UPSC Prelims General Studies Paper 1

UPSC Prelims General Studies Paper 1

This forum is mainly for UPSC Prelims General Studies Paper 1. General Studies are very important to crack UPSC Prelims Test Paper 1. Go through our daily test and prepare well.



UPSC Prelims General Studies Paper 1 Take Today’s Prelims TestCrack Prelims by solving challenging questions, Build your concepts before prelims
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UPSC Prelims General Studies Paper 1 Prepare Prelims 2016 in 60 DaysDetailed Strategy and Plan
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UPSC General Studies Prelims Syllabus Detailed Strategy for PrelimsSubject specific strategy for Prelims
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UPSC General Studies Prelims Syllabus Segregated Questions of UPSC PrelimsSubject wise Questions of Previous Years Prelims Papers
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    will you provide detail explanation along with test ?

    • Yes.. Detailed explanation will be given wherever necessary.

  • Jayesh

    y dis is not in HIndi??

    • @Jayesh

      Daily Prelims Test and Daily Current Affairs are available in Hindi. kindly check.

  • YPraveen Reddy

    you rock

  • Amit Kumar Gupta

    १ जुलाई के बाद दैनिक प्रारंभिक परीक्षा- 2015 उपलब्ध नहीँ है. कब तक उपलब्ध हो पाएगा?

  • Abhishek M.R

    awesome…really its one stop destination for upsc prep..

  • BST

    Guys your page is really user friendly and I want to give one suggestion for you. In the daily prelims test u ppl provided questions and solutions in the solutions PDFs for polity . Why don’t you do the same for the remaining ? It is taking a lot of time to see the questions in separate PDFs and solutions in the other.

    • BST

      Next compilation will be in the same manner. For us also, it takes lots of time 🙂 Initially we thought it will help first timers but now it is of less significance. Thanks 🙂

      • BST

        One more suggestion… If u can add pictures in the art and culture it would be easy to memorise the matter. What do u say?

        • Time consuming….Lots of other work and post prelims planning

  • Manish Choudhary

    hi baba,
    i have read that post about insight v/s baba.
    we are with you by heart… if they have quantity then you have quality….

  • Arun

    What’s the cutoff for prelims?Do i need to score both the sections separately for getting cutoff?

  • nisar

    I TRIED ALOT OF TIMES but was not able to see the daily test ,,anybdy plz say hw it opens

  • Dyan K Kumar

    Can anyone provide the chapters to study for prelims from ncert

  • rahul

    baba ji your link is not open gs main strategy so plz fix the problems……:-(

  • leks

    really very helpful questions…i just love this site..thanxx a lot….

    • kaira

      even lots of relevent questions from this site this year. thanks babaji.

    • shantanu

      yes and articals also.

    • jasmin

      online coaching type.

  • sumeet singh

    Hi Everyone.

    I am 28 year old, I am working processional, Can you suggest me that with job and on this age right to start IAS preparation.

    • Rita

      Of course u can start.

    • adithya

      you can start ur preparaton based on ur stratagey if u had a habit of reading books and and if ur confident on leveling of achieving then procced to prepare but if ur not confident dont start may be it can depress u

    • Ved Prakash

      28 so what… One shot that is it. Very first thing is to trust urself

      • jasmin

        just concentrate on your preparation not how and whats.

    • kaira

      its u yrself who succeed or fail jst be motivated and confident.

    • anoosha

      there is never too late. its morning when u wake up.

    • junaid

      belive in yourself.

    • shantanu

      there are many eg of what u said had cleared with jobs and some females mothers clearing the upsc.

    • Deepshikha

      go for online courses and material , choose your optional wisely . understand the value of your time .

  • upen


  • K Vishnuvardhanreddy Reddy

    any 1 here geography optional ?


    ya..mine option geo,,, dear sir …v.reddy…

  • anyone with political science optional?

  • dr irfan

    where is detailed syllabus of pre and mains ..

  • Abhay Gaur

    can i get a detailed syllabus of civil sevices in pdf??

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