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Even though you only need to score 33% marks in CSAT Paper- II, it can become a little difficult given the unpredictability of UPSC. We take the example of CSAT 2014.

In 2014, the level of CSAT was a quantum jump from earlier years. Even scoring 100 seemed a difficult task for aspirants. Why?

  • One of the most tricky areas of CSAT paper is comprehension, and the easiest area is Decision-making questions. Contrastingly in 2014 CSAT, Comprehension was increased both in difficulty and number; and decision-making freebies (20 marks!) were removed altogether.
  • Other areas like Basic numeracy, General Mental Ability, and Logical reasoning were also of a higher difficulty level. And interestingly a lot of questions were time-consuming too.
  • Class Xth level English comprehension questions were removed altogether following a decision of the DoPT. These questions used to carry a weightage of 15-21 marks out of 200 marks.

So, given the uncertainty of CSAT paper and the low cut off, what should you expect this time?

  • Please do NOT expect freebies (20 marks) – Decision making questions this time too.
  • Moreover, expect scrapped English Comprehension (Class Xth level) questions to be replaced with Comprehension and General Mental Ability questions this time.
  • Thus, a number of comprehension questions will be more. Expect the level of comprehension to be higher than before too.
  • Also, the level of General Mental Ability, Reasoning and Maths should go up this time given such a low cut off.
  • Expect the paper to be little lengthier than before.

Therefore, the overall difficulty level of paper should go up this time. And this also means that you can not totally neglect CSAT this time.

So, What should you be doing?

  • Devoting maximum time to GS, but ensuring that you keep in touch with CSAT. The best way would be to solve 4-5 questions daily starting from now, especially tricky comprehensions.
  • In the last one month or so before the exam (depending on your preparation level for CSAT), start devoting more time for CSAT. Start solving few tough mock test papers to check your preparation level.
  • Since UPSC can load too many questions from any particular section (e.g Basic numeracy), if you feel you are weak in any area, start working on it from now itself.
  • We also suggest that you go through our Comprehension strategy to crack tricky comprehensions.

Also, on our website, we will be providing Daily CSAT questions (around 5) with solutions, tricks, and explanations. We will keep the level of Qs a notch above that of UPSC so that even if the paper is tougher this time, you should not find it tough. Ideally speaking, you should be following this daily test religiously and keep yourself engaged with CSAT.

Wish you all the best! 🙂


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  • legaleagle

    donot u think iasbaba that its better not to go into csat sections that bother us most like maths and rather math fearing students like me should practise comprehension, reasoning and DI questions. would it suffice for 33% criteria or should I get in to Maths… please advice

    • @yasha_sharma:disqus

      It is not wise to do so. Maths questions are way easier than Comprehension. True that you should work more on your strong points but not leaving the scoring aspect. Moreover, UPSC do not ask much from Maths section. What we have given comes under Reasoning only. Best Wishes

      • VS Dhananjay

        thanks baba ji i was also confused on the same ground.

      • Shweta Gupta

        but please post some questions of csat on daily basis..because its really so hard to find those qualitative questions which may ask by upsc and that right strategy and support matters only

  • Siddhartha_Bangalore

    Yes CSAT 2 is bit tricky and confusing …….. the only way to crack by practicing regular,…. best Website : http://www.indiabox.com

  • ujjawal

    babaji hats off for ur initiative ….what seemed impossible a few months before is now seemingly possible…however babaji i am unable to find daily questions for csat for 2016 prelims … help me with it …thanx and regards

  • Shweta Gupta

    where we can find those 5 questions of csat ?

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