Interview Discussions-2016

  • Aspira Aspira

    Good questions

  • Hope

    Kindly post interview discussion on daily basis.

  • Shiv

    Can you post one question daily. Because it hardly requires any energy.

  • arvind Singh plzz see this to wlcum new talent nt fr upsc bt youtube

  • Sudhanshu Shekhar

    Do these gentlemen sitting in the Dholpur House have any sense of responsibility or not? They expect the aspirants to follow the rules, have compassion for humans and care for emotions. Increasing the transparency in the governance.
    But they are doing something which is totally opposite to that. They have given the aspirants the real feel of the administration and how the business is done here. No tentative dates, no rule, no timeline. This is how they are supposed to train the future bureaucrats. This is the ultimate degree of hypocrisy from the Commission.
    People have invested their time in this exam and a lot is pending in their lives, whether to give it another shot or move on. By keeping everyone guessing they are definitely not doing any public service.
    If they have made some serious blunder then they should accept and say that we cannot publish the result for another month or year. But please do clarify, what the hell is going on?

  • Che

    Hello friends,

    kindly go through the following site for interview preparation. Hopefully, it will be a great help to you all

    Its better to start preparing now!!!

  • Anshul Jain

    Make your notes from any website even on Youtube videos.

    Go to

  • Saurabhniranjan2

    HPAS aspirants, download HP GK app for Himachal GK at

  • Naveen Kumar

    hello ,need to ask that microeconomics is required to be done or not?

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