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The quick and easiest way to snap into a positive state of mind, to enjoy and share a light moment with your friends, and to put on your thinking caps is to get hold of a nice and interesting quote . Sometimes all it takes is a few thought provoking lines to revitalize you and get you going. Under this section you will have access to inspiring, educative, humorous and refreshing quotes from some of the greatest minds.

Use this section as motivational tit-bits when you are feeling low and drained of energy. There are a lot of times when you feel like banging your head to the wall, when nothing seems to be going right. In such moments, If a cup of tea doesn’t help, then take some time to read and reflect on these beautiful sayings.

All the quotes & sayings in this section come from the personal experiences of people who have been through tricky, difficult and enlightening moments of life. The wisdom shared here has deep roots in the psyche of the human mind, hence it can help you to get unstuck from frustrating and troubling situations.

Apart from using this section to find solutions to your problems, you can also use it to look at life’s situations from completely new perspectives. Let us take a common saying for example – “Sharpen your axe, before cutting down the tree” If for a moment we can ignore the insensitivity of this person towards the environment 🙂 We can derive a lot of wisdom through his saying.

Let us use this section to share some of the interesting , wittiest and thought provoking sayings. Also if you are able to  come up with an interesting, original quote of your own, share it with us. We will try and feature it in our daily inspiration section for the benefit of all.

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