Monthly Current Affairs for IAS UPSC Preparation 2016-2017

Monthly Current Affairs for IAS UPSC Preparation 2016-2017

This Page is dedicated to Monthly Current Affairs for IAS UPSC Preparation 2016-2017

With the way people generally study current affairs, a lot of them would find the above a tough nut to crack. The reason is that people focus on ‘news’ not ‘issues’.  But, as per the latest trend of Mains examination, UPSC focuses on ‘issues’, and not just ‘news’.

With the present, 1st edition, we try to make you understand – “How to cover issues?”.

The magazine contains very relevant questions from recent issues which is followed by a comprehensive analysis of  the latest major issues. Since this is only a promotional magazine, we have not covered each and every issues. But from the next edition, we will be covering all the issues, major or minor, as well as news items from sources like The Hindu, Business Standard, Livemint, Indian Express etc. The magazine will be available monthly.

Let us know how did you find the magazine. With your feedback, criticisms, appreciation and suggestions, we will be able to give you increasingly better content. For, we believe there is no end to perfection. 🙂

We wish you benefit the most from our endeavour.


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Monthly Current Affairs – 2017










Monthly Current Affairs – 2016













Monthly Current Affairs – 2015








  • Juhi

    Brilliant initiative. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your website. Keep the good work going. All the best 🙂

  • Juhi

    Brilliant initiative. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your website. Keep the good work going. All the best 🙂

    • Juhi… Thank you for your support !! Please leave your valuable feedback for growing IASbaba and spreading the Knowledge.


    wow i find it is very interesting and helpful to , looking forward to read may issue of your magzine

  • amol

    great work ias baba …

    • Thank you amol 🙂 Spread the word !

  • Yaswanth Reddy


  • Yaswanth

    Of all the online portals…..this is the most owesome one I had ever seen…thanku

  • Manish Choudhary

    Can you please upload previous month’s magzine…and when will you upload may edition…. Thanx….
    you are are doing a great service if it remains free unlike other portal….so far…its a awesome portal.

    • Hi Manish Choudhary

      We will start our Daily News Analysis in a day or two. In the end a Magazine will be published in the same format. Regarding May Edition- We will cover all important issues in upcoming magazines and through our ‘Important Article section’ 🙂

  • Manoj Chaudhary

    Jsst awesome…… Tremendous. Work……..thanksssss soooo much….pls continue with ur doses baba ji…..realy helppful.

  • Rahul Sharma

    nice website cud we get previous 20 year paper

  • Gyan

    awesome ….writing skills are brilliant …you guys are writing magazines /summary in a simple language that it can be read in a single way ….. please post magazines from january …we want more

  • ravi upadhyay

    sir magazine ka hindi link kha hai…

  • Surya Bandhu

    awesome presented in a very lucid way.i am asking more but if possible plz the magazine monthly instead of bimonthly.

    • @suryabandhu:disqus

      Thank You. We will give Monthly magazine only 🙂

  • beant gill

    gud work..keep it up
    Sir where is the link for previous monthly magazines,if there is any?

  • Keerthana

    Jus awesome!!! 🙂 great work!!!
    damn interesting!!! miles to go 🙂

    • Keerthana

      Thank You for the appreciation. keep visiting and do spread the word 🙂

  • Warrior _15

    Excellent work IASbaba. The articles in the magazine are explained brilliantly. When is the next issue of the magazine expected ?

    • @disqus_zUicQfn5aV:disqus

      Thank You. The next issue will be out in July end. We will take care of previous issues.

  • gautam krishna

    You guys are really dedicated. good job.

    • @disqus_eeC8vtRh50:disqus

      Thank You 🙂

  • DazzlingUnicorn

    Really great work…thorough as well as to the point…are you people planning to publish previous months magazine also (Jan to March) ? As in that case we wont have to roam elsewhere for the same…Moreover it will be really helpful from UPSC point of view 🙂

    • @dazzlingunicorn:disqus

      Thank You. We will publish magazine from next moths on regular basis. Previous important issues will be covered in our future magazines. So, do not worry about that 🙂

  • arunendra dubey

    sir i cant find magazine for month of may

  • dhiliptcs

    Excellent site.. please give the remaining topics in mind map
    which will come under mains syllabus..

    • @dhiliptcs:disqus

      Thank you for the appreciation. We will try our best. Welcome to IASbaba community. Spread the word so that other can be benefited 🙂

  • Ankit

    How to find the hindi edition ???

  • harish

    you are just awesome baba g,,,,salute to your tremendous efforts,,( nirmal baba ko koti koti pranam,,apni kripa banaye rakhna baba g)

    • Thanks Harish! Please spread the word !

  • Sandesh Sharma

    Perfect. Hitting the bulls eyes.

  • Sandesh Sharma

    Apart from your awesome work,do upload the current affairs from January atleast.this will help a lot.

    • @disqus_JnVKzp8MNs:disqus

      We will cover them in our future initiatives. Don’t worry at all. For Mains, it will be done qualitatively. For Prelims- You will get to know soon. Surprise !!

  • Prasann

    a very good initiative,awesome work
    in UNSC reforms you mention that UNSC appoints judges of ICC,this is completely wrong.the judges of ICC are appointed by its member nations.please rectify it

    • @prsn127:disqus

      Thank You the rectification. 🙂 Keep pointing such mistakes..

      • Prasann

        yeah sure….. please release the next issue soon,waiting for it

  • Anuj Gupta

    babji pls jan,fab and march yojana ka bhi kuch kariye

  • Suvarna

    @iasbaba:disqus Which last year mains questions came from 2012-13 economic survey? Please give little details.

  • Ajit uttam

    Very good initiative. Keep it up

  • WasimH

    Ur content based questions hav taken my preparation to higher level. I find this to b d best website to follow for IAS. Well done??

  • Raviraj Dodiya

    Sir plz also provide magazine in hindi si,
    best initiative sir but we hindi medium students facing problem sir…plz..

    • santosh kumar

      Hello..there is a whatsapp group for mains question practice in hindi . plz join 8447805306

  • happy

    Thanx sir. Pls provide in Hindi also. Nice job keep it up.

  • Sneha

    Hello Sir… Thank you for ur fabulous work… Really great job…
    But I found some problem..I download monthly magazine of April 2015.. There are so many spelling mistakes… Plz check it .. Or it just happen to me.. Plz cross check..

    • send your downloaded copy at [email protected]

      • Sneha

        Sorry Sir …my mistake… Actually it was view modes problem…
        Problem solved now…
        Btw thank you so much sir for ur efforts . keep it up.
        And if possible plz provide such monthly magzin from January .
        Thank you once again 🙂 🙂

  • gurumohan reddy

    v want may n june magazines also

  • Draconian

    sir please add other months also

  • Rahul Gupta

    Thanks a lot baba. Is there is a MAY magazine as well?

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    Great work sir.Way to go 🙂

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  • Paranjay

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    U guys are doing a commendable job keep it up , I am glad I came across this site , thanks Deepak !!

  • rakrsh thakur

    Where can i find this magazine in hindi ?

    • santosh kumar

      Hello..there is a whatsapp group for mains question practice in hindi . plz join 8447805306

  • Kindle

    Babaji…Your are doing a great job…When are May and June magazines going to be released ?

  • Draconian

    baba plz update ………….

    • What update sir?

      • Draconian

        monthly magazine update………as the previous one was awesome and i wanted more …………..

        • Didn’t you read at the TOP of this page? Read it

          • Draconian

            yeah read that….but i was wondering its already 20th July and the magazine is not posted……its actually the excitement of reading ur upcoming magazine which is making me impatient after reading the previous one…….waiting to be bowled by ur upcoming issue……..

          • End of July sir jee 🙂

            Don’t go impatient. Prepare for Prelims. magazine will help for Mains only.


    hello sir,i am not able to download apr 2015 magazine.pls help.

    • click on the magazine…its working fine

      • Jagdish Soni

        Sir whers may nd June?? Pls upload it…exam is coming

  • Thank You Wasim. We will live up to the expectations 🙂

  • bhanwar

    Baba aapki jai ho.
    plz release the remainin months ie may june july.

  • Harsh Kapoor

    Monthly magazine is only related with Mains only?
    from the last couple of years UPSC is not focusing on the currents in prelims, while they are focusing on the Environment and Culture. Any suggestion on this?

  • bulbul

    baba ki jai ho

  • sneha sonam

    Sir.what about hindi medium students

  • Billi

    In ISIS topic, you’ve mentioned that over 50 countries incl India have sent their forces. India has not committed any forces in Middle East! Please correct it.


    @iasbaba ..will u provide these mag in hindi vl b great help if u do so ??

    • Rahul

      We will try our best

  • Jatin Nath

    Horrible Error on Page No.37 ISIS is NOT Islamic state of Israel and Syria..!!! Though its an obvious mistake ..this kind of an error would create a doubt in the aspirants mind..!

    • Yes Jatin. A mistake. We will ensure these kind of mistakes are not repeated in future magazines. No one is perfect, we are trying our best. Thanks 🙂

  • Akshay

    Sir its great…. I have one request sir. If you can please provide some guidance on the Economics Optional like what books to follow and how to prepare from your own sources…… It would be of great help sir. I have an economics optional and i am bit tensed about its preparation.

  • Nv Kherwa

    its really a wonderful initiative…sir

  • preeti poonam


  • santosham

    Sir today is 30 july. Plz uplod the monthly magzine in hindi

  • Sachin

    Great work guys…It would definitely help millions of aspirants….

  • rajup 1003

    Thank you very much. Great job is being done for us.

  • shravan

    where is the PIB header gone baba???

    • Look at Top Menu Bar under Baba’s Current Affairs

      • dimple

        Ab aur magzine ku nh aati hain???

  • Rehan Husain

    kindl upload july magzine also????



    “Whosoever follows the light of your institution shall keep away from the darkness of convention. ”

    Please provide the July magazine and confirm whether you will provide any consolidated material of current affairs to go through last minute revision before appearing prelims exam.

  • Suyog Parkar

    Why haven’t you released the magazines for last 3 months?

    • Suyog

      Magazine will be released in 2 days (July). Previous editions are not possible. We will cover issues of past months in future editions. Thank You

      • Suyog Parkar

        you kept your word,great work

  • Rajiv Tanwar

    Sir, which books to study for Science & Tech. for prelim and which edition.?

    • No Books. Read NCERT 6 to 12th. S&T questions are asked from current affairs and NCERT’s are enough for basic…Do go through NCERT compilation for science. Check in Daily Prelims Section Tab (Menu Bar)

      • Rajiv Tanwar

        Ok sir. Thank u so much. I went through your NCERT Compilation. A must for Science preparation.

  • Rajiv Tanwar

    Thanks a lot Sir. Amazing job done magazine.

  • Manish Choudhary

    Great work baba…..
    baba would you cover all imp issue (previous months also)in future edition for mains?

    • Yes ofcourse. Our Focus is Mains. So be assured of it 🙂 We will cover each and every possible ISSUES

  • Vibhor Sharma (Vib0516)

    Baba your work is beyond appreciation!
    Just looking at the contents and realised you’re making our task much easier and interesting!! Just loving the preparation and yes for the magazine you have covered almost all imp issues.
    Big thanks?

  • santosham

    Guru dev monthly magzine hindi me bhi uplabdh karaey. Hindi walo pe bhi dhyan dijiye sir. You know there is no good materials in hindi. Hindi medium totaly dipendent on ias plz ???

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  • Happy Singh

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    very helpful covered in detail sir. thankyou

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    Excellent content.No other magazine covers issues in such a manner.Works well even for the people who are not aware of the issue .Thanks alot 🙂

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    • Are you using cell phone?

      Don’t know what is the problem. No one complained about it except you. BTW check your email. Always use Laptop otherwise big files cannot be downloaded

      • bhawana

        yes baba i am using cellphone. thanx for luking into matter… i will try it on laptop.

  • Antarik

    Baba the hyperlink to download is not working 🙁 also cannot download by clicking on the cover page.

    • Once you click on Cover, it will lead you to Googledrive. From there you have to download. The size of the file is large.

  • Babaji ka chela

    babaji i love you

  • anu

    baba does i need to buy new edition of books like laxmikanth for preparing for mains or not, when i am having old editions of them with me which i have already read.

    • AZ911

      There is no need to waste money on the new edition. Most of the static portion would be the same as in old editions. You can just look up online and find out the amendments etc which would supplement the information.

  • ChandAni VirGo

    Baba, i have to appear and crack for civil services 2016.
    i have completed my graduation in 2010 and was working with a private company.
    i left my job.
    would u please guide me from where to start…as i am completely new to the section.

    • CrazyN

      Hi ChandAni, if u have left ur job without going through the syllabus at least once, then according to me it is unwise decision. I,m not trying to demotivate you but many people after leaving their jobs, when picks ups books and start prepration, den find syllabus not suitable for them and regret it. Any way, u are new like me, but i’m still with my job, and from past 5 months, trying to analyse and going through the different books.
      what i did is read NCERT, its the starting point and once shud not put ncert to least priority even though not much ias asked from them. Start from it, build ur basics by reading them. after that, u can move to advance books like Polity- laxmikant,
      Geo- GC leong, India and world geo by Mazzid hussein,
      history- spectrum, india’s strugle for independe by bipin chandra,
      facets of indian culture
      *note are many reference books but some are must which i have mentioned above, u will get details easily from google.
      also follow any one newspaper till u done with the NCERT, any newspaper which u r reading from years but not daily 😛 but after completing NCERT, only follow THE hindu and Indian Express, not paper but online version and make notes. I’m preparing them from past 2 months and this helped me a lot. any more help, please feel free to ask. and ALL THE BEST for 2016.

      • ChandAni VirGo

        Hi CrazyN.
        Thank you for your valuable feedback.
        Which class ncerts should i start from ?
        9th onward?

        • CrazyN

          Well it depends on ur graduation subjects.

          1. I recommend in Geography from class 6th Onwards,

          2. Polity is nicely explained in LAXMIKANT so u can skip it, or can do the parallel study while reading LAXMIKANT so clear some doubts.

          3. Economy class 11th is must, dun miss it and read class 12th certain topics, see syllabus for that.

          4. If u will read geo from 6th, most of Environment part will be covered.

          5.For bio, chem and physics- read NCERT all from 7th onwards, as i was from science background i will skip dem.

          6. for history- read new ncert for (modern history) india freedom struggle, and for medival and ancient, read old ncert. again not much is asked from medival in prelims as ART and CULTURE has more weightage in recent yrs papers.

          remember, don’t mug up the facts and all, just do a general reading, ur approach shud be to get familiar with syllabus and develop basics.

          • ChandAni VirGo

            I have started ncerts of geography …class 6th onward.

  • Lakshita Goyal

    Hats off to u baba….. amazing work…


    @iasbaba:disqus .. काश की ये सब हिंदी में भी होता…thnxx for ur continuous hard work and support 🙂

    • Ek din zaroor hogaa sir jee…Hum poori koshish krenge…kripya patience banaye rakhiye..Baba already apke liye poora dil jaan laga rhe hain 🙂


        @iasbaba:disqus …धैर्य भी है और विश्वास भी कि बाबा अपने भक्त पर कृपा अवश्य ही बरसाएंगे ….आपकी magzine पढ़ी .. संतुलित और सराहनीय प्रयास ..बस धैर्य से बैठे है की कब ये magzine “पत्रिका” के रूप में हिंदी माध्यम के विद्यार्थियों का मार्गदर्शन करेगी 🙂 …आपके कठिन परिश्रम तो स्वयं ही दृष्टगत है ..आगे की योजनाओ के लिए ,सहृदय शुभकामनाये !

  • kumardeepakanand

    hello sir you are great can i meet for proper guide because i weak to understand upsc syllabus

  • Abhi Ram

    Excellent one sir….one suggestion, In the index, if possible provide hyperlink to concerned topic, so that by clicking we can access the required content easily( if possible only)…

  • Mj

    Baba i stumbled upon your site today. After browsing for a few minutes i realised that i have found goldmines. Looking forward to your upcoming updates for mains 2015. My score in prelims is around 105-110. St category. I work in a govt sector..m not sure if i will get sufficient time to prepare well for mains but will give my best..Thanks in advance.

  • cherry

    baba what about daily current affairs since 25th am waiting like antything,this year i havnt gone through c.a properly that effected me a lott in exam this year i dont want to miss chance,please upload daily cirrent affairs

  • i need help of optional paper of geography and how to study it portion wise?

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    Can I know on which date the Magazine will uploaded into the blog!

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    we are eagerly waiting

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    hello baba
    I have started my preparation for 2016CSE.
    i am going through the ncerts these days as to build up my basics.
    I am also going through the current affair section u publish….baba do i need to refer to any magazine or newspaper other than your CA sections…?..or the content u providing for CA is more then enough..?
    baba please guide me regarding resources for csat paper 2 too.
    eagerly waiting for ur reply….as u are the only guide to me in my this CSE2016 journey.

    • Wait for 2016 Initiative by Baba… 🙂

      • Mangesh

        Baba please start it immidiately…… we r egarly waitng……

      • ChandAni VirGo

        Thanku baba for your reply.
        as ur reply keep motivating me and focused me towards my goal..
        keep replying baba…:)

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    • Yes sir 🙂

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    sir plz upload the magazine in hindi too….

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    • What Archives? For Website?

      Or magazine? For magazine- This is it 🙂 For website- Home Page- LHS Widget…Date wise Access

  • Monika Mittal

    Baba Ji pls ias matter send in hindi plss

    • NO resource for translation. You can refer to Daily news Analysis. We are trying our best

    • NO resource for translation. You can refer to Daily news Analysis. We are trying our best,


    BABAJI when you will provide magazine in hindi??

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    Good initiative … it will reduce time for making notes for special issues important for mains…. thank you..

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  • HighHOPES

    these three magazines cover from April to august?

    • May is not there…April, June/July and August is there.. previous issues will be covered in future editions. First 3-4 articles are from past issues only

  • Nikhil Sawant

    Baba i am not able to find monthly magazine for the month of May.

    Thank you for the August month issue, Coverage is awesome and to the point

    • We, officially started from June 18th. April Month was as a sample 🙂 From then we are regular. And do not worry about previous issues before June. We are already covering them and placing them in every months Magazine as ” Past Issues for Mains”- The initial articles.

      • Nikhil Sawant

        Thanks for the prompt reply and for your efforts.
        god bless!!

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    Baba thanks for your priceless effort, I feel that you should add donate button to support you. It will be a little token of respect from our side to contribute something for your cause 🙂

    • Thanks for the respect Rahul…but you think people will even donate 🙂

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    Thanks a lot!! Really enjoyed the June/July Issue. Have high expectations from August Issue.

  • Mary

    Impressive initiative☺ Just a suggestion – wouldn’t it be more beneficial if the magazine could be arranged as per the sub topics mentioned In the syllabus rather than just broad headings like national, international etc? Because at the time of revision when we sit with all the monthly magazines wouldn’t it be easier to connect things under the same topic(say issues of buffer stock and food security) if things are arranged topic wise in every magazine…

  • Matadeen Meena

    babaji hindi monthly magazine bhi publice kijiye plz

  • Anwesha Chopra Bhattacharya

    Needed an extensive monthly compilation for revision…. Kindly do not cease this initiative
    Keep up the good work..

    • No time for it 🙂 Even this is a huge task…May be in future

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    Hi friends I am an aspirant of civil services and started preparing for 2016. Please do share good tips and preparation strategies if any. My email – [email protected]. thank you.

  • vinit

    Amazing initiative. This magazine covers far better content compare to vision IAS. Wishes you all the very near. Also try to publish this magazine in hindi as soon as possible may be by end of September.

    • NO resources for Hindi 🙁

      Thanks for the appreciation

      • vinit

        So should we consider that you will not be able to publish these magazines in hindi till Upsc mains 2015 ?. If your answer is yes then please do let us know so that we can start with English magazines without any delay

        • yes…but daily issues are done in Hindi also…you can refer to them…no major difference in issues covered…

  • vinit

    Baba Ji ,
    By when you are going to publish monthly magazine in hindi ??
    Since we have very less time and have read a lot. Try to publish the magazine in both the the medium together. This would not let the hindi medium candidates as secondary one. We people have a lot of hope from you guys. All the very best and gold bless you from his heart

    • No magazine in Hindi not because they are secondary but due to resource constraints

  • Saarthak 01

    This is from MAINS point of view. What about PRE 2016?

    • Don’t you read newspapers? For Pre its enough

  • aspirant2015

    iasbaba, nice web, can u tell me abt ur exp at this exam,did u reach interview ?

  • aspirant2015

    what about May magazine baba?

    • May issues included in above magazines and rest will be covered in future editions

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    its exhaustive and so helpful , thanks:)

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    if one follow monthly magazine..!! Is there any need to go for daily current !! asking due to paucity of time plz…!!!

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      babaji reply kar do

    • Its like settling for 50 when you could have scored 100 🙂

      If you can manage things in bundle, go ahead

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    The app is currently unreachable.” Sir please resolve it. Earlier issues of both magazine and yojana i have easily downloaded.

    • Its working fine here. Problem is at your end. May be due to slow internet

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    • No hard copy as of now. But very soon 🙂

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    • Its already September. Let it finish Man 🙂

      may be in first week of OCT or before…it takes time

      • vikram rk

        It was just a generalised query…didn’t mean to offend u ,as i know how busy ur team mite b catering to so many initiatives.i being new to this magazine section dropped a query.N ya quality material like urs obviously takes time.i shall be waiting eagerly for forthcoming issue.

        • Why you felt we are offended?

          Never Man..Never…we replied with a smile…:D

          You still feel out of the family that’s why said so 🙁 We try to lighten the mood by being casual sometimes…may be that’s the reason you felt so!…

          • vikram rk

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            Thank u iasbaba once again for such a great work.

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    Sirji sept issue please !! Thanks

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    Baba ji namaste , plz update September current year magazine.

  • Civils Aspirant

    @@iasbaba:disqus baba i guess u r preparing September monthly magazine, kindly take note of this suggestion:

    Include hyperlink on index page, i.e., if we click on topic name in index, it will directly take us to that particular page, instead of us manually going to that page, thanks in advance 🙂

  • ARM’s

    is there magazine for “may” ??

  • Virat

    @IASbaba when can we expect monthly magazine for september?

    • tomorrow or day after 🙂 Thanks for the patience

  • Anshuman

    Thank you for providing the September issue…

  • SS

    Is this Magazine a collection of daily current affairs analysis?

    • Yes but some issues are taken from past years as well

  • nitish

    i have taken programme 2
    do i need to follow the micro plan u hv posted. or there’ll be somthng different for us

    • Your wish…Micro-plan is given to make you regular and consistent in achieving the targets.

      • nitish

        okay sir
        then will u come up with same kind of plan for programme 2?

        • ???

          • nitish

            sir actually i want to know that the micro plan u posted is like its having daily when programme 2 will start, will it also feature same kind of plan. like daily targets and all

          • Micro plan is for prog 2 and 3 only. So yes. Daily Targets so that you have no reason to delay it 🙂 It will stretch your limits and you will actually make extra effort to compete with others 🙂

    • Dev

      Will you provide ur magazine in Hindi…….

  • Civils Aspirant

    @iasbaba:disqus Babaji after studying ur daily current affairs, I am copying that on to a word document, But I saw ur monthly magazine now, my query:

    1)will u cover each&every daily current affair posts in monthly magazine? or will u skip 2-3 topics which u might later feel not that important to be included in monthly magazine?

    • Every article of DNA will be covered but addition is past years important issues. Plus in magazine we have covered it under separate sections 🙂

      • an pd

        DNA..r u talking about np DNA . so one more np on our table other than ie and th

        • Daily News Analysis on our website “Current Affairs” 🙂

          • an pd

            My apology … Have to have good i.q also to discuss here 😉

          • Hey. Be cool Man. It happens. You were right from your perspective and we, from ours 🙂 Finally both satisfied

  • MMFuryRoad

    Do you have any intention to provide hard copy of your Monthly Magazine? If yes, when?

    • “Intention” ?? 🙂

      Why not but then it has to be a PAID one so that we send to your home! Right now, NO. In future GOD knows 🙂 Enjoy the FREE services for now. You can also make it hard by taking print or xerox of the same

  • siddhartha

    Baba Ji not able to download Sept’15 magazine.. after clicking the file is displayed inform of SEPTEMBER MAGAZINE Image 2015 – JPG format …

    • no…checked it right now. Its fine here. Check again 🙂

      • g

        may magzn baba

  • Parmeshwar

    How to download monthly magazine in Hindi language.

    • FSwap

      only in english magzine is available….baba is yet to look on it.

  • FSwap

    may magzine is available?

  • Kavya Bhoi

    dear sir,
    your magazine is very very helpful.i find your magazine excellent enough than many of the magazines sold outside. thank you for your efforts done.

  • aruhi18

    your magazine section is awesome and i liked ur way of giving the material from yojana magaine..thnks alot

  • rajni

    amazing collection.. a definite instrument for civil aspirants success

  • black mamba

    this entire initiative is mind blowing! O_o

  • an pd

    A suggestion.. Can you make this monthly magazine as weekly or as a forthnighly magazin?
    It may be good to read a comprehensive magazine weekly than in month at once.

  • ias aspirant

    iasbaba g please reply… is it not better to study monthly magzine + hindu editorial + yojana for current because in hindu current news/issue other than in editorial are mostly covered in magzines and in detail. please reply.

  • jay vaghela

    thaks a lot sir ,,,,,,,,my feedback

    please provide weekly basis’s so we can complete with time limits ……

  • Rohit

    babaji plz include editorials with mindmaps from next monthly magazine…thanks for efforts:)

  • ashok naik

    babaji…….. when will u release monthly magazine of oct???
    I am eagerly waiting for it…..

  • Simrat Chamkaur

    Unable to download June/July, August and September issues.
    Displays error 502 on google drive.

  • Sandhya

    Sir please upload Oct months CA magazine. Thanks.

  • Yaswanth

    Sir please give us ranks for microtest as u promised to publish on nov 12th .Thank You

  • Toothless

    Baba ji Oct months magazine please. And 1 question…Is monthly magazines all issues mentioned in Daily Current Affairs. Or we have to read both???

    • Read it daily..magazine is for revision…we also cover few past year issues

  • Amit Kumar

    Sir Please provide monthly magazine. Of October months.

  • navnath kale

    upload oct month magazine please

  • rahul

    Babaji….october ka monthly magzine kab tab aayega…?

  • nihal

    unable to download monthly magzine of sep

  • Kamlesh Twari

    IASbaba your monthly magazines are too good. IASbaba is must visit website once in a day for Civil Service Aspirants. Aspirants can also find useful material on and epaper compilation on

  • vivek

    i just finished reading your september issue of monthly magazine. 60% of the issues have been dealt with judiciously, especially the national issues. I found Economics portion of your monthly magazine very confusing. I am unable to retain or understand anything as the points given are very refined and are not self-explanatory.

    Need to focus on simplifying concepts and core issues of a topic rather than just giving artificial sense of completion by giving crude information in point form under headings like ‘criticism’ ‘way forward’ ‘connecting the dots’ etc……conceptual clarity is very important guys!!!!….

    Please take this opinion positively. I have high hopes from your forum and i am regularly following your content for my preparation..:-)

    • Shiuli

      Actually the articles are good enough.. You’re not able to retain because you’re studying all of them in one sitting.. DNA is supposed be digested daily, not gulped in one go .. :p

      • Prashant Shiva

        Well.. I agree with vivek.. Content do have some ambiguity…. Still a great effort.. I just hope they take care of our views.

  • Shubhashish

    This is awesome Baba… Although just a month left, this b will be out great help.. Thanks!

  • preeti

    Babaji October month magazine.. Please please please

  • preeti

    May vali as well

  • Sandhya

    Pls post the monthly magazine by the first of week of every month. My humble request. Pls.

  • Prashant Shiva

    Waiting fr October magnize..
    Please follow a standardized time table.. Please..

  • Ankit

    Please bring the magazine Earlier than the bimonthly frame giving us time to utilize it for Mains ’15. It would really helpfull.

  • lohith bathina

    small doubt…if v follow u r current affairs v need to refer ur magazine?

  • Prashant Shiva

    October edition has not covered IAFC ( India Africa Forum Submit)……..

  • jatin

    Can you please make the watermark more transparent..! its VERY DISTRACTING

  • Ankit Srivastava

    can we get the monthly magazine in hard copy.It would be very helpful.

  • Ankit Srivastava

    can you provide some tips and material for APFC exam.My email ID [email protected]

  • Ankit

    Please give us a tentative date by when we should expect Nov. Mag . would allow us to manage schedule for mains 15 . thanks in advance

  • Ram jani

    good initiative IASBABA _/_.. Providing free download option for those who can’t afford to join coaching (whatever circumstances)….and quality of matter is also GOOD _/_…… BABA PRANAM……

  • Anand Rai

    when november magazine is coming?

  • dharmendra

    awesome initiative…plz keep it up…i don’t know your team but i want to thanks your entire team from bottom of my heart…thanks a lot for making our journey easier…:-)

  • santosh murali

    Thanks ias baba for your great initiative

  • varun


  • Venkat

    Great initiative of IASbaba team…please continue sir

  • Venkat

    Dear ias baba team,is it available in market as hard copy?

    • Not as of now

    • Kartikey Pandey

      yes all the material of ias baba are available in rajendranagar and even the test series also

  • Sagy007

    ias baba ki jai ho…THNXXX..mere sare dukhon or kaston nirbar karne k liye..m apka bahut abhari rahunga…
    Apka sare sisyon m se apka ek Sisya

  • yamini

    thanks to your whole team.
    You are like Goddess Saraswathi _/_

  • when december magazine is coming?

  • ashish patel

    Baba hindi me magazine keliye kucha kijiye na

  • Prashant Shiva

    Babaji.. Please try to add points from science and technology (like gagan, kisan, road management system etc) in issues.. It wld make d quality of the magazine impressive..
    Please.. I wld b waiting fr this updating in magazine.

  • yogesh varma

    बाबाजी आप कृपया हिंदी में व्ही सामग्री उपलब्ध कराने की कष्ट करें
    हम आपके आभारी रैहेंगे


    babaji, when december magazine is coming?

  • nishant s

    baba g..its my first post to iasbaba…hope our relation would last long..and yes one request…eagerly waiting for december issue…..when it is coming?

  • Joy Aai Axom

    Babaji, december ka prasad de do jaldi?

    • Its already posted few days before. Clear your cookies and check

      • Lucky Eddie

        what you mean by December prasad ?

  • मैं ‘आत्मदर्शी’

    Today I was searching some topics on net neutrality and reached @ And now its bookmarked in my browser, created a folder in my HDD and allotted 1 hour daily for its articles.
    Hats off, please keep helping.

    • Rathodr

      jai baba ji

  • Ashutosh Paul

    How to read this large magazine of 180-185 pages, it’s too long with lots of issues. plz help. I’m a ILP-2 students

  • Maya

    Sir, does monthly magazine cover daily current affair topics as well?


    i found ur yojana and december current affairs magazine really a treasure of knowledge which can fulfil my exam needs that too at a remotest region of kashmir. now i too can read and compete that too at a distance of hundrends of miles . now i TOO can dream of cracking KAS without going to DELHI.THANKS TO IAS BABA

  • Am

    Baba please upload the magazine in ePub format also. It is easier to read and to take notes from ePub.

  • Adi Shantanu

    You haven’t compromised with anything! But at the same time, I would feel guilty if I am not able to extract the elixir out of YOUR hard work!
    Brilliant! Fantastic! I decided very late as for appearing; Dec’15. Even then I was confident of Prelims,I dont know why. Though, it was but natural to not feel confident of Mains’16. Blessing in disguise. I’ll stay connected brother(s)! All best wishes for you.

  • Gaurav Mani

    When can we expect for Monthly Magazine in 2016 ?

  • Manoj Shirapure

    Team IAS baba
    When do Jan 16 Monthly Magazine coming?

  • Benjamin Netanyahu

    Jai ho IAS BABA ki. Thank you for the Jan-mag

  • Many many thanks IAS baba. God bless you. You are doing best job for us. You cover all the issue. Recently i read the January magazine.It is extremely helpful. I think it will be easy for me to write ans for mains.

  • ananda raju

    i want b ias officer to help people who r in need of me thank U iasbaba

  • Deepak Choudhary

    plz upload feb magazine….Thank you very much

  • Kislay

    In 2015 i had written mains examination but my examination was not good as i had expected but this year i hope that some weird of ias baba will work

  • kanchi

    BABA when is january magazine coming out??

  • Ashish

    IASbaba Sir, R these magzines available at bookstores??

  • sikindar

    feb magazine sir

  • Paritosh Munot

    Waiting for February magazine and please try to add bookmarks is possible

  • Magic

    feb magazine sir..pls

  • vineet kumar nimesh

    great IAS BABA keep posting such information

  • Raam Kumar

    Sir could you make Yojana & Kurushetra gist also.. that one is awesome.. Thanks for the magazines those are the best 🙂

  • Swartz Jhumpa

    thanks baba 🙂

  • shefali

    babaji waiting for march magazine

    • rajjoo!!


      • shefali

        trust me .its the best out there. as the focus is on issues and less like news … u get a holistic picture.its far far better than the ones u have mentioned.

      • shefali

        trust me .its the best out there. as the focus is on issues and less like news … u get a holistic picture.its far far better than the ones u have mentioned.

  • Kanta Verma


  • Shubhank Asati

    waiting for March magazine

  • shefali

    when will march magazine get released ?……plzzz make it as soon as possible

  • Parveen Yadav

    आपकी मैगजीन को हिंदी में convert करके पढ़ने का तरीका बताइये।

  • IASBABA ke AnuYayi

    Dear Sir, We are Ready to Pay for your Magzine, but make sure that it would be release on time. Its almost 1 and half month, march magzine not yet uploaded, Plz Do needful.

  • Jai shree Ram….

    Baba ji thanks

  • karthik

    Plz upload April magazine

    • rahul

      Hai frd i tack to u call me plz 09010655283

  • TargetOneThing

    Jasmeet Sir recommends IAS BABA Monthly Magazine … so obviously it is damn good and it covers the entire spectrum …. And I have met Jaspreet Sir when he came to tell us about how to prepare .. he is an absolute hardworking person and honest to the core … and therefore he secured AIR – 3 . Heartiest Congratulations to him !

  • Rahul Sharma

    Baba Ji please upload April Magazine….

  • Priyanka Gupta

    where is april’s magz?

  • What a nice Magazine. Seems like the book is having more awesome content for a beginner. Good work guys.
    Thanks For Sharing It..
    online hindi magazines

  • Royal

    When do we may expect MAY Magazine please…

  • Visitor


  • Vivek

    Plz upload May issue, of your magazine.
    N additionally plz try to upload july issue till 30th july, due to pre…
    The team can understand n it can be assumed by us that u’ll bless us better BaBa ji !
    A huge thanks Thanks for this effort.

  • satyajit

    Babaji may month ka prasad dijiye

  • varma

    plz prepare monthly magzine in compact form don’t waste the pages … may be by reducing line space and layout in two column … it will saves a lot of pages and so tree also

  • Mission_2017

    Hi baba,
    When will the strategy for 2017 aspirants will be posted?

  • neha

    @iasbaba Wen is June magazine coming?Thank you

  • MidhunCurie

    please upload june magzine baba


    still waiting for the JUNE Edition while even July comes to an end.

    • Pardhu Pinnamshetty

      It is a free feature.
      Which July ends on 11th btw?


        First, I already know it’s a free feature. Thanks anyway.
        secondly, in hindi i will translate above sentence, “July bhi khatam ho jaygi jaldi hi, ye june ki magazine kab aaygi.”

        peace. 😉

  • Dipu

    Baba…June ki baba….please baba….baba prasanna ho ! Baba ko shaastang namaskar !

  • spaceman

    suggestion : sir, paste mind-maps too with the relevant news analysis, if possible. They would be very helpful for last minute revision. THANKS

  • Omkar Mane

    PDF should have facility to jump to issue directly when we click on its name in index. otherwise we waste too much time in scrolling down if we have to read specific issue.please

  • Adesh Shilimkar

    baba plz apka monthly magazine provide in hindi language

  • anand kumar

    when will the july month current affairs magazine be posted in website

  • Ashish kumar

    What is the process to join ilp iasbaba ji…please suggest me

  • RSD

    I have a query…plze clarify…

    Iasbaba monthly magazine has same content/material/news as that of iasbaba daily current affairs i.e. iasbaba magazine is just compilation of one month iasbaba current affairs’????????

    • kanchi

      I have the same question!!

  • Siddhesh Chavan

    I am preparing for CS 2017 examination, I wanted to know starting which month i need to refer the magazine???

  • kanchi

    @iasbaba:disqus , please reply. does the magazine have the same questions as the daily current affairs??

  • Siddhardh

    I couldn’t able to covert this pdf file to epub, as pdf is not much flexible for my phone, I tried it in calibre. Can anybody help me out here.

  • Achala Yareseeme

    Can someone clarify if the current affairs magazine covers PIB information as well?


    baba please update monthly current affair

  • Kamlesh Makvana

    Baba please update monthly current affairs of august

  • Neeraj Poddar

    Baba please tell me whether government is really going to change the years for maximum years to 26 from 32 on your past experience.

    • Avinash Avikam

      1.Don’t worry brother, even if gov’t do, it will do slowly yearly not at once.
      2.Second, general elections will come in 2019 and government will consider it
      3. No official announcement or comment till now NDS government made, instead they will seek advice from parliament which will never take one side decision owing to huge diversity.
      I am too in my 27 and convincing myself looking at these points. So don’t worry, keep doing your KARMA, fruits are on the way.


    Daily CURRENT AFFAIRS is good idea. But I’m from hindi background so it is difficult to understand. So please give these CA in hindi

    • deepathakur

      hey i have full notes of hindi if u want thn contact me at my email id [email protected]

  • Shrinkhla

    @iasbaba:disqus .. Babaji from which date we have to cover the current affairs for Pre 2017?

  • Emerald

    Dear IASBaba,
    Your Current affairs material are extremely good, especially from Mains point of view. But Sir, one small request is if you could provide the page numbers in the content page than it would become easier for us to refer to a specific issue by looking at the content and its page number. Thank you Sir.

  • Jatin

    Baba your monthly compilation is so helpful. Waiting for previous month’s compilation! Thanks a lot.

  • listener

    baba please upload october magazine

  • Sukh Jattana

    do the magazine contain the daily current affairs of ias baba…or is it something different?

  • Mithun Das

    dear @iasbaba you are doing great is possible to keep alive the dream & effort for us! specially those are poor & belong to remote area.thank you

  • Komal

    kindly upload NOV’16 magazine..

  • Kachra

    BABA kindly upload pib of november

  • Mithun Das

    BABA please continue your DAILY PRILIMS QUIZ

  • Ekta Sharma

    Pl upload PIB of December 2016

  • Chota Bheem

    don’t ever stop this magzine.. its good for working professionals

  • Chetan S Lagali

    Thank you for uploading magazines

  • Siddhartha_Bangalore

    BabaJi ..

    One small query on this monthly magazine on daily analysis??

    This monthly , where it covers (PIB,Raja sabha-debate data ,Yojana – data / content) of that particular month in the PDF format( means in single file ??

    Pls confirm


  • Dr.Angel Maria Mathew

    Dedicated schedule test series for Full coverage of PRELIMS 2017

  • Rohit

    Sir, can you provide the march magazine

    • Harish Kumar

      yes, i also

  • ajay

    when will you provide us april 2017 motnhly magazine… is 15 may ..plz provie us urgently


    is hindi allowed

  • Soldier121

    when will you provide us may 2017 monthly magazine….today is 16 June

  • Zaiko Dubey

    Checking daily for the may’s edition. desperately waiting for your hard work

  • VS

    please upload may 2017 monthly magazine soon

  • Jayant Patil

    sir please upload may 2017 monthly magazine

  • Midhun Balan

    Waiting for May 17 Magazine..please upload

  • dheerendra chaturvedi

    Waiting for May 17 Magazine..please upload


    1st july it is .. noupdate of may’s magzine plz baba do it.

  • Abhishek prakash

    baba june 2017 update magzine plz

  • Yoga125

    Plz update june monthly its july already

  • when june ca will be uploaded

  • Abinash singh

    Sir when will July monthly be updated???????????

  • Valkyre

    please upload July edition

  • mehnati

    baba july and aug ki magazine jaldi upload kar dijiye….mera CA ussi par nirbhar hai..:P 😛

  • krishnan

    Waiting eagerly for July edition. Any news when it will be uploaded

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