[INTERVIEW INITIATIVE] Think, Rethink and Perform (TRP) for UPSC/IAS Personality Test


One vital element of personality for prospective civil servants is that they are highly opinionated. It doesn’t mean that they are required to have extreme views about issues. What it simply means is that civil servants must have some view, be it their own or borrowed. The problem with most of the aspirants is that while they can articulate their views on the myriad number of issues in the Mains examination, they become flummoxed when they have to narrate their views to the interview board. Blame it on months of confinement for preparation or lack of confidence, the issue is real and all-pervasive.

The solution to this problem is twofold –  first, preparing your views on a wide array of issues, and second, practicing to express your views as effectively as possible. For helping you with this, we are ready with yet another version of our TRP initiative. Under the TRP initiative, we post thought-provoking questions on current affairs.

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Think, Rethink and Perform for IAS UPSC Exams – 2022

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