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We at IASbaba continuously strive to provide the best possible guidance to help you attain your dreams. In our effort to expand your learning abilities and assist you in tapping into your creative capabilities, we have come up with a Creative Guidance initiative.

Through this initiative we aim to expand your horizons by bringing the best possible skills and resources from the world of Psychology, Creativity, Philosophy and Spirituality to guide you on this marvelous learning journey.

The Difference that makes the Difference:

The differentiating factor that separates you from the rest of the crowd is your ability to creatively and consciously understand yourself and  your learning methodologies. Latest developments in the fields of Science and Psychology have brought to light marvelous insights into the inner world of the mind and its limitless capabilities. Creative Guidance offers you regular guidance and inspiration to assist you in handling day to day challenges of exam preparations, managing expectations of family and friends, managing personal motivation and drive, time and resources management and much more.

How to make the best use of this section:

You can make the best use of the Creative Guidance section by learning and practicing the creative techniques posted regularly. You can motivate yourself through the inspirational quotations and articles. You can update and expand your skills by reading the books recommended. You can also ask questions directly to our experts in the field of Psychology, Spirituality and Creativity to get solutions for your problems and to bring fresh perspective to your thinking and living.

We hope that our Creative Guidance initiative becomes a definitive factor in maximizing your potential and assisting you in attaining your goals.


 “Creative Guidance is a joint initiative of  The Ahamo Movement and IASBABA.”

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  • srikanth


    • How can we help sri? .we are already working 24/7 for you, Nah..Be specific, what is your problem?

  • legaleagle

    IASbaba…the image above is so defining me ….would you mind my using it on some Social networking site

    • Hehehehe…We need your courtesy 🙂 since our reach is poor to masses due to Blind Followers on other forums. If you can let others know our work, we would be obliged 🙂

      • legaleagle


  • Pranjali Yadav

    Hello Baba!

    Firstly , I would like to thank you for creating such an utile site. It’s really assistive.

    Now, i would like to ask a query. I am in a dielemma and utter confusion. My ultimate goal is Ias, but my mother suggests me to do post grad and den prepare for this,so tha I’ll have a back up (I can work as a lecturer then).
    I can’t decide whether I should continue with my self-prep or should do it after pg. I have completed my this year.

    • Dear Pranjali

      Can you do justice to the word “ULTIMATE” used by you? If it would have been so, there shouldn’t be any confusion, whatsoever.

      Since you have completed your B.Tech, you are young enough to start preparation for IAS. There will be advises and suggestions all your life. After your PG, there might be suggestions and compulsion to get married (You are a Girl and this is so obvious).

      It is a simple question of “What you want and how important is this for you”?

      Everything comes next. There shouldn’t be any confusion if you are determined. Also, you can even prepare while pursuing P.G. You shouldn’t wait to think about it after PG.

      Life is too uncertain. Are you sure to maintain the same zeal after PG? Make best use of your present time. You are young, determined, energetic and full of life. This is the time for you.

      Read these articles and decide

      • Pranjali Yadav

        I feel bereft of words to thank you. 🙂

        And getting your reply
        At this hour really amazed me and inspired me at the same time. That’s “Dedication” and for that “RESPECT” 🙂
        Thank you once again.

        With regards

  • Howard Roark

    Wow. This blog is pretty good. Read about it today on Quora. Good Work.
    One more weapon in my CSE Preparation arsenal. Thanks.

    PS Modify this wordpress theme, as it makes your blog look like a cheaper version of Insights.

    • Insights is not the only one to have wordpress theme neither it has the patent of it. . We opted wordpress since it is more interactive and control is easy. Who knows the version or work achieved is there’s or someone else? Since the back-end never got the credit. Anyways, thanks for the appreciation. Enjoy the work if you like it 🙂

  • Chandu RedE

    Dear baba,

    I thank you for making this wonderful website work on wordpress too. Feeling inspired to join the team iasbaba to make my journey fruitful.

    Thanks a ton baba.


  • preeti poonam

    tx baba no words..

  • smit jha

    when is preparation programme for prelims 2016 starting baba

    • Very soon..Have patience..Till then start NCERT’s

  • Anoop

    Baba, I gave my first attempt this year and doing pretty good in pre, not to that extent where I can clear it. Its about believe on myself. I am turning 26 this year and its killing me that its too late for this exam. How can I make myself believe that its never too late and how can I build trust in me. I am preparing for 2016. I want to know how to start and from where should I start this journey? I am a working professional

    • Anoop

      Now you are with us 🙂 Flush your worries and tighten your belt
      Very soon we will be releasing our 2016 Plan. You just wait for it. Do everything that makes you happy and once you are into 2016 plan with us….you will be confident enough to clear this exam

      • Anoop

        Thank you baba. Yeah I know that biggest risk in life is not taking any risk. I am waiting for 2016 plan. I don’t know I will make it true or not but at least I will never have regret that I didn’t try 🙂

  • Sachin Yelane

    Baba, I am preparing for 2016 UPSC exam. I have decided to take notes from newspaper. Can you tell me which types of news should I focus and which should I avoid? What will be the best way to prepare notes?
    Currently I am reading Indian Express.


    very nice strategy

  • Rashmi Lather

    Guys, anyone with sociology optional…?? Can u suggest some good coaching at mukhrjeenagar

    • angel moon

      try either mahapatra sir (vajiram & ravi) or upendra gaur sir( safdarjung enclave).They are the best in this field

      • Rashmi Lather

        Have you heard about anyone from mukhrjeenagar??

        • angel moon

          no,not yet. As per my information,these two are the best ones.U can risk ur time,if u want a good guidance for sociology optional.

          • Rashmi Lather

            Yupp ryt..thnxxx 🙂

          • Kewal Patil

            Can sociology covered without coaching

          • angel moon

            i guess,sociology needs an in depth knowledge for people belonging to technical background. Me,being an engineer,find it necessary to have sociology coaching.It depends upon your confidence and knowledge of the subject.

          • Kewal Patil

            Thank you… I will think over it

          • Kewal Patil

            Ty… Btw which coaching Institute will be gud? ? How will u describe sociology in one word?? It can be covered in 3-4 months ??

          • angel moon

            U shud go for Upendra gaur sir’s coaching.He is the best in paper 1 which comprises of thinkers.sociology is basically the study of society and its related aspects. To know it better,go thru. NCERT books before considering it as an optional. Yes,it can be covered within 3-4 months.It’s syllabus to short enuf to be covered within the stipulated time.

            All the best for your efforts .

          • Kewal Patil

            Thank you… 🙂

          • Naveen

            How to master thinker’s part ? Havent taken coaching …doin myself….writin this year’s mains plz guide…….

  • Rashmi Lather

    Koi to bta do :-p

  • Darshan

    Any one with civil eng. as optional ?

  • Animesh Shah

    Hello, please help me how to study physical geography topics like river system, physical features of country in an innovative manner ?

  • Kamlesh Twari

    IASbaba is must visit website once in a day for Civil Service Aspirants. The monthly magazine initiative is excellent. Aspirants can also find useful material on and epaper compilation on

  • kate

    baba i want to join ILP 2016, What is the procedure to join it

  • Priyanka Gupta

    Hello, I am currently very very depressed. I came here only TO HAVE SOME HOPE of early redressal by esteemed babaji. Babaji, all my life i couldnot understand maths and only cleared maths exam with passing marks only and it was just with help of individual coaching once that i got good marks. because i know how to PRACTICE but dont UNDERSTAND VERY VERY SIMPLE (even sometimes simple CALCULATIONS) ques and then Don’t know HOW TO SOLVE PARTICULAR QUES. I am living in a far off area in some other state . please please please help babaji, I will be really thankful you.


    • Vivek Bhardwaj

      priyanka nver lose hope y u fear when baba is here

    • Hi Priyanka

      Sorry for the late reply. Because this section is only for Motivational stuff. 🙂

      Since you are planning for 2017, do not get tensed. Keep it light

      First of all get a clear understanding of portions of CSAT and particularly the themes on which UPSC is asking questions. Introspect the areas of your weakness and work on them first.

      Be regular in doing it. You have all the time 🙂

      Do not rush now. Be patient in achieving targets set for yourself. People start with so much of enthusiasm but its more important to live that process.

      • Ankush Anand

        sir can you provide only full planner pdf to me , right now i cannt pay even 5000,
        if possible please at [email protected]

  • pradeep dalal

    Sir I am pursuing PhD Agri. Entomology, 29 yrs old. I have deep burning desire to work for welfare of society. This time I appeared for upsc(first attempt) pre but scored 98.33 marks (as per different keys) but i didn’t prepare wholeheartedly. I have only 2 attempts left now as per age limit . Sir this time i have made multi pronged strategy to nail my shortcomings like procrastination, focuss and regularity. Sir could you help in giving me further direction in this regard i want keep agriculture as my optional and want to serve my nation as Ifos . What should be the strategy for mains exam

  • IAV

    Hi @iasbaba:disqus
    I gave mains this year and could not qualify. I think I could not present well.
    Can you please share a few handles/ username of people who have qualified mains so that I can get an idea of how to write answers? Thanks!

  • Vishnu Vijay Raj

    Can anyone help me in guiding agriculture optional..please

  • IAV

    Hi babaji
    Where is the TLP for 16th march, 2016? Thanks!

  • IAV

    Babaji please review my answers as well in TLP. I write everyday thinking you would review it but feel somehow let down that you don’t.
    Initially you were reviewing but then you stopped. Please guide.

  • Yugla

    UPSC interview experience Pradeep Joshi Sir board

  • Himanshu Shukla

    hey ias baba i m planning to give ias in 2017 as i have started preparation kindly help me out with a proper roadmap as its very confusing and with no proper plan to execute. As i m working cant afford much time for studies max 5 to 6 hrs. apart from weekend for 10hrs. kindly help me out as m so eager to join ips but with no proper guidance its all in the bin.

  • Priya
  • Pragati

    hi babaji I am bsc 2nd year student and I want to become IAS plz suggest me syllabus and exam pattern of IAS and also some useful books for preparation

  • vandana singh

    Anybody with chemistry optional….

    • Aakash Sharma

      Yes my optional is chemistry.
      Actually I’m chemistry faculty in a coaching institute. But I need some professional guidance

  • Rudraa Kumar

    Anyone from Gujarati Literature,,!!!

    • Raajvan

      here we go
      email me @[email protected]
      i’ve been finding a person with G.L. as a optional for ages.

  • sweety

    Hi team,
    I am an IT professional ,will appear for upsc in 2017 it would be my attempt.i work for 9-6 and take out 4-5 hours on weekdays for study.please suggest the study plan that i should follow .There are so many things.Geography is my optional subject.I need to start from zero so how and from where to start?

    • Aman Yadav

      Hi, frankly speaking, it will be really tough to manage your job along with your studies and to make it even more tough is the fact that UPSC has preponed the 2017 exam by 2 months. So, considering this along with the fact that you’re starting Geography from scratch and taking into account the burnout from your job hours affecting your study hours, it’s going to be quite a herculean task for you. So if you can, try to quit the job and get going for UPSC full time.

      If you cannot quit the job under any circumstances, try to go fro smart preparation. With that I mean try to go for completing the meatiest chunk of the syllabus and go for integrated study of any topic both for prelims and mains together.
      The most important tip that I can give is to never compromise on developing your answer writing as that is what can make or break it for you. try to cover the syllabus as soon as you can so that you can devote last 2 months before your exam towards developing your answer writing, creating a plan for yourself and taking as many mock tests as you can as this is what will take you the distance.
      Now, coming to Geography, considering that you’re starting from scratch, do not go for advanced books straightaway. Consider NCERTs as your bible. If there is any amount of basic understanding about Geog. then you can pick up 11th and 12th NCERTs (old or new whatever you feel like- I prefer the new ones for its flow). Once you’re done with the NCERTs go for advanced book and study material for IGNOU. Try to look at the previous year question paper and see for youself what is the patter on the question and plan your preparation accordingly. Do a lot of answer writing practice if you are serious about getting a good score that can help you clear the exam.

      If there is any further query, please feel free to ask.
      Good Luck!

      • Shadab Khan

        Hello Aman/Team,
        I am at the almost same stage as sweety. Let me introduce myself. I am Shadab Khan, a software engineer with 7+ years of experience, well settled with handsome package. I love my job.
        Something had turned me towards civil services last week. It’s late but not much. Luckily! I still have 4 attempts left. My target is CSE 2018.
        I have strong will to top this exam considering the fact that i have already started from scratch e.g. NCERT books and “The Hindu”.
        Could you inbox([email protected]) me the complete list of books for general studies I,II,III,IV to prepare my foundation and then move ahead to the advance level.
        Could you arrange the details in the below format.
        Paper name
        foundation book with title and author
        advance book with title and author
        your suggestion

        I would really appreciate your time and effort.

        Thanks in Advance
        Shadab K.

  • Santosh Kulkarni

    Dear Team,

    Would like to register for Offline Class registration for 2017. Just let me do i need to make payment towards the same through credit card. If yes let me know the payment gateway link.

  • Neilam

    this section is one of best .. actually bestest…..on this platform but not much explored……. I am doing … 🙂

    • Valyrian Steel

      Yes. It’s the bestest , you are correct.

      • Neilam


        • Valyrian Steel

          Wrote ans 2day?

          • Neilam

            yea..and :-p said Robin hood officer is not unethical …result 99% will not agree with me hehehe…

            rest answer at night … I test on ilp platform today evening…

          • Valyrian Steel

            Robin hood. ,, Lol

  • Roshani Thakur

    ek bhi asa site nahi jo hindi me news ko is tarh se analysis kare asa kiyo? app pahle karte the lekin ab nahi asa kiyon?diffcult hai ya important nahi hai sir?

    • Alok Upadhayay

      Hello, Check out EditorialsToday, yaha par hindi editorials ek saath available hai and request par baaki news papers se bhi mil jaate hai. English editorials ke liye bhi inbuilt dictionary hai.

  • Monalisa Mukherjee

    hi IASbaba…..i have a query. i have a 9-6 job as a content writer and i am not in a position to quit my job. i have already appeared for ias 2015 prelims but lost out by 20 marks from being qualified. i want to seriously focus on ias 2017. My optional subject is sociology. how should i study? what topics should i focus on and it would be really nice if you could give outline of a schedule that is manageable. i can manage 3 hours of study on a regular basis, and close to 7 hours on weekends.

  • Ankita Shukla

    hello iasbaba
    i m preparing for exam from home.
    plz suggest some good strategies to complete my syllabus on time and tips for answer writing practice..

  • Jatin

    Hello IAS BABA
    please tell me the strategy by which i wud be able to crack this exam….i am working guy……preparing in hindi medium also got package of study material from reputed academy of IAS.

    • Sarang


  • amareek lal

    Sir please give one an other section for Science tech new …

  • VS

    do you have class notes of S.K. Mishra sir for ethics ????


    Hai, i am presently in Dubai, am working in a company, but i will write IAS exam in 2018, working in Dubai it is possible to crack the exam..please provide which books i will read, and how much time i will prepare for this exam

  • Omkar Deshmukh

    Hii ..I am in Navi Mumbai..I gave SSC examination of March-17 …How can I start UPSC exam Study??

  • yash kaushik

    hii sir, my name is yogesh kaushik. i am presently persuing the degree of B.Sc honours in forestry. i want to be an ips officer, please give me some suggestions from where should i start, and what optional subject should i choose…

  • ravindra singh

    Hi…please tell me when you are launching ILP-2018 for IAS 2018 ..Thanks in advance.

  • vinay kumar

    when you are launching for IAS 2018 ..Thanks in advance
    please let me know: [email protected]

    • Hi Vinay
      ILP program will be launched for 2018 in the end of June. The details will be posted after prelims exam, in the last week of June. The program will start from July End. You have to wait for the details to come out that will consist of Fee and structure of the program like Plan and other details

      Kindly wait patiently till ILP 2018 is announced. Till then be thorough with NCERTs class 6th to 12th

      Just have patience for few more days and wait for our announcement regarding ILP.:)

      • vinay kumar

        Thanks Sir…
        Is there any link or source where i can get NCERTs class 6th to 12th material for preparation
        [email protected]

      • ankush

        sir can you provide only full planner pdf to me , right now i cannt pay even 5000,
        if possible please at [email protected]

  • RC Reddy

    Please provide access to ILP 2017 exclusively for mains for people who wish to join now

  • Shikha Rathore

    For the information regarding Agreements of India with other countries visit PM Agreements

  • Mausam

    Hello IASBABA
    I am preparing for upsc 2018 . I want to join your respected all India prelims test series in hindi language.I want to ask that only question paper and relative options will be in hindi or the detailed solutions(explanation) will also provided in hindi?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Radhikha Sharma
  • Raj Prince

    I have send my payment details at [email protected] but still not able to login

  • @iasbaba:disqus I am appearing for mains 2017….have not studied the ARC reports….Please suggest as to how to cover that….should i read it completely? Please suggest the strategy!

  • venu gangadhara

    hi sir this is venu gangadhara i subscribed for the ILP program but im not able to log in…. please help me

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