TLP 2016 OPTIONAL – Geography Mini Test 2

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  • October 2, 2016
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Mains Examination, TLP Geography Optional
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Think Learn & Perform (TLP) : Geography Mini Test 2


These questions are meant to examine your understanding of the last 15 days. Attempt these questions in 2 hours in strict exam conditions without referring any source. Please be honest and do this exercise sincerely.


All the best


1. On the outline map of the world, identify the regions where commercial agriculture is the prominent mode of farming. What are the typical features of this type agriculture? (15 marks)

2. What is the role of population growth in the prevailing food crisis in many regions of the world. Suggest suitable strategies which can increase food supply in LDCs. (15 marks)

3. Give an account of the changing distribution of automobile production in the world. (15 marks)

4. Discuss various models of internal structure describing patterns within urban areas. (15 marks)

5. What are the differences between nation and state? How do you describe a nation-state. Give suitable examples. (15 marks)

6. Technological progress often defies the conventional wisdom of various models and theories that explain location of industries in a region. Do you agree? Critically examine. (15 marks)

7. Natural resources of a region are owned by the state. How far the policies related to allocation of the scarce natural resources determine their efficient utilization? Discuss. (15 marks)

8. Write a note on India’s Act East Policy in light of the geopolitical advantages that would accrue from India’s active engagement in this region. (15 marks)

9. What is the importance of sustainable town planning? Where do Indian cities stand in terms of this aspect of urban geography? (15 marks)

10. Is development essentially an incremental process as defined and suggested by Rostov? Critically examine. (15 marks)


Note: No separate links will be provided for answering the questions. All questions can be answered on the same page.

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