Monthly Yojana & Kurukshetra Gist

Monthly Yojana & Kurukshetra Gist

This page is dedicated for the Gist of Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazines for Civil Services Examination, UPSC. Read Monthly Yojana & Kurukshetra Gist regularly with IASbaba.

Monthly Yojana & Kurukshetra Gist – 2017










Monthly Yojana & Kurukshetra Gist – 2016

12. December

11. November

10. October

9. September

8. August

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 Monthly Yojana & Kurukshetra Gist – 2015

1. April- Manufacturing

2. May- Tourism

3. June- Alternative Health

4. July- International Relations

5. August- Inclusive Growth

6. September- Smart City

7. October- Skill Development

8. November- Transport

9. December- Climate Change

About the Initiative

Yojana and Kurukshetra magazine is increasingly finding a place in the questions of both UPSC Prelims and Mains.

Every Issue of Yojana and Kurukshetra deals with a single topic comprehensively sharing views from a wide spectrum ranging from academicians to policy makers to scholars. The magazines are essential to building an in-depth understanding of various socio-economic issues.

From the exam point of view, however, not all articles are important. Some go into scholarly depths and others discuss agendas that are not relevant for your preparation. Added to this is the difficulty of going through a large volume of information, facts, and analysis to finally extract their essence that may be useful for the exam.

We are not discouraging from reading the magazines itself. So, do not take this as a document which you take to read, remember and reproduce in the examination. Its only purpose is to equip you with the right understanding. But, if you do not have enough time to go through each and every Yojana and Kurukshetra magazine, you can rely on the content provided here for it sums up an essential points from all the articles in Yojana and Kurukshetra.

You need not put hours and hours in reading Yojana and Kurukshetra and making its notes in pages. We believe a smart study, rather than hard study, of these magazines can improve your preparation levels.

Think, learn, practice and keep improving! That is the key to success.

  • Yashwant Pratap

    Really nice initiative…formatting 50-60 pages Yojana into 10-15 pages and thats too in question answer format will be a great help to all UPSC aspirants.
    Thanks a lot IASBABA.COM…

    • Yashwant,

      Welcome to IASbaba 🙂 Thank You for motivating words. Keep visiting for more such initiatives and spread the word!!


    as civil service syllabus is vast , i most of time could not complete yojana magzine and also used to be confuse what to read but now i think now i can finish it within one day thanks a lot and pls dont stop until i become IAS atleast 😛

    • Thank you Ranjeet!

      • Phoenix

        This is an awesome initiative.please keep going..

  • Majibullah Ansari

    a very nice initiative to help cs aspirant, I again thanks for your kind help.

  • jothi

    Awsome website. Great initiative for aspirants like us.compilation of pib according to mains syllabus is an outstanding initiative. I m looking forward!! All the best iasbaba team!!

    • IASbaba

      Hi Jothi.. We will be back in a few days..!!

      Thank you for your support 🙂

  • kishore

    but make science and technology issues as well sir, it is important .

    • @Kishore

      We will surely start separate initiatives for Environment and S&T in few days for Mains as well as Prelims 🙂

  • Chandan Roy

    really appreciated ……………..
    1 request : as older yojanas are also relevant so it is a necessity for 2015 mains ……… please provide magazines out of them too …………


    excellent work…….
    really appreciated

  • Mahanitya

    Thank u so much.. will u please post gist of yojana from sep 2014 to mar 2015…

    • @Mahanitya

      We will cover important issues from past Yojana in our Magazine and Mains Program. Thank You

  • praveen verma

    Its a great initiative. but please ensure that, not to mix your opinions like’ s pro-gujarat and pro-modi.

  • Anand

    Thnx for your Initiative Sir.. A request…Can you please do this Q & A of Yojana of previous year of (2014) as UPSC focuses on those issues more. As previous year issue comes in relevance today also and very few read those issue in the current year and that gives the UPSC fillip to frame questions from there..

    • @disqus_xSyfnSEMzq:disqus

      We will cover them in our upcoming initiatives.

  • Warrior _15

    You guys are are just phenomenal. Each and every initiative on this site is of Top-notch quality. Keep up the good work.

    • @disqus_zUicQfn5aV:disqus

      Thank You for the motivating words. We will try our best not only to maintain the quality but further the ante with innovative initiatives 🙂 Keep spreading the word for us

  • Niharika

    just awesome…Every content is well organized.Today only i know about this site and i am going to follow your prelims strategy.
    great initiative…keep it up!!

    • Niharika
      Thank You. Welcome to this journey with IASbaba 🙂

  • Sujeet Kumar

    sir, I was totally unaware of this site. it is looking very good. kindly update from previous yojana is not available on any site. thanks in advance

  • Acanthus

    Thanks a lot ias baba for providing such informative and well organised magazine . Please do continue .

  • Beautiful mind

    Thank you. Yojna kept on piling . That won’t be a problem now ??

  • Amy

    Holy shit!!! Hats off to your outstanding work @iasbaba… You saved my several hours… ISHVAR apki raksha kare 🙂

  • @ ALL

    Next Month Yojana Magazine (JUNE) will be published very soon 🙂

    Kindly do not ask for previous months compilation. We assure to cover previous editions important issues in our Mains and other upcoming initiatives. In the end you will be at the gaining end. So Cheers. Keep following our Prelims Plan, Daily Current Affairs Analysis, Think and Learn and other initiatives. Support us, support you!! 🙂

    • Surya Kant

      baba ji ki jai ho. baba january se march , aur july onward jist daalne ka plan haiga ke?

    • Jagdish Soni

      Baba why r u stoped this initiative??

  • Raviraj Dodiya

    IASbaba will u publish this magazines in hindi plz?

  • Adhiraj

    On what day of the month, does the Yojana launch its monthly edition?

  • AJ

    wonderful site……..just came to knw about this site…..every content is rich and unique…far better than coaching classes in delhi who are charging thousands for such stuff….thanx you sir for all initiatives that too free of coast.

  • ammu

    thanks a lot for the yojana teaches how to read the articles by keeping in mind the qstns.special thanks for providing answers…very helpful .

  • ankur

    baba, i was reading july issue (new vistas in international relations ) i feel every topic is imp , very confused what not to read , help me choosing topics which are imp for exam point of view.

  • Anand

    OK Baba Sir

  • Anand Veeral

    Thats good to know about the June issue . Thanks .

  • Anand Kumar

    baba ji please add gist of jan to march…kripa barsate rahiye baba ji…

    • Surya Kant

      jai ho babaji , anand kumar ki baat par bhi dhyaan dein aur kripa barsaaien. jai ho..

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    babaji, can u make brief notes from Yojana from prelims point of view. Would be a great help. Thanks

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    Babaji, when will you come up with gist for July edition?

  • Ramchander Patel

    I would like to appreciate your effort to help the upsc aspirants , indeed you are providing the aspirats with quality content, thank you very much for this, i came to 9 abt your website 3 days before prelims exam and hv only read your economy survey gist which was really worth reading in a short span of time, looking forward for more such quality and valuable content w.r.t. mains 2015. thanx once again keep the good work on al the very best:)

  • gaurav singh

    baba when will be the july and august updated? and one thing is for sure , u r the next platform on internet for ias aspirants. for last three hours i was going through your website , and i must say u r spot on. This is what we need. really thanx.

  • Ashok

    Babaji Please continue with this excercise

  • harlambos

    Baba will you continue with July and august? Is there any chance in your busy schedule ?

    Waiting eagerly

    • Yes Yes…very soon…too much of work everyday..we are working on it 🙁

      • Mohan

        Please please post july month issue

        • It’ll be published soon. 🙂

  • sahil

    Respected sir, thanks for your support. I have one request. Sir if possible please provide these magzines in WORD FORMAT as it allows us remove space between lines, copy-paste specific topics on already created notes, to remove unnecessary diagrams to save on cost of printouts etc
    sahil malhotra

  • 2015

    we are in september…but july compilation not yet released

    • we are working for every other contents as will be published soon


    10000000000000000000000000 thanks -:)

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    has this initiative stopped? dont see this link in top bar, reached here only via google search

    • No its not stopped….Its there in Menu Bar as well….Reach via Baba’s Current Affairs Tab 🙂 We will come up with July and August editions soon …

      • Ashish Bansal

        post in HINDI too…

  • sr

    Dear babaji,i am getting 120 in Paper-I(GS) & 61 in Paper-II(CSAT) Prelims-2015 and belongs to SC categorie, shall i prepare for mains? please reply waiting…………

  • stunners

    One of the best initiative that no one provides other than you, A very short gist “Q&A” of the Yojana expected in UPSC. Awaiting for the recent months of the Yojana.

  • sam

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your help.
    Can it be possible for you to provide gist of Kurukshetra or atleast upload pdf of earlier issue of Kurukshetra.As it is not available on yojana website.

    • cannot promise…will try our best 🙂

  • hg

    Baba ji,
    This is a great initiative. Just wanted to know if it will be continued in the future so that can plan my schedule accordingly.

    • Yes..of course…:)

      • Ashish Bansal

        post in HINDI too..

  • Gandhi

    Hello Baba ji…

    July/ August.issue…ka bhi aayega kya ??

    • Haan jee…zaroor aegaa 🙂 Bht jaldi…

      • Ashish Bansal

        post in HINDI too

  • Siddhant Saurabh

    sir mujhe august2015 ka chaihiye

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    Baba yajana magazine initiative hs been started frm April ,, wat abt b4 april issues,,, pls tell me baba ji

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    sir wht @july???

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    can u please post jan and feb yojana gist

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      whats the issue of Yojana in Jan & Feb ?

  • Anshuman

    Please provide for July issue also on New Vistas in International Relations.

  • believe urself

    july issue please

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    how to get the mind maps for the yojana on tourism ???


    Pls provide for July sir

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    This effort of urs Save lots of our time. …..

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    baba pls upload yojana nov 2014 to march 2015 … It would be helpful


    Thank you very much sir,it helps us lot and also minimize our time constraint.

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    I really liked the yojana magazine compilation..nicely done..

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    july n august gist unable to download

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    When will you provide November yojana gist

  • Ankit

    Hello Babaji, this is my first post here…i want to ask is there any way where i can get gist of 2013-14 yojana (selected editions)…

    • No from our side. Don’t know its available anywhere or not

      • Ashish Bansal

        pls post it in HINDI too

  • Prince

    Pls help hindi medium student.always facing language problem.all your initative give in hindi then its very helpful

  • Prasad85

    Sir if possible please provide the gist of Kurukshetra magazine as well, as its very important for Geography optional as well as for GS mains….Yes the issues are repetitive though butare updated ones like…Agriculture, Rural and women empowerment, SHGs, Migration etc…..
    Please treat this as request and suggestion,
    Thank you

  • ajay

    Sir pls upload climate change wala yojana gist

  • Maverick Bk

    Dear Sir,
    Since our main exam is very close, pls upload the remaining yojnas gist

  • deep sinha

    Sir, In your October edition of Yojana, the particular section called “MCQ oriented sections for Prelims” for Q no# D i.e the main objective behind UDAAN scheme for J & K youth, answer to which should have been “A” as per my understanding. Sir, is there a gap in my understanding. Plz clarify…regards

  • Aryan

    Sir plzzzz upload dec yojana gist as mains too close

    • Civils45

      I want to share this program with others.Program includes
      1.Prelims material
      2.Mains material
      3.Prelims test series.
      4.Current affair Gktoday pdfs
      Program runs till december 2016.
      Those interested can mail me
      [email protected]com

  • Maverick Bk

    Plz upload december yojna gist…tomorrow is our easy paper…thanx

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    Yojana gist materials are very helpful thanks a lot babaji


    IASBABA please send December Yojana

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    Babaji December ka issue aa payega kya ???

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    babaji waiting for December issue….

  • evergreen

    Guys pls suggest me source for economic geography!

    • stranger

      You can get it from clas xii ncert

      .. khullar and majid hussain for detail… if you have no optional ignore these books just thoroughly brush up material obtain from ncert.. and accumulate curent data… more than sufficient for this portion understanding is the only cornerstone of ur preparation thank you

      • evergreen

        Thank u! Geography is my optional. So for that r khullar & Hussain adequate? What about rupa series & siddhartha?

    • riya

      mrunal video is very helpfull for it

  • Subscriber 221

    babaji, its already 27th, waiting for yourdecember yojana gist,please look over it..

  • Subscriber 221

    Babaji, please let us know when will be the Yojana december gist and mindmaps will come, as waiting is going longer.

    • Very soon. Be patient. Loads of work and planning for your betterment under the process hence the delay 🙂

      • Subscriber 221

        Thank you

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    Babaji, thank you for all your works, please make the yojana issue to come by weekend as promised by you
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  • Sudharani

    How to read mindmaps

  • Sudharani

    Thank u baba for adding me

  • Deeparnab Rakshit

    Sir, in December Yojona Gist, in the topic regarding “Responsible steps taken by India” section on Page-5, you’ve written that the largest solar pond in india is in Bhuj, Rajasthan. But Bhuj is in Gujrat. So it should be a correction I think.

    • Thanks Deeparnab. Its a mistake

  • Operation Writing

    Jan addition for Yojana???

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    Sir, Kindly upload Jan, 2016 yojana.

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    Dear Babaji,
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    • Yojana comes not before 15th at least to us 🙂

      Above page is the only testimony we can give. If you cannot count then fine 🙂

      It will be out within 2 days

      • Abdullah

        Baba we aspirants happen to be in a very fragile state ?. Our patience levels are very low (even I was getting insecure, I thought that you discontinued the initiative). You probably know it all to well. Thanks for bearing with us ?

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        • In 3-4 days. We received it lately

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  • Deeparnab Rakshit

    Sir we appreciate your effort for YOJONA GIST. We know, no one will provide such a valuable material for free. Still sir, from the aspirant perspective, please try to provide it at the end of the month at least. It’s a request sir, not a demand.


    I am aspirant of civil services,2016 , please baba could you suggest how many months of yojana is mandatory for civil services ,2016

    • Deeparnab Rakshit

      go through the last 12 months from the exam

      • DHEERAJ KUMAR Pandey

        O.K,Thank you very much sir , it means , from november ,2015 on wards…..?

        • Deeparnab Rakshit

          usually crackers suggest that
          for prelims: Sept -Aug
          For mains: Dec-Nov

          • Khayam

            I would suggest u prepae for prelims may-2015 to july-2015

            since altleast 1 question will come from may/june current affauirs and 2-3 questions from previous year question papaers,

            for mains : November-2015 to December-2016

          • Khayam

            prelims may-2015 to july-2016

    • Khayam

      Read IASBABAs Yojana compilation it takes hardly 2 days to finish up all yojanas, do forget to revise it after 1 week so u can understand, keep revising n take up mock taest regularly n try to find out loop holes in ur preparation n fill up those by revising… revise revise revise thats all makes sense, this is what i believ.

      all the best Dheeraj

      • DHEERAJ KUMAR Pandey

        Thanks sir kindly suggest the source of Yojana compilation.

        • Khayam

          share your email id, i will share other compiled materials as well

          all the best 🙂

          • Deeparnab Rakshit

            Sir you should not suggest ‘insights’ material on iasbaba page. we all know iasbaba and insights both are immensely helpful for all aspirants. but please don’t recommend ‘insights’ on iasbaba’s page and vice versa. They are working day and night for us to provide quality material ‘FOR FREE’. so, this type of activity will demoralize them.

          • Khayam

            Yes I understand, i thought he is new to UPSC pattern so, let him reply i will;delete the comment.

            thanks for suggestion

          • Khayam

            Done sir.

            removed other links.

          • Hi

            We have no issues with anyone recommending other websites. We do not carry any notion of enmity with others. So, do not worry about it. Let the user decide 🙂

          • Khayam


            Thanks IASBaba, you are doing tremendous priceless job, my intention was to help the new aspirant, nothing else.

            Sorry for adding some others link

      • Khayam

        I would suggest u prepae for prelims may-2015 to july-2016

        since altleast 1 question will come from may/june current affauirs and 2-3 questions from previous year question papaers,

        for mains : November-2015 to December-2016

        • jangapriyanka

          Hi. For prelims is it from May /2015 or May 2016?

          • Khayam

            generally it is from july-2015 – july-2016 ,, but since last 2 years in prelims 1-2 Q were appeared from may CA

            So its upto u , if u wanna prepapre prepare or else u can skip .. concentrate fom july 2015-july 2016

          • Khayam

            Read the above reply.

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    • Khayam

      Dude, Please do not order, you can request politly.

      rather you are demanding, when you are getting huge supported compiled material for free of cost u should be thanksful enough to IASBABA.

      There will not be huge loss as you are saying, you and me n other aspirants depends on IASBABA , not he.

      its my huble request before u post a comment please read one more time.

      • Deeparnab Rakshit

        There was no tone of order. I don’t know how did you find it as an order.
        Every month Yojana comes around 1st – 2nd date… Iasbaba also mentioned this time that it will come within 1st week. And it’s 10th today.
        So there must be generated some panic whether it will come or not. As it is aberrant this time.
        Anyway, IASbaba has cleared all confusions. I understand his workload.
        But my humble request to u, please don’t take simple lines in a complex way, dude. 🙂

        • Khayam

          Sorry I read ur comment as “huge loss for u” instead of us,

          sorry brother,

    • Who said this?

      We received Yojana a bit late and we do not copy paste so its taking time. Have patience 🙂

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      Sir replied 2days ago that it is taking some time as Yojana came to their hand a bit later. He has promised to publish. Keep Patience!

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    I am a Assistant Professor in chemistry currently working as i am qualified as CSIR NET JRF AIR 55 IN First attempt i am currently age of 29 running
    Then if wil try to IAS CAN it possible for me in next 2 yrs i am in General category

    • Pradeep Pathare

      Nothing is impossible sir..
      You can do.. All the best wishes

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      Will you say when notifications are released every year for CSIR? How can we apply for CSIR? kindly reply

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    If possible plzz help me I want to do this

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      a man can do what a man has done .. 🙂

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    @iasbaba:disqus Do continue with Gist. Waiting eagerly for May 2016.

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    Unacademy too is for Profit organisation will offer us services to the extent they receive donation from other sources(Which Baba and Insight I believe don’t have access to). So don’t criticize, Be thankful for whatever is being offered.

    • Thanks dear. People don’t realize the effort it takes. Let them bark!

      Anyway Yojana/Kuru will be posted today 🙂

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    Dear team..
    Will you be providing the Sep and Oct issues?


    BABA IS GREAT ……….

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    Hats off efforts by baba and team, for aspirants if you wanted to have gist of oct 2016 yojna you can check on unacedemy

  • Satish Ranjan

    Your hard work is the way of Smart work for us ..Thanks Team…!!!

  • Pranav Pathak

    Sir, would it be possible to bring out the YK gist till Nov before Mains. Since, November issue is about GST and taxation, it is perhaps very important. Thank you for all your efforts.

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  • chitrajit

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    thnking you

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    Amazing work.
    Salute you guys

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      • Ankur

        You’re writing the exam in English or Hindi?

  • Sayandeep Banik

    I just cant imagine my civil services preparation without the guidance of Baba Ji !! have been following both insights,unacademy but Iasbaba stands apart from the rest !! Current Affairs material,TLP answers is of superior quality.I would like to reciprocate to your good efforts by helping your aspirants once I secure a Top 100 Rank !!
    Thank You !! Looking forward from you guys !!

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    Babaji, I think it is not a good idea to part contents in mind maps, I think it should be compiled in magazine itsel.

    • It won’t be readable that’s why

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    can you please tell me where is the link to yojana January 2017 or you have not uploaded it yet.

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    Sir/Madam, it will be our pleasure if you join us.
    If you join us:
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    2. You will give us handwritten or word file content of your subject, we will design and make the complete presentation, because we value your time (you can also make your own maintaining channel guidance).
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    Sir/Madam, we expect your reply. Be the part of education revolution!

    **e-mail: [email protected]
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    sir wen wil u upload april issue


    Hi sir,
    is there any chances of providing state psc notes and tips to study for psc preparation method?
    plz plz plz plz plz plz try to give some idea about state psc.

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    • Siddhartha_IAS


  • sapna

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    I am from that area where Kurukshetra/Yojana are even not known by people.
    I am your ILP 2018 student and I am going to stick to your ILP2018 religiously. I am trusting you and I am ready to give that extra push for preparations.
    I hope will be the lucky one to be selected by following your ILP 2018.
    Thank you IASbaba.

    • Moonmoon Pati

      Do the ILP course has charges ?

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  • Chitrajit Pegu


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  • Deepak Zutshi

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    it available in HINDI TOO?


    i want to buy all these in paper format…
    please provide info.

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  • Mr. Modi

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