I downloaded them from internet.
        I see the part 2 starts straight from Chapter 9. In it Russian Evolution is there very well depicted. But I could not find American and Industrial revolutions from that part itself if I see the contents only.
        I did not find them in the part 1 either as the downloaded version has only 3 chapters in it: “Heritage of India”, “Indian Awakening” and “Struggle for Independence”.
        Am I missing something here?
        Thanks for you help Mates.

        • Himanshu Sharma

          Bro, you will find industrial revolution and american revolution in the book “story of civilisation volume-1” by arjun dev

          • RubikJi

            Thanks man.
            A small request,
            Is it possible for you to mention the chapters of Volume 1?
            I guess 8 chapters would be there.
            P.S. The version internet has only 3 chapters. That’s what creating confusion here.
            Thanks in advance too 😉

          • lokesh shukla

            Bro…for a better option,u can go through new NCERTs….these books are more communicative than older version…!

          • RubikJi

            @Lokesh: Is it? I will definitely have a look. Can you please tell me which class covers the above 3 discussed revolutions?

          • lokesh shukla

            9th and 10th new ncerts and 12th tamilnadu board for modern world history…..these are written in very lucid manner….and more than enough in order to have sufficient knowledge of world history.

          • RubikJi

            Thanks so much 🙂 appreciated

          • Himanshu Sharma
          • RubikJi

            Wow..!! thank so much Himanshu ji. Now I see the e-book I have is an different one. 🙂
            Really appreciated ..

          • Akash Prabhakar

            Pls share then…I was also having the same issue…I brought Arjun Dev. Part 2 and could not get the syllabus…also in 1st part only 3 chapters are there.
            Pls help

          • VAMSI KRISHNA

            Dude!! Where can I buy that book? Is it available in online? If yes please put me the link. I too have same problem. Couldn’t find first part in Internet.

          • Himanshu Sharma

            I got it in local book store of delhi. No idea, whether it is available online or not. Sorry

          • The Optimist

            Do have a look at Mrunal’s articles on World History.
            He had it covered from Arjun Dev’ “The Story of Civilization”. Hope it helps everyone.
            Below is the link to Mrunal’s articles on the same topics:

          • The Optimist

            Hey there Himanshu,
            Where did you find the Volume-1?
            The findable “Volume-1” copy on the internet has only 3 chapters to it and that’s devoid of the topics such as the American, the French and the Industrial Revolution.
            It would be much helpful, if you could share with us the copy you’ve got with yourself. Thank you.

          • Himanshu Sharma

            yes bro, I too could not find it on internet. I don’t have a soft copy of the book. I purchased it from book store. I will surely share it once i find a soft copy.

          • The Optimist

            Thanks brother.

          • The Optimist

            Can you kindly make sure that the copy you’ve got with yourself is that of the 10th standard? Or is it of the 9th standard? Meanwhile, I came across Mrunal’s articles on the same topics (as suggested by someone) and found it to be good enough. He had it covered from Arjun Dev’ “The Story of Civilization”. Hope it helps everyone.
            Below is the link to Mrunal’s articles on the same topics:

          • Himanshu Sharma

            It is 9th standard textbook, and yes mrunal’s articles are more or less same.

  • sai kiran Sai

    In instructions it was given that ilp connect is for few ppl only and criteria of selection will be based on questions . but there were basic questions like name, graduation, mail id and no of attempts..

    On what basis ppl will be chosen?

  • Zahoor Ahmed Khawaja

    I m also eagerly waiting for the login platform …..

  • danny

    Guys what is the reference no in ilp connects questions….I have given payment id of tha correct ? .Have u done the same ?

    • Neelam Dalvi

      yup too.

    • That’s fine

  • Avijeet Rathsharma

    Have been waiting for ILP Connect since 8 July


    Hi everyone. I am very new to this site. Could anybody please let me know if we receive softcopy of study materials for the blocks mentioned in ILP 2018 programme.


      Nope. Just PDF’s



  • Raghav Thakur

    Babaji.. .when will you provide LOGIN link…although you have already mentioned 25th July…today is 26th…Can you share the planner of ILP 18..Rgrds

    • deepak

      They will activate I’d in batches .Once your I’d will be activated you will get an email confirmation message.till then be patient.
      They will activate it by 30 July

      • lokesh shukla

        bt what if, It would have not been activated upto 30 july???

        • It’s our job and we won’t start without you.

          • lokesh shukla

            Ok.Thanku Babaji..!

          • SureshKummar

   Baba ji……..
            I have joined for ILP 2018 but not for AIPTS 2018
            So.. will it help me in joining this test series because TEST of ILP is on AUG 9th and TEST of AIPTS is on AUG 10th and vice-versa.. So the portion to be covered(reading part) on 10th day of Aug for ILP and test for AIPTS is overriding. Does it make any sense….???????????????
            HELP ME OUT BABA am totally confused here..!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • deepak

          Then you can contact to @iasbaba

        • Fiza Khan

          don’t think negative…be positive

          • lokesh shukla

            yupp…hope everything will be fine..

    • Raghav

      You will be there before 30th. need not worry

  • Hrishabh Raj

    can you give online links of the books you have provided in ILP 2018 like tamil nadu board and arjun dev ncert
    because we have already bought new ncerts
    now we have to purchase old ones again

    • lokesh shukla

      no need to purchase old ncert, new book are better…!!

    • Raj
      Refer to topics and follow whatever sources with you. We cannot give all sources to follow so gave old ncerts. You can refer to new ones if topics are there refer to them. No issues. We will be providing van from our side too

      • Hrishabh Raj

        okay baba:)

    • pranith

      Hi.. you can download tamilnadu class 11 and 12 pdf from

  • Akash Prabhakar

    Pls someone tell..which old history ncert ariun Dev we have to buy- class 9 or class-10?? As it’s not mentioned in the list

  • Naveen

    BABA U r creating a lot of confusion. On first 3 months plan U referred Norman Lowe for American Revolutions but in an another block Its showing Arjun Dev !!! Kindly give a final 3 months plan

    • prabhat singh

      Norman lowe begins with 20th century i.e. world war 1. It skips some important events like colonialism, imperialism, Enlightenment, French Revolution, American revolution, Industrial revolution. So for missed out topics you can refer Arjun dev or khan academy videos. For rest of the topics Norman lowe is good.

  • sam

    Waiting for the activation.. Hope everything will go as planned 🙂

    • You will be there by 30th 🙂

  • saumitra tiwari

    will the VAN be the according to the syllabus? I mean that there are various topics and subtopics given in the mains syllabus. will the VAN cover them?

  • Mukul Shukla

    Baba ji, when will the ILP 2018 Platform Will Be Active.

    • Mukul

      We are starting on 31st July. Your ID details with platform to login will be sent before 30th July. Activation is in batch wise to avoid any technical glitch. And you won’t miss anything since prorgamme starting on 31st July. Thanks

      • Mukul Shukla

        Thanks Babaji.

  • SureshKummar

    Baba ji……..
    I have joined for ILP 2018 but not for AIPTS 2018
    So.. will it help me in joining this test series because TEST of ILP is on AUG 9th and TEST of AIPTS is on AUG 10th and vice-versa.. So the portion to be covered(reading part) on 10th day of Aug for ILP and test for AIPTS is overriding. Does it make any sense….???????????????
    HELP ME OUT BABA am totally confused here..!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sk

      We clearly mentioned that those joining ILP should not join AIPTS at the same time. You can join AIPTS later around December.

      Once you gain confidence through ILP then can join AIPTS for revision purpose and for solving more tests for practice. many have joined both and asked the same. we have told them to start taking AIPTS from December onward.

      Stick to ILP first

      • SK

        THank you Babaji…

  • Wahlang

    Baba ji.. I m waiting for 31st july…

  • plz someone help i have tried 4 times for payment of ilp but every time it is failing

  • sudhakar ambati

    I joined ILP-2018. I am new to this online learning platforms.
    Does your Value Added Notes cover the study material of the 6th-12th NCERTs?

    • Sudhakar

      Not all. We don’t cover books. We cover relevant topics required for this exam. Even our planning is topic wise. All ncerts are not important.

      So whatever important from ncerts will be covered

  • babaji plz rply to my query
    i want to start ilp from the first day itself
    i m not able to pay onl9 always trancsaction is failed

    • Hi

      Please go for offline or neft

      We clearly mentioned that programme starts from 31st and we are adding users in batches. Everyone will be added by 30th July. Nothing is going to start before 31st. Please be patient.

  • DashBro

    thank u iasbaba. I have received my login credentials.

    • did u paid ofl9

      • DashBro

        No. I paid online.

        • plz help i m not able o pay onl9 every time it is failing

          • DashBro

            I had paid a month back and i received the id and password then itself. I am being able to access to the platform from today.

          • ravi ranjan

            they mentioned earlier they will do reply after 30th july.

          • DashBro

            I would suggest that u contact iasbaba through email.

          • i have done but they are not rplying

          • i have mailed them in all the ids but no rply yet

          • DashBro

            give it some time. Check if ur internet connection is working properly or not??

          • yes its okk but they r not rplying

          • Jatin Raina

            ji, they wil reply give some time!!!

        • when did u paid onl9 within how many days you recived id and pasword

  • priya anjali

    Hello pls help someone. I want to know that am I able to give tests in Hindi especially preliminary test.
    Plz clear my doubt.

    • Priya

      All India prelims test fee 6999 is in Hindi.

      ILP is not in Hindi.

  • kumari

    can i join ILP 2018 before August 9th

    • Jatin Raina

      yes, you can join any time Kumari!!!

  • Aman Deep

    hello IASBABA im join today in your ilp 9999 but i got some trouble after create my id……this problem is….Error: The email address isn’t correct..

  • Sharath Sidhu

    Hello IASBABA
    I already started taking coaching in delhi, classes are for 6 hours and I get time to study for 4-5 hrs max ! After taking this ILP program can I compete with your schedule ? hope you will answer me.

  • Sharad Sharma

    paid for ilp a month ago and its 29th july still did not receive the id and password .when i will receive password for ilp ?

    • Sharad

      It will be done today.

  • Shishir Vats

    I have paid for ILP program but when I login it is showing invalid email id. Help me out with this please

    • Shishir

      Contact at [email protected] attaching your payment details.

      • Shishir Vats

        I got the access. Thanks IASbaba

      • Deena Das

        babaji where should i login with my id n password

    • Aashay Khatavkar

      Shishir ,
      ILP,Is it really Helpful ??

  • Light Only

    did not get my login credentials yet

  • Rahul Verma

    I too haven’t received any ID and password. I have mailed you two times guys just now. Please into the issue

    • Sent

      • Rahul Verma

        not received as of now. please recheck

        • Rahul Verma

          done got it thanks a ton babaji

  • Vivek Pandey

    baba ji, I submitted the fee for ILP on 24th July but I havn’t recieved ID and password yet.
    Please help.

  • devesh pandey

    Babaji I submitted fee the in the beginning of July, Yet I haven’t received my userid and password or platform related information. Please help.

  • Chandan

    sir i have paid for the ILP course on 27th. I have not received my user id and password. Please reply sir.

    • Chandan Sharma? Sent check email

  • Hrishabh Raj

    do provide the details that how to write notes from VAN and babapedia

  • deepak singh

    I paid for ILP 2018 but could not find any ID or PASSWORD . I have also [email protected]:disqus .com to attach fee payment slip , but could not access to any ID or PASSWORD. NOW what i do?

    • Deepak ([email protected]) ??

      You paid for AIPTS- Prelims test series not ILP. ID details will be sent 2 days before first test

      • deepak singh

        thanks sir.

  • Reshu Tyagi

    What are you guys doing? It’s 31st July already and no intimation!! paid the fee 1 month ago..What am I supposed to do?

    • Reshu

      Few like you have not got it automated. Its anyway a software. We have created it manually and sent. Check your email. Do not panic.

      • Reshu Tyagi

        Got it.. Thank you!

  • If you pay online through instamojo, ID activation will take few hours. So do not panic. Once you receive payment slip, send it to [email protected] and wait for our reply.
    If you pay offline or NEFT- send us the payment details and wait for our reply.

  • Aarti kumari

    i paid online for ilp program..but its 2nd day n m not able to login anywhere..i cant find any it fake or wat…..31st july se session start thi then where is my login i access that???? is someone to reply me..or payin 9999 is a stupidity to me

  • Teneichong Telien

    Will there be an IOS app for ILP

  • Siri Polavarapu

    @iasbaba:disqus, i’m unable to login i payed for ILP 2018 on 30th july online, can u help me out !!! i’m getting the page as server error….!!! is this a fake site ???


    we are looking for faculty for UPSC , Please contact :[email protected]

  • Tanmoy Sinha

    Is there any program for pol science optional?

  • sachin singh

    Hi Team,
    I have paid for ILP 2018 on 15 August 2017 But I have not got any Intimation has to where should I go and access the Dashboard. I have also dropped mail for the same but Didn’t get any reply.

  • shalini verma

    Is there some discount for those who joined ILP 2017 last year?


    we are looking for faculty for UPSC ,Please contact : [email protected]

  • Naveen Kumar

    BABA,i want to join ILP2018 now,pls guide me

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