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  • roshini

    hii…whats the best way to prepare for economy for prelims…and what topics are to be focused

    • Hello roshni

      For basic concepts read NCERT of class 10th and 11th. Then study from Macroeconomics-Class 12th

      All basic terms except new terms are mentioned in Macro economics. While reading newspapers, focus on economic jargon and terms. Then relate it with basic concepts and terms you already know.
      For PRELIMS, focus on Economic Survey. It will give you all the relevant stuffs for prelims. In our PRELIMS TESTS, we will cover all important sources along with Eco Survey. Do follow and revise the concepts regularly 🙂

      • Jagjeet Singh

        hii iasbaba, i read your strategy for case studies for gs paper 4 and in that you have said that you will provide list of laws and judgements which can be used in our answers.when are you planning to provide that list?please do that as soon as possible

  • Vkas Vd

    i will die before prelims,,,,,,,,,,,,,help me to clear prelims please baba

    • Vkas,

      Be positive. Clearing UPSC is just a part of life. Please, don’t take this exam so seriously. This applies to every aspect of your life.
      Instead, be regular in your studies, practice daily questions. Give your Best !!
      Concentrate only on things which are under your control, rather that focusing on the results.

  • runner4life

    Who are the brains behind this website? I do not a “about us” tab anywhere. I am asking it out of curiosity.
    Website is very cleanly designed. I am looking forward to visiting here daily. Great job guys:)

    • @disqus_cI3zgpU1gj:disqus

      Thank You very much for the appreciation. At this time names are not important. It will be revealed at the right time. The initiative is step towards quality learning with innovative approach. Welcome to IASbaba 🙂 Do spread the words.

    • Shashank Trivedi

      I totally agree, this website is awesome, and I am also wondering who are the people running this amazing website, and I feel like perhaps somewhere down the line Gaurav Agraval the rank 1 from last year is also involved(no reason just felt like it).
      Looking forward to the day the team reveals itself, to see if i got it right.

      • Have patience 😀

        Your guess is in the wrong direction 🙂 Surely you have all right to know about us..And we will be revealing the identity at the appropriate time

      • DON

        Aur bol, UPSC chairman aur Modiji chala rahe hai. Pata nahi kahan kahan se log aate hai

        • 😛 hahahahaha… u r right DON

        • Shashank Trivedi

          Well Mr. DON thank you for making me realize how in my naivity, on an open platform I tried to pass on the credit for the amazing work being done here to someone who is probably not even aware of this initiative.

          As for your tone in above message.. I dont knw why are u so frustrated..but here is a little something tht might cheer u up

  • Seeker

    hello sir, I just now came to know about this website…how long its been since this site was launched ??

    • @joeljohnvarghese:disqus

      Hello. We have formally started on 18th June 2015. Welcome to IASbaba community 🙂

  • Darshan Shah

    who ever has designed it, has a rarity of knowledge and design aesthetics. Few sites of upsc looks good. Great work. keep up the good work. 🙂

    • @disqus_RRwB1ISILQ:disqus

      Thank You. We will surely maintain that we have shown and even try building it to a next level 🙂 Keep visiting and spread the word if you like

  • RGT

    great initiative!
    very helpful for aspirants preparing in rural areas & small towns. Thanks a ton IAS baba!
    “Service to mankind is service to god”

    • @disqus_wgVU3q4Gky:disqus

      Thank You so much. IASbaba is born to give way to the words you have written. make it reach to the nook and corners of our country so that none is devoid of our efforts meant for them 🙂

  • RaDv

    I am just writing this to convey my sincere gratitude & thankfulness for the great initiative taken.

    Have gone through various site in this journey of UPSC and site like this one are very rare to find..

    Thanks a lot & keep up the good work

    • @RaDv:disqus

      Thank You. Welcome to IASbaba community.

  • Piyush- Kumar

    Something i needed desperately. Recommended iasbaba from one of my friend and after going through the site i must say i have plenty of the things which here which i was hungry for. keep the good work going.

  • Dc

    Baba ji…aaj google karte karte mein aapke es ashram (website) me paunch kar apne aapko dhany maan raha hu. 🙂
    great work
    good going babaji 🙂

  • karl

    Babaji ,i have sent my concern through email ,plz reply asap..this website is really heaven for upsc aspirants..thnk u

    • Wait…we will reply today only 🙂

      • karl

        Thank ,,u

      • karl

        thank you! Babaji for your prompt I am on right track to achieve my goal..

  • Vinay Jaiswal

    I looking forward to take mathematics as an optional for mains….Please guide how to prepare and what are the books have to refer for it.

  • H K A

    Thanks a lot, its a great initiative!

    Your newsletter is not working. I have subscribed multiple times but it does not send me any alert for your new post. Please fix it, it will be really helpful to get a direct link of latest updates to your site in mails 🙂

    • Please subscribe on the Right hand Side. It’s working. Others are getting the updates daily. Try with alternate email id

      • H K A

        I tried with my alternate E Mail ID, it worked. Still not working with the ID I regularly use (checked my spams as well).

        Could you please send a confirm follow mail to my ID – [email protected]?

  • Anand Kumar

    i get There was an error when subscribing. Please try again.
    when I tried to subscribe…
    please baba ji kuch chamatkar kijiye

  • Anand Kumar

    snapshot of the error

  • Parth verma

    Dear Baba,
    As I started My Civil Services 2016 prep from July 1st. I am Totally Confused about how to maintain the Notes on Current Affair. As, It is very very vast and increase by each passing day. Also If I maintain the Notes it will become so huge to revise in Minimum time is next to Impossible.
    Kindly Clear my Doubts.

    • Read The Hindu Daily and then follow our Current Affairs. Make short notes only. We will provide all relevant CA as magazine also. Further Mains aspect will be covered through special articles and Think and Learn. You don’t need to panic about CA now since IASbaba is there 🙂

      People generally stress a lot for CA and spend more than required energy on piling notes (of no use). We want to change this attitude to smart and intelligent learning. You might have seen, we are not giving everything in our daily current affairs. Why? Because you have to clear this exam only. You are not required to remember everything and get booked into Guinness Book of World record. ARE YOU?

  • Vishwesh Singh

    Dear IASbaba i wanted know about Current affairs

    is it enough if we prepare current affairs from January 2015 to mid-august 2015 or to start from which month & till when…?
    Please let me know

    Thank You…!

    • Vishwesh

      You can prepare CA of last 8-10 months. We are also covering them in our Prelims Tests. You can follow them

  • Amith

    I have improved so far after going through and following the website IASbaba. It boosted my confidence level too.. My request for you is please consider providing the guidance for the optionals Public Administration. As a graduate from engineering without coaching and not seeing any topper from pub ad stream worries a bit. I know its not the right time to put up this thought but if you could make something after prelims it will be a boon.

    • Amith

      Thank You for the appreciation. You need not worry about Pub Ad. Our Team have experts from PUB Ad who have cleared the examination with high scores. Have patience and support. IASbaba is working on every single aspect to support your preparation.

  • sidharth

    how can i join your group…. i want to work with you

    • We work for FREE 🙂

      Thank You for the interest. You can send us your details @iasbaba2015 at

  • Ruchika Tiwari


    I wanted to know if this is gonna be a free site always or is this an attempt to make a readers’ base and then charge them after getting publicity?

    • Ab

      Hey dear..Ruchika for your kind information this is free. institutions in this country provide such qs in free. .but they are providing. .many institute which are so called free but if u go through there test u ll find wat typ of qs they r providing. .even though this site charge small amount then we should nt worry,atleast we ll get good guidance with good quality. …if you want to get something enjoy now don’t think about future if they ll charge or not..

    • Bilal Ahmad


      This is absolutely free …. Did you check the quality of the contents they are offering.

      1. Yojana Gist:- I love this. I have bunch of yojana magazines at my study table. I am unable to finish even one out of that. They have converted the whole yojana magzine into mains & Prelims Q&A format. It helps me a lot. If you didn’t check yet. Please go through below link.

      I have never found on any portal these kind of initiatives.

      2. Think & Learn :- They are not asking only quality questions but also offering a synopsis which help to write quality answers.

      3. Prelims Test Series:- Their prelims questions have no match with other test series running in the market. There are many test series who are just copy pasting the lines from the books and claiming they are the best test series. i believe IASbaba is able to manage its quality just because they are asking few questions. They are not asking questions just for sake of asking questions. Their questions have depth and direction.

      So As long as they will maintain their quality and content and provide us right direction. I guess there is nothing wrong in to pay them if they will ask some minimal amount for their service in future.

  • kiran

    Can you give guidance for political science and international relation optional?

  • Sandesh Sharma

    Dear Sir, I am practising mock tests of CL.. Just getting around 50 questions correct everytime. Shall I go for prelims this year or not? Please advise. & ya thanx for this awesome initiative.

    • You are doing very good. Do appear. You have every possible chances of clearing if you cross 100 marks 🙂

  • crazy16

    Hi IASBaba,

    Could you please suggest for below situation:

    GS Preparation consuming more time than others–I feel

    I started Polity on 1st May.

    Daily study hour=4-5

    Material=M.Laxmikanth(why?=some IAS topper suggested to read it completely. i also feel it good.)

    Completed chapters= 22 ONLY [This is my issue to be asked]

    Total chapters=70 (I am shocked)

    My background:

    I have already taken coaching in polity(under GS)

    CSE Target=2016

    I am also preparing notes on computer means soft notes(Sometime i feel that notes making is killing my time)

    Some people say that any paper of GS can be prepared in 20 days. I am depressed listening this and putting a big question mark on self.

    Note:Situation with other subjects of GS is also similar to above.

    Please let me know your suggestion as soon as possible.

  • K.rajeev

    Is there any source related to “map reading”
    Hw to read.? Wht to read..?
    Wht type of approach it needs in map reading…?

  • Nitin Kumar N

    Please share the mindmaps and strategy for Public Administration optional it would be great for us..

  • bharath

    really impressed by ur guidance for prelims
    is there any plan for mains because i couldnot clear mains in my first attempt and found out the reason for my failure . it is lack of proper guidance and answer writing practise. even though questions appeared same as expected during my preperation i could not write nice answers. and here i am writing prelims again
    so need ur help

    • Obviously there will be. Just have a look at THINK and LEARN ARCHIVES. You will get an idea 🙂 Don’t worry about Mains. We will extend all possible support from our side. Best wishes for Prelims

      • bharath

        ok sir thanx for the support

  • YogiBalak

    Overall your site is quite helpful, mostly for those who are not doing any coaching, etc. Commendable!! Waiting for your Mains Strategy!

  • bharath

    Sir am not hgetting how to register for TLP . plz help me

    • TLP registration for Virtual Classes has crashed. SO we stopped it. Now, TLP will be without registration and you can participate in that. DO subscribe to IASbaba to get all notifications in your email. Once our Virtual Platform is ready, we will announce and start the registration. TLP is starting from tomorrow 10 PM. Do go through the weekly plan and 100 day plan…

      • bharath

        ok sir. thanks for the info. cant wait to see ur innovative TLP

      • Sudhanshu Kumar Ashwini

        whenever i comment, My comment is not being Registered. I tried thrice. Can you Explain.

  • Ankarao Ittadi

    Very Good Site Sir, I appreciate your work.

  • Rohit Kumar

    Any chance you will be covering Statistics optional for Mains??

  • Rohit Kumar

    Any chance you will be covering Statistics optional for Mains??

    • Banoth Ramraj

      Can I contact you as I am thinking to choose Statistics as optional?

      • Rohit Kumar

        I would be happy to help you.

        • Banoth Ramraj

          your mail id? or facebook id? please

  • swapnilbhor1906

    Hello sir,
    how to reg for geography program?

    • no registration..its Free..start following and participate with the present system of comment-Disqus

  • raj

    Think, Learn & Perform (TLP) – HISTORY please provide hindi translation of question also Regards

  • Nopes

  • Anjali Yadav

    pls prepare a study plan for 2016 now!!
    it will be better if a plan is provided as early as possible

    • When we are done, will post about it..don’t panic..we will start as per our convenience and that too will take care of all prerequisites…




    • Go to Menu Bar- TLP GS Mains…All day wise archives and plan is there…its already Day 6..start it soon :) further registration as of now…just write as others are writing

  • savreet heer

    Sir i am feeling very much distressed…..m revising my optional with answer writing, side by side gs…….but i’m always doubtful about my strategy..especially for gs1(history part). Sir for world history i’ve read only ncerts (xii ncert thrice with thorough revision) and for post independence xii pol sci ncert……..i’ve not touched bipin chandra for post independence and normon lowe for world history before prelims and now scared of starting afresh as time is less….would it be wise to start them afresh?…. SIR plzzz REPLY…….

    • revise what you have read so far..that’s totally fine…Those sources have enough content for you 🙂

      • savreet heer

        thq sir for replying back.


    please start the ias 2016 study plan…. i guess its getting late 🙁

    • Don’t guess. We know what’s best for you…:-) Patience


        baba.. is it going to be an integrated approach?

        • Need not worry at all…it will be the best of Baba’s work till date 🙂

          • NITISH SINGH

            thanx alot in advance baba

  • Tashvin Singh

    babaji while seeing your regular posts i have queries.. please make them clear
    i am working as a bank clerk and i joined in july this year.. i graduated last year and gave ibps exam for backup plan.. i need to prepare with job so guide me please sir..i have started preparation in mid may this year.. i have read almost all basic books but then also i think that i dont know everything.. i am re revising them nowdays.. i want to know that how can i improve my writing skills as i will appear next year upsc exam.. please guide me sir i will be highly obliged to you..
    thanks sir!! please guide me and show me the right path!!

    • Our plan for 2016 is in the making. Wait till then. IT will solve your queries

      • Tashvin Singh

        ok sir plz let me know then.. plz do help me sir

  • Prakash

    babaji i am aspirant 2016 from hindi medium and 70% student from hindi medium on this platfom or this site. According to 2014 papers dependent on current affairs i personally feel many student from rural background they didnt good in english on vocabulary section and the hindu paper language are tuff.many news paper like hindi news paper didnt cuver full current affairs these are the hindu news paper are excellent for english medium so i request to provide the hindu current affairs in hindi language daily.which provide better knowledge to write mains answer and pre also

    • Visit our Daily Current Affairs section. We also cover issues from The Hindu for Hindi medium

    • aman

      nice question

    • Gautam

      yes bhai. i agree

  • suresh

    Many sites provide hindu news in english but it is not available in hindi so hindi medium student need at least 2-3hr to cover

    We need the hindu news & editorials in hindi language

    Please help and provide these daily the hindu news

  • Mayur Mahajan

    baba when i click on day 19 it ask password …what is this

  • Navneet Khubber

    sir will u be able to provide yojana gist for jan 2013(governance) edition..

  • simran rajput

    sir plss suggest me what optional subject i will take.. i have passed my in computer.. plss sir suggest me m totalyy confused .. waiting for reply…


    still a beginner ..but i think this will help.

  • winner2016
  • winner2016

    WORLD HISTORY .. all are short video clips

    much more conducive..
    crash course videos are also gud but covers only few topics..

  • winner2016


    ( concepts like EUTRIPHICATION expained in 2 minutes very lucid way easy to remember .. and many more like BIOMES , ECOTONE , NICHE etc.)@IASBABA

  • winner2016

    IR.. important concepts


  • winner2016


  • simran rajput

    sir plss replyyy

    • winner2016

      HELLO ..

      CHOOSE the one
      u like most ,
      is intresting for u, and
      u think will b gud and easy for u..)
      cz u hav to read.., conquer,consolidate ,appear .this is the way how i opt ..

      m a civil engineer – prefered philosphy .

      why ?

      1- love philosphy

      2- shortest syllabus

      3- repeated concepts

      4- no mugging

      5- help in ethics &essay

      6- helps devolep critical and anylitical approach

      7- philosphy mother of all subjects (emotion!)

      8- static ( even buddha, kant etc cannot change their philosphies..)

      for more help..visit.

      • simran rajput

        can u tell me the list of optional subject plss.. i will be vry thankfull

      • simran rajput

        sir plss tell me the list of optional subject.. i will be vry thankful to u


    what is password protected contents?? how can i get a password to open these contents??

    • Enticer


      • result?

        • Enticer

          baba failed 🙁

          • 🙁 Call back

          • Enticer

            Ok Baba.

  • Ashutosh Kumar

    How can you help me in preparing Anthropology for CSE 2016?

  • sanjeev kumar sharma

    kindly let me know how to generate a password for the protected contents…..

  • devesh gupta

    Babaji how to open the video link that u have shared in anthroplogy material.

  • Jsm

    Baba how to join geography daily writing

  • Beleive Reversal

    Babaji I have written pub ad Ans in word and now unable to paste here. What should I do?

  • UknwWho

    Babaji.. I wrote an email to you and eagerly waiting its response and its an important que.
    (Written wit email id dixit_Sharma********)
    Kindly respond

    • forward it again 🙂 sorry

      • UknwWho

        Sent u the email @ [email protected]. and don’t say sorry.. Thanks for being so considerate

      • UknwWho

        Thanks a lot.. Thanks for the reply.

  • Swapnil Sharma

    I want to follow the timetable you mentioned but couldn’t find the suggested topics in the same books you mentioned.
    The Himalayas- The Greater Himalayas(Himadri),
    GEOGRAPHY Lesser Himalayas(Himachal), Sub-Himalayas -> They are not in Geo 11th NCERT

    Indus Valley Civilization & Vedic Culture

    New NCERT

    ? 12th: Theme 2

    Isn’t it a big mistake on your side. Please correct me if i am wrong.


  • replied to your mail

  • Sai Charan

    Regarding program 2, will there be any provision for optional??

    • no…only special forums where you will get serious aspirants in close groups

  • Prabhu

    Hi baba team,

    i sent mail for program-3 and i have not get any reply or call, i waiting for your response,,


    • if selected, you will get

  • Indiana Nivas

    hi, sir and ur so authentic work for we students,,,,,sir i’m in 2nd year and have full devotion as well as passion for clearing IAS in my 1st attempt ,,,,and I have started taking help of urs iasbaba ……so sir how I could develop critical and logical approach for every questions ,,,,,so that from now onwards I want to prepare for it so nicely under ur guidance……thanks

  • kapil

    Hi , when are you going to declare your schedule of prelims test series . Please declare it as soon as possible .

    • kapil

      and also please club the NCERTs and other standard books topic wise while planning the schedule of your test series . I wanted to join insights test series earlier , but because they are covering their test series in a linear fashion instead of subjectwise and topicwise , i am considering your test series option very seriously .Please don’t disappoint me .

  • AMG

    @iasbaba:disqus I want to talk to you, can I ?

    • yes….post a mail 🙂

      • AMG

        Mailed it.. from Aditya Mohan

  • manisha

    Hello Sir
    May I know when are you going to publish the list of student selectefor economical weaker section group?

    • Before the start..may be in a week 🙂

      • manisha

        Thank you very much sir

  • Satheesh Arumugam

    hello sir…iam obc nd ws expecting 120-125 in gs 1 and gs 2 around 130….but i dint clear…and don know why?i also heared that from one of my friend that there s another one with same 120 range but dint cler…whts happening this
    time??pls hlp…

  • Abhay Mahajan

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    marketplace model of Rockstand Mobile App. This association can turn out to be
    a revenue churner or increase your brand exposure.

    Rockstand is India’s largest eBook, eMagazine, eTestSeries and eNewspaper Mobile
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    Abhay Mahajan

  • vishnu

    babaji can newspaper be replaced with your value added notes and current affairs …

    • No. You shouldn’t stop reading at least one newspaper. Your perspective might change after referring our current affairs and it may help you with reduced time 🙂

  • manisha

    when will be the list of economical weaker section will be published?

    thank u Sir
    please reply

    • In 2 days for sure 🙂 We will mail all the selected candidates

  • srini vasan

    babajiii i was failed in 2015prelims…
    so,how to jion ur prelims test series for 2016 babajiiii??????

    • You didn’t fail. Don’t call it a failure. It’s a sign that you were not prepared well!

      First thing to do is ” not to think about joining any test series but think about, where you went wrong”

      If you can identify your wrongs then you are welcome here 🙂 Read the details here

      • Srinivasan

        I realized & find out that wrongs babajiii… help me to what to do next step…???

        • Read the link we have shared in above comment and decide

          • srini vasan

            thank u babajiii

  • Ashish Raj

    i need to know will you provide complete strategy for geography optional. i am preparing for cse-2016.Also please clarify if it is paid or free.

  • Srinivasan

    Babajii is it possible to study from foreign for upsc

    • Aravind_janar



    when will ilp-2 starts???

    • 8th NOV first Minor

      15th NOV- First Test Series

  • Chinna Prashanth Hari

    hello sir i want to join test series….i want to know few things like.. the monthly magazine from ur is what …is it only editorial part content…..because in ur magazine a lot of content missing which appeared in hindu news paper please clarify…

    • Monthly Magazine is coverage of important issues of month..not editorials per se…we focus on issue based analysis…

      • Chinna Prashanth Hari

        Just issues sir.. but not facts and events of the month …

  • rumi

    hi i got password and id . but some complications crop up every time i try enter. please make clear how to log in to the separate site meant for ilp 2016. a minute wasted is a precious pearl wasted…. please help!!!!!! i don’t see any “login” icon either on your site . please help..

  • Ravi Athotra

    I HAVE ALREADY MADE Payment for program 2 and didnot receive any acknowledgement my email id is [email protected]. My payment id is MOJO5b03000J93686106 VIA

    It is my hard earned money. Please do the needful.I am worried..

    • You have not sent any acknowledgment? You should have received it in your email. Send us

    • Check your email

  • lokesh

    are the registrations open for program-1..?? if yes how soon can you create my account and will i be able to take the test on november 15th-2015..??

  • lokesh

    when will the test begin..??

  • capricon

    i joined for program 1 as well as program 2 . I received username and password for program 2. few days later i received username and password for program 1. In both the cases username is same . I want other username for program 1. Do the needful changes.

  • rahul

    i want to write Mains in english, but want to appear in interview in hindi medium. is it possible??

  • Deepak Sagar

    i have made payment for program 2 my pament id is MOJO5b25000J99357890 and my registerd email id is [email protected] please send id and password as soon as possible

  • Deepak Sagar

    i did not get acknowledgment also on my email id [email protected].

  • Deepak Sagar

    i have made payment for program 2 my pament id is MOJO5b25000J99357890 and my registerd email id is [email protected] please send id and password as soon as possible i also did not get acknowledgment.

  • Deepak Sagar

    plz reply soon.

  • Deepak Sagar

    many people are trapped with with same problem why are not you providing contact no.

  • Deepak Sagar

    anybody have contact no of baba ji


    I have done, C.S. FINAL AND C.A. FINAL. About to appear for prelims in 2016. Please advice me for the optional subject best suitable as per my past education. I find it difficult to understand Geography. Rest everything is fine. Personally i was thinking for law since most of the syllabus portion was there in my C.S. Please advice. [email protected], 8697262070

  • avatar

    I HAVE ALREADY MADE Payment for program 2 and didnot receive any
    acknowledgement my email id is [email protected] and my payement ID IS MOJO5c19000C44323329 VIA

    • Do not worry. Id details will be given by late night or early morning. Thank You

      • avatar

        thank you sir

        • Girish Bhatt

          Baba Pls prelims ke liye hindi ka material do

  • avatar

    sir please do the needfull

  • Ajitesh89

    Sir, Please go through your mail and reply..

  • saurabh

    Have already made the payment for program 2, have sent you the mail too with the receipt. Provide me further details please.

    • Check your email also 🙂

  • Indrajeet Singh

    I had done the payment sir..Barbh15357631230 is the ref no..haven’t got the I’d details.

  • Abhishek Choudhary

    Have already made the payment for program 2, have sent you the mail too . Provide me further details please email id [email protected] payment id MOJO5c23000J31545061

  • Deeparnab Rakshit

    Sir when will the ‘Gist of YOJONA, December, 2015’ be uploaded? It is really very helpful. Please upload soon.

    • Hi

      We are working on it. It will be posted for sure

  • vikas sharma

    please upload the mains question paper of law optional too…

  • Krishna Reddy

    I want to subscribe for test series of CSP 2016. Is there hindi medium avail or not. Give me your contact numbers.

  • Avi ias

    Where i will get gist of all yojanas

  • Deeparnab Rakshit

    Sir, why YOJONA section is showing “404 – Page not Found”??? please continue this section.

  • Avinash

    Baba your RSS Feeds are not working after Dec.30th, 2015. Please check the issue.

  • poonam agrawal

    hi! IAS baba team
    please if its possible for u to tell when you will be starting with the free features of your 2016 program like TLP-2015( daily questions and tests in particular) or is it only for the paid members this time? eagerly waiting for the same to start asap. please say about optional as well. reply awaited.

    • We will start after the workshop probably in February. Do not worry

  • Kartikey Pandey

    is it to late that i have started for the preparation of the upsc 16 couple of weeks ago only but your plan to mussorie says u have started it from oct how do i manage the gaps and cover up the basics also kindly assist

    • Hi
      If you are targeting 2016 then its not late. Depends on your commitment. You an join program 2 and cover the missed portions too. Last two months before prelims has been given for revision. It won’t be a problem if regularity is ensured

      • Kartikey Pandey

        Kindly tell me which programs i need to opt out asap plssss

  • aakash

    i made online payment but it shows that transaction failed and you will receive your money in one week …..what that means i entered correct information and have not received any mail from your side ….please reply

  • Hope

    Sir please tell me which are the books need to study for geography optional? Any extra tutorial you’ll provide for map question

  • Ragh

    Dear IASbaba,
    Could you please assist me with some queries? I’d be glad if you could kindly assist me.
    1. I was not able to cover Current Affairs from August 2015 to December, 2015: What do I do? I have began covering them through IASbaba monthly compendium. Will this be enough for these 5 months?
    2. When are you starting with Prelims MCQ tests? is it for free? or is there any test series going on right now which I can subscribe to?
    Kindly assist me,
    Thanks a ton.

  • rehna


    I had attended 2014 interview and missed final list by just 1 marks.Do you recommend your program 2 for me?Also my concern is that I will miss the 1st phase of program 2 which is due by February.

    • Hi Rehna

      Apologies for the late reply

      It depends on your preparation level. Considering the fact that you have appeared for interview it is assumed that your preparation for Mains is up to the required level. Our Program will only fill the gaps in your preparation in terms of quality planning, content and guidance by our Team.

      If you want to be regular in your preparation, then you can join us 🙂

  • Gaurav Verma

    Dear IAS BABA Team,
    First of all, I would like to thank you for the great social work and cause you people are carrying. Its highly appreciable work for thousands of students like me who can not afford costly coaching guidance and course material . Specially your daily current basis mains type question-answer writing is of great significance. In market alone , in the name of mains examination private coaching centers are asking thousands of money on other hand you people are no less then God as imparting knowledge and guidance for free without selfishness . Its no less then educational revolution . I am promising your team that If I become successful person ( for sure IAS ) definitely I will work in favor of IAS BABA team.
    Regards – Gaurav Verma

    • Hi Gaurav

      Its really motivating to see such appreciation from you. It provides extra energy to our Team to work more. Thanks a ton!

      IASbaba is an idea so you are always welcome to join us 🙂


    Dear sir,

    I failed in prelims 2015 with four marks lagging behind. I have not taken rest even after but not done much study. I have enrolled to GS (Prelims) in INSIGHTS and doing well. I would like to enhance my writing skills even for GS (mains) and optional (Public administration). Please suggest and keen to enroll your programme. waiting for your valuable feedback

    • Hi ESWAR

      Always email us on iasbaba2015 if crucial issues are there. We miss the comments sometimes.



    what all I shall be provided after enrolling to your program


    Dear sir, I am eagerly waiting for ur reply

  • Hemand

    Hi Baba

  • Hemand

    Hi Baba ,
    Thanks for your effort.Iam new in this website.Really helpful!

  • shreya

    Sir are you planning to start TLP sociology again for 2016? If yes, when? And thanks a ton for the immense help you are providing. Following Ias baba from past few days and it is amazing to be a part of it. Thanks.

  • amrit

    i have registered for program 2 and paid the amount what is the next step? there has been no acknowledgement from your payment id is MOJO6307000U63128733 can somebody help?

  • Unni

    Dear Team,

    Will you be kind enough to clariffy me on the below statement:

    “The CSAT-II paper carries questions on comprehension, interpersonal skills including communication skills, logical reasoning and analytical ability, decision making and problem solving, general mental ability, basic numeracy, and English language comprehension skills (of Class X level). The English language part has been excluded from gradation from 2014 exam onwards and will continue for the 2015 test.”

    I am aware that we need to score 33% to qualify this paper. My question is will I be eligible if I select questions only from the English language part and comprehension alone and score 33 percent? Or will I be given zero mark based on the statement above, saying ‘the English language part has been excluded.”

    Please give me a reply.

  • Sharma M Kumar


    I am a computer science Candidate and i have decided to go for UPSC IAS Preparation as i want to do Self Preparation but I don’t find the Start from where i can start so that i will find the proper right direction in proper way.

    What is the syllabus for the Computer Sci. Engineer. as i am good in science & mathematics sub. and since last One Year I start Reading The HINDU news in APP and TImes of India NEWS paper.

    So I Request you to please Give me a complete full Detail about subject for UPSC pre & main Syllabus.


    warm Regards

    MIthil Agrawal

  • Jahan Ara

    Please tell me which kind of proof I will get after payment on instamojo for program 1 which I have to mail u.Why there is need to mail u proof separately.

  • Jahan Ara

    Please reply quickly because I have to join test series today

    • Kazim

      There should some transaction id/confirmation id that you need to share with IASBABA. Sharing this will speed up the process of your account activation. Hope it helps.

  • Jahan Ara

    thanks but i have already joined

  • Swetha Sri

    Hi Sir,

    Eagerly waiting for the Block2 schedule under program2.
    Please upload it sir.

  • bhaskaran

    Sir, there is any link in question papers of optional preliminary which is held before 2013

  • cleemis

    do IASbaba have 60+3 plan this year??

  • sachin

    sir r u conduct prelims test for 2016?

  • Deepika

    Sir, When can we register for 60 days plan? for prelims 2016

  • Shubham

    Sir whn you start 60 days plan plz informe

  • varsha

    Sir, please let us know when to register for 60 days prelims test series

    • Its free dear. No need to register.

      • varsha

        Thank you sir… Please help with me the timetable

      • Pandu

        I paid payment for programme 2 ilp through neft mode when wil get an id and password to write test series..

        • Hi

          It takes some time to reflect the payment in the account. Have patience. As soon as it is credited, we will send you the details. Thank You

          • Pandu

            Thank you for your replysir..kindly Forward me an id and password as early as possible

          • Pandu

            let me know sir when wil I get an id and password .kindly reply

  • Jakkappa Godi

    how to join gyan

  • Jakkappa Godi

    please ans me sir

  • Jakkappa Godi

    gyan is online coaching

  • Jakkappa Godi

    if not where it is prasent

  • Shinchan Nohara

    Baba ji. I have a little doubt regarding the newspaper reading. I have tried reading the The Hindu newspaper for almost 6 months. but i finds it quite time consuming and the main reason for that i think is the editorials which are very hard to comprehend. While reading those newspaper i almost have to give 6-7 hours. Could you please tell me if i could read other newspaper editorials which would be easy to comprehend and will cover all the issues required.

  • vinayak mahadev

    sir i want to appear for 2017 prelims…for that i dono which materials to refer people are jus cofusing me …..which materials should i refer for prelims ,geography and for public adminstration….and i also heard that there is strict valuation for public adminstration! is that true….if so which subject shall i choose as alternative?


    respected baba ji and dear friends
    I have some doubts from ncert as i am new to the field of civil services
    so kindly help me out ,i knew the doubts are silly but it will my great help if answer this

    modern history

    qns1–>why bahadur shah zafar was proclaimed as king despite he was not confident on himself regarding the post offered to him by rebels????what was the positive political effect of revolt??? what was the significance of delhi at that time as britishers shows immense response to gain delhi back

    qns 2–>did rebel wanted to capture delhi so they made zafar king or they wanted to make zafar king so they capture delhi.

    qns 3–>why did the south india,maratha,and major part of pujab remain loyal to the company,as they were also going through the same exploitation from which the rebels of 1857 undergone???


    REFERENCE FROM NCERT–>There is some superimposition of paintings. The earliest are
    in black; over these are red ochre paintings and the last group comprises white paintings.

    QNS–>why are the imposition of paintings despite of too many spaces???what were the sources by which these are made?? from where did they got all colour??was only plant source???

    Qns .–>why statues was only made with stone,bronze or terracotta in harrapan site although it was not abundant????

    you can also mail me at [email protected]

  • Er Vishwajeet Pandey

    Sir i want preparation for CDS (UPSC) how to prepare , Suggest me how to prepare .??

  • Vishal Rana

    Dear IASBABA when you will going to start TLP 2016 Geography optional.i would like to join

  • M Kumar

    Dear IAS BABA, Please share all these in hindi as well…thanks.

    • We do not have Hindi resources

  • Abhijeet upadhyay

    dear BABA JI i want to subscribe your monthly magine pl advise me how can i do this ?

    • Paritosh Munot

      I think it is free
      they have pdf files you just print it if you want

    • Its free.

  • Arjun

    Sir,for Environment apart from newspaper & NCERTS is there any other books for pre & mains.

  • sakshi

    Sir/Ma’am plz tell me where can I download your monthly magazine from? I’ve found April monthly magazine but could not find of previous month.

    • Dr.Who

      Sakshi… The page from where u downloaded April’s magazine,over it is showing “Archives”. Click on it


    Respected sir,
    congratulations on your first anniversary. I know im benefitting a lot from this website and it really means a lot to me. god bless you team:). my query is about anthropology optional. can you’ll conduct tests online fr anthro similar to HOT questions related to gs?

  • Gans

    Hello Sir,I
    I had enrolled for Program 1: PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2016 but till now i didn’t receive the User id & password . My payment receipt id is MOJO6617000U03436664. Could you resolve it as early as possible.My email id- [email protected]

  • Garima

    I am a second year Zoology student. I have no knowledge of History Civics Geography Polity Maths Current affairs or anything. I have studied Biology my entire life. Now I am determined to work as hard as possible to learn all this. Is it possible for a biology student to even think of sitting for this exam? How much and what all I should study now? I have no idea at all! I am ready to study as long as you will say.

  • sri

    Hi Babaji ,I was trying to view the application via .
    But it says information given by is incorrect.Not sure if only NDA application are viewable now.
    please help.

  • Mickey

    I like to read love stories in free times.
    Can i include it in DAF?
    Will there be any bad impression on interviewer?

  • Mahi

    Baba Ji pranam !!

  • Mahi

    Thank u baba !!

  • Nagamani venigalla

    Good morning Baba.Today i fill the form in u’r website for offline class.But after that i am not get any information form that webpage.i want clear inforamtion about class in you’r website.colud you please tell me details of class.

    • Further information and program details will be posted on the website soon. We will also send invites to selected candidates based on number of registrations since we have limited intakes.

  • vishwa

    When you will start the ILP for 2017

    • We will post its details after Prelims 2016. Have patience and prepare basics till then.

  • spark

    when will the candidates be selected baba after prelims because it’s less time for prelims for 2017 batch

  • Theja

    Baba will there be any Mains test series after the prelims??? I know it is early to ask but it will be really wonderful if you conduct one for those who are following you.. 🙂

  • smit3097

    @iasbaba:disqus pranam baba.

    in daily question paper 14 question on ethics committee.

    as per your answer in loksabha it cant take action suo moto .
    but here are the ref.

    so please clear my doubt.

  • Satnam Sïngh Dhïllön

    Baba ji..Is there any online program for CSE2017 for Working Professionals with Sociology optionals? Sir comprehensive GS+Optionals preparation needed.

  • Shivendu Joshi

    Babaji, in the first all India Free mock test, I have 45 correct and 39 wrong which amounts to a score of 64.2 but the analysis is showing only 61.6. kindly carry out the correction before the AIRs are announced so that a fair assessment can be made. Thank you.


  • Adesh Shilimkar

    baba plz provide hindi language ias baba monthly magzine

  • ram

    baba planning to join optional for 2016 what is process i?

  • Nikki

    baba..biosphere reserves are 18 not 14.. ..

  • Dharavi Writer

    Sir can u tell me any online sources where i can study maps. I lost my map book at this critical juncture .
    Kindly reply asap


    Hello Baba jii…firstly i am thankful to you for guiding us in our preparation..I followed all the 60 day plan’s questions and revised it nearly 2 times.But at this moment i feel very panic about my exam.can you please suggest me way to calm down myself..

  • Shail

    @iasbaba:disqus is ur online or offline program available in hindi for 2017 ?

  • Amit

    How to join TLP-Optional for History

  • KD

    Discrimination on the basis of experience in the previous exams, is totally violation of Fundamental rights of any students :).

    Dear Baba,
    Selecting students who had written Mains in the previous years and making them to clear the exam and appearing their names in the list. Do you think is it an achievement?

    Hope you might aware many 1st time attempters too hit the top list.

    Making a kid who is 35 marker to get 1st class, is more appreciable achievement rather than taking a 90 marker student and getting him 100 marks.

    Success and achievements without good conduct and social justice is just #nothing


    • KD

      We clearly mentioned to select students from our ILP Program 3- Many are first timers there. Plus our curriculum will be too hectic for a novice to handle. He/She many top the exam without us too. We never intend to discriminate. This is our first ever offline so wanted to experiment on our skills and management too. Do not be impulsive. Look at our work and its benefits that you are reaping. Do not question just for the sake if it since it is disadvantages to you. We have thousands of aspirants with lakhs of issues emanating from them. And we are best placed to understand and decide about the larger good and that is how we utilize our resources so that aspirants like you can peacefully sit at home and comment like this

  • Hari Jj



    when will the plan for geography optional be uploaded ?

  • neeraj sharma

    sir, first of all, i would like to do thanks for providing us very comprehensive analysis daily news.
    and now I would like to request you, if you could , pls provide us ” india’s world” in pdf form just as RSTV Big picture you provided.
    your turely student

  • Deenadayalan Mohandass

    How to register for TLP 2016 program, please guide me….

  • Sjay2234

    I paid fees but transaction failed and my money deducted from my account.

    • You will get it back into your account in few days. That has to be taken care by your bank. Be sure you will get it

      • Scorpion King

        baba can u proivde me ur email add.
        I need your expert guidance.

  • Mukul Sharma

    I have a doubt regarding essay writing. For the topics which are statement based, what should be the strategy that should be followed ?
    For ex : House divided against itself cannot stand
    Now what I understand is that we should write about various issues that are present in India which are dividing it and creating obstacles in realizing our true potential like caste, religion, regionalism, wealth.

    is this how should we approach statement based topics or there is some other strategy ?

  • yatorisaiprathap reddy

    sir i had made paymnet for ilp 2017 prelims mains and interview my payment id is MOJO6818000U16555973 please activate my account my email is [email protected]

  • Saurabh Rathod

    Sir plz activate todays current affair link its not working only date is written


    SIR, I have subscribed to ILP 2017 But my userID and password not received

    • abhi kaush

      hey have you received your user id and password now ? because i am also facing the same problem ..

      • ALOK KUMAR

        not ……… till this time…..I m waiting for …

        • abhi kaush

          to my surprise , i am not able to get the login page itself ! could you please send me the link , where is everybody trying to log in ?

  • STAR15

    Baba, I wanted to know the plan for public administration offline test series like when it’s starting n the schedule…I want to join it asap

  • Abhishek

    Dear baba, I am going to appear in 2017 upsc pre exam, please tell me the time period from where the current affair would be asked.

  • Nandigam

    I have paid the amount 4 days ago. But I have not received the confirmation status. Please do as earliest.

    • varinder singh Guleria

      How much fee for ILP 2017?

  • nitin kumar

    when will the ILP 2017 initiative begin?

    • abhi kaush

      hi nitin , could you please send me the link for this ILP 2017 , i dont know where to log in for ILP2017 .. thanks

  • Rajshekhar

    Dear IASbaba , due to certain financial issue I was unable to pay before 25th August . Can I join the program from 31st August 2016 . ? Is it allowed to pay after 25th August?

  • Kumar Rakesh

    Aapse anurodh hai ki aap sabhi chij hindi me bhi uplabdh karwaye
    Test series bhi hindi me karwaye
    Hindi medium walo ke liue koi sahara nahi hai
    Aapse anurodh hai ki aap hindi walo ka bhi kalyan kar dijiye
    Apka entjaar rahega

  • Kumar Rakesh

    ILP 2017 hindi me bhi karwane ka kast kare

  • harsh wardhan

    ILP2017 can’t be accessed from the app??

  • ravi

    can i change the medium of examination after prelims .if there is any feasibility, please inform me .


    Hi Baba ,

    Happy teachers day. I have requested information about UPSC pattern from year 2018 in light of Baswan Committee report. Can you please help aspirants by taking initiative to make publc following information
    a) UPSC changed pattern
    b) Examination Year from which It will be effective.

    I could not find any reply from your side previously. Please reply and reduce our anxity.

    Anand Saurabh

  • Rabibrata Chatterjee

    Hi Baba .
    I can’t access the TLP MAINS OPTIONAL GEOGRAPHY 2015 section. On clicking the link, it says “pages not found” . Please allow access to that section. It’s necessary for us to get the insight from that.
    Thank You

  • Ankit Mishra

    Hello babaji i have subscrbed for ilp 2017 but after payment i m unable to login and i am constantly mailing you regarding the same but no response from admin side plz let me know what is the issue asap plz admin
    my registrd email id is [email protected]

  • Rohan

    Hello baba ji,
    i just want to know did you provide all these thing in Hindi also



    Please reply

  • shashank sinha

    plz explain the word RES EXTRA COMMERCIUM in a very easy language as i m not able to under stand on wiki

  • IPS Aspirant

    I want to join iasbaba ILP 2017, being an IT professional I have to devote 10 hrs (Mon-Fri) on job. I want my answers to be checked, is it possible with this package. I have a been preparing for UPSC since 1 year, have gone through standard books along with Vision IAS package. Please let me know the pros and cons of this package.

    • Yakshi

      Me to…smetimes sat also I need to work…I have been preparing but need some guidance now.

      • IPS Aspirant

        Any other way to contact iasbaba so that we may have a reply?

  • Vikrant Verma

    Could you please tell me the books to refer, for various papers of mains and pre, and my optional is history

  • Vikrant Verma

    Why your email address not working

  • Vikrant Verma

    I have given the pre 2016, however I am confused regarding the preparations.The thing which I want to know is that,  the books I need to refer for Pre and mains. I can’t pay for any coaching.  Could you please help me out,  with my above query…  And from where can I get the previous years papers for mains.In either case, whatever,  please do reply

  • sudheer
  • bhumika saini

    when i access geography optional 2015 questions it says..password protected…please tell me how to access it

  • Chhavi Arora

    Q which of the following statements are incorrect?
    Ans a) Fundamental rights can be enforced by the court of law whereas DPSP cannot.
    b) Parliament cannot amend the Fundamental Rights
    c) Supreme Court can cancel any law or constitutional amendment.
    d) India is socialist , democratic and republic country

    • Kishna


    • Nitin Singh

      second statement is incorrect,but with respect to statement 3,sentence must be like,supreme court can declare any law null and void,unconstitutional,unreasonable and ultra vire,cancelling a law is not prerogative of apex court,it will voilate principle of seperation of power,albeit once a law is declared unconstitutional,a written judgement is sent to government to implement the very adjudication of our apex judiciary…..the law does not cancel(viz.)art 124a,b,c are still there in our constitution,though they can,t be enforced.and it is not usurping its authority but it is to check whimstical and caprice behavior on the part of government,and for the sustainability of rule of law.thank u

  • Arvind Meena


  • Rahul

    comments are not being shown up

  • Rahul

    the comments in tlp 2016 page is not being showed up.


    i want start the social sciences (geography, history, civics, economics) with 0% knowledge (from basics). from which book i have to start ?

  • Batman Granger

    @iasbaba:disqus Babaji please check this and do something!! 🙁

  • Satish Jagtap

    Sir, I want to prepare for 2017 CSE. But i have doubt about how to go for it.
    I have read basic books and ncert ones. But due to family pressure i was preparing for banking and ssc, so i did not gave time for CSE preparetion. Now ssc is over and i want to start my CSE preparation whole heartedly. How should i start? sould i start from scratch? Should i try my luck for CSE 2017? Please help me.

  • Chittaranjan

    My date of birth is 2nd May 1989 so which Year will be the last attempt for me

    • manudon666


  • indr

    Baba plz continue with PIB ….

  • pooja malik

    please send me link for login to test series 2017

  • kuzhal arasi

    pls sir send me link for login to test series 20117

  • sandeep mishra

    Can you please let me know the password require to view question on this TLP thread?

  • manudon666

    Baba please be updated with PIB.. please. Your guidance is so valuable

  • Manu raj

    Hi sir if I start now for upsc will I able to clear

  • Manu raj

    Sir will I able to clear upsc exam if I start from 2day

  • Manu raj

    Pls guide from where to start preparing

  • Shivangi Garg

    I am pursuing my masters in public policy at University of Sydney and i’ll be finishing off June 2018. I am hoping to appear for UPSC’s next year, which makes me reckon which of your ILP course would be productive to join in near time for coherent preparation.

  • kishara dihan

    hi….i am trying to enroll in ILP PRELIMS TEST SERIES for late joiners….i am able to get past mode of payment page….please help me with this issue

  • Sumita Balappa

    sir i enroled fir ilp 2016,since i cudnt clear prelims i stopped updating..ths year i am genuienly planning to appear as my child will be 2yr old,so plzallow me to get updates from babapedeia,VAN…i knw da importance if it plz my username is sumi9801….plz do reply sir my 3rd draft.

  • Surendra kulhary

    sir i cant browse any article posted on daily by you basis for mains….please tell me that this is either your website problem or my browser ….tell me as soon as possible ….error ….not found 404 is shown to me for two days

  • Priyanka

    i how I can call u

  • kanbme dd

    I want to join offline foundation program 2018 and ready to come to bangalore . I need bit clarification regarding mains writing practice/tests, do you conduct any mains practice tests from starting of the course or only after completion of 2018 prelims?
    Do you have anything related to optionals in this program like tests/doubts clearing?

    Sir please give me details as soon as possible, once I get the details, I will come to Bangalore.

  • Rajat Baruah

    i would like to join ILP for 2018 exam.Kindly provide me the contact number and the amount to be paid.As i cannot come to bangalore i would like to subscribe for iasbaba;s online initiatives

  • Prakash Chandra

    sir my date of birth is 01-03-1986 general category can i am eligible for upsc 2018 pl give me answer as soon as possible its argent

  • sravan voruganti

    I’ve enrolled for ILP 2018 Online..When the course will start?

  • Imran Sagge

    when are the 2018 offline classes going to start?

  • praveen borra

    Hello Sir,
    I would like to know when you will be starting the ILP online program for 2018 batch ? It would be a great help for me if you can atleast mention the expected date.Thank you

    • We’ll be launching it by the end of this month.

  • vinay kumar

    Hello Sir,
    when will the ILP 2018 initiative begin?How to enroll..
    Please let me know the details [email protected] & 9845525561

  • Vikash Kumar

    I am Hindi medium aspirant. I want to join your prelims cum mains programme. If it is available in hindi.please reply on my email address or comment section .
    Vikash kumar
    [email protected]

  • roy

    Dear IAS Baba, I would like to know when will you start geography online optional test series ?

    • Roy

      There is no paid test series for geography. We will start Geo TLP soon for answer writing

      • roy

        Thank u IAS BABA…looking forward for Geo TLP!

  • Sarat Kambhampati

    Dear IAS Baba, will you cover GS4 ethics preparation in your ILP 2018 program??

  • Mohan kumar s

    Hii baba

  • Mohan kumar s

    Upload YK gist of may and june

    • Mohan

      Had some serious issues so delayed. Working on it

  • Rahul Rao

    Why are you not uploading Current Affairs after July 1st? And, can you please re-start the daily mind-map initiative for a topic.

  • Priyanka

    Ilp 9,999… online or offline..???…
    is it English or Hindi medium????


    sir not able to login with the password you provided . as i received conformation email id and password on my mail but still cant login from that.

    • One week before 31st July you will be able to

  • Kulkshetra Verma

    how will ILP analysis performance .of tests(weekly and monthly test)…that i score good or bad marks or average…is there any comparison with other or any type of ranks for their weekly and monthly test????

    • Yes..comparison and as you progress with more tests, subject wise performance analysis to let you know weak and strong areas

  • Urvashi Srivastava

    Babaji please upload yojna/kurukshetra jist of april, may, june too.

    • Urvashi

      Had some serious issues so delayed. Working on it

  • harish thakur



    i) Population Geography: Demographic cycle concepts of over population, under population
    and optimum population; population problems in developed and developing countries;
    Migration- causes, patterns (past and present) and consequence. Number, density, growth
    and distribution of population, population pressure and resource utilization. Population
    explosion and food security.
    ii) Economic Geography: Distribution and utilization of water, mineral and energy resources;
    their economic and environmental significance and conservation. Types and distribution
    of forests and fisheries- their economic and environmental significance and conservation.
    Major soil types and their distribution; problems of soil erosion and soil conservation.
    Mineral Resources- Iron ore and energy resources- coal and petroleum.
    iii) Rural and Urban Settlements: Definition, types and patterns of rural settlements, origin
    and evolution of urban settlements; functional classification of urban places; trends,
    patterns and problems of urbanization in the world.

  • Amit Khatri

    sir i mistakenly took hindi test series instead of english…………what should i do ,sir

    • Amit

      Once you get access for Test Platform, let us know at [email protected] 🙂 No worries. And do not comment here and there if it is urgent issue related to ILP or Test Series. It may get unnoticed. Directly shoot email at [email protected]

  • Sravs


    Regarding the Mains Answer Writing for 2017, it seems you have missed out on reviewing some answers where as you have reviewed other answers of the same question. I understand the time constraint, is it because of only the time constraint or does it have anything to do with the image quality or answer quality? It would be very helpful if you could review all answers. Thank you.

  • when june ca magazine willbe uploaded

  • dg

    sir have not recieved login id and pwd for ilp 2018.

  • Ashish Kumar

    will you provide HINDI materials/contents on value added notes and BABAPEDIA for hindi medium students ?

  • Sasikanth

    sir i had subscribed for ilp got my id and password but unable to login

  • Shiv

    I have tried to subscribe to the site many a time but i dont’ get any activation mail into my account
    mail id:[email protected]
    Can you please look into it

  • Foxstar

    I want to subsribe to the ILP -2018 program for which I have already MADE
    the payment. however, at the end of the process, the session expiration
    message came and the money has already been DEBITED FROM MY BANK ACCOUTN. But I received no confirmation message. Please help me. Is my subscription confirmed or do I need to make the payment again. How can I get the refund?

  • Mitesh Pant

    Dear baba
    I am not able to login using my user id / password into . I have even reset my password.

  • rohit sonawat

    Hello Babaji,

    I have subscribed ILP 2018 and also paid the fee but I have made a mistake by entering wrong email id.
    Email id filled : [email protected]
    Correct Email : [email protected]
    Mobile no 8005777924
    Date of payment : 31-07-2017

    Kindly correct the same as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards
    Rohit Sonawat

  • sudhanshu palariya

    i have subscribed for ilp 2018 but didn’t get my id and password for onln platform till now plz help.

  • Shekhar

    I have subscribed for the ILP course. I have got the payment confirmation from Instamojo but I did not receive my username and password. Please look into the issue.

  • Manish Nain

    Amount is debited for ilp ..but no mail regarding subscription .,plz look after email id is [email protected]

  • Astha Airan

    I have subscribed for the ILP course. I have got the payment confirmation from Instamojo but I did not receive my username and password. Please look into the issue.
    [email protected]

  • Siddeshwara Swamy

    i can’t get access for ilp 2018 first test

    • Asha singh

      same here.

      • Amit

        Hey guys. I am also facing the same issue. Did you guys get it resolved from IASBABA team yet ?

  • Niharika

    Please provide solution for ILP TEST 1 with explanation because writing down entire explanation is taking lot of time ,if PDF will be there this time can be utilise in learning these point. Matter is too protected that it can’t be copied hence increasing our effort .Sir I am beginner I need to give time for basic also so please please provide me explanation so that I can utilise time in learning.

    • Asha singh

      Niharika how long it took for u access the test after making the payment for ILP 2018?

  • Asha singh

    I have joined ILP 2018 but I am not able to access the Test under it. The testbaba site doesnt even recognise my email id. I have sent several mails but no action have been taken.
    Please look into this to improve our experience with IAS BABA.
    UserName : [email protected]
    @iasbaba:disqus Please resolve it ASAP.

    • Asha singh

      My issue rectified in 4 hrs, Thank You Baba

  • Sidhu

    y iasbaba isn’t available for ios platform

  • kansil singhania


  • bhumika verma

    I have done 12th in 2017 and want to prepare for ias at any cost but from where should i start can you help me?

  • sarikonda saisiddardh

    @iasbaba kindly clarify the dna of 18 august as the article posted by you on indian railways says that gov has launched a scheme called UDAAN……..i think it should be UDAN (ude desh ke aam nagrik) while the scheme which you mentioned in your article is UDAAN (i think its related to skill development related to the youth of jammu kashmir)

  • rohit kumar

    Hey baba,
    The test @9,999 will include prelim and Mains also?

  • Ramadevi Aravapally

    hi sir,
    my name is ramadevi.what happend to my account,i am already subscribed ilp 2018 now my account not opened,please solve my problem.i want to change my email id [email protected] to [email protected] please change my email id for updates .

  • Pranaysagar Bhelave

    hi sir,
    i joined ipl 2018 around 5 days before.. but i am unable to access test of 28 august.. how will i able to give test. help me sir my user name is [email protected]

  • P S

    Sir, why u are not uploading daily quiz from 31 aug onwards. It is of great help, please continue to upload it up.

  • Naveen Kumar

    Hello baba, i want to join ILP2018 in this month, how will the ILP plan be if i join now?

  • shivangi

    i do not assess my account of ilp

  • sagar

    hello sir,i tried to enroll in ILP 2018 payed the amount,money was deducted from my account. no confirmation message or id password generation. i need your help.

  • sagar

    hello sir i tried to enroll in ILP 2018 program. i paid the prescribed amount 9999. money was deducted from my account but no confirmation message or id password generation i tried my best to contact your numbers to my surprise both were switched off. need an immediate solution.

  • karthik ds

    1.if we are unable to attend prelims test in institute on saturdays ,when can we attend again
    2.if we subscribe to offline programme are we eligible to even online to give test

  • Sneha Jsk

    do i have the provision to change the program from online test series 2018 to ilp2018

  • Sweta

    I have decided to join ILP2018 in November but I’m confused how to complete the last three months plan of ILP please show me the right path…I’m a working lady that too state civil se

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