UPSC Prelims Preparation Books and Sources

 UPSC Prelims Preparation Books and Sources

Here are the list of UPSC Prelims Preparation Books to Refer;

Note: Reference books are not absolutely necessary to read from exam point of view. But, if you are seeking more understanding and knowledge, and have the required time and energy, they are worth reading.

For Mains Strategy and Books Click Here

UPSC Prelims Preparation Books to Refer


Important Sources (Follow any one newspaper for news items (preferably The Hindu); one for editorial (best Indian Express); and one Business newspaper  – only editorials (best is Livemint).

  • The Hindu
  • The Indian Express
  • Press Information Bureau (keep checking the Features section for imp articles and our weekly PIB Gist)
  • PRS (only for recent Bills and articles related to them)
  • IDSA: Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis (keep checking every 2-3 days for in-depth IR articles)
  • Yojana and Kurukshetra (no need to read all articles – read selectively)
  • LokSabha and RajyaSabha Debates



Modern India

  • NCERT – Class 8th (New) – ‘Our Pasts – III’
  • NCERT-Class 12th ‘Modern India’ (OLD)
  • Tamil Nadu Edition- Class 12th


  • Spectrum Modern India – Rajiv Ahir

Reference Book: India’s Struggle for Independence – Bipan Chandra; Plassey to Partition by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay

Medieval India

  • NCERT – Class 7th (New) –‘Our Pasts –II’
  • NCERT – Class 11th ‘Medieval India’ (OLD)- Satish Chandra
  • Tamil Nadu Edition-Class 11th
  • Ancient and Medieval India –  Poonam Dalal Dahiya

Ancient India

  • NCERT– Class 11th ‘Ancient India’ (OLD)- R.S. Sharma
  • NCERT– Class 12th ‘Themes in Indian History- Part I’ (NEW)- Chapters 1 to 6
  • Tamil Nadu Edition – Class 11th
  • Ancient and Medieval India –  Poonam Dalal Dahiya

NOTE: Most part of ‘Culture’ section overlaps with Ancient and Medieval History. Apart from the above mentioned books, you can refer the below link for more information on Culture.

You need to study CCRT Website –  CCRT ; Performing Arts and Literary Arts



  • NCERT Social Science, Class 6th (New) ‘The Earth Our Habitat’
  • NCERT Social Science, Class 7th (New) ‘Our Environment’
  • NCERT Social Science, Class 8th (New) ‘ Resource and Development’
  • NCERT Social Science, Class 9th (New) ‘Contemporary India’
  • NCERT Social Science, Class 10th (New) ‘Contemporary India-Part II’
  • NCERT – Class 11th (New)
    • Fundamentals of Physical Geography
    • India physical environment
  • NCERT – Class 12th (New)
    • Fundamentals of Human Geography
    • India – People and Economy
  • Atlas: Orient BlackSwan School Atlas (or) Oxford School Atlas

Reference Book: Certificate Physical and Indian Geography – Goh Cheng Leong; OLD NCERT Geography – Class 11th and 12th (if you can find them 🙂 )


  • NCERT – 6th to 8th (for basic understanding)
  • NCERT- Class 9th to 12th (for understanding more on democracy and federalism)
  • Indian Polity – M Laxmikanth

Reference Book: Introduction to Indian Constitution – D.D.Basu


  • Macroeconomics- Class 12th , NCERT
  • NCERT 11th – Indian Economic Development
  • NCERT- Class 9thand 10th (for basics)
  • Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh-Selective (Chapters on)
  • Introduction (GDP, GNP, growth etc.)

  • Evolution of the Indian economy

  • Banking

  • Inflation & Business Cycle

  • Agriculture

  • India and the Global Economy (include chapters relating to it)

  • Human development

  • Technology and environment

For understanding concepts refer to either of these:

  • Sriram’s IAS Economics Notes


  • The Hindu-Monday Edition (not technical news, only application based science & Tech)
  • NCERT- Class 6th to 10th
  • NCERT – Biology – 11th (Unit IV & V only – read basic concepts not technical details)
  • NCERT Biology – 12th (Chapters 4, 5 and rest from 7 to 16 – all important – read line by line except technical details)
  • NCERT – Biology – 12th (OLD) – Chapter 9 onwards
  • NCERT – Physics – 11th (Chap 1,5 & 8) and 12th (Chap 15 only)
  • NCERT – Chemistry – 11th (Chap 1 & 14 only) and 12th (Chap 14 & 16 only)
  • Science reporter- Selectively


  • ICSE Board- Environmental studies- Class 10th and 11th
  • NCERT- Geography Books (in 6th to 12th there are lot of chapters on Environment)
  • Science NCERT books mentioned above
  • Shankar IAS Notes
  • Current affairs

Reference material : Shankar IAS notes on Environment


  • (lists all schemes Ministry and sector wise with details)
  • India yearbook
  • NCERT books mentioned above
  • Current affairs (also keep checking our weekly PIB Gists – very important)

Ending notes:

  • We will never make you restrict your choices. But the above is essential for a solid preparation. 

  • There are people who qualify without even reading NCERTs or any most followed resources. The key to their success is smart study. They spend more time in chalking out what not to study than what to study.

  • If they follow one source, they keep on revising from the same along with complementing it with dynamic updates.

  • If you trust your resource, please stick to it. Never rush to fascinating books or suggested resources that are never ending. You are bound to fall. Because you are running behind them.

  • While NCERT books may sound deceptively simple, trust us, they are not!

All the best! Please leave your doubts and comments here.

Thank you 🙂

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    • Thanks Karthik 🙂 Welcome to IASbaba 🙂 Give your valuable feedback to improve our site and Spread the word ..!!


    sir do we need to study addition book for mains GS part or prelims and mains book are almost same


    sir will we have to study additional books for mains or same books+ca are sufficient for mains do reply i ask this question on many website but no one looking to address the confusion

    • Hi Ranjeet!

      We would love to help you out.
      For Modern History, Culture, Geography, Environment, Science & Tech, Economy (partly), Polity (partly), the above sources will be sufficient. Current affairs too will be covered comprehensively if you stick to these CA sources.

      But, for other portions like IR, Post-Independence Consolidation; Agriculture, Security and Disaster Management, and ethics you will need to refer to additional sources.

      In a few days, we will be coming up with a comprehensive strategy and complete book/source list for Mains. Let us know if you have additional queries and keep visiting us. Hopefully, all your queries will get addressed. 🙂

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    • Thanks Rajat.Yes we have in our team who are the best in the field, people who have cleared exam with top ranks , who are currently in IAS/IFS/IRS and also who will be in top 10 next year.
      Thus we have the whole range in our team enabling us to cater to your needs.

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    • Beta Publication…In Delhi or any other city where ICSE medium is taught

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  • Neeraj Panwar

    Hi IASBABA…You guys are really doing a very grate job.Somehow i found
    you today and stuck on your site for almost 2-3 hours while going
    through different contents, Test series, current affairs etc which is
    looking amazing and one of the best for open access. I felt surprised
    that why i couldn’t find you earlier.Please keep it up.

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    So i need more clarity about which history books you are talking about. The ancient india books that i know of are from Rs Sharma and Makkhan Lal and both those books were for class XI. Who is the writer of the ancient india book for class XII.
    Same goes for Medieval India for Class XII. All i know about is Romila Thapar and Satish Chandra and they are also class XI ncert. The confusion is quite baffling to me. Need clarifications on these class XII old ncert asap. THANKS.

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    • Refer to Mains Strategy- TOP MENU- Under GS MAINS- Mains Strategy

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    • Go through our Magazine and Daily News Analysis. Also Yojana Gist….you may find them useful 🙂

      Anyone book will suffice….

      Go to Top Menu Bar- Baba’s Current Affairs- You will find subsections for all of them

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    • Its given as Reference Book- Not compulsory 🙂

      We already mentioned at the TOP….Do read carefully

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    • We are doing it for you Man in our DNA…which is issue based. We pick issues and then collect all the dimensions from these newspapers and present it before you 🙂

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    plz reply …
    Thank in advance…

    • Pavan

      For Mains you need to selectively read from both the books


      1. India’s Struggle for Independence includes events from 1857 to 1947
      2. India Since Independence includes events after independence- This book precisely covers topics of Paper 1 Mains- Post Consolidation of India.

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      I hope you got my point

      And as per geography section is concerned for GS – you can study from NCERTS and just keep a tab on recent developments or issues that keeps on popping in newspaper and your work would be done.

      For e.g global warming , frequency of floods, new geological epoch-anthropocene, factors for industrial locations ,importance of conservation of wetlands….. And the list goes on…….

      You can club Geography with environment and disaster management … That would make your preparation structured and simple 🙂

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    • Refer to NCERT and Current Affairs for Indian Geo and G.C Leong for World

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    • Keep updating yourself with Current Affairs of Environment Part. Also look at previous year papers and demarcate the areas and prepare them from internet. Additionally read NCERT well. It would be sufficient

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    • Only if you are Pub Ad student 🙂

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    • Refer satish chandra

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      • Yes till we start ILP 2017, stick to this and get your basics clear

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    • Yes till we start ILP 2017, stick to this and get your basics clear,,,

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    He umesh yadav i i am interested to buying books please mail me [email protected]..

    • umesh yadav

      Please check your email, I have mailed you the details.

  • Shashank Tiwari

    Hi @disqus_G1eu2GXhtN:disqus Please mail me the detail on [email protected]

    • umesh yadav

      sent you an email. please check

  • Shashank Tiwari

    Hi Umesh Please mail me the detail on [email protected]

  • Vamsi Mallepogu

    Tnx a lot Baba for clear demarcation of strategy and Book list

  • Avril Lavigne

    Theatres of India

  • Vp Ias Aspirant

    Thanks a lot for suggested books..

  • Addy

    Baba can you please tell me the name/author and link for ICSE environment books. There are many such books claiming to be the standard ones.

  • ganesan m

    Can u please tell me a good source to prepare for paper-ii of commerce and accountancy optional viz. organisational theory, human resource management et

  • ram surath

    Thanks a lot for this valuable information.

  • pooja mishra

    sir i read lot for ias prelims this year 2016 now i have some days to revise i want to know whatever u mentioned above books and some sites this is enough to get qualify in prelims

  • pooja mishra

    this is my email pls reply fast [email protected]

  • vikas Chandraker

    Sir please provide the link of ICSE environment studies class 10 and 11

  • Rohit Maurya

    Any one with Commerce and Accountancy optional

    • CA Dhananjay OJHA

      yes, Pls contact at – [email protected]

      • poorni

        hi sir this is poorni .
        i would like to get guidance regarding commerce and accountancy optional

  • Ehasan

    I have done all the books and revised 13 time can i qualify the cse exam

    • civil aspirant 2017


    • vijay Gawai

      ncert books is not enough……!!

  • Kanika

    Hello.. I wanted to know about how can I apply for Indian corporate law service under UPSC? I am a graduate from Delhi University and pursuing CS also. Thanks in advance

    • Karthick Annamalai

      U have to appear for civil services so u can opt for ICLS and start ur service as Assistant Registrar Of Companies/Assistant Official Liquidator/Assistant Director / Entry-level (Probationer)

  • abran

    sir what uh have provided information izh that knough to get a good rank

  • material king

    NCERT book Downloads free and direct download links for all classes

    Ncert English medium book download for upsc ias pepartion

    Ncert Hindi medium book download for upsc ias pepartion

  • aman varman

    sir i want to know that is it important to make notes from ncert’s of any subject.

  • Anurag Solanki

    Any one preparing for Ifos with forestry, or zoology optional?

  • shubham jain

    i want notes for electrical engineering optional

  • saket

    **Hi friends i have written down names of only 22 books to clear UPSC IAS prelims.**
    **I update essential information on my blog weekly. Keep visiting my blog for essential information.**
    **My blog link is ****UPSC PREPARATION** (

  • Devendra

    Is there anyone who has Shankar IAS’s Environment notes ?

    • SushilkumaR

      its available on amazon , purchase when it goes down to rs 310. may be during upcoming sale

  • Priyanka Patel

    please make notes of psychology optional and referred books

  • nikita dubey

    There is necessary to read science ncert bcoz I don’t like science subject and I am arts student

    • SushilkumaR

      you have to , its imp. there are up to 12-17 questions in cse pt every year

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