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  • anup

    How to prepare the notes for current affairs ?? Do we need to keep the track record of events till interview ??? How to divide the events in different groups?

  • Gourab

    Hello ,Please suggest for Electrical Engineering Optional for the topics Power Electronics,Power System Protection,Power System Analysis and control,Energy Conversion

  • dixit sharma

    hi.. can we clear ias in 60 days.. not starting from zero though.. sincerely deep study for 60 days.. cn we make it ???

    • Hi Dixit Sharma

      It can be done provided you put maximum efforts in right direction. Follow our Prelims program and evaluate your performance before UPSC evaluates you 🙂 More than worrying about the exam, prepare for it and you will succeed. Best wishes

  • Ashutosh008

    Any future programmes for optionals ? Mine is Psychology.

    • We will try our best 🙂

  • Manish Srivastava

    Sir…Would you please explain how dyarchy system of Indian Government Act of 1919 & IGA,1935 was different?

    • @Manish,

      In 1919 Act, dyarachy was introduced in the provinces. Whereas in 1935 Act, dyarchy was abolished in the provinces and introduced in the Centre.The federal subjects were divided into reserved and transferred subjects; but this dyarchy never came into being.

      • Manish Srivastava

        Thank you Sir!!…….I have small-small doubts and I got this plateform where I can easily ask!!…….Thanks for your response!!…..I will ask more question may be it silly but I want to clear my doubts!!…..Thanks..:)


    Hi, Came across ur site today , Is it possible to clear prelims with prep of 5 hrs a day , i am working so only that is time i can squeeze have done NCERT and reference like lakshmikanth , Ramesh have few more chapters to read ( around 15 in Lakshmikanth and 4 in Ramesh ) and 15 from Iyearbook is it possible? AND I HAVE NOT STARTED WITH OPTIONALS MUCH

    • Hi Anishka,

      Definitely ! Considering that you are consistently putting those 5 hours regularly for the next 60 days. The plus point is that you have covered NCERT’s and some basic books.
      There are number of examples where people have cleared while working. You too can !

      For, the next 60 days focus on the Prelims. You can start with your Optional once the Prelims exam is over. Coming to IYB, you don’t have read each and every chapter. Study smart, focus only on important topics.

  • Manish Srivastava

    Sir…Would you please tell me that Indian constitution can be fully amended by Parliament or not?

    • Hi Manish, The executive has always asserted that the entire constitution can be amended as its the final authority in a democracy being the voice of people.
      However the judiciary had come up with an innovative concept of ” Basic Structure Doctrine ” in the landmark Keshavananda Bharati case under which certain features of constitution cannot be amended. What these features are : secularism , independence of judiciary , separation of powers etc. Every amendment is thus subject to judicial review and should pass the basic doctrine principle.
      This is a very good question esp with the present tussle between government and judiciary over the NJAC bill(replacing the collegium system)
      Follow the newspapers regularly as they keep updating on the arguments in the case.

      Iasbaba will run an article on this as this is an expected question for mains.

      • Manish Srivastava

        Respected Sir..Then would you please tell me exactly what is mean of “independence Judiciary” as it comes under basic structure of constitution and Government wanted to change selection procedure of CJI, SC Judges and High Court Judges with help of NJAC inplace of collegium process?………Does selection of CJI and all comes under independence judiciary or not?………..Please elaborate


          Dear Manish & With Due Respect to baba,

          I would like to share my knowledge on this issue, as I have done research in my syllabus curriculum.

          Independence of judiciary has its roots from early 1950s, when Justice MC Chagla, Chief Justice of Bombay High Court was expected to be elevated to the Hon’ble Supreme Court. However, his elevation was restricted by executive and this issue got attention for first time. There was no specified procedure for appointment of judges apart from Article 124, in which President appoints the judges(That too on aid & advice of PM & Cabinet).
          After that, this issue caught attention while the appointment of CJI A.N Ray in early 1970s. He was also considered to be a close of Ms. Indira Gandhi & played a vital role in emergency(Another imp issue for UPSC). Your can read the case ADM Jabalpur v. Shivkant Shukla, 1978 to understand the fallacy in judiciary during that period. Also, important point is the concept of ‘Basic Structure doctrine’, which was introduced in the legendary Keshavananda Bharati Case, 1973 but no specific interpretation was given owing to the basic structure.
          Further, Independence of Judiciary faced a major thrust in the case of Indira Gandhi v. Raj Narain, 1975 (again, a landmark case which formed a base of emergency).

          All of these cases and facts led to the interpretation by Supreme Court in the First Judges Case, 1981(also laid the foundation of PILs) and further “Formation of Collegium” in Second Judges Case,1994 which was further affirmed in Third Judges Case,1998.

          Coming to your query, independence of judiciary has been a part of Basic Structure and it refers to the non-interference by the executive. However, every Judicial action shall be subjected to judicial review, as judicial review is also a part of basic structure. There fore, selection of CJI is a function of executive and the current law of the land is the NJAC, which has been ratified recently. A major interpretation is needed, due to which the Constitutional Bench is hearing the case in SC and clarification of this point is expected in near future.

          Moral of the Story: ‘Independence of Judiciary’ is part of Basic Structure.
          Selection of Judges is an Executive function and subjective to judicial Review.

          Hope, this is useful for you.

          • Manish Srivastava

            Appreciable work!!………Thanks for clarifying my doubt!!..:)

          • Excellent 🙂

  • JacK

    Hii iasbaba..
    i am an aspirant of 2016.. please suggest from which no th i should follow the current and should i focus on imp issues from Jan 2015?

    • @srahul19:disqus

      If you are planning to appear in 2016, this is not the time to worry about current affairs. Your first focus should be General Studies and Optional. Do read The Hindu everyday. For you, IASbaba’s Daily Current Affairs will be the best dose. Do follow it regularly.

      We would suggest to go through our Prelims Strategies. Keep following

      • JacK

        Thank You Baba ! Well is there any way to mail you or having personal conversation via any platform ? Just need ur help to sort out my few questions 🙂 Regards

        • Check on Contact Us page 🙂

  • Chirag Chawda

    Hello sir… came across your site today. Its fantastic and very good initiative.

    Sir, I have a query.

    I am currently working in a private firm and i intend to clear this exam while working only (cant join coaching institutes) and also i intend to take my prelims after 2-3 years. I am a beginner with no preparation.I have examined the new pattern and also viewed last few years question paper only. So from where should i start my preparation? which books to read and what should be my strategy? should i join any correspondence(postal) coaching? and also which sections should i follow from your site? Can i clear the exam by continuing the job?

    • @chiragchawda:disqus

      You have a big list of queries. We would love to guide you on this. First of all, welcome to IASbaba.

      Your seriousness before 2-3 years is commendable. Keep it up. Start with NCERT’s class 6-12
      Refer to section- Books to Refer under GS PRELIMS TAB at the top left of Menu Bar. Also check the PRELIMS Strategy.

      Follow Daily Current Affairs Analysis. Do read at least one news paper, either The Hindu or Indian Express. Do not make any notes as of now. Just follow IASbaba. Everything will be taken care of.

      And yes, you can surely crack this exam while doing JOB. No problem at all. neither you need any coaching. IASbaba is just started this journey. You have enough time, so just follow. Lot to come for you 🙂 For further queries, you are most welcome

      • Chirag Chawda

        Thank you so much…

        should i read all relevant NCERT books from 6-12 std. or only those mentioned in your list? and which monthly magazine to follow?

        • Read all NCERT’s from now. Focus more on our reference. Follow our Monthly Magazine and be released in the end of every month (from July). No need for any other magazine. For daily current affairs, read our Daily Current Affairs Analysis. It would suffice

          • Chirag Chawda

            thank you sir…

          • Chirag Chawda

            hello sir… i am thinking on having Mathematics as my optional(since i am a engineering graduate). What are your thoughts/advices on it? and when should i start preparing the subject and how?

          • Chirag

            Prepare optional along with GS. You can dedicate 2 days per week for it. Since you have enough time to appear, weekly plan will suffice for now. We will come up with you optional query as soon as possible. It would be best if you hear from a qualified personal on Mathematics 🙂

          • mitish

            maths is a good optional chirag only if u take coaching for it.else it is somehow difficult and time taking.i have taken coaching for same after an year of struggle with reference books and you tube lectures. half of topics are easy for engineers but half of them are abstract.


    Babaji, had a question
    With regards to ur Think and Learn initiative..which among the below options would you recommend?
    1 –> Writing the answer in pen and paper mode?
    2 –> Writing them online

    Many successful candidates recommend writing in paper and pen mode but then reading it at a later stage might become a little difficult (bulky notebooks, etc). That way writing online has its advantages as we can go through the answers much more quickly. But the 1st option will give us the necessary writing practise.
    Kindly give your experienced suggestion.

    • @sayak_dutta:disqus

      To tell you frankly, writing practice on paper or note books doesn’t require rigorous pre-practice. Many of successful candidates have cleared Mains even without rigorous writing practice.

      Once you have enough base/knowledge, it will naturally come in the exam. You just need to tame yourself 1 or 2 months before the exam (Writing in notebooks)

      Be part of our dedicated effort where One on One review/feedback will be given. We will never overburden you by asking so many irrelevant questions and instill fear. Our strategy is precision with Quality, not to put threat 🙂

      Excel you level and match it up with dedicated community of serious aspirants. Welcome to IASbaba 🙂

  • Ashutosh008

    A/c to art 368 ; amendments under chap 4 part 5(Indian judiciary) should become law after ratification of atleast half of the states ….But why does amendments to change in Puisne judges(provided originally with 3) require simple majority ? Pls Clear Baba !!!

  • anup

    Sir can you please tell me what is the difference and exact meaning of the words like elaborate, throw light upon,critically comment etc. To identify the exact demand of questions .pls tell the difference between all such words .

    • Surely. We will come up with a detailed article on this. Very soon 🙂

  • Madhav

    Hi Sir,
    I have been preparing for the upsc since feb 2015 but lost the flow and momentum because of a lot of confusions a fresh upsc aspirant find himself/herself in.I want to ask you if i follow your prelims plan dedicatedly and extensively ,can the prelims be cleared considering the fact i haven’t read much of the reference books up till now.This would be my first attempt and i have just turned 25 (not working) so i m haven’t been able to make up my mind regarding i should nail 2016 completely or i should take half measures like giving 2015 as well with a hope of making prelims first and then taking it from there.
    Thank you.

    • @disqus_uyVkFcY4ei:disqus

      Yes you can surely crack Prelims even if you start now. Loss of momentum is an integral part of this preparation. But what keeps you going is the determination and crave. Never give up!!

      You should start it today itself. What are you waiting for? You are at the right place. Just grasp this opportunity and fasten your belt. Be at the forefront and remove all your confusion and anxiety. You have everything to succeed. Nothing can stop you unless you stop yourself. Follow the Prelims plan religiously. See how fellow aspirants are doing everything to clear the exam. Isn’t it a sign of motivation for you. Come with IASbaba and let’s do it together 🙂

      • Madhav

        Thanks a lot for giving me the impetus through your words which reflect how much you have been longing for others’ success.Thanks a lot sir.i will be following your prelims plan in full measure now.
        Shall i execute the plan from its very first stage or from the current juncture?
        Thank you.

        • Start from now..look into the weekly plan….side by side pick up back tests

  • Ganesh

    Hi sir,
    Very nice initiative.
    I have few doubt
    1. Your monthly magazine and daily current affairs will be different. As per content and issue wise.
    2. Regarding mains question answer. Are you going to provide compilation of question and model answers?
    Actually asking this question because, want to plan accordingly.
    Thank you.

    • @disqus_GQviE7CP0B:disqus
      Thank you

      1. Different- We will try to compile it issue wise so that it becomes easy for you guys to follow and revise it at the earliest.

      2. We have already started the same on everyday basis, even better than that (with our reviews and synopsis as well ) – Why to be late on anything 🙂

  • legaleagle

    IASbaba…..kindly resolve this dilemma…Is it more fruitful to practice lots of mcqs or should I keep revising multiple times? ps: most of the mcqs available in market are way too factual so one stop is your collection..
    please mention any worthy source if there is any that u may know. Thank you!

    • Urvashi Saini

      source is IAS baba’s 60 day prelims plan.. It will solve your purpose, just revise them along with PY paper.

      • legaleagle

        Thank You. IAS baba questions are no doubt good. I will stick to this plan 🙂

  • Chirag Chawda

    hello IASbaba…. I am thinking on taking Mathematics as optional… what are your thoughts on it and when should i start preparing it? I intend to take first attempt in 2017.

  • Govind Sharma

    I Can’t have subscription of the Hindu in gandhinagar, Gujarat due to some financial constraints.But i use internet profusely. kindly, describe a strategy to read hindu newspaper online

    • Urvashi Saini

      Save the relevant article related to syllabus in Evernote or Onenote or Google keep wherever you wanted to… Go through them with your own point of view.. then see what our IAS Baba has told us in daily news analysis.. use the brainstorming “Connecting the dots” …Your purpose will be fulfilled then… !!

  • anup

    Sir , due to financial problems I cant go to a coaching . I want to give the exam in 2016. So how & when should I start my preparation for mains? Starting with basic ncerts will be good ? Pls guide me.

    • Urvashi Saini

      IAS Baba is ultimate free online coaching.. you have already joined it.. Dont worry .. keep following it. You will get your mission 16 accomplished.!!

  • Vimal Singh

    Few Questions regarding polity:
    Who holds the office during the pleasure of the president? (How many)
    Ans: 1. Attorney General
    and others??

    Who are removed like SC, HC Judge?
    Ans: 1. Election Commissioner
    and others??

    In which cases there is no judicial review?
    1. Verdicts of Delimitation Commissions and??

    Can I ask some more questions like that, I know parts of answers but not complete.


  • Jatin Tyagi

    do we have to make notes on current affairs or take a gist of every month from different sources?

  • mahadeva swamy

    pls try to give guidance for 2016 exam… nw am waitin for reply

    • We will launch a program for it after prelims

  • runner4life

    Hi IASbaba and team. Needed some suggestion. I have completed the first volume of Economic survey. It was fun to read.I have started the second part and I see that the chapters are loaded with too much data to remember(atleast the first chapter). How to read it ? Any suggestions?

    • You don’t need to read volume 2 then. Follow our plan and questions will take care of all the relevant and most important concepts. You can do retrospective learning by preparing the concepts. Save your time, its precious. IASbaba is already taking so much pain for you. Why do you need to do so? 🙂

  • Rishabh Singh

    Babaji how to access archieves?

    • Its there on all the static pages Rishabh 🙂

      Can you explain clearly what you missing?

  • Sandesh Sharma

    Sir, I don’t have conceptual clarity of cloud computing. Please explain. I’m finding it very difficult to understand.

  • Remi Bhat

    Indeed a Stupendous initiative ias baba!!… Sir I hve a query.. I hv nt followed the Hindu or any other newspaper for Current affairs .. All I hve wid me is Gk today’s current affairs notes…wanna ur suggestion is dat sufficient or need to read something else too…

    • Thank You remi

      Welcome to IASbaba 🙂

      Do not worry about current affairs much at this time if you have gkt notes. They are good provided you have extracted the analytical perspective from them. Notes provided by anyone, in general comes far in concepts but are dedicated in coverage. If you have seen previous years papers and after going through your notes and materials, are comfortable, its perfectly fine. If not, then you need to work out on this.

      Since you are here with us, its our pleasure to inform you about our Daily Prelims Tests going from past 16 days. You can take these tests and cover your current affairs in conceptual learning mode. Go through them and get back to us. Any further query can be discussed once you take few tests and analyze your preparedness 🙂

  • parth

    Babaji ki jai ho. Need guidance about optional, political science . Pls

  • Jatin Tyagi

    Questions posted by you are from specific part of syallbus or randomly?
    please tell as it would be beneficial for candidates

    • See the master plan and weekly plan

  • manoj joshi


  • Subhash Tadala

    Will there be any writing exercise for optional paper public administration in the near future which has same features like the current affairs writing ????

    • Much better than that 🙂 Will be a surprise

      • Subhash Tadala

        Oh… will wait then. Thank you

  • Sandeep

    Dear IAS BABA,

    Please help with Upsc prelim for 2015. i am very tensed. I haven’t read polity. My strong areas are sci, envt, economics. What should I do? I am lagging in history and geo too. COuld you please share starter to cover in coming 45 days? Plzzzz helppp

    • follow our 60 days plan..we cannot change it to 45 since many are already following it…you can see the weekly and master plan and start solving them…2 a day can be managed…u can buck up from now

      • sandeep

        thank u baba..apart from 60 days plan any other suggestion..i am worried


    DEAR iasbaba ji,
    mY FRIEND ABHISHEK WAS CHALLANED FOR PUBLIC SMOKING!!!! Is he eligible for IAS exam or disqualified???????????????plz tell sir…..

    • eligible…

      • MANAN

        thanks a lot sir from his side and my side too,……love you baba ji

  • Parmit Sangwan

    BABA ji first of all a big thanks for providing as such a nice platform to learn….
    your pre test are helping a lot… a big thanks for providing them with detail answer…
    my question is will there be any writing practice of pol sc and IR optional for 2015 ???

    • Thank You parmit 🙂

      We are working hard to provide you every single aspect of guidance and optional preparation is at the forefront of our planning 🙂 Hope for the best.

      • Parmit Sangwan

        thanks a lot…. hope to learn a lot from here under ur guidance

  • Jatin Tyagi

    baba ji questions of think and learn initiative are being asked randomly or some specific part of syallbus(gs1,gs2,gs3) is followed?

    • Its asked randomly but they are strictly based on the syllabus of paper 1, 2 and 3


    sir,i have completed recently .because of financial problems iam preparing for technical jobs.i am confident that i will get job by december .actually my aim is to become an IAS OFFICER so how to prepare for civils parallely by doing job also .please help me

  • Suvarna

    Awesome prelims and mains initiative. I am one among many daily visitors to site. Thank you.
    I have few queries.
    1. In one of the posts, you have written some last year mains questions came from economic survey of 2012-13. Which were that questions? Please let us know. Do we need to read last year’s survey this year?
    2. Can you please add one ethics question daily in the Think and learn initiative.
    3. Yours April magazine was very good. But no magazine after that. When can we expect them? i know this is a tough ask but we have no one to ask for 🙂

    Please reply

    • Thank You Suvarna 🙂

      We will start separate Ethics section- Don’t worry for that.
      You don’t need to cover Eco-survey of past year. We will cover it for you in our Mains program.
      We will start publishing Monthly Magazines from July onwards on regular basis. Do not worry about past issues which are not covered. Before Mains- IASbaba will try its best to cover every important issues either in Think and Learn or through magazine…

      • Suvarna

        Thank you sir 🙂

  • Mission 2016

    I am thinking of opting electrical as my optional .
    Please give some guidelines regarding the difficulty level,what strategy to follow,etc
    Knowing that electrical is my graduating stream.
    Thank u


    @iasbaba:disqus ji…can u plz tell about imp chapters of eco survey ..thnx in advance

    • Rahul

      Go to Weekly Plans under Daily Prelims Test. We have enlisted the chapters from where we are preparing Prelims Questions (Open Plan for Eco-survey/IYB/CA)- 1st July to 13th July


        thnxx… i must say its really a great initiative .. 🙂

  • perpendicular

    Great initiative BABA!!! Please provide hindi medium notes of GS subjects. Also suggest some quality books and notes for hindi medium aspirants.

    • yes we are trying our best…for now we will be providing daily current affairs and prelims questions in Hindi

  • Ankur

    Sir, I’ve been solving Insights test series for a month, have solved around 32 out of 55 tests till now, will solve all till the end of this month, hopefully will solve Vision, Analog and test too within July.
    Once i solve the test, i go back home and check the solutions, and study all the ques. which I was unable to solve or had done wrong. hence doing the revision for not so well prepared topics.
    I am planning to solve ur prelims test series in aug. at 10days ques per day along with CL, Vajiram and Sriram.
    Am I going in right direction? please suggest improvements as score is not improving in a predictable manner.

  • whatsdereinname

    Sir, though i can get answer of my doubts to some extent by reading your
    replies to other aspirants, yet one feels much better to get a
    personalized answer. Also pardon me for burdening you with one more
    trivial query.

    -> Local coaching from June 2012 to Nov 2012 : Sir, I started my preparation in June 2012. Started taking coaching from a local teacher who has been teaching upsc aspirants all the subjects since last 30-40 years. But his approach was more to focus on factual part. I continued studying his notes (in ignorance) till november 2012.
    Then got to know that one must read NCERTs and more focus on conceptual part than facts. So studied a couple of NCERTS, but as prelims was approaching in May 2013, so left them in between.
    self study from dec 2012 till may 2013 : Then studied TATA MCGRAW hill for geography and history (since europeans came to india till 1947), polity for laxmikanth, eco from mrunal, science a bit from tata mcgraw. and was reading Hindu newspaper. but never made any notes for anything.
    It was truly by God’s grace that cleared prelims of May 2013.
    coaching from June 2013 till Oct 2013 : from Vajiram for GS mains updated and sociology.
    wrote mains in dec 2013, but as expected could not get through as no answer writing practice. was also in a kind of pleasant shock of clearing prelims with such an abysmal level of preparation.
    feb 2014 to aug 2014 : followed other websites, studies GS, did a bit of writing practice. read some other books like tamil nadu history ncerts 11, 12, bipin chandra part 1, a couple of more ncerts.
    because of directionless preparation and change in style of prelim paper, could not clear even prelims 2014
    sept 2014 till now : started writing other govt sector exams also, so started their preparation, cleared a couple of them. Also kept doing UPSC prep, but could not give my 100%.
    Now I am planning to join National Insurance AO and planning to leave this year’s attempt.

    My questions to you:
    about notes-making :As I have not maintained notes for anything and because of high myopia, I cannot afford online notes. I have to maintain notes using pen and paper only.
    I have started a couple of months back – notes from newspaper by segregating under different GS papers and under different heads.
    So I guess I can continue with that – by taking printout of your everyday current affairs and maintaining them under different heads?
    Besides newspaper, is there any need to make notes from any other reference book or NCERT?

    2) sociology : My optional is sociology. I read only Mahapatra Sir’s class notes during my 1st attempt. And did not make any notes in gist as usually suggested. There are notes available from Mr. Aditya Mongra online. So I am planning to read his notes. As sociology topics are scattered in different books. So I think it is better to read notes of a tutor. What do you suggest?
    motivation : I have lost motivation also to some extent. I feel as if I left my well paying job of pvt sector to join this govt organization (NICL AO) which I never aimed for. If I was to join this organization only, I would have done this long ago.
    But being pragmatic, i decided to join this. a) As I am 27 years old girl b)there is tough competition in these exams also c)now there is no motivation to study aptitude as CSAT has become qualifying d)insurance sector has less work pressure as compared to banking sector. e) UPSC is always unpredictable.

    Besides this, I feel I have not been able to do preparation for the last 3 years for UPSC as per its demand.

    So Kindly guide me what should be done and not so that I manage my time efficiently along-with job to get my name in the final list of CSE 2016.

    Thank you so much for reading such a long story. Sorry for bothering you. Just wanted to ensure that you understand my situation in a comprehensive way to guide me in the best way.

  • Aditya

    First of all great initiative baba.Hats off!
    Baba,my doubt is related to CSAT. I’ve always feared Maths which makes me think that even if I’ll do sufficient self study I won’t be able to tackle CSAT without coaching.Please enlighten baba.

    • Thank You Aditya

      Start preparing CSAT. Don’t take it lightly even if it is qualifying in nature, you need to qualify it 🙂

      We will start CSAT very soon. Do practice regularly. Go to Menu bar and read in CSAT strategy given there

      • Aditya

        That’s my doubt baba, If I’ll be able to clear on my own cause I’m not very good in mathematics?

        • Maths questions are either 2 or 3, not more than this. Practice comprehension and reasoning more. You can qualify even without maths brother. Have confidence. Check previous years papers. Download solved CSAT papers from our website and solve them. You can do it easily. Don’t worry at all

          • Aditya

            Thanks a lot baba. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  • whatsdereinname

    Sir, though i can get answer of my doubts to some extent by reading your replies to other aspirants, yet one feels much better to get a personalized answer. Also pardon me for burdening you with one more trivial query.

    Local coaching from June 2012 to Nov 2012 :
    Sir, I started my preparation in June 2012. Started taking coaching
    from a local teacher who has been teaching upsc aspirants all the
    subjects since last 30-40 years. But his approach was more to focus on
    factual part. I continued studying his notes (in ignorance) till
    november 2012. Then got to know that one must read NCERTs and more focus
    on conceptual part than facts. So studied a couple of NCERTS, but
    as prelims was approaching in May 2013, so left them in between.
    self study from dec 2012 till may 2013 :
    Then studied TATA MCGRAW hill for geography and history (since europeans
    came to india till 1947), polity for laxmikanth, eco from mrunal,
    science a bit from tata mcgraw. and was reading Hindu newspaper.but
    never made any notes for anything.
    It was truly by God’s grace that cleared prelims of May 2013.
    coaching from June 2013 till Oct 2013
    :from Vajiram for GS mains updated and sociology. wrote mains in dec
    2013, but as expected could not get through as no answer writing
    practice. was also in a kind of pleasant shock of clearing prelims with
    such an abysmal level of preparation 😛
    -> feb 2014
    to aug 2014
    : followed other websites, studies GS, did a
    bit of writing practice. read some other books like tamil nadu history
    ncerts 11, 12, bipin chandra part 1, a couple of more ncerts.because of
    directionless preparation and change in style of prelim paper, could not
    clear even prelims 2014
    -> sept 2014 till
    : started writing other govt sector exams also, so
    started their preparation, cleared a couple of them. Also kept doing
    UPSC prep, but could not give my 100%.
    Now I am planning to join National Insurance AO and planning to leave this year’s attempt.

    My questions to you:
    about notes-making :As I have not
    maintained notes for anything and because of high myopia, I cannot
    afford online notes. I have to maintain notes using pen and paper only.I
    have started making notes a couple of months back from newspaper by
    segregating under different GS papers and under different heads.So I guess I can continue with that – by taking printout of
    your everyday current affairs and maintaining them under different heads?
    Besides newspaper, is there any need to make notes from any other reference book or NCERT?
    sociology : My optional is sociology. I
    read only Mahapatra Sir’s class notes during my 1st attempt. And did not
    make any notes in gist as usually suggested. There are notes available
    from Mr. Aditya Mongra online. So Iam planning to read his notes. As sociology topics are scattered in different books. So I think it is better to read notes of a tutor. What do you suggest?
    motivation :I have lost motivation also to
    some extent. I feel as if I left my well paying job of pvt sector to
    join this govt organization (NICL AO) which I never aimed for. If I was
    to join this organization only, I would have done this long ago.
    being pragmatic, i decided to join this. a) As I am 27 years old girl
    b)there is tough competition in these exams also c)now there is no
    motivation to study aptitude as CSAT has become qualifying d)insurance
    sector has less work pressure as compared to banking sector. e) UPSC is
    always unpredictable.

    Besides this, I feel I have not been able to do preparation for the last 3 years for UPSC as per its demand. So Kindly guide me what should be done and not so that I manage my time
    efficiently along-with job to get my name in the final list of CSE 2016.

    you so much for reading such a long story. Sorry for bothering and
    boring you. Just wanted to ensure that you understand my situation in a comprehensive way to guide me in the best way.

    • Hello whatsderinname

      Coming straight to your queries

      1. Notes Making- It is important to make notes as it helps in quick revision. But there is way to do it. Always make notes n 2nd or 3rd reading of any book. We would suggest not to make notes for NCERT’s as they are more like notes. Do not down important points using sticky notes in the book itself. This will provide you easy revision before the exam.

      For current affairs also, the best exercise is to divide the major segments in notebook form and keep on updating it with your daily study. This will not only make your revision easy but also help you in finding relevant data at a given place. For example if you make different notebooks for S&T, Environment, Economy, IR etc, you can easily revise from them just before the exam.

      For our daily current affairs, don’t take print outs as we will be providing you issue based magazines from them. It will divided into several heads and subheads. Easy for your revision. You can take print outs of the magazine though.

      2. Sociology- We would suggest to go through the best notes available (you will be knowing it well). Apart from that, do read NCERT books and IGNOU notes for the same. Sociology requires contemporary interlinking also, so newspapers will also provide enough content for you. We will also come up with strategy for the same (wait for it)

      3. Motivation- Ask yourself, how much you want it? How crazy you are for becoming an IAS officer? The answer lies within you. No words of motivation helps (being pragmatic). We can only play word game but can’t put effort to make you serious. Its you and only you.

      Low motivation, inconsistency and less confidence are part of this journey but to overcome them is under your control. What else can we do except providing you with quality stuffs? If you are not able to extract them or use them for your own good.

      Introspection is required from your side. The best motivation for you is- the fellow aspirants and their consistent participation throughout. Can you compete with their level of consistency, seriousness, craziness? YES YOU CAN.

      There are several examples of working professional qualifying this exam with high ranks. Why can’t you? You are no small…Despite being preparing from past 3 years you are still involved and think about UPSC- is a definite sign of your attachment with it.

      we are here for you always. Make up your mind and consolidate your energy. Think about the time when you will become an IAS officer!!!! Always think about it….whenever you are demotivated. You can’t give up for a reason under your control.

      All the very best 🙂

      • whatsdereinname

        Thank you so much. Though I am short of words to express my gratitude to you 🙂
        It is great to hear about your magazine..

        eagerly waiting for sociology strategy :).. Though won’t bother you by asking again and again, you are already doing so much. started so many initiatives which I am yet to follow religiously.

        yes you are very right about the motivation part.
        You are really making journey of this path very comfortable and enjoyable by providing quality stuffs for everything, and besides that your personal attention to everyone over here is like visible God in our lives _/_
        I mean every single word of praise !!

        Thank you so much again :).

  • whatsdereinname

    Sir will also reply.
    But what I would like you to introspect
    are you able to maintain revision, conceptual clarity and analysis of wrong answers along-with solving so many tests?
    For upsc- revision and conceptual clarity is must. and for any competitive exam, while practicing mock tests, analysis is very important.
    So kindly take care of these aspects as well, then I feel that your score must improve.

    Also scoring in mock tests should not be the prime agenda for the objective paper of GS of prelims.
    because score on D-DAY would depend on the type of questions asked, which I think cannot be easily simulated in any mock test

  • Nopes. The blunder you have done and still doing is to solve questions without having strong basic concepts. And this is the reason for low score. If you do the same, you can’t improve at all.

    UPSC will never ask those questions (even if you solve 1000 such tests). The tests are not designed to teach you the concepts and this is reason you are not learning it.

    It seems you have not done enough homework. Even if you did its not working out since basics are poor. Kindly revise the static subject very well and then solve the tests.

  • Nirmal Agarwal

    sir , i have been an admirer of this site , im planning for 2016 as my preparation had taken a set back after april . could u suggest how do i plan my preparation so i feel confident for 2016 .

    • There is big surprise for 2016 guys like you. Hope for the best. 😀

      • vajpayee

        Sir can you tell the time frame within which we can expect the surprise? Just asking as I have to start my preparation. I am thinking of starting with 60 days preliminary strategy.

      • Anusha

        What is that surprise IASbaba? am very eager to know..

  • Aditya

    Baba, I’ll be appearing in 2016,but I am not sure about my optional. I am confused between Pol. sc., Philosophy and Sociology. How should i choose and once chosen at what time preparation for Optional should be started?

  • Kushagra Shashwat

    Baba ,I would like to appreciate your effort for coming up with such an idea that can change many lives.
    Baba I am a second year engineering student and want to join civil service.please guide me from scratch regrding books sources etc,keeping in mind that i don’t have time to go for separate coaching and there is already a lot to study in engineering.

    • explore the website thoroughly. everything is meant to guide you.


    Babaj Ji, could u plz tell what will be the safe limit for clearing prelims? I mean is 90+ a safe cut off in gs this time?
    Secondly, if I prepare only environment, indian national mvmnt,polity, economics can i clr d prelims?

    • manan
      Never expected this question from you. You know this has NO answer.

      It always depends on year per year basis. If the average score is higher than 150 (consider), then how would you qualify even after scoring 140?

      Can’t comment on your second question- Because UPSC plays every year. Last three years if above sections had more weightage doesn’t mean UPSC will maintain the same trend. can’t comment. UPSC is unpredictable.

      But one thing is clear- Prepare Environment thoroughly.


    BABAJI, keeping in view the last year’s pattern, what would be d expected cut-off? plz tell…….


    BABAJI, plz tell shud I stop reading newspaper from now onwards?

  • Arvind Sharma

    sir , can you please guide us how to do selective study of india year book , its important part and chapter for prelims.

    sorry if it was asked earlier , please reply soon 🙂

    • We are already covering it in our prelims tests..check weekly plan. We are not giving notes and the best strategy at this stage is solving questions. We are giving it and the least you can do is to solve and learn the concepts 🙂

  • gautam krishna

    How is English literature for an optional ? What are the pros and cons?

  • Milanjeet Banga

    sir hindi m suscribe krne k liye kya kre

    • just register with your email id on the right hand side.

  • Milanjeet Banga

    sir hindi m mains k liye question answer m bhi help kr dijiye

  • K. nitesh

    good mrng… babaji
    i am new to u r abode babaji feeling wonderful to express myself with freedom. myself k.nitesh i am a Linux free lancer by profession.. i was recommended for both IMA n OTA..but couldn’t make it on medical grounds.
    prior this all i was junior research fellowship J.R.F at DRDO worked for AGNI 3,4 and sagarika K-15…
    had a wonderful time at all places n learning from my mistakes…
    but blasted myself at upsc… is full confusions n convictions
    *how get stick to basics first
    *babaji… as hailing from core software background and electronics… unable find a good optional
    pub ad Vs sociology..
    *psychological n emotional preparation they say in ethics… is it similar to that SSB testing..(service selection board)..having officer like quality(OLQ) to bring right thing from us out is it???
    due to some incident and accidents i was remained useless for quiet long period… it was my body got injured not my spirit….
    again i found a right mentor….
    feeling in safe hands..
    thank u… babaji

    • Thank You nitesh

      welcome to IASbabab 😀

  • Priyali

    Can you explain currency swap and it’s significance, I Googled it but I didn’t understand…
    Thank you

  • Roy Pushkin

    babaji, am a medico starting my prep for cse 2016, how good is medical sciences as an optional?? and where to initiate my prep.. ultra confused?? SOS! kudos to u babji for such meticulous effort of urs! keep going strong!

    • science optional is quite handy of your background is the same provided you have a command over the subject. If you have to prep for 2016, start with NCERTs

  • Debarati Joardar

    Hello Ias baba !!! I am appearing this year in upsc. For the past One year i have religiously followed hindu newspaper, but didn’t make any notes of it, as it was really time consuming. If we look at the trends of previous paper the current affairs portion in prelims is less as compared to other sections though very important.Now my question is after the prelims are over , for current affairs what shall i do? should i rely on coaching magazines which have been provided to me? do i need to revisit hindu all over again? if this part of the problem can be sorted, i would be really grateful……and also what do you think the chances of CA in this years prelim, keeping in mind the govt quite active in its policies

    • don’t worry about current affairs. Follow our prelims daily will take care. after prelims, we will start Mains program where every important issues will be covered and given to you. Focus on prelims now 🙂

  • AnmOl bAtRA

    hi ias baba.. i need to know dat whether any DETAILED syllabus for upsc exams is released??
    or there is NO LIMIT on the syllabus fr prelims and mains??
    plzz tl me.. it wl b a gr8 help!!

    • kapoor

      Go to UPSC website..a detailed syllabus is given

      • AnmOl bAtRA

        thanku soo much. i got it 🙂

  • erohero

    hi babaji! I am going for classes as of now.From which subject, i should start with ncert books and also am very confused with this because , whether to go by class notes or with ncerts. And for history which ncert , should i start with whether ancient or modern??

    • kapoor

      read NCERT-New as well as OLD

      For History- Old NCERT’s only

      • erohero

        thank you for ur reply 🙂

  • HP


    • Check Prelims section on Menu bar and go to Books to refer

  • Jishu Das

    Can you suggest proper books i should follow for mains paper(I) – paper(VII) each ?

    • We are coming up with Mains strategy very soon. Wait till then

      • Jishu Das

        ok baba 🙂

  • AnmOl bAtRA

    sir the full syllabus on upsc website is for 2015 exams or 2016??

    • Obviously 2015. Check notification for 2015.

  • nivedita jk

    hello IAS baba Great initiative 🙂 And please i request you to help us in optional subjects also .

    • Thank You Nivedita. Surely will 🙂

  • shruthi


    I dont know whether u respond to this question out of those 100 comments u get evvery day. I am thinking of taking botany as optional because it is most interesting for me than taking those leading optionals such as geo, PA. But less info available. Can u please throw some light on this leftover optional.

    • Shruthi

      Why you thought we will not reply?

      Your query will be answered every time you post on this website 🙂 Coming to your question- If possible we will try our best to respond regarding your optional. Also, we will post about How an Why to chose respective optional. Thank You

  • Bhola Balak

    Baba, i am starting preparations for 2016. everyone tells start from NCERTs. But should i read them all from 6-12 class?? And should i read them chapter to chapter?? thoda gyan deve baba.

    • Bhola

      You should start with NCERT’s -All of them. Once you finish first reading, check the previous years papers. Then again revise the concepts. Once you are thorough in NCERT, move on to other books

      • Bhola Balak

        Thank you baba. you made preparation method easy.

  • Abhishek Rao

    Hello IASbaba,
    First of all, very catchy and funny name you have there ‘iasbaba’ 😀 I am actually feeling like going to a real Baba and asking some really important questions about the track which I have set for my UPSC ambitions.
    I am currently working in a coaching institute for jee in bombay. I am 23 now. I want to give UPSC exam in 2020 i.e. When I’m 28.
    So kindly try to answer my queries categorically.
    1. Is 28 a good age for this exam? As it won’t be that late right?
    2. As the course is very vast so kindly advise me on where should I start. (give me some direction)
    P.S.- mujhe raasta dikha do Baba..mujhe raasta dikha do.. Pun intended. Hope you don’t mind.
    Any other solicitation will be high on my regard as well.

    • Hi Abhishek

      1. You should not delay your attempt for such a long time. You never know the future. Life is so uncertain.

      2. Browse through whole website. It will solve your query.

      • Abhishek Rao

        Thanks a lot!!? I will browse through it.

  • Neha Aggrawal


    The strategy for ECONOMY section for Prelims which you have given Chapterwise which topics to focus,is it only from Ramesh Singh or you have included some other materials/Books ??? i can see you have skipped some chapters from Ramesh Singh in that list…So all chapters not required to read from Ramesh Singh ???

    • We have given the most important chapters from Ramesh Singh. Read NCERT first. The strategy given in Prelims section is taken from UPSC previous years papers (Areas which are asked by UPSC)

      • Neha Aggrawal

        Ok thnx for the reply. i think Sriram IAS economy material is better than Ramesh Singh. I have gone through the materials.wat are your views on it ?

        • Everything or any material is good if it suits you 🙂 There is no magic wand in UPSC and it is the only fact on which we are sure 🙂 You can go with Sriram notes if you are able to understand it easily.

  • Life

    Hello Baba…..
    Can you please enumerate what are the benefits of opting for literature optionals.
    You mentioned this in of your answers…
    If i am.equally good in Political Science ans Sindhi Literature and I have material and guidance for both… what should i zero on.. Please help.

  • willy wonka

    please explain what is duty drawback?
    i found this term in the hindu 21/07/15
    link to news article


    Hi!!! IASBABA,
    Can you please guide me about taking chemistry as optional for CSE-2016?
    what is highest marks can be achieved in this subject considering scaling of subjects?

    • Sure. Wait till Prelims. We will come up with strategy for the same.


        waiting eagerly…:)

  • ninja

    Hi IASbaba,

    First of all, I cant thank you guys enough for being so immensely helpful.
    My preparation for CSE 2014 has been very inconsistent over the last 7-8 months and its been just a month I am at my calm and confident with the way my preparation is going. I thought I should prepare for mains once the prelims over but your think n learn made me devote sometime for mains as well . but then my answer writing is way below the expected standard. Either I donot know the concept behind the question or could not formulate a 200 word answer. So I started reading and following the best answers you post and I study them and re write them. over the past few days I have been doing this and can comfortably reproduce any of the answers. I definitely cannot change this and write good answers over night at least before prelims.
    So Baba how should I go about the answer writing? can I follow this method till the mains (this has helped me learning so many points which I dint know earlier) sine I am able to reproduce the answers or start writing my own answers which would take a looonnggg time
    Your suggestion would be very useful baba

    • Hi Ninja

      Focus on Prelims now. What you are doing is good but it is not advised after prelims. We will guide you for Mains right after Prelims. You will surely write very good answers on your own. Thank You for the appreciation 🙂

  • saranya

    how to learn arts and culture….how to learn arts and culture…more and more new terms…so difficult to memoriseeee the words

    • How to? No answer 🙂 But we will come up with some important questions for Prelims in few days

  • sneha sonam

    Hello sir plz provide mains questions in hindi.

    • We will try our best Sneha. Just be patient till Prelims gets over 🙂

  • ROCK

    Hello Sir, first of all a very big thank you for starting such an initiative by reading some of the below comments and your replies has given me enough info but sir want a guidance regarding my current profile as i am doing a job and get around 5 hrs of time to study so guide how to utilize those hrs daily as want to prepare for cse 2016 and also is it possible for me to qualify with this much time.
    first to start with basics as u told 6-12 ncerts to be very practical and honest i have seen the chapters and counted total pages roughly and i found that i can read only 3-3.5 pages per hr with focus and the total number of pages is in huge no may be more than 6k . so by reading in those 5 hrs daily i can read a 15-17 pages excluding newspaper and sir even if i read it selectively the number of topics n pages are huge in number.this is only of ncerts i have analysed in last 1 month after reading some topics of science and saying the reference books i ahve not seen even. sir please guide me in how to read those many content with revision in stipulated time i have.
    so Sir please tell me in detail whether to appear in cse 2016? and how to tackle this situation of mine while preparing cse with job.

    • Rock

      Wait for few days. You have enough time if appearing for 2016. We will notify about your queries in few days. Thank You

      • ROCK

        no notification yet sir:(

        • Patience Man…with patience the fruits are more sweeter 🙂

          • ROCK

            sure sir 🙂

          • ROCK

            but sir atleast guide me how to start off now with time and source

  • Pragati Sharma


    What should we do when there is a sentence “Government usually borrow by issuing securities, government bonds and bills.” ? Shall we mark it correct or incorrect ? As far as i know technically its the RBI who issues the securities but with the consultation of the govt ?

    • Incorrect.

      • AnmOl bAtRA

        i have gone through this ques too. and ans is: correct.
        its bcz RBI ISSUES CURRENCY NOTES EXCLUSIVELY. but here ques is abt issuing SECURITIES.
        govt issues the securities to buy & sale to the public or com. banks (to deal inflation nd deflation situations of d country).

  • Vishwesh Singh

    Dear IASbaba i wanted know about Current affairs

    is it enough if we prepare current affairs from January 2015 to mid-august 2015 or to start from which month & till when…?
    Please let me know

    Thank You…!

    • Dear Vishwesh

      Yes provided you prepare like pro and learn concepts rather than mugging the facts and figures. Follow our Prelims Tests, we are covering important issues of current affairs from past 1 year

  • manisha

    Respected Sir,

    Please give us timetable for Mains plus prelims integrated 2016. Could not able to right answers.

    Thank u sir

    • Wait for few Days. Load of work for us. Have patience and support. We will surely try our best

  • Prashasth Baliga

    Hope you will help me come out of dilemma. I am getting high pay offers from multiple MNCs but I have decided to completely dedicate myself in serving my country and prepare for cse. It’s a battle of living my dreams to serve my country vs the money for a 21 year old engineering . Hope , my decision is right in choosing the former ( service to the nation ) than the money.

    • Personal Dilemma- It is not a special case. Most of the aspirants like you leave everything for UPSC. You are young and have enough time to earn money if your desire outweights the materialistic aspect. Your decision is yours and whether it was right in Intent or Action is deliverable of TIME. We would say go for it but at the same time caution is- Go with full energy and the same vigor of serving the nation. We are with you at every stage of this journey 🙂 best wishes

  • sushanta

    Since 2 years m preparing for Cse but haphazardly n my performance is not satisfactory.I m now 31 with a full time family is pressurising me to get marry soon.sir should I prepare for 2016 or shd I practice some mocks n appear 2015?waiting for ur reply?

  • Shalini Sharma

    Sir, I am preparing for CSE-2016. I read The Hindu daily. I want to know
    from when should i start making notes? A friend told me to focus on
    current affairs after the mains 2015 exam. Need your opinion.Thanks.

    • Start preparing notes but do not make it bulky. The purpose of note making is to ease your revision not to compile another book 🙂

      If you are preparing for 2016, wait for few days. We will guide you accordingly

  • sushanta

    If you have attempts left and your preparation of 2015 is not good, don’t waste it for the sake of giving this exam. Luck favors those who have put efforts. Wait for few days, we will guide you for 2016 preparation 🙂

  • curious atom

    Even if I have read NCERT Economics 9th to 11th, I am facing difficulties in understanding “Introductory Macroeconomics”. Should I read any other book prior to it or try to understand his book itself. Please suggest.

    • Are you appearing for 2015?

      If not go for NCERT class 12th thoroughly and then if you can access Sriram economy notes, read it. It will suffice.

      If you are appearing for 2015, then lots of ground work is required.

      • curious atom

        Thank you baba ji. I am not appearing for 2015.

  • disqus_ecvlp63bsl

    venerable babaji

    i am a 2018 aspirant. i am not sure if this charitable and intellectually overwhelming initiative is for me for my knowledge base is stationed much below the requisite stock of knowledge. but i am profoundly eager to venture on the right path. please do guide me for the same or provide the links to those sources where i can have an idea how i should prepare. i don’t want to capsize in the midst of preparation out of exhaustion or bafflement. my optional and my graduation subject(hons) is history.
    please do guide me.
    please reply.
    abhimanyu pandey

    • Dear Abhimanyu

      We welcome you on behalf of IASbaba. Can we ask why so late, 2018?

      Go to each and every tab on this website and explore it. We assume, you have understanding of UPSC exam and its pattern. If not, do it for first and then explore the website. We are with you in this journey. You just need to be prepared with some prerequisites 🙂

      • disqus_ecvlp63bsl

        sir i am in the first year of my college, so 2018 is the target year.

  • Nikhil

    Hi Babaji,

    I am someone who just keeps researching (its been more than a year) on how to proceed and how to make a schedule and accommodate enough time for my office (mostly less work but I have to handle teams so gets stressful sometimes), for my UPSC Studies, for my hobbies – the problem is I do not start studying.

    The basic hurdle that comes between me to start is that I don’t know from where to start. Anything I pickup, I feel like how will I cover the other things, the past news etc. For eg; I had studied basic NCERTs some months back, then I moved on to Laxmikanth. However, while studying I really get this question in my mind –

    “How do I cover current affairs?. There are so many sources, Hindu, IE, PIB, CSR, Yojana, websites etc. Also, if I start covering them now, what about the previous editions? How will I cover the old news? How should I compile notes? Being from IT Background I can use my computer to prepare good notes, but then how to put daily content from Hindu on the computer because that I read as hard copy, and I dotn’t have much time in the day to first read hard copy of newspaper, then read electronic copy and make notes, then go to office and work, exercise, study core syllabus etc. Its not possible to do all this in a single day.. Then how do I manage?”

    And this is where I stop. And I leave everything. Please suggest some good tactics or provide some comments on how to get around such difficulty? I really want to do it, and I have just researched and researched, but not started off properly. Please help.

    • Hi Nikhil

      Sorry for late reply.

      If you are preparing for 2016, wait till prelims 2015 is over. We will guide you in every possible manner 🙂

  • aspirant

    A suggestion !!
    “Add a tab “called “new post” or latest article or something so that we can directly jump on it rather than visiting several links..

    • aspitant

      Look at right side widgets. Its already there 🙂 Third to subscribe

      • aspirant

        Thanks for the reply
        though i was asking a tab on page rather than getting notified by the email
        it would be great if there’s a link(tab) new posts or recent articles
        seprately like u have provided for imp articles

        • We tried it. Could not work out

  • vkp

    baba, can you tell me strategy for PSIR as an optional…. i like IR a lot but have no knowledge about political science theories …and question paper scare me a bit but i want to take this subject…….please tell books required…

    • We will try our best 🙂

  • AnmOl bAtRA

    sir.. i want to give my best attempt in 2016 cse… nd have started with ncerts too.. bt for current affairs. . how many months or years back i hv to go for them.. for pre+mains as per prev years trend of upsc.. ??

    • Dear Anmol

      You just don’t panic about current affairs. If you are appearing for 2016, wait for few more days. We will guide you for sure. 🙂

  • bhawana

    Baba i am preparaing for 2016 .
    I have second edition of indian economy by ramesh singh should i buy the latest or would it be suffice

    • Hello Bhawana

      Go for sixth Edition (The new One). Second Edition is pretty old.

  • Captcha

    Baba, recently found your site and looks great. Please resolve my dilemma here: With about 24 days to go should I focus more on revision or on solving mocks(1/3rd syllabus coverage remaining, rest 2/3rd read just once – no revision so far). Also, in mocks is it better to solve new mocks or previous 20 yr question papers(advantage of real upsc questions plus the belief that around 40 percent qns are repeated – this is being claimed by a site called Examrobot. They even have a pdf analysis of the same for 2014).
    PS: I know this is not the ideal way to prepare but with lesser time , incomplete syllabus and higher GS stakes, I want to know your opinion on my situation and the ideal way fwd for me in the next 3.5 weeks.

    • Hello Captcha

      Do revision as much as you can. If the questions are helping in revision go ahead but we will never suggest you to depend on previous year papers only. UPSC is unpredictable, you never know. We checked your reference but its not wise to solve only previous years questions. It is expected from everyone to solve or have a look at previous years papers but solely depending on them is like a suicide.

      Our suggestion is to do maximum revision in a day. Spare few hours to solve those questions or any other questions you like. Base your preparation on your preparedness and understanding not on some questions

      • Captcha

        Thanks a ton Baba. Got your point. Btw your content looks amazing. Wish to participate in your initiatives once Prelims is done – whatever be the score in it. Would you recommend solving the daily prelims quizzes in my case? When finished, effectively they will be equal to ~1200 qns ie. 12 mocks. I can bundle them together and solve 1 mock a day after reading/revising a particular subject.

        • You should solve our Daily Prelims. See the questions and feedback and then decide

  • Akshay

    Sir can you please help me out with my Economics optional. I am an Economics graduate from DU. and i havetaken coaching as well. But still i am not confident with my preparation. It would be of great help if you guide on this subject as there is not much qualified and genuine guidance available on this subject. Please…

  • Jishu

    Can you suggest one or two books for Geography(prelims) and Biology(prelims) each in case its not possible to buy all from the list?

    • Geography- NCERT’s only

      Biology- NCERTs only

      • Jishu

        Dhanyabad baba 🙂

  • ankur

    sir, i have sociology optional please try to give strategy for it..:)

    • Sure Ankur..will try our best

  • ankur

    sir rss feed not working i guess when i click, it reloads the same page..

  • amit

    Baba, when will you provide monthly magazine forJjuly? Waiting eagerly. Read all the current affairs on daily basis, but a complied form of magazine will be of great use for revising.

    • Amit,
      Your request, will become a reality very soon 🙂
      We will release our magazine (July) by this weekend. Thank you for your support.

  • Manju

    Sir, in Pub Ad optional, the scores are not above par.. What’s your take on this? What x-factor is missing in answrs?

    • We will come up with Pub Ad strategy and guidance after Prelims. We have some experts on Pub Ad. So be sure to have some quality guidelines 🙂

  • Rajiv

    Hello sir,
    Please suggest me
    Which magazine to read chronicles or pratiyogta darpan?

    • Hi Rajiv,

      With the recent change in pattern, we would not like not comment on any magazine. It is your choice! But what we suggest is, focus on issues rather then just news.
      Just have a look at IASbaba’s Monthly magazine, if you like refer it.

  • esprit aficionado


    Last attempt (2nd attempt) attended the interview. But this time I dont feel like giving the exam. I havent prepared either. I am not even in touch with current affairs. Last attempt i was abreast with the current happenings, so I could score decently. I am bad with regards to basic subject knowledge.

    With few days for prelims, can you please suggest me a way out.

    • Hi

      If your are not confident enough and have attempts left, you can skip. Don’t waste it just for the sake of giving it. After Prelims, we will guide you for next attempt especially broadening the concept and knowledge based strategy 🙂

  • Arun Prabu

    sir give the review of ethics book by lexicon publication

  • SV

    hello baba ji…i nrequire a suggestion regarding short notes….i have made short notes of 2 subjects…should i go ahead with takes a day for 1 subject approx.though i have revised it 3 times…….?.environment compilation is good help……….

    • IF appearing this time? Don’t make notes now. Rather revise multiple times from the sources you referred.

  • Lavanya Lanka

    hello sir, i have a burning desire to become a good ranking IAS. i have decided to start self preparation without coachng to crack 2016 prelims and mains.but, i’m confused from where to start from prelims syllabus or from mains? please guide me

    • Hi

      Start with NCERT class 6th. On top (Menu Bar)- Check Prelims Section- Strategy, Books to refer etc. You will get an idea. Also, wait for few days. We will guide you for 2016 preparation after prelims 2015 🙂

      • Lavanya Lanka

        Thank you soo much sir.

  • Tejasvini

    I have two questions.
    1.What is the fundamental difference between socialist and communist?
    2. Why did not the communists take part in the quit India movement?

  • salim malik

    hii admin,
    Can u compile MCQs on economic survey just like the compilation of Environment..It will be helpful for us before prelims .
    I appreciate your initiative and the effort u put on in helping thousands of aspirants
    Thanks in advance

    • Yes will do…from tomorrow every compilation will be published

  • Meher chand

    Hii Ias baba,

    Please provide the strategy and books for prelims- paper2

    • Its there already…check at Home Page-SITE-MAP

      Those circular tabs- one of them is for CSAT

  • Barjinder Bhullar

    Sir plzz reply…me doing ba final year and want to appear next year…but i feel very terrified when I think of is still 1 year and 1 month left..can I prepare myself or need coaching????

    • Yes you can prepare self. Wait for few days. We will inform you about 2016 strategy


    dear baba, i’m 2016 aspirant, now i’m in my 4th year of graduation from IITK. my schooling was in hindi medium till class 12th, so i feel ease in hindi medium, so, will write mains in hindi, i have some doubts regarding sources in hindi,
    1. firstly i want to know about book for international relations in hindi, some people say about pushpesh pant, but there are three books by pushpesh pant so i’m confused, one more doubt is that i’m thinking of taking PSIR as an optional, but there is fear of study material and good magazine in hindi regarding IR in this optional, so will it be good to read some good book first on this topic so i can check whether i really have interest in the subject or not. do you have any idea regarding success rate with PSIR in hindi medium? another choice of mine is history and hindi lit. so please need your expert suggestion.

    2. and another doubt is about GS economics materail, now a days, i’m going through mrunal’s economy lectures videos, the book suggested for the same is ramesh singh, but it is bulky, is it really needed or those lecture are suffiecient? what about sanjeev verma? and any other book in hindi, however sanjiv verma is in english, but i can go through it, will it be really difficult to reproduce material in hindi? any experience from your friend etc?
    3. the same problem is with newspapers, i read the hindu regularly quiet easily, but will it be relaly difficult to recall the same in hindi, it takes more time in note making in hindi from english source. so any other good news paper in hindi? and as i said i will be appearing in 2016, so from which month should i start note making from newspapers? however, i read regularly since june 2014.
    4. and one more is about geography GS, i think NCERTs are sufficient for the same, am i right? or any other book really needed?
    5. i wrote some answers on this this site, will it be good to complete all the syllabus first and then write the answers or i should write one or two answers regularly whichever i know.
    waiting for reply,

    • Why are you appearing with Hindi, in first case? We have no response for Hindi materials since our Team consists of English Medium candidates and Officers only.

      5. You are preparing for 2016 so wait for few more days. After Prelims, we will guide you for answer writing. You shouldn’t wait too long to start writing the answers.

      4. NCERT for GEO- is sufficient other than current updates from newspapers
      3. This will be your issues since you are preparing from English materials and converting to Hindi. We can’t help it

      2. Sanjeev Verma is fine- No idea about Hindi

      1. No answer 🙁

      We would suggest you to consider English if nothing strong prohibits you otherwise it will be difficult. If we find any assistance, will inform you. Stay connected for 2016 guidance 🙂

  • NS

    Please provide compilations for India year book and science- defence
    Thank you

    • NS

      Thankuu soo much baba ji
      With your new compilations all my queries resolved.
      Thanxx alot

  • crazy16

    Hi iasbaba,

    Could you please suggest for below situation:

    GS Preparation consuming more time than others–I feel

    I started Polity on 1st May.

    Daily study hour=4-5

    Material=M.Laxmikanth(why?=some IAS topper suggested to read it completely. i also feel it good.)

    Completed chapters= 22 ONLY [This is my issue to be asked]

    Total chapters=70 (I am shocked)

    My background:

    I have already taken coaching in polity(under GS)

    CSE Target=2016

    I am also preparing notes on computer means soft notes(Sometime i feel that notes making is killing my time)

    Some people say that any paper of GS can be prepared in 20 days. I am depressed listening this and putting a big question mark on self.

    Note:Situation with other subjects of GS is also similar to above.

    Please let me know your suggestion as soon as possible.

    • Hi

      Wait for few more days. We will guide you for 2016 for sure 🙂

      Regarding note making- You should make notes but not at the cost of learning. If you are reading Laxmikanth, why to waste so much of time in note making? Its very precise and to the point. You can use sticky notes and make notes for some confusing concepts there itself. It will save time as well as increase your speed of revision and learning.

      Never listen to such useless propaganda. You are preparing for yourself and with you abilities. how can you get depressed with any of such issues. If any one will top the exam, will you get depressed?
      You follow your strength. Learn rather than reading. Be consistent with your plan and religiously follow it. Learn more and think more. Don’t count hours, don’t listen to propagandas and never meet around with negative energy people. be focused, stay in touch with serious candidates but always follow your own strategy. Because you live your life and depending on that you have limits and flexibility.

  • Daenerys

    Hello, I am 2014 passout and this year would be my first attempt. I have studied but couldn’t get enough time to revise and this changed pattern of prelims has taken a toll. I don’t find myself prepared enough for this attempt (this is not low confidence, rather I know the level of my prep). I am thinking to skip this attempt. Would that be a wise decision, I need you help to sail through this dilemma.


    • Hi Dany,

      This fear before an examination is very common. UPSC is such an examination where no matter how much you study, you will still feel as if you could have done more.

      Well, forget such thoughts. Now, you just need to get around 50% marks, so try to get around 50 questions right after 100. Sounds easy, right? Yes it does..

      So, just study as of now, without anything else in your mind

      • Daenerys

        Thanks baba, I would be reaching back to you for further guidance.

        Au revoir 🙂

  • divya singh

    hello, i m 2016 aspirant for ias exam. i am beginner for this exam . my gs portion is very weak .my writing skill is also not so good. what step i follow for the preparation of gs as well as writing skill. so that i will appear in ias exam 2016 with strong preparation. i need your help for this preparation.

    • Hi Divya,

      Every beginner gets these problems, as they do not have a good guide. This is where we come – To help you. First of all, please do go through the syllabus of the exam, then go through our Prelims strategy. Once you understand what the examination demands, then you can start off with NCERT studies and newspaper reading.

      If you have more doubts, do ping us here. 🙂

  • Anusha

    Babaji could you pls guide new aspirants on how to read ncert books..Should read in detail every chapter or should read it like a novel and note imp points?? Am really confused ..Need your help

    • The first reading of NCERT should be only for basic conceptual building, so read like a novel, and understand it.

      The second reading of NCERT should be more detailed, and must contain “analysis” of concepts. Here you can make notes of facts and concepts. After this is done, you can start off with other Basic Standard books.

      • Anusha

        Thanq so much baba 🙂

  • Sidhartha

    Dear Baba,
    Thanks for your support.Great culture notes.I think culture revision over.Sir would like to ask 1 thing.R u going to provide ccrt music and dance before pre as in 2012 they have asked ques.I know im asking too much but still wanted to confirm.
    Sir one more thing regarding The Hindu editorials (Mains) ,are you going to give daily synopsis or it will continue in daily current affairs.From which month shall we cover for mains?Your magazine is fabulous.Looking forward to get success with ur support.Plz give some tips for the last 11 days

    • Hi Siddhartha
      We will try our best but can’t promise. Regarding Current Affairs- We will intimate you in few days, how it will go after Prelims 🙂 Thank You for the support

  • Sidharttha

    Dear Baba

    want to clarify the article .Indian lit page no 5 it is written that jyotisha is astrology .literally its true.but if u refer R S Sharma old ncert its given as astronomy.plz sir just check n change.Thank u.

  • Swathy Sekar

    hello sir, am 2016 aspirant, i just started my Preparation.and am preparing on my own. can u pls help me with the weekly study plan..

    • Do go through the website. We have already given such Weekly plans and strategies. 🙂

      • Swathy Sekar

        tnkx babaji.. this plan is gonna b a immense help in my preparation

      • Swathy Sekar

        bt, babaji. can u pls help me with the revision plan. like. how many days once i have to revise the topics. or the revision has to b done everyday?

  • aniket anand

    Hi, I am 2016 aspirant. Can you please provide Mind Map for Eng. Lit ?

    Any aspirant preparing with Eng Lit as optional ?

    • Hi Aniket,

      We cannot promise you as of now, but we are working on strategies for all the optionals. So, lets see if you will be surprised or not. Keep checking our website for more posts. 🙂

  • sanjeev mathur

    my medium is hindi ias baba…..i am not comfortable with english language’s matter ……mind providing me matter in Hindi also…..

    • will try our best Thank You

      • sanjeev mathur

        Baba I know that in this short period ur mock tests are very precious and valuable but all these are in english language… I request u that please provide all these in Hindi as soon as possible because I have little days nd 23rd about to come……

  • madhuri

    sir i want to download monthly magzin of last year from aug 2014 to till this year so how can i download it plz upload previous magzin also

    • Our magazines for april and june/july is available. We don’t have previous magazines

  • Yang Wenli

    I have been preparing for UPSC for exactly one year now and I feel that my preparation is a bit shaky. The coming prelims can go either way, if things work out it is well and good and I will give mains my best shot but at the same time I want to be ready for the worst case scenario.

    If I don’t clear the prelims I want to start my preparation for the next exam immediately. It would be great if you could help aspirants come up with a plan for whom this is not the first attempt and probably it is going to be the last attempt. Could you be kind enough to consider the below case scenario –

    1. Study plan for 2016 for the old players starting from 1st September 2015 itself. Maybe in the form of weekly plan or some sort of target based checklist.

    2. Opinion on switching the optionals from Public Administration to English Literature, Please note I’m from engineering background.

    3. Since my preparation is bit shaky I want to read the standard reference books again – a way to read it and connect with current affairs at the same time. I plan to supplement books with newspaper, your articles and magazines.

    4. Division of time in a week between static portion, current affairs, revision and writing practise (which I want to do daily) . And an idea how a daily routine of a full time aspirant should look like.

    5. Any other guidance you deem appropriate.

    I know this is almost asking to be spoon-fed things, but please don’t consider it the same. I have a plan for all the above mention queries but at the same time I want to be sure of it as it will be my last attempt. I will have to look for a job if this doesn’t work out and that is something that I don’t look forward to after spending two years working in IT industry. I see my future here and don’t want to leave any stone unturned in the process of achieving it.

    It would be of immense help if you could assist me and other aspirants in the same boat.

    Regards and well wishes.

    • We are a small Team and the request is a gigantic task. Even now the work load is immense and it’s taking whole day for us. If we want to implement the same, it requires a dedicated work force, obviously. Let’s see, if we can do it or not. We will let you know very soon 🙂 Thank You

      • Yang Wenli

        I understand, my apology for being greedy. If not other things, could you please provide guidance for English Literature the way you did for geography when the time permits? 🙂

  • Batman_rules

    Baba, What is the number of Ramsar sites in India?
    In the official website, I could locate only 15 but wiki lists 26.
    What am I missing? Plz clarify.

  • bladerunner

    Dear IAS Baba, this is with regards to the query i have in a polity question asked by UPSC in the year 2011.

    The question was that Funds cannot be withdrawn from CFI without the authorisation of-

    The answer that you have given is Parliament. Laxmikant also says the same thing.

    Don’t you think it should be the President, because without his consent the Appropriation Bill cannot become an act, which is essential for the funds to be withdrawn from the CFI.

    Please clarify.

    • Bladerunner,

      If that was the case, then every law made by the government should have been treated as ‘law made by the President’, since it is only with his consent would a Bill become an Act.

      The President is not liable for any action taken by the government, as he is a nominal head.

      Parliament is the one which authorizes the withdrawal of money from CFI.

      Also we have attached a news article for your reference, which will make it clear-

      ‘A Parliamentary panel has pulled up the Finance Ministry for not taking approval of Parliament before incurring expenditure on interest of refunds worth Rs 37,365 crore between 2006-07 and 2010-11 (withdrawn from the Consolidated Fund of India, CFI)….’

  • Vinay Bharadwaj

    Hi baba ji,

    I am preparing for sociology optional. Could you please help me out in preparing the strategy and mind maps. Since i am from engineering back ground, I don’t have much idea over that subject but i feel very comfortable when i read about different people their issues, society especially in rural areas. This is the only reason for me for taking sociology optional.

    The content you are giving, the work you are doing is very much appreciable baba ji. I am very much impressed with your great work for the entire team. Even i feel like working with you people but the problem is that i am in my initial phase of my preparation. Once i get confidence in the subject, even i too will start working with you. So that even i could help the aspirants from my end.
    As mother teresa once said even if a drop of water is taken out from the ocean, the ocean would be missing it. Though the quantity of ocean doesn’t matter.

    • Well said Vinay.
      Our society needs people like you, who can serve and make a difference in the lives of the poor. IASbaba is like an ocean, we will always treasure your contribution by helping the student community. Every drop has a meaning and and One such drop will be Vinay!

  • krithika

    Hi baba,
    how much score in coming 2015 prelims paper 1 safe one?, 100+? can we fix it and go for the exam?

    • Krithika,

      Though scoring above 100+ is on the safer side. Never go to the exam with preconceived notions or assumptions.

      Go with the mind-set of giving your Best on the D-Day. Cut-off’s are only relative. Don’t worry!
      Another 9 days left before the the exam. So try to remain as calm as possible and revise more rather than dwelling on the cut-off’s which are not under your control.
      All the Best. You will do well !!

  • Jimboomba

    Baba, How is the official GDP calculation done in India after the latest CSO modifications..? Is it GDP at market prices or GVA at basic prices..?? Pls clarify….

    • @ jimboomba,

      The methodology to calculate remains the same, only the base year has been changed from 2004-05 to 2011-12. When Government declares that GDP of India is 6.6%, it basically indicates gross value added (GVA) at factor cost, which is the Real growth of India.
      For the current year’s growth you have to consider gross domestic product (GDP) at market prices.

  • BST

    Are u going to put any other material in the site for prelims? if so please do reply cuz i am going to printing shop…..

    • Nopes…No more as of now. Revise what all you have done

  • bhaskar

    Hi Sir/Mam,
    Will you be making a compilation of modern history notes for revision?please share at least all the acts and revolts if possible.
    PS-Thanks for this wonderful work you are doing.

  • Santhosh Venkatesh

    Babaji In One of your earliest posts you spoke about setting our Biological clocks in line with the exam timings. Please share from your experience if any regarding this as (I believe) many are nocturnal like me .

    • Didn’t get you. Kindly explain. BTW we will come up with an article regarding D-Day prerequisites 🙂 Are you talking about this?

      • Santhosh Venkatesh

        I think so 🙂 I wanted to convey that many aspirants like myself read at night time and sleep late .. This would create sleep deprivation in the exam , Right?.
        So if any one in your team had a practical suggestion for this , it would be helpful. Thanks BTW for the prompt reply .

        • Santhosh

          Just for few days, before the exam, try to change this. It will prove fatal if you didn’t look into it.

          Some of us are also nocturnal 🙂 But being nocturnal in normal days is fine. When exam nears, you should take care of your health more than anything else. 3-4 days before, change your schedule. It will work out well. Proper sleep and healthy food are some of the very crucial requirements at this stage

  • Jimboomba

    Baba pls reply to my doubt

    • your doubt has been answered.. please look at your previous comment.

      • Jimboomba


  • sushanta

    Babaji when u r going to post 2016 strategy?eagerly waiting for it.if possible, try to start a pre and mains paid test series.

  • Aniket Patil


  • Aniket Patil

    I wanted to know if its possible to prepare for upsc while on job?

    • Yes it is possible. Many are doing

  • Abhishek Reja

    Can you suggest preparation strategy of geology optional

  • Nitish

    Baba, I’ve read your previous posts regarding strategy for 2016. Eagerly waiting for it!
    Also, please keep in mind people from various backgrounds while designing it!
    Inputs on Anthropology Optional would be great!!
    And, I must say, this website is addictive!! Splendid Job!!

    • Yup, will take care of it. Thanks for the appreciation 🙂

  • Jimboomba

    Baba , is joint implementation and CDM almost same, with the only difference being CDM is hosted in a developing non annex country and JI is done among develped annex countries…
    Both involve financing emission reduction projects…Pls correct me if i am wrong baba ..Cant afford to make mistakes…Pls reply

    • correct

      • Jimboomba

        Baba , for the below question answer was given as none, where it should have been CDM

        Germany is investing in an emission reduction project in India as an alternative to reducing

        emissions domestically. It will be called as-

        1. Joint Implementation

        2. Clean Development Mechanism

        3. Certified Emission Reduction Credits

        4. None

  • swetha

    I am currently in my final year of engineering.I’m planning to begin my preparation now and drop a year after completion of my ug course to prepare for 2017.What would be the ideal time table you would suggest?

    • Start from now only. Get an idea about syllabus and then pick ncerts…keep on following us..will start 2016 soon…you can follow it

  • Manjunath M P

    Dear Babaji,


    Myself Manjunath.M.P, Can you
    send the details plan for preparaton of UPSC as now i am started now for
    preparation, i want take optional subject Economics on basis of this
    can send the links and books for preparation and Can you guide full
    details of A to Z of UPSC,

    now i am started to read NCERT books but i am little bit confused how to read as per exam perspective and also what to read

    I don’t want let myself down without trying UPSC i don’t want accept lost without attempt.

    I will give 100% try with true effort but i am not able find way to start things

    give complete guide plan to study as i am planning to take UPSC exam in
    2016 as of now i am 28 years please help me, i will let you and parents
    down it is my mother dream so i took it challenge to fulfill it, as i
    don’t have money to join the coaching class or take costly books.

    IASBABA unexpected got and i gone through everything it looks like god Guru for me to guide me to success for UPSC,

    Please help me BABA ji (GURUJi)

    Awaiting for your reply to start the preparation

    With Regards


    • Wait till Prelims get over 🙂

      • Manjunath M P

        Thank you Baba for reply

        we really thankful to you for such great work, almost from 1 week when i switch on the system without seeing your posting or website i am not able to start my daily routine, but speaking from heart your work is great for the persons like me, preetham and still more aspirants who cannot go for coaching class or leave job for family your website and guidance is like self study inspiration for each and everybody

        Thanks and Best regards


  • PRY

    Hi Baba,
    In the environment document(Environment-full.compressed-1.pdf), please confirm the answers of Q.16 and Q.33. The explanations of these give contrary answers.

    • Aradhna


      Sorry for the late reply

      Q16- Answer is CDM…mistake in option

      Q33- It is asked to chose INCORRECT.Karnataka has more rainfall but in Ghats of Karnataka the mountains are gently sloping, compared to the steep slopes of the Ghats in Maharashtra and Kerala..that is why statement 1 is incorrect 🙂

  • Akash

    Sir , where is the detailed strategy for CSE -16 which you promised?

  • Gautam

    Could you please find some details for preparation for Sanskrit Literature as optional.

  • Sumit Sharma


    currently i am persuing my BE from mechanical engineering
    and i thinking to take mechanical as my optional subject for civils services
    is it right choice?

    • depends on your knowledge and liking of the subject

  • Vijay

    Hello Babaji,
    I am vijay (age-31) from bhopal and now giving csepre-15. sir my query is there is any chance current age limit (32) continue in cse-16. because, current age limit i am eligible for cse-16 . SIr what is your advice if i not clear csepre-15.please advise me in this matter.
    And your site is excellent. thanks

    • Vijay

      Focus on prelims right now…even if any change occur its not going to down your selection anyway, if you are committed 🙂 However, any change will have relaxation don’t worry

  • preetam choudhary

    Dear team

    I cannot restrict myself from opening this site daily. It’s been a great dosage of knowledge for civil service aspirants.I have been following this site from just past one week or so and the articles are really amazing.Its for sure that you ppl have been putting hard efforts for such a service.I really appreciate and thank you people…
    I am also a civil service aspirant but coz of personal and family constraints I was not able to prepare for this after my engineering. Currently I am an working professional but still I have same zeal to prepare for this exam. So I decided to take up this exam targeting for the next year, I have chosen to go with self studies as I cannot go for coaching while working and neither can I resign this job. I have selected maths as my optional as I am confident and good at it. Kindly provide me guidance on how will I can prepare on my own for both prelims and mains.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks Preetam
      You can easily prepare while working. Just focus. many are doing the same. wait for few more days..let prelims get over..we will guide you

      • preetam choudhary

        Sure team.. Thank you for the reply..

  • BST

    Iasbaba, please let me know what are the key areas we should concentrate on csat paper 2 . I mean what on what topics we should focus so that we can hope for cutoff and above. Is there a chance of decision making questions coming in the exam?

    • BST

      Focus on Comprehension. Decision making if asked are easy to solve. So, don’t worry about it. Make sure to solve all the questions. never try to cross cut off only. Reasoning questions are easy to solve..focus on them as well

      • BST

        Please give information about whether English language comprehension skills which were not allotted marks in 2014 examination will be there in coming prelims paper 2 ? Please give it fast.

  • Swathy Sekar

    Babaji, am swathini devi. i wanted to know,
    is there any plan of starting a “new batch for prelims 2016 & Think and learn for 2016” after august 23rd?? because such
    a new start will be even more useful & helpful for the beginners like me.. babaji. pls do consider it,

    • Don’t worry swathy…

      IASbaba will take care of everything. 🙂

      • Swathy Sekar

        thank you sir..

  • divya singh

    hello ias babaji , i want to know upto what month all NCERT will completed .as i am appearing in upsc 2016.

    • We will come up with a plan for 2016. Have patience

      • divya singh

        thanks for your reply……..

  • Aditya

    Baba, First of all keep up the good work and keep enlightening us.
    My doubt is, Would you be coming with strategy for Sociology optional for Mains 2016? Apake bharose maine coaching ka idea drop kar diya hai. And please reveal the strategy for 2016 aspirants, its getting hard to wait now. 😀

    • Aditya

      We cannot promise…just can try about optional when resources are available. Keep your options open 🙂 for 2016..kindly wait…with patience comes brilliancy 🙂

  • Aditya

    Thank you baba, would wait surely.
    One more thing, apart from all the statistics what would you suggest that which optional can be fully prepared without coaching and can be prepared on own as compared to its counterparts?
    I know every subject has its pros and cons and by self study all the optionals can be understood but I am asking as a casual advice as I have decided to go without any coaching and is still pondering over different optionals.
    Kindly enlighten. 🙂

  • Anusha

    Babaji 23rd has come.. Now you hav to reveal ur surprise to 2016 aspirants.

    • Hahahaha….sure..we are working on it. as soon as it is done…it will be in front of you 🙂

      • Anusha

        Baba if possible keep in mind working aspirants and final year graduates when u guide for 2016 prelims. Only if compulsion. Thnq!!

      • Anusha

        Baba if possible keep in mind working aspirants and final year graduates when u guide for 2016 prelims. Only if compulsion. Thnq!!

  • Shivani Kaushik

    I’m shivani. Currently pursuing law. Will graduate in 2018. However I wish to give preliminary exam in 2016 just to have a feel of this exam. Will it have any repercussions?

    • No…go ahead,,,best wishes

      • Shivani Kaushik

        Thankuuuuu 😀

  • Vignes Waran

    Hello Sir I’m Vigneswaran maths for me its difficult to understand d concepts of economics, politics,constitutional etc how to work on these subjects .I’m going to write my prelims on 2016 so please help me to this case….

    • Sure Vignesh

      Just wait for few days..We will surely guide you. 2016 plan is in the making 🙂

  • Knight

    Baba, I am currently doing my engineering and will graduate in 2018. I wish to prepare for 2018. Can you please guide me for the 2018 CSAT?

  • BST

    I searched various sites for detailed strategy for sociology optional. It would be great if you provide it cuz I couldn’t find such strategies in any of them(websites). And one important suggestion I would like to give to you is could u provide answer write challenges in sociology too??

  • bharath

    Sir great thanx to ur guidance for pelims am getting 105 and am from SC category
    need ur immense help for mains
    Is there any personal guidance which i can benefit from

    • Yes Bharath

      Have patience. We are working on it 🙂

      • bharath

        ok sir .. if there is any such plan to guide personally offline, do let me know.. plz


    ias babaji.. i am gtng 100 exactly……I


    i belong to gen category….SHUD I START PREP FOR MAINS OR START PRPRNG FOR PRELIMS 2016?

    • You can do both at the same time if you are comfortable with it and have prepared for sometime. 🙂 wait for our 2016 can align yourself accordingly

      • MANAN

        Babaji dat means I may not clear prelims dis time…..I am getting 100.3 MARKS..GEN CATEGORY..

  • Aditya

    Thank you baba, would wait surely.
    One more thing, apart from all the statistics what would you suggest that which optional can be fully prepared without coaching and can be prepared on own as compared to its counterparts?
    I know every subject has its pros and cons and by self study all the optionals can be understood but I am asking as a casual advice as I have decided to go without any coaching and is still pondering over different optionals.
    Kindly enlighten. 🙂

    • Look at Flash below Logo…there is one article on Ho to chose Optional? We will come up with next series very soon

  • Divyesh Panchal

    Hi,sir where can i find only topics from The Hindu newspaper which are imp for upsc and have to read from news paper??

  • suraj

    Baba share your 2016 plan fast.

    • Hehehe..patience dear…we are working on serious note 🙂 In the mean time get to read and be familiar with the website

      • suraj

        OK baba,hope so your plan will be interesting to follow.

  • Pratibha

    Pls suggest some strategies for mains 2015…..Also want to know how much the academic results i.e, 10th, 12th and graduation marks matters in final selection.

    • Have patience Pratibha :). Take a small rest and de-clutter you mind. The comprehensive strategy for Mains should be out soon. Trust us.

      • Pratibha

        Thanks Sir

  • anamika

    I have appeared for IAS preliminary exams this year. I left some questions unanswered in my question paper. Will the marks of these questions be added as there is no negative marking for unanswered questions. It is very important for me to know. Please reply.

    • We are not sure what exactly you meant. But to clarify – unanswered questions are not added to your final score. They are given 0.

      • anamika

        But according to IAS rules 2015 ,there is no negative marking or deduction of marks for unanswered questions. How can they give 0?

  • Rohit

    babaji u are going to charge for your valuable services in near future??

    • Tuktuk

      Enjoy the present!! Why to worry about the future!! 😀 😛

      • Its about the mind set…what they get for FREE seems the best to them 🙂 They forget about the spent fuel in making it the best and also forget about the sustainability factor…Can relate it to present situation of Environment exploitation..How long can one exploit it for development 😛

        • Tuktuk

          we respect your hard work baba! and hard work always pays off!!

        • Rohit

          thanks baba i can fully derive your answer:p

          • You would surely have come up with wrong conclusion 😛

          • Rohit


  • Tuktuk

    Hello Baba, I heard that there is something special for 2016 ASPIRANTS? Can you please reveal when its going to start? Looking forward to it!

    • Hehehe..Special things comes with surprises, NO!!

      Then wait for it

      • Tuktuk

        OK Baba! Waiting Eagerly! 🙂 Till then reading important articles from from your site!! But very confused about answer writing and how to practice them regularly. I hope you can solve that problem too with the start of 2016 plan!! Thank you Baba!

  • ravi

    can you please share material and questions for ANTHROPOLOGY optional please…………many people are desperate about a reliable source………..

    • Will surely try Ravi. But can’t promise. Don’t depend on us for this. Kindly look for it yourself as of now

      • ravi

        thanq baba………your website is really awesome……..keep it up 🙂

  • viji

    Hi baba..
    I recently started preparing for UPSC 2016 for the first time.
    I studied Hindi as second language till 10th Std.But now I can remember only to read and write in Hindi and understand only few words.
    Though my mother tongue is Tamil, I doubt to prepare for Tamil as compulsory indian language,since I am not aware of Tamil grammar and other topics.
    Kindly suggest if my decision to take Hindi as compulsory Indian language is right.Kindly suggest a suitable book.Thanks in advance.

    • You can go ahead with Hindi…Wait for our 2016 Plan…We have less idea about HIndi medium. But we are trying for a good mentor for Hindi also..

      • viji

        Thank you really very much iasbaba team.i wanted to prepare for upsc..but didnt know where and how to strt..the strategies and plans you provided are definitely a great source of light for many like me..And I believe my preparation is on the right track now..Thank you again:)

  • vrishna

    hi baba…. first let me congratulate u for commendable job ..!! its not the quantity of time u were with us but its the quality u put on for us since ur inception , great work …!!! I Let me ask my personal query , i got disappointed with this prelims paper , it looked an aberration from its usual standard . with shallow knowledge , and paucity of concept understanding also many scored 115 plus relying solely on current affairs , which i lacked in quantity . i am getting 85 to 90 with obc quota …. any gyaan from your side what i should do …? start my mains preparation …or something else ..( ready and looking forward to work on your initiatives … )? needed your response for this disheartened aspirant …baba !! guide me …

    • Vrishna

      You have good chance to qualify but even if you don’t, focus on future. Nothing will help you of past. We are always with you, every moment 🙂 Wait for Mains plan and 2016 Plan

      • vrishna

        Thank you …. I couldnt get the soothing words of u r kind … ” we are with you ” even from my coaching institute which charged 100,000 plus …. thats the difference btw … you n conventional coaching walas … Thank u very much baba …!! … I do double work with no stone left unturned this tym …

        • One Golden Day…You will be the guiding light for many like you. Take our words 🙂 Best wishes

  • Almeida

    Jai ho babaji ki

    One tension is there baba.

    You have covered Current issues through various ways:
    Daily Current Affairs
    PIB releases
    Baba Magazine
    Yojana magazine

    Except yojana, content in other three initiative is overlapping.
    Why can’t we collate PIB in Daily Current Affairs and can compile monthly magazine of these DCA.

    or this is something we are already doing?

    • Our Magazine covers all important issues…Do follow it. Why we are giving it separately just for easy revision.
      Many among you want only certain things. And for them merging everything may be irritating

  • Almeida

    Jai ho babaji ki

    One tension is there baba.

    You have covered Current issues through various ways:
    Daily Current Affairs
    PIB releases
    Baba Magazine
    Yojana magazine

    Except yojana, content in other three initiative is overlapping.
    Why can’t we collate PIB in Daily Current Affairs and can compile monthly magazine of these DCA.

    or this is something we are already doing?

  • chandra niranajn

    hello, this is niranjan chandra currently persuing my btech(final year), can you suggest me how to start my preparation and also can you suggest me to give upsc in either 2016 or 2017

    • Will come up with 2016 Plan very soon

  • chandra niranajn

    hello, this is niranjan chandra currently persuing my btech(final year), can you suggest me how to start my preparation and also can you suggest me to give upsc in either 2016 or 2017

  • Manish Choudhary

    @iasbaba:disqus how to prepare sociology….sources??? strategy??

    • Manish

      We are trying for sociology resources. 🙂

  • Manish Choudhary

    @iasbaba:disqus how to prepare sociology….sources??? strategy??

  • sushanta

    Jai ho babaji
    Sir we are so addicted to iasbaba that it is my first home.please sir come up with 2016 strategy.I m browsing in every 5 minutes with so much enthusiasm. Plz plz plz sir

    • Sushanta

      we are working tirelessly for 2016. Give us some time 🙂

  • sushanta

    Jai ho babaji
    Sir we are so addicted to iasbaba that it is my first home.please sir come up with 2016 strategy.I m browsing in every 5 minutes with so much enthusiasm. Plz plz plz sir

  • Pratibha

    Thanks Baba

  • winner2016

    hello baba i hav jst started preparin .. n hav gone thru ol ur inspiring n highly useful tips n suggestions..thanks a lot.
    i hav no idea how to start answer writing .. anxious to learn from u. thank u!

    • If you have no idea right sure that in a month you will be on different level if you stick with us 🙂

      • winner2016

        sure babah thanks.

  • Jimboomba

    Baba , is paper 2 out of 160 or 200…do we need to correctly answer 33 questions or 27 questions…Pls reply baba..

    • Tuktuk

      200 marks!
      every question was of 2.5 marks!!
      you can check that on question paper too!!

      • Jimboomba

        ok tuktuk…

  • Deep

    Hi Baba…. I attempted 65 questions and I think I ll get around 95-100 marks. Is it good enough for qualifying for mains baba .. Pls tel me

    • yes deep…go ahead with mains

  • kumar

    sir my handwriting is not good .how much does it cost me in mains exam.Spending time for handwriting is worth or not .

    • whenever you start answer writing, it will improve automatically. No need for it to be beautiful but still legible.


    I appeared UPSC prelims 2015, but not satisfactory. should I start straight away for next year prelims or prepare for mains 2015?


    babaji i told to see IRA SINGHAL SCORE CARD TO those who are much worried about cut off not you….
    i never meant to challenge you ………….i am your ardent follower…..
    i am getting 80…in Gs I………GEN CATEGORY….YOUR ADVICE????

    • ROHINI

      babaji……plz reply

    • Our advice to everyone irrespective of their score – prepare for Mains after Prelims if you REALLY WANT TO BE AN IAS. Simple. 🙂

  • Laila

    Baba ji, I want to sit for 2016 exam, but as I am working, I cant devote much time to coaching right now. I will be leaving work by next year. Side by Side I am also preparing in bits and pieces for both Mains and Prelims. According to you how much time do I need to give to Mains preparation and prelims? I cant afford to spend the whole year, so can you suggest a strategy?

    • No bits and pieces technique required. Wait for our 2016 strategy and follow it religiously. We have taken into consideration working people as well. For now just read NCERTs and basic books. Get absolutely sure about them. Rest all leave on us. Good luck

  • rockstar

    am aiming at 2016 upsc examination. and am a beginner, reading ncert books. should i read editorials from now onwards? should i read them seriously and remember everything in that as if i am preparing for essay writing or is it enough to go trough it for once or twice and digest the issues?

    • About Editorial at this point – answer is a big NO. You’ll simply waste time and lose motivation. One golden rule – do not blindly do what everyone else is doing. There’s a method to all this madness. For now, get a firm grip on NCERTs and then on other basic books we or any reliable senor suggest. Read newspaper to grasp what all is happening in India and the World. Trust us when we say it’ll all fall in place with time. Don’t rush towards anything. Best of luck

  • Pradeep Vishnu

    I’m aiming for 2017 examination.Now i’ve started reading NCERT’S and developed a habit of reading THE HINDU everyday….i sure that i will make it in 2017. The myth before is mains preparation.How to start ..? what are the skills that must be inculcated before starting preparation.?? How to present the answer for a theoritical questin….I’m bit confused about this, which fades my hope….!!!!!!

    • Pradeep , don’t take it the wrong way but 2017 is a long way to worry about answer writing. Read NCERTs properly. Revise them regularly and develop a tempo for newspaper reading. Doing this for 3-4 months will do wonder to you. You’ll automatically feel like expressing yourself and writing answers on current issues. You feel illusioned about answer writing because at this point you don’t have the knowledge base. Just think – can you write answers in your college exams without preparing ? No right. Same thing applies here. So for the next 3-4 months just concentrate on NCERTs and other basic books + newspaper. We’ll release a comprehensive strategy for 2016 and beyond. Keep an eye on it. It’ll really help you. Our best wishes.

      • Pradeep Vishnu

        thanks a lot baba…….!!! it enlightened my view..wil follow baba.!!!

  • kriti

    As i am preparing for 2016 CSE, i want to know that what sought of strategy an aspirant need to follow so that he/she can clear this exam in one go. What sought of planning is required. Please suggest, your guidance is immensely useful to us.

    • Kriti , wait for a few days. Our 2016 plan will clear all your doubts 🙂

  • Path2Victory

    Babaji please provide a strategy for commerce optional …I gave prelims 2015…scoring 125
    +….need to upgrade my optional apart from GS under ur guidance…..

    • Hi , regarding optionals we do not have any resources as of now. If we find something relevant we’ll surely provide

      • Path2Victory

        Thanks a lot Baba….ur all-out and concerted efforts really helped a lot during prelims…thanks again for the support..

  • Sunil Makkar

    @Iasbaba, I am currently working with an IT company in Chennai. I have started preparing for IPS 2016 and no doubt, is one stop solution for all the queries or materials we require. The only question , I have is

    I am a married man, having one year old daughter. However, Just beacuse of my job location. I am in PG & have enough time (Apart from office hours) to read. Sometimes, I feel uncomfortable reading alone. I am planning to join coaching classes in chennai (not sure). Is there any way, I can utilise my maximum time to read exactly what is required. Will it be a wise decision to leave job for at least 6 months to prepare for it. Though, I am sure my wife will not support my decision. But I am not happy with this private boring job.

    Your opinion will be of great help!

    • Hi Sunil

      Practically, considering your present situation, leaving JOB may not be a wise decision. Your responsibilities towards your family is way social than UPSC 🙂 However, if your conviction and determination level is good enough there is No stopping for you to clear this exam being into present situation. Many have done this and will do this again and again. Its all about your perspective and hard work towards achieving what you perceive!

      Yes you can do it for sure. At least when we are around 🙂 For 2016 aspirants we are planning a different initiative. You can wait for it and once comfortable enough to be part of it, can be rest assured to achieve your desired goal. All the very Best

      • sunil makkar

        Thank you Sir !

    • AZ911

      Don’t follow the herd mentality and read everything you see across the road. The key in your situation is ‘smart study’. Understand the basics and in your mind, think about what possible questions can come around that concept. This will help you remember things clearly. For this, the starting point would be a brief analysis of previous years’ questions papers.

  • preetam choudhary

    Dear Team.
    Will you please clarify how different is the general studies paper of prelims and mains.Is it true that if we prepare for general studies mains we can easily clear gs prelims?

    • Not entirely true. Prelims is more factual whereas Mains is more analysis based. Though syllabus might seem same but approach towards both is not same. Wait for 2016 plan. It’ll integrate everything for you 🙂

      • Zuzu

        Baba… eagerly waiting for the 2016 plan to come up. When is it likely to come?

      • Zuzu

        Baba… eagerly waiting for the 2016 plan to come up. When is it likely to come?

      • Zuzu

        Baba… eagerly waiting for the 2016 plan to come up. When is it likely to come?

      • Zuzu

        Baba… eagerly waiting for the 2016 plan to come up. When is it likely to come?

      • Zuzu

        Baba… eagerly waiting for the 2016 plan to come up. When is it likely to come?

  • Ganesh Kadam

    Sir, Is it necessary taking notes. I heard from seniors that notes helps a lot in last minute revision. I tried to maintain notes but it is a confusing process. Can you please throw light on this issue. How to maintain notes when information is coming from many sources. Please solve this problem.

  • Phaalguni

    can anyone clear mains in 3 months ???

    • why not?

      • abc

        Pls reply

      • abc

        Pls reply

      • abc

        Pls reply

      • abc

        Pls reply

      • abc

        Pls reply

  • Tuktuk

    Satariakal baba! How much wait for 2016 plan? :O

  • abc

    Hello iasbaba…..I had a doubt..please please clear it—

    What is/are responsible for seasons on the surface of earth.

    A) Rotation of earth
    B) Revolution of earth
    C)Tilt of the earth along its orbital plane.

    2)2 and 3

    Please babaji do answer and clear my doubt. Thanks in advance

  • shillong

    wanted to start off with the TLP , however inspite of registering twice with alternate email ids i have not received any passwords to proceed with my registration and login, baba if u could pls help me out with this

    • Right now our TLP Virtual Platfrom registration is stopped due to Crash of server. You can still participate without registration. Once Virtual Platform is done, we will start registration process in new server . 🙂 Do subscribe to IASbaba for recent updates and posts. 🙂

  • shillong

    wanted to start off with the TLP , however inspite of registering twice with alternate email ids i have not received any passwords to proceed with my registration and login, baba if u could pls help me out with this

  • shillong

    wanted to start off with the TLP , however inspite of registering twice with alternate email ids i have not received any passwords to proceed with my registration and login, baba if u could pls help me out with this

  • shillong

    wanted to start off with the TLP , however inspite of registering twice with alternate email ids i have not received any passwords to proceed with my registration and login, baba if u could pls help me out with this

  • shillong

    wanted to start off with the TLP , however inspite of registering twice with alternate email ids i have not received any passwords to proceed with my registration and login, baba if u could pls help me out with this

  • sayan dey chaudhuri

    Babaji pranam….

    1)I am a working professional and dont get time to read the hindu.So naturally i look for a alternative which will give ready made analysis of the day’s hindu.The daily current news analysis provided by you is highly analytical but the no. of news covered is low…so wherefrom i can get a total coverage and jist of a days news paper or will the “daily baba” be enough?

    2)Another request to u baba. Concerning the daily analysis, can they be formated in a way such that when pdf is downloaded different sections of news(like national,defence,economy etc) start from separate pages so that after taking a print we can segregate it according to subject.

    3) A guidance for working professional is the third request babaji. I work in an office where mobiles etc electronic gadets are not allowed and internet is also unavailable. So some “prasad” in the form of “advice” will be much appreciated.

    Jai ho babaji ki.

    • Its not about number of news. Still you are unaware of UPSC demand. Aspirants kill their time in covering irrelevant stuffs from here and there. Look at our Magazine and decide, do you need more?

      Our Magazine is already formatted like the way you have mentioned. Kindly go through June-July edition.

      Whole website’s work is for you only- STILL YOU NEED MORE “PRASAAD” 😛

      • sayan dey chaudhuri

        Kya kare babaji ye dil maange more…..but on a serious note..thank you very much babaji for your advice….waiting eagerly for 2016 strategy…my best wishes with you.

  • rahul kuamr

    Pranam babaji
    I have done my b tech from electrical engineering and I think I may qualify the prelims this year but I am confused regarding optional paper as I do not have command over by grad paper.Please tell me which optional paper I should chose as having time constraints and also i should be at par with those who has optional paper as their grad subject . I am thinking between sociology and geography.

  • rj

    how do I register for TLP virtual class room programme. I saw in the post a mention of look on the right side of the site but i do not find any registration form. It would be great if you send the link or reply with the link and even after registering how do i login?

    • Right now our TLP Virtual Platfrom registration is stopped due to Crash of server. You can still participate without registration. Once Virtual Platform is done, we will start registration process in new server . 🙂 Do subscribe to IASbaba for recent updates and posts.

  • Deccan Sniper

    Hello IAS Baba,
    Sorry I am posting my doubt again,
    1. Sir what do yo think about making notes can you tell us how to make notes.
    2. Does source matters or content? (as long as we are clearing topics)

    Sir, I have started preparing from February. (I did not had any hard core exposure of UPSC till then) I have read NCERTs and some basic reference book 2 times.(Not all) I was going self in initial stages. I have not prepared especially for mains as such. I have not prepared optional totally I just went through GS. Should I enroll in TLP mains program?

    • Look how we are making notes 🙂 Our posts are notes only. Isn’t it. Look at the issue in broader sense. Don’t write too much in Notes. Only most important points.

      You should start participating in TLP. There is no enrollment as of now since our server crashed. Once we reinstate it, we will ask for registration- FREE. For now, follow TLP Updates and start participating. You will learn many things because we will cover exactly in UPSC format, demand and concepts. Also personal feedback will help you alot

  • Zuzu

    Hello Baba,
    I would be appearing for 2016 exam. I have started preparing for the same. But, I have some confusion over what optional to choose. I have been preparing for mechanical and mathematics both since my undergrad days when there were two optionals at that time. I always had a knack for solving mathematics, but my stronghold is mechanical engineering. Recently, I even came to know that the marking in maths optional is binary. What I mean by saying that is if one attempts the question correctly in maths, then only credit is given for the same. In case of wrong attempt, zero marks is allotted against that question. Well, I can’t comment about the authenticity of this marking system. That’s where you need to throw some light. But at the same time, I have seen previous years data where the candidates with maths optional score very high (350+ last year – highest in any optional). These two things put together create confusion for me in choosing maths as optional subject. So, if I discard maths, the only optional left with me where I can do decently well is Mechanical Engineering(my undergrad curriculum). I have been a decent scorer in my college days, maintained a CPI above 9 throughout my B.Tech curriculum. This kind of makes me feel that if I put some genuine effort, then I can do well in the UPSC mechanical optional as well. At least the marking would not be binary here. What do you suggest? What should I do? Please don’t suggest taking humanities as optional. If I choose any humanities subject as optional, I won’t have enough motivation to study the same and would soon loose my momentum.
    All others who are reading this post, your suggestions are most welcome!!!

    • Frankly we don’t have right suggestion regarding your optional. But after your write up, we would suggest to go with Mechanical since you are more comfortable in that, we feel 🙂 . Do not get into any irrelevant story regarding marking scheme. No one knows it. Every year one of the toppers is from Maths. Even this year, Rank-8. It has no relation at all. If you are BOND in your field, who will mess up with you 😛

  • Srishti

    Hello babaji. I found ur site very very useful. I m preparing for 2016 so should i wait for ur 2016 plan or can i post answers for ur TLP initiative????
    My optional is zoology……please suggest the books for the same…….:)

    • Hi

      You should participate because you are preparing 🙂 You will learn a lot and that too some great stuffs. It will never be a loss in any sense. Regarding Optional- 😛

  • Ankur

    Sir, thanks for your guidance for prelims. scored 110-114 this year. Your 60 days program and revision notes helped a lot.
    Have no idea whether I’ll be able to clear prelims or not.
    Anyways I’ll still start preparing for mains.
    My query is regarding my optional, i.e. Anthropology. It’s a kind of optional where 60-70% questions are picked up from previous year ques. but there is no online repository of these ques. Moreover only unsolved ques. papers are available in the market.
    There is a forum for anthropology ques. on but its 2 year old and almost dead.
    I am willing to type all the ques. for past 8-10 years, and will post the answers too over the next 1 month, and will post important articles too, this will help creating an organized repository of material and ques. for this optional in particular where answers from other participants will impove upon the quality of answers and provide alternative answers.

    Baba ji, please tell me if this or something similar and be started on this website.

    • Hello Ankur ,

      Everything is good, but it is important to be regular. Say we create an anthropology page and you are pretty active on it initially but what it fades out soon. Anyway , your idea is commendable and can be looked into. A few more helpful aspirants can come forward and do this much their optionals. Please email us (so that we have your ID) and we can take it from there and see what we can do. Thanks

      • Ankur

        Babaji, please respond to email. _/_

  • prerna

    hello IASbaba , i saw 100 days mains strategy and other stuffs here . i want to thank you for such efforts . my only query is : do i need to read hindu also along with daily plan for 100 days and magazine stuff where almost every relevant article is going to be covered ?

    i just want to ask that if following 100 days plan along with our optional subject and magazine reading would be sufficient during 3 months ? do i need to read hindu in addition to 100 days plan ?

    • We think it will be sufficient. We’ll try to frame questions so your current affairs are prepared side by side. No need to study Hindu in much detail. But still do glance over it everyday.

  • JS

    hi baba . is there any online class for political science and international relations ???

  • Khaleel Mohammad

    can anyone say how to login or register with iasbaba plz?

    • The registration option is diabled for now. We are facing certain issues with it. You don’t need to register to answer question. Simply answer them as a comment when questions are released

      • Khaleel Mohammad

        Thank u sir

  • Ankit

    Can u plz share the strategy for Hindi Literature optional subject. It will be really helpful. Thanks in advanve.

    • Hi Ankit , we are not in a position to do so. Extremely sorry.

    • sonu india

      Hi Ankit, are u from Delhi and what’s ur medium ?

      • Ankit

        I am from Bangalore. Medium is hindi & optional is Hindi Literature.

        • sonu india

          same here bhi, hindi medium , hindi literature optional and from delhi, we can help each other and also involving some more serious hindi medium candidates by genuinely reviewing answers of each other in TLP program

          • Ankit

            Sure. I m also searching some serious aspirants mainly for Hindi literature.

  • sonu india

    Hi IASBABA, please also provide thr TLP question in hindi medium so that hindi medium aspirants like me can write answers. Thanks in advance. Plz reply.

    • Sonu , we donot have people to put questions in Hindi. We are extremely sorry. But you can answer these questions in hindi. There are many aspirants with Hindi medium. Aap ek start karo , people will join you and 8-10 serious aspirants can cross review each other’s answers.

      • sonu india

        Thanks for the reply sir, I will do the same

  • Anusha

    Baba 2016 aspirants are eagerly waiting for u.. When are u goin to show ur Mercy upon us?

    • Very high on demand. Patience. It will be announced soon. May start in October…Till then read through NCERTS and before that follow all the posts under GS PRELIMS-Menu Bar

      • Anusha

        Thanq baba

  • RV

    Dear Baba,

    Do you have any resource for the punjabi literature optional ?? I am just starting to prepare this optional. Please provide any good online study resource for punjabi optional if possible. It would be great if this optional is included on this website itself.

    Thank you

  • RV

    Dear Baba,

    Do you have any resource for the punjabi literature optional ?? I am just starting to prepare this optional. Please provide any good online study resource for punjabi optional if possible. It would be great if this optional is included on this website itself.

    Thank you

  • sai preetham

    hi sir….
    i need guidance for psir…these 3 months r very crucial to me…i have sincerely followed ur advice in prelims.Now help me in PSIR

  • santosham

    Sir kuchh dino se current afairs hindi me nhi aa rhe kripya continue karen. Mai daily aapke diye current ka notes bnata hun. And also plz try to give magzine in hindi.

  • P72

    hello IASBABA i am beginner. i need your guidance . i want to know how to start preparation for civil services. i don’t know what to read or not to read , i am bsc 2nd year student .
    I am so confused about it.
    plz help me

    • Go through GS PRELIMS TAB- MENU BAR and wait for 2016 Plan to be released soon

  • Deepak

    2016 plan ?????


    Sir I am perusing graduation from IGNOU and it will be finished with exam conducted in month of DEC 2016. Can I appear in CAPF(AC) 2016 examination?

  • pravesh shah

    can you please help me out about the best reading material for prelims 2016 exam. Please suggest some best books for general studies paper 1st

  • Rushikesh Badave

    Babaji can you please start TLP for Sociology Optional too?

    • meg

      ya.. please provide for Sociology optional too

  • sushanta

    Sir my state psc exam is on Nov 1 and it consists of GS and csat but csat is not qualifying.both GS n csat will b taken intoconsideration for ias pre exam was also not good.shd I focus on tlp mains or state psc prelim exam to b held on Nov 1?plz guide sir

  • Manpreet Kaur Mankoo

    Babaji, I’m looking for that page wherein you have explained what exactly is expected from questions which say -“Critically examine, examine, comment, analyse, etc…” Somehow I am unable to find it! 🙁 Can you help here?

    • Manpreet

      Once you are part of IASbaba, you should learn and get familiar with your Family, NO! 🙂 Anyways just kidding….That article is part of Mains, right…so it should be under Mains Tab.


      In case you are again muddled—here is the link

      • Manpreet Kaur Mankoo

        Yeah, I know! 😛 I actually went through that page, but I don’t know, somehow overlooked it!!
        Thanks for such a quick reply!! 🙂

        Always thankful!! 🙂

  • Pra Jo

    sir.can u provide more mindmaps…..for polity also…..if possible…

  • R. Singh

    I reviewed/replied some answers on but they got deleted (or hidden) and are not showing up.

    Why? Is it not allowed to review other people’s answers?

    • Check now..some problem with comment system

  • amit

    Sir, 2016 plan is eagerly awaited.
    Please also at least mention the books/coaching material needed for Sociology optional.
    This will be of immense help.

  • Rohit

    babaji 2016 strategy??

  • Sneha

    Hi iasbaba, appreciate your efforts in improving your site on a daily basis. Would be glad if there are inputs provided for the qualifying papers- English and Indian Language- as well. We often forget to concentrate on those two papers because they are merely qualifying in nature but it is important to clear the two papers so that the other papers are evaluated. Could you please share some Questions/suggestions/guidelines w.r.t the two Papers? Thank You!

    • Near Mains..we will try…now we are full of work

  • munichandra kannavaram

    Hi…! sir..can you tell me what is the eligibulity to take ” LITERATUR (telugu) ” as optinal subject in mains and There is any disadvantages by taking regional language(telugu) as a writing language in mains. I am a B.Pharmacy student.

  • rockstar

    Acharya devaa…..!!!….which ncert books are to be read? old or new ones? some people suggests new and some old, everybody is referring old ncert books for history in particaular. what should be the criteria?

    • For history- Old

      Geography- Mains- Old- Land & People (World Geo)

      Rest refer New NCERT’s

  • Aspirant

    Hi Team! Kudos for all initiatives which are going on.

    I’ve a few doubts. In your TLP Geography program, are you displaying best answers or your own sample answers? If so, could you please share me the exact link? I am unable to find it. If you are not displaying, I request you to display them.

    when will you be launching the plan for 2016? So many of us eagerly waiting for this

    thanks in advance

    • 2016 plan is in the making…We are not displaying Best answers…will try

  • Keerthi priya

    Namaskar babaji….??
    Please start 2016 plan for mains,prelims and optional as a that we can study as early as possible and there will be high chance to clear all stages in nxt attempt itself please reply me.

  • BST


  • avishek

    For 2016, how can i start with iasbaba for ultimate result.Baba plz show the way….plz…plz..reply…..

  • santosham

    Hello sir… 2016 prelims ke liye current ka notes kab se banana chahiye. Ias pre and mains me kitne months ka current cover karna hoga.plz reply

    • for 2016 Prelims

      July 2015 to July 2016

      Mains- December 2015 to December 2016

  • WraithofK

    Which old history ncert are you talking about. Which writers. Ancient that i know are all for class XI. You have recommended class XII old ncert(Ancient India) for history in your post but i dont know any such book for class XII. Rs sharma, Makkhan lal all wrote for class XI.
    You also havent replied to my inquiries in that post.?Thanx

  • bhawana

    baba norman lowe’s world history is very detailed, is it a must to study it from cover to cover?
    And baba plz share links of khan academy’s world history videos.

  • satheesh

    Baba thanks for your suggestion to watch justice Harvard videos .. it was excellent … Please guide me further
    ie how to prepare further
    is it good to read lexicon or subba rao book on ethics Baba ????

  • satheesh

    Baba I gave prelims this year
    I am from OBC category .. Getting cut off around 104 +/- 5 what is my chance for getting into mains ???

  • Deepak

    Your Views on unacademy videos ???

    • Ask Roman 🙂 We have no idea

  • Tuktuk

    hello baba!!! its been so long, waiting for your 2016 plan! how much more days???

    • You think we are delaying this intentionally? whenever its ready to go, we will post

  • Anusha

    Baba..I started my ncert reading. Along with that should I start making notes from hindu??-2016 aspirant

    • Read our Daily News Analysis and Magazines…You will understand how to make notes…Also go to important article section for How to Read The will understand note making….don’t go into depth of note making now…focus on building your base for content…

      • Anusha

        k baba..thanq

  • Ancient India 11th…may be mistakenly written 🙂

    We would have mentioned 12th Old for World History

  • In the making..patience

  • Deepak

    Ias babaji…Please write an article to read How to read Yojana magagine ??

    • check the yojana compilation

  • Darshan

    post some article on santhara

  • Anusha

    Teachers are like the candles, which consume themselves to brighten the lives of others.. Baba yesterday I observed that u started posting TLPs and replying our comments from 10pm and worked on ur site till 2am. Hats off to u Baba. The above quote suits u d best. Happy teachers day Guru ji. 🙂

  • ias 2017

    I really need plan for electrical engineering. I have chosen that as optional. Please make a plan as you have made for prelims.

  • SD

    Sir, is there going to be any initiative for Philosophy optional..? Please reply. Thank you

    • not as of resources

  • Narayanareddy g

    Your website is really cool,other websites are unable to open due to low net speed.
    But this one is working nice. Thank you..
    Q>How much time an aspirant should spend in this website everyday ?

  • 47

    What is the rationale for allowing states to impose 1% additional tax on Inter state supplies in the proposed GST regime?

  • Santhosh Venkatesh

    Baba a small suggestion.
    RSS feeds are available for the whole site as of now. But it would to great if its available for all initiatives separately

    in the same way for optionals and other initiatives.
    It would be unique for IASbaba site, where each aspirant would receive relevant feeds for his preparation as soon as new content are posted 🙂

  • Rajiv

    Hello Sir,
    Can u plz suggest me choosing Zoology as optional subject.
    I am dental postgraduate and very good at paper 2 and some parts of paper 1 and preparing for 2016.

    When i should start preparing for it, can u plz suggest me study materials forthe same.

  • Neha

    Baba i m a new learner
    A new starter for upsc preparation
    Can u plz guide me for ncert n other books..

    • wait for 2016 plna

      • Neha

        Baba.. .i have started reading ncert
        But what kind of notes should be taken.. .??
        and also hindu but how much time should i spend on it. ..???

      • Neha

        Baba. .. Wat abt 2016 plan.. ????

  • sai preetham

    hi sir…wish u happy teachers day…your initiative of providing quality education is highly appreciated entire prelims preparation is based on your strategy..i need a help from u sir…this time i changed my optional to POLITICAL please guide me ..with your support i can complete it in a given please guide me sir..

  • Ankit

    Babaji can i instead of typing answers upload them handwritten for TLP-100 days program,that way i can write them in office itself and save some time for studying next day topic when i come back home.

  • Antony

    Hi sir is there any possibility that you will provide questions and strategy regarding political science optional. At least book list for the concerned topic would be helpful.

    • Hope for the best. We are trying hard for it

  • Abhay

    I want to read about the creation of israel, the palestine problem and the history of iran and saudi arabia for GS international relations part? Where can I find this information? Which books or sites?

  • Kshetragna

    Sir some questions are being indicated as protected and it is asking for a password to view/post answers.So where can i get a password.

    • 11thKid

      Mentioned on the page where you get all the questions together.

    • TLP2015

  • Mangesh

    UPSC 2016 strategy… kab se start ho gi baba.. Eagerly Waiting….

    • Patience..jab bhi aegaaa..Uske baad humari zimmedari hi apko cover kraane ki…No Chintaaa…

  • Manoj Chaudhary

    Baba ji plss gide to clear doubts of discribe, discuss, examin , cticaly examin, analysis, and other such words that we face trouble in mains paper….


    IAS BABA one of the best website i have seen.

    Need your help please put the links for the SOCIOLOGY optional i.e which topic can be studied from where and in one of your post you have written “”There are two excel files. One for Plan and other for Resources”” but there is only one excel file ??

    Please provide with some links or guide us to cover sociology syllabus …….PLZ

    • Hi Ashok

      On MENU BAR-Click on TLP OPTIONAL MAINS….You will reach to a Page where All Optional subjects (on IASbaba) is mentioned. Click on Sociology. You will reach to the page….Now click on Plan- This is a complete Excel File- Bottom of the File (after you open it)- you will find tabs… 🙂 In case you didn’t understand..this is the page you will reach if you click on Menu Bar- TLP OPTIONAL MAINS


        In this Excel sheet sir there is just the name of topic to be understood which chapter n dates nothing else i can find.’I would like to know from where i can study these mentioned topics..i can find no links.

        • Ask the participants on Day-1..there are some senior aspirants…they will give you better picture..also..check the plan again..we have updated it…in excel…LHS Bottom…Sheet 2… 🙂

          • ASHOK YADAV

            Got it Thnks sirjee u r gr8…

  • Captcha

    Baba you said in a comment to follow July-July for Prelims and Dec to Dec for Mains – in current affairs. Few questions:
    1. Would like to know how to cover July and August 2015 current affairs from prelims point of view.
    2. My previous current affairs notes is from oct 14 to april 15 – mostly editorials. It’s extremely long. So revising and shortening will take a lot of time. How do I make use of that.. or shall I let it go. I saw in your Mains subject wise strategies that qns can be asked from as far back as Jan 2012 in Mains 2013. So from that point of view should I read those old notes or start afresh?
    3.How to make revisable and short notes from editorials as half of the lines seem important.
    4.Would also like to get some feedback on the notes I’ve made. Can i send a sample to [email protected]?

    • CA is based on Issues…what we said was meant in general….issues keep on repeating…if you follow them diligently you will get them…follow our Daily Current Affairs…you will understand what to follow from editorials..regarding personal notes- No time..pardon us 🙂 Learn this through practice. There is no single way of doing it and this is also personal choice depending on individual. If you really understood our mains strategy, you would have understood the message behind. 🙂

      Anyways, understanding of CA is more imp than making copy of editorials…you will find everything imp if you keep making notes like this…you will create your own library one day without even reading your own creation. So, note down very imp stuffs…in point forms…now what is very imp? Is subjective and depends on your understanding 🙂

      • Captcha

        Let me try that in today’s paper. Your DCA does not necessarily draw input only from the editorials of the day. You’re letting an issue build up and then strike it. So the idea is to have a structure in the head of the issue behind a bunch of news/edits and connect those structures together after there’s enough wisdom(within the scope of the syllabus). Any new information either fits that framework or alters it if the need be, in a flexible mental environment – the various sources(Hindu, Yojana etc) are only aids to cement that framework in one’s head. That’s my understanding of the message behind mind maps/DCA/Mains strategy combined.. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • AK

    1.How much (how many pages in Upsc fixed answer sheet)to write for 30 marks, 10 marks and 5 marks.Never wrote mains so want some idea abt it.

    2. If possible help with Kannada lit mains approach
    Thanks in advance.

  • kapil sharma

    Baba ji

    Day 9 – Case study has protected by password

    Can you tell me?

    How does we get this password?

    (for Its requirement)


    What should we write the case study in geography optional?

    (Answer with geographical case study or in simple term)

    Guide us run on______

    we are felicitation the IASBABA website.

    (Its content have very clear point of views.)

    • Password is TLP2015

      Seems you have not subscribed IASbaba…do subscribe and read the main post through your email. If you would have done this, this password issue might not have happened 🙂

      • kapil sharma

        baba ji

  • Lazy.Lad

    Dear Baba jee I have one confusion
    Can you suggest me which optional is best … my interest on all
    Sociology,Geography or Economics

    • For sociology and geography you can connect with serious aspirants on our website. Go to TL Optional Mains-Menu Bar. You will find many of them. Also read the strategy for Geography…And decide…both are good…depends how you take it 🙂

  • tejas pathane

    Jay Bharat Baba ji first of all millions thanks for this initiative..m from rural area of maharastra now sure hope to mains..plese provide atleast booklist for LAW optional…I am waiting..Thank you so much..

  • manisha

    Respected Sir,
    I have doubt regarding my optional subject! Sir civil engineering is my optional subject but it is very difficult for me to find guidance for the same! Will you please provide me anynhelp is such case!
    Thank you Sir!

    • NO resources for your optional ..really sorry 🙁

      • manisha

        Okay thank you Sir, but waiting for next plan of action 2016

      • manisha

        Thank you sir, but let me know if you find one

  • Mitul

    Babaji Namaste _/_ : CS-2016 Aspirant

    I wanted to ask if it is feasible to write the mains in English, as i have done my schooling in regional language(Gujarati) and i can’t find any valuable material for the preparation, even the newspapers here are so dumb.

    As my English is not that good that i can write the answers as other english medium aspirants can, can you suggest me the way out from the confusion?

    • that case go with English…it just a matter of hard work…you will get comfortable with consistent practice 🙂

  • Jimboomba

    Baba the link for vinay lal sirs history classes were found to be extremely helpful..Pls share more such youtube links which makes studies more interesting

    • sure 🙂

    • Have you referred Harvard Videos for Ethics we suggested? If not, visit them…

      • Jimboomba

        Havent referred them yet..But will definitely hear them very soon..I also heard that there a set of 12 lectures by Micheal Sandel which are helpful in tackling the ethics part…:)

      • Jimboomba

        I am sorry..typed in haste..what i mentioned is nothing but the harward videos only..:)

  • kumar

    Sir Is it worth spending time on world history for studying .
    If it’s worth what books to refer to .
    Please help me on this

    sociology is relatively new to me , should just go for class notes of sir or should do extra grinding for it .
    .The main problem is how to develop the sociological perspective of writing answers and reading news .
    I am engineering graduate so can u help me on that.

    • Hi Kumar

      Refer to Old NCERT for world history….also look for khan academy videos for better understanding of events in world history.

      Go to TLP Optional Mains- Menu Bar….there is a section for SOCIOLOGY. You will find many senior and serious aspirants writing answers there. Get in touch with them for your queries regarding it .. 🙂

  • Manjunath M P

    Dear Baba,

    When can we expect the Complete Plan strategy for 2016 aspirants

    With Regards

    • very soon…don’t be impatient..we are working on it 🙂

  • Ashish Jamwal

    baba please start a section on Hindu news analysis like the one in INSIGHT

    • Much better than that…patience..we only have 24 hours 🙂

  • Nitha

    Dear Baba,
    I am a 2006 aspirant . Do you have any resources for anthropology mains ? Can you suggest few books on that ?
    With Regards,

  • Aditya

    For giving CSE 2016, when should one start reading Newspaper and magazines rigorously for making notes and updates?

    • Start from now only… 🙂

      • Aditya

        So do I need to read previous months newspapers and magazines or starting from this month would suffice?

        • Start from now..we will make you learn previous issues if you are with baba 🙂

          • Aditya

            Always with you baba. 😀 Do you have any article regarding how to read newspaper or magazines?

          • Yeah…

            Find- How to read The Hindu in this page 🙂

          • Aditya

            Thanks baba!
            But I have one very major doubt that is, if I read an article today regarding drought in a state or something related to industrial growth and make notes from it, then how would that relate after an year i.e. during Prelims because apparently there would be change in situation or the growth of industries.
            So, how am I suppose to tackle that?

          • If the data is factual, you need to update otherwise just for examples, you can use it anyway 🙂

  • rahul yadav

    i am second year student aspiring for upsc, recently i was caught for ragging in the institute unfortunately and suspended for 1 year along with few batchmates, an fir is also filed against me.will i be eligible for any post from upsc in the future if i qualify.? plz reply dying out of confusion.

    • rahul yadav

      is the code of conduct of any student in his institute a matter of concern for the upsc.?

    • will get back to you after confirmation 🙂

      • rahul yadav

        tq ! plz try to reply asap

      • rahul yadav

        how long will you take for confirmation baba ?

        • We tried to confirm but there are some ambiguity. You should contact UPSC Office. They will clarify this for sure

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    babajee i want to clarify one thing, i read somewhere that we should give good conclusion, but in trying to give this i am exceeding word limit,,moreover i am also missing many points in this quest..

    • Never miss you content and demand of the question in lieu of writing conclusion. If you understand the question well, from start to end, then conclusion will be taken care of automatically. On broad level, keep practicing and infer your word limit. One day, you will write within word limit that too without worrying about counting it 🙂

  • anil kumar

    Unable to view tlp questions of geo . even I tried with password

    • TLP2015

      • anil kumar

        Got it baba thx

  • Roy Pushkin

    hello babaji, m 2016 aspirant, any help on philosophy optional?? also, is it necessary to go through class6 to 10 ncerts for history n geo?? finding it less detailed actually

    • Nothing for Philosophy as of now…Yes it is necessary..but selectively

  • Barjinder Bhullar

    Sir , do we need to study europe refugee crisi??I think not concerned with Indian interest

    • It is very much connected to India. India has not signed International Convention/Treaty on Refugee! Answer lies in Why? Very important issue. We have covered this in recent Daily Current refer

  • Ankur Jain

    sir for yojana i am relying on u for mains. u will publish the remaining ones of july, aug and sep?

    • Yes we will publish it…due to heavy work load its getting delayed…but very soon 🙂

      • Ankur Jain

        thanx sir

  • Vignes Waran

    Baba ji.. Please join mathematics optional also in ur mains plan ..

  • Aditya

    Baba ji,
    Should I bookmark your daily current affairs everyday or make notes for remembering or just read it thoroughly?

    • Your choice. Its your personal call 🙂 AS you feel comfortable

      • Aditya

        Babaji, I was making what wold be more suitable from poont of examination? My choice very much depends upon your guidance baba ji 😛

  • Yaswanth

    Sir, Which book would be best fof IR and also my humble request to compile IDSA Articles which are relevant for both IR ans Security issues.They are widely useful
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    • Go to Mains strategy and read our article on IR…

  • Bluff

    hello baba !

    haven’t received a single review of the answers written yet. M i missing something (date, time etc -?? )

    • We cannot be available round the clock to review. In between loads of work has to be done for future contents as well. You might be writing lately..may be. Don’t worry. Keep on writing. You will get it reviewed for sure…

  • manish

    i saw u give personal feedback for essay..its really superb…but is there any weekly essay thing like we have at insightindia…i guess hindi medium studenst also gets feed back from u

  • Himanshu Sharma

    Sir , my optional is psychology. Can u please give mind maps for it?

  • Ankur Jain

    baba ji yojana wala doubt clear kar dijiye.. imp hain

  • gopala krishna

    Sir , from which month to which month current affairs that need to cover with respect to prelims and mains 2016 ?

    • July 2015 to November 2016

      • gopala krishna

        thank you so much

  • Sixzigma

    Sir , I am a working ,Mom of two and 2016 Aspirant here .Any useful links on your website that can help me start with the preparations considering the limited time I have for studies each day .

    • Dear

      We are working on 2016 Complete Plan for 1 year from now. Can you wait for few more days?. It will come as a complete solution for all your worries. 🙂 Till then Go to GS Prelims in Menu bar and read the Prelims Strategy…Follow our Daily News Analysis and Monthly Magazines…in the mean time we will release our Plan 🙂

      • Harshvardhan

        baba,busy with my work,will be available when 2016 plan starts.

        • No worries then 🙂

          • Harshvardhan

            Thank you baba.

          • Harshvardhan

            Hello Baba, I’m back to enjoy CS -2016 prelims preparation!! Get -Set-Go

  • manish

    baba yesterday i found one link on this site about case studies, but today unable to find. dont you have list of case studies at one place, i dont want solution, only case studies would suffice

    • Dear Manish

      Case study–Ethics–Mains! Isn’t it?

      Go to Menu Bar_GS Mains_Mains Strategy_Paper 4- You will get it 😀

      Even if not- then click here

      • manish

        baba ethics thread is really superb but actually i was looking for case studies…just case studies. here all i can see is approach or strategy ..

        • We will come up with them…patience…we are very small in numbers and doing too much 🙂 We are not Superman 😛 Heheh..just joking…give us sometime..we will surely provide you many of them 🙂 Also, go through TLP day wise plan and look for Ethics Days..there you will find some case studies too

          • manish

            thanks sir..!!!

  • Vignes Waran

    Baba ji please add mathematics optional paper please….

  • poonam agrawal

    baba m not able to utilize tlp properly as revising content of the questions takes time before writing it and while doing that i am piled up with the backlog of the topics here and there for which questions are covered.thus not able to write for last 2 days as clearing those backlogs.
    please suggest how to manage both. waiting for ur revert.

    • Focus is needed. Look at others, how are they doing ?

      Bring the motivation of competition 🙂 You can do it…its not impossible. Focus on your weak areas from the questions and work on that. Even if it takes time, its worth spending!

  • Sherlock

    baba how to enroll for virtual class? It is asking password for answer writing…i have logged into Disqus but unable to view questions…please help

    • Virtual class has been abandoned due to technical reasons…you can use it as it is….Password- TLP2015 🙂

  • QCA

    Hi Baba ji are doing a great work for us who could not afford costly coaching.
    I was going through 2012 mains question paper ..I have doubt on one question ..please explain me .how to approach this question ..

    Q) Geographical reason for the variation of literacy from state to state in India.explain.

    lower literacy rate states: bihar,up,arunachal pradesh,J&K
    higher literacy rate states: Kerala, TN , tripura, mizoram


  • BST

    @iasbaba:disqus Why don’t u post questions on current events from the newspaper? and give reviews on that?? Its just a suggestion if time permits you u try to do it and if done , it would be a great initiative….

    • We are already doing too many things in a day…will go gradually and attempt as per our limits. Thanks 🙂

  • Mere Sai

    I am Hindi medium.Will you evaluate answers of GS Mains daily questions in hindi medium?

    • Write regularly..we will try our best to review…few hindi aspirants are writing…we review their answers as and when we find time…

  • max

    dear babaji, its an excellent holistic website. One problem why is the approach to mains 2015 paper 3 not opening? the others are doing fine except the crucial one on economy . thanks

    • Its not yet published…will be published soon

  • Saarthak 01

    IAS Baba, you are running a section for daily current affairs and then a monthly too.
    What will be the difference in both of them, content wise ?

    • Monthly is the compilation of daily but arranged and formatted under same headings and sections. Additionally we also provide 3-4 past year issues which are important for this years Mains 🙂

  • sravan

    Hi Admin,
    Is it possible to provide the references for the daily questions asked? i feel that would be more helpful for us.

  • Harcharan Singh Gill


  • Tanu Singh

    It is asking password to view the the content when i am opening the page TLP: Geography.

    How to get the password? Please help.

    • TLP2015

      • Tanu Singh

        Thank you for instant reply…:)

  • Ankur Jain

    baba 2nd arc report k acche notes ka koi link batado

    • NO idea 🙂 If we find any, will inform you

  • Captcha

    Hello Baba.. Managed to reduce the time spent on Current Affairs from 6 hours to 3 hours, but how to reduce further. The kind of Hindu reading strategy you’ve provided, I tend to do that but it for sure takes a lot of time. So right now it’s a choice between covering all important articles of Entire Hindu vs covering the vital few with background research and preparing notes like your DCA. Please advise on this with respect to Prelims and Mains GS. Hope such issues will be addressed in the 2016 initiative.

    • Ankur Jain

      for mains u need current affairs now more than the traditional books. so look into the issue behind an event. dont mug up. but i will say give 3 hrs per day for current. u will be highly benefited

      • Captcha

        Thanks Ankur. Yes doing for 3 hrs as of now. But sifting through and reading all important articles (which are usually 30-35 in number for me) takes time. Out of that some articles seem more important for Prelims(say 5-6) than Mains as they contain factoids or an important location on map. Around 4-5 I mark important only because they contain a quote-worthy example. So should I be doing the way I’m doing or should I instead concentrate on the major 10-12 issues of the day and dig further on them from different angles? Range of numerous news/issues vs breadth and depth in selected major issues basically.. What to choose?

        • For any major issue, do you feel our DNA is incompetent to deal with it? Even after such an effort behind DNA, if you guys are still confused, then you haven’t understood the exam yet! This is the inference only. And if you are preparing for 2016, go slow Man…Give more weightage to basic components of syllabus and then relate it to CA. Once you are well equipped with components of syllabus, CA will take least time

          • Captcha

            DNA and Yojana/PIB gists are super awesome. There’s of course a fault in my thought process in understanding the exam. I’ll focus on the basics. But I hope I can keep asking such silly doubts without irking you. Thank You Sir.

  • QCA

    baba ji ..where can I find this topic : “cultural regions of the world”.[In human geography]

  • Jimboomba

    All eyes on paper 3 strategy….

  • winner2016

    pranipat baba ..!
    how can we generate demand side requirement for MSMEs.
    pls reply.
    thnk u.

  • kaustya

    how to generate password for accessing protected content ?

    • TLP2015

      use this as password 🙂

  • Kajal Singh

    Hello Baba ji, hope you’re doing fine and in best of your health.
    I have a problem which is affecting all my plans – Lack of accountability.

    I prepare alone using standard books and website like yours. I need a way to remain firm with my daily and weekly targets. I am often missing them due to lack of pressure on regular basis.

    Is there a way that I can be more accountable, a way that I am answerable to someone regarding the status of my weekly targets. This will help me remain on track. Looking for some ideas.

    Is there a provision for the same in the TLP 2016 plan?

    Thank you.

  • Kajal Singh

    Hello Baba ji, hope you’re doing fine and in best of your health.
    I have a problem which is affecting all my plans – Lack of accountability.

    I prepare alone using standard books and website like yours. I need a way to remain firm with my daily and weekly targets. I am often missing them due to lack of pressure on regular basis.

    Is there a way that I can be more accountable, a way that I am answerable to someone regarding the status of my weekly targets. This will help me remain on track. Looking for some ideas.

    Is there a provision for the same in the TLP 2016 plan?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Kajal

      You are asking something to which even coachingwallah’s despite looting lakhs have full silence 😛
      Wait for our plan to come out!

      • Kajal Singh

        Well, you’re not the regular coachingwallah 🙂 , I’m sure you can show me some direction on this matter. Accountability!

        • That’s why we wrote ” Wait for our plan to come out” 😀

          • Kajal Singh

            Even more eager now. I lack self discipline and hate myself for that.

    • Incognito

      Namaskaar. On the same boat as you. Waiting for Babaji’s initiative.

  • Hope

    I am a working Professional and Usually I got 5-6 Hour Per Day for Study. Out of these I consumed my 2-3 Hours in The Hindu Editorial (Reading & Note Making). Sometimes I also Read Indian Express. And I consumed Whole day in Just Editorials.

    My question is From a Editorial maximum we can remember 3-4 points. So what is the need of reading them? These point we can easily Collect from Various Sources like Daily News Analysis of + Civilsdaily Notes of Daily News with Monthly Vision IAS Current Affais Module Will not be enough?

    I am very new to this so any experience Person pls help me. Because I don’t want to regret on my decision later weather it is reading The Hindu or Solely Dependent on + Vision IAS Current Affairs Module.

    Please Reply Baba asap. Although I asked this question on 2-3 Places but I am solely Rely on you and your plan for 2016.


      Babaji plz reply. I have same question

      • Hope

        Babaji Pls Pls Help!! Please Reply…

    • Hope

      @[email protected]:disqus pls Help

      • I have replied to your comment already….you asked this at so many places and forgot 😛 Check again….TLP archives page

        • Hope

          Sorry Sir..I am going to check that.. 🙂

  • Nitish

    Baba, I’m unable to find a suitable solution to this question despite thinking over it for months!!
    “Should I prepare ONLY for IAS right away or write GATE, SSC etc. and study while working (if I get through)??”
    Background – I’m in my final year of engineering. 1st attempt in 2016. Bangalorean. Religious follower of your website. Can manage finances to some extent. Always wanted to join Civil Services.
    Please help me Baba!! Thanks in Adavance!! 🙂

    • Nitish

      Preparation for UPSC requires loads of commitment and sacrifices. Whether you should prepare or not? Is a question to be answered only by you.

      Baba, can only assure that if you prepare with us, we will definitely make it easy and exciting for you. Even then the effort, commitment and enthusiasm to prepare has to be yours 🙂 Wait for our 2016 Plan to come out…just few more days

      • Nitish

        OK baba! I’m eagerly waiting for the plan!! Thank you! 🙂

  • vivek anand

    its asking for passwords in some of the pages to visit …how to get a password ….help me out

  • vivek anand


  • devesh gupta

    Babaji how to open the link of the videos given in anthro material uploaded .

  • Bhavini

    Sir, is there any place I can find psychology material?

  • Rajan Agarwal

    Any plan of coming up with synopsis for the history optional…missed the initial days

    • Sorry..No plans as of now. We will surely try in future 🙂

  • swetha

    How do I revise effectively and how often. I’m having too many backlogs.

    • BaaHuBali EnterS

      Hai Swetha

      Look, this is a new breed of “coachingwallahs”…..being bullied is what in our Genes… make one strategy & follow it up…..running after websites will not fetch you the rank….”optical illusion”, we are being fooled……

      Best wishes

      • You are right. One should make a strategy and follow it up thoroughly. But, for those who are unable to make one, we are always there to help you out. 🙂

      • Atul

        Definitely it is in your Gene 😛 Go Man..seems you have been dumped few days ago..Go suck it up

  • Vaishnav

    Hi IASbaba.. I am preparing full time for CSE 2016. I have certain doubts. Considering your experience, knowledge and commitment, I think you are the best one to answer these.

    1. I am a regular follower of your website. Is coaching really necessary to get an edge over others?
    2. If yes, can you suggest some good coaching in Bangalore?
    3. How to track my progress while doing self-study like pace, if I am on right track or not, whether I am following/reading appropriate study materials, etc.
    4. Despite sheer hard work by numerous aspirants, what are the reasons for the failure? Is it all luck or is there any logic?

    Thanks a lot..!!

    • 1. Not really….many are doing it without coaching…if you really have more money to spend….you can go ahead 🙂

      2. No idea- But you can definitely wait till Baba comes up with any! Not coaching but sort of personal guidance type…

      3. Wait for 2016 plan- It is an answer for this 🙂

      4. No logic- Its all about ones hard work and some luck factor. Luck has nothing to do if you are not a committed person for your dream. Luck favor those who work hard. Exceptions are there but it has nothing to do with such an exam. No one is going to give you marks if you are obsessed with some luck charm and have come up with blank answer sheet ( here not upto mark performance) thinking, your luck charm would do any favor 🙂

      • BaaHuBali EnterS

        IASbaba, the so called one stop destination for UPSC preparation

        Don’t misguide aspirants with your dirty gimmicks!!
        What do you mean by “not coaching but sort of personal guidance type”….we have respect for whatever thing you are doing to earn your livelihood, unlike lakhs of aspirants like us who have no clue about such Janus Faced attitude – so are still dependent on parents & as long as civil services examination is conducted in this manner every unsuccessful Tom, DIck or Harry will become a “one stop destination”…..

        We are also IITians, a Muslim, a Christian, Lot of Hindus, even desperate veteran aspirants……any time we can also launch CIVILS Baba, but the fact is, methodology for preparation for IAS is “no one stop”, it’s an art…..try to respect participants, if you have an iota of civic responsibility….don’t thick we are sitting ducks here,….!!

        If your attitude goes this way…look… anti website campaign will run sooner than later….!!

        We are born & brought up in Bangalore… & we are certainly not less than you!!

        Best Wishes

        • In what way have we caused any kind of disrespect here? If you are offended by anything that is on this website, then we are sorry. 🙂

          Please be happy and satisfied. You shouldn’t take life so seriously. Happiness is the ultimate goal in all endeavors. 🙂

        • Atul

          Shit again 😛 Hahahaha..How can I miss it… This shows the real picture now. What was the comment of IASbaba? and how have you shit on again….seems you got an expertise in this.

          You will come up with CIVILS Baba? Really—go ahead…..Ill follow for sure…

          “try to respect participants, if you have an iota of civic responsibility….don’t think we are sitting ducks here,….!!” – After reading this anyone can say= YOU are equal to sitting DUCK. What IASbaba did to disrespect participants. I read your doubt and they replied also….then today you started barking…as if they have taken your money…Man…they do it out of respect only…IOTA of civic responsibility? You only know using words and have no understanding of it. Heheh not ur fault…it shows your education…keep it up….

          IASbaba- He seems to be one of the puppets, you know 😛 Keep it up- shitty

          • BaaHuBali eNTERs

            hahaha…you are really interesting to sharpen my weapons… are certainly in the pipe to be turned into an infertile manure – that i know you are already there to clean up the shit because you feed on it, a natural talent of yours!!
            Best Wishes

  • satyendra

    baba ji pranam
    main yaha naya hu. me ye janna chahta hu ki monthly magazine hindi me available nhi h.
    maine abhi download ki vo English m h. plz reply

  • sushanta

    Lakhs of aspirants r waiting for ur 2016 strategy. Plz start early as far as possible.

  • Prasad Prasadraghu

    Babaji….Big Confusion!!

    You know Dr.Subramanyan Swamy!!
    After watching over his intellectual interpretation of Indian History, i have done an n number of researches to cross check facts.
    I am now convinced that Aryan & Dravidian theories are bogus propaganda by Romila Thapar type historians. Further there is no much interpretation of why India became an easy target of invaders, atrocities by Muslim rulers including Mughals, the logic behind Zizya(religious tax) – study of all these are, as i feel very important as far as their impact on both the current & future social fabric of India…Indian rulers are marginalised especially in the medieval India….some suggest to read Tamil Nadu history text books – which by all means shamelessly propagate Aryan Dravidian Divide….

    I heard the textbook written by Kamlesh Kapur has set the fact right in terms of latest scientific revelations…..i mean about ancient India (book was published in 2010)…kindly suggest me a medieval india book, which is not NEHRUvic..!!

    • Are you having any plan to do research in History? Man…cool down…if you really want to get your preparation go easy…do not end up your energy like this…

      For medieval india- refer to Old NCERT and nothing else is required as far as UPSC exam is concerned 🙂

      Refer to this link for all required books

      Go through mains strategy as well

      • BaaHuBali EnterS


        Allz well…fortunately, reply was as per my expectation…One Line – First do minimum things to achieve your immediate target, research can be done later also!!

        Thank you!!

      • BaaHuBali EnterS

        what to do with Aryan Dravidian concepts?….need clarification


    Babaji, will you write articles about static portion of syllabus in your next initiative

  • Missionimpossible

    sir I have been eagerly waiting for 2016 programme how long you will take to start…I m new one on this web….

  • Ankur

    2 doubts Babaji.
    First. The Bold, Italic and underline in the comment section shows up while writing the comment but don’t show up once I post it(refer the image)

    Regarding mains preparation. I am writing 10 answers 1:30 hr and 15 answers in 2hrs, i.e. 25 ques. daily in order increase my writing speed and ability to think fast.
    To check them I use model answers eats up another 2-2:30hrs.

    Sorry I am not posting in GS-TLP as I prefer writing on paper and then there is this clicking-editing-posting trouble, though I do go through each Synopsis.
    Rest I put in half an hour for Compulsory Hindi, 1 hr listening to AIR news and 2hrs reading monthly CA compilation.
    I am unable to see any improvement in answers. They still seem to be immature, lack structure and pretty generalized as if written by a layman. Please suggest some measures to improve.

    • Ankur

      Its very nice if you are managing to write like this. We will email you regrading the codes to make it Bold and Underline 🙂

      It doesn’t matter if you write here or anywhere. Ultimately you should learn. That’s it. So keep on doing it ….

      You are doing pretty well. The coverage you mentioned is more than enough. Just keep on doing it along with proper time for revision.

  • sonu india

    Hi BABA.
    Hope u r good. just a query about Geography. which reference
    book should i follow other than Ncert for hindi medium. is Mahesh Kr
    Burnwal is ok ? Thanks for your continuous support as alwayas.

  • sonu india

    Adding one more query BABA,
    for Indian Culture: Art Forms, Literature and Architecture from Ancient to Modern times.
    as a Hindi medium aspirant . 1 ccrt 2. nios are ok for static part or anything else. Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Its perfectly fine 🙂 Keep revising

  • shekhar shaiwaj

    dear babaji,
    i am new in this field , preparing for UPSC, I am also trying for StatePSC as well. i have been told by fellow aspirants around and some seniors that the level required competing in both types is almost same except details of the state . is it true?

    • Yes it is true. Depends, for which state you are preparing for!

      • shekhar shaiwaj

        i am preparing for BPSC, UPPSC, JPSC, the PT is comparitively easier but after looking at the GS- MAINS today esp. BPSC. i realised that competing in them is a real achievement.

  • BaaHuBali EnterS

    mint money…take…every letter typed here will fetch you revenue…..what an amazing strategy!!

    • puni

      Tujhe pata bhi hi money kaise kamate hai ya yahan sirf bakwas krne ke liye apne parents ke paiso pe pal rha hi tu

      Tere comments padh ke saf saf pata lag rha hi kaun hi tu aur kyon yahan ye sab bak rha hi. Kitne paise mille bhai tujhe? Aish kr jaaa….Aur jinke bare me tu keh rha hi na..unke aage tu “iota” bhi nhi hai. Ye to badi baat hi they are avoiding it. Pata nhi tune kya suna kahan se.

      Babaaajeee pls ap aise logo ko yahan comment mat krne diya kijie, Bht depressing hai ye log. Khud to saalo laga diye aur kuch ukhaad nhi paye aur jab koi acha kaam kr rha hi to inki jal rhi hai. Kehte hain Website kholenege…bhai kisne roka hi…jao khol lo….bht khulti aur band hoti hi..tum bhi kr lo…yahan kyu suna rhe ho….krne wale sunate nhi…krte hai….

      Babajee…ek suggestion

      Stop providing such quality for FREE. This is the reason. You charge for your service so that who wants will get it not like these morons jinko pata hi nhi quality kya hoti hai..Ye sala waha doosri website pe jaake unki chat rha tha…aur yahan aise comments kyun kr rha hi ye ache se pata hi ….stop access for such entity and look for the larger good. Such comments are intentionally out for a new comer to distract…like other websites have hired such useless fellows to comment as they want…he is one of them..

    • RAJ D

      what is the problem you have.. it is very much help to the people, they atleast without paying any money get the required material and platform for the writing anwers… I believe you are mole sent by some class…don’t you…

  • BaaHuBali EnterS

    I am openly declaring a “legal war” if you continue – “the attitude of being the BAAP of UPSC”….cool down guys….don’t end up your energy to keep up with Jonsens!!….focus on your “Dukhi Aatma”….some head must be there – hey, admn, tell those experts to first clear their never attained dream to become an IAS officer,…..i swear – this is a new kind of white collar corruption… minded aspirants & livelihood seekers behind this new breed of coaching websites!!…aspirants….don’t fall prey to this false propaganda…..UPSC will teach them a lesson!!

    • Hi,

      Can we know the exact cause behind your frustration? We are here to help you in every way. Please do let us know what exactly is bothering you so that we can be of some use to you also. 🙂

    • Atul

      Man, are you some kinda idiot or what?
      People like you are everywhere…so you are here too 😛

      Who said ‘Baap of UPSC’? Could you see the efforts behind this website?

      @iasbaba:disqus- I request you to block these cheap users. This place is not for them anyway. Its your website and you shouldn’t allow some idiots to shit around here. If you do not check this seriously, there are many serious aspirants gonna suffer. Even yesterday I saw some shit, may be he was the one :D…..

      They have nothing else to do. They have no idea what it takes to come up with such content. Managing thousands of aspirants on daily basis with improving quality of content….Go you shameless Bander….shit around Delhi’s coaching institute…go get raped their…may be you are already looted by them thats why shitting around here….

      • BaaHuBali eNTERs

        Dear DimWit
        Look you moron…cultivate civilised behaviour if at all possible…don’t you shamelessly speak with your hotchpotch English that moves only around “shit”,”cheap users”,”bander”, “rape” and so on…..are you crazy!!…if you have “Verbal Diarrhoea” , dude clearing exam is not your cup of tea… are a sort of Bigot who while talking even doesn’t have a decency of a tea spoon….

        Beta, cool down!!…frustration will suck you down to the bottom….ghatar banjayega thu…..keep filter in your “fowl hole mouth”…it is you who is the reason for this “cheap” verbal war!!

        Best Wishes

    • 11thKid

      Are you an IAS Officer? If yes, please concentrate on making your dream of serving people a reality.

      If No- make your own strategy and follow it. This kind of “negative behavior” makes you look wrong. After being portrayed wrong once, there will be absolutely no point in declaring war.

      If they are helping aspirants like us with quality content, then there’s no harm in utilizing it. Why should we be interested in even getting to know if they are earning out of it or not? And even if they are, we as aspirants should exploit all our resources in coming up with a better strategy and answers. I think that’s all.

      A successful IAS Officer not only focuses on highlighting problems but also is a solution-seeker. These posts just proves that maybe, this isn’t the correct field for you. Good luck! Concentrate on creating good circumstances to enjoy a better life!

    • RAJ D

      your language is full with avange… what is the problem. let the other benifit from this activity… let the people earn money by doing good work… it is far better than classes who sucks the students money. poor and needy will get access to this required material and guidance here…

    • RAJ D

      I wonder that you have only 6-7 comments, means you are not regular follower and you are here to spoil the environment… I am glad that UPSC has rightly placed Ethics paper to keep out the people like you… get well soon..

    • Ankur

      Do yoga..or some meditation..!! It helps stabilizing thinking process and gives peace of mind. *wink*

  • Ashwini patil

    Sir plz tell me existing age limit 32 years will change in 2016.I’m preparing for 2016 prelim.

    • Even if it is changed…you can appear since UPSC will provide at least 1 year compensation. But least chances are there. Do not worry

      • Ashwini patil

        Are you sure sir.

  • Collector_9


    there is lot of speculation regarding removal of optional in 2016. Reputed coaching in my city(bhopal) has suggested me not to join coaching for optional for 2016 because there are 90% chances of its removal. I’m very anxious, as they are saying that you should join only after notification. But i fear after notification only 3-4 months will be left, leaving very less time for revision. So what would u suggest.

    • We cannot comment on this. You should not pay attention to these and rather work on quality preparation which requires Optional study too. 🙂 If at all it changes, good enough and if not, a least you will be in better position.

      • Collector_9

        sirji, but what to do…i too want to be in better position and don’t want to wait till notification. But they are not taking batches and they are reputed here.
        For now i’m doing optional on my own, reading standard books, but i know i need coaching

        • Captcha

          Rumour mills are a thriving industry in India. For all you know, your institute may have smartly chosen to change the problem statement itself from lack of optional faculty to disappearance of optionals! Potential masterstroke :D. Maybe you can focus more on the areas of your optional which have a greater correlation(if any) with GS. Speculation and procrastination rarely serve any purpose. You can believe me because I’ve an experience of at least 10,000 man hours in these two areas. 😛

  • Knkiriti Knk

    hi sir,
    i need material regarding LARR act . So please do the needful.
    i am preparing for telangana groups exam

  • max

    dear baba i am unable to make a plan and stick to it constatly chaigning and end up with no work done. may pass PT this year but can’t focus on the exam and need of the question paper… economy and polity and science tech too dynamic to handle pl. help baba how do i focus and get ready on time ?

    • Dear

      Do not panic. Participate in TLP and read others answers…the requirement of exam is not to produce everything from newspapers. Keep writing more and more. Once you start writing with others in TLP, you will come to know where you lacking? Go through our Magazines. Most of the issues are covered there. Just keep revising them..

  • amrutha

    hi sir,
    i need clear description of el nino and la nina and indian oean dipole

  • avy

    Dear IASbaba I hv just started preparation for mains ..after having lost 1 full month ,, vast syllabus is again petrifying me n i m utterly confused how to deal with such a vast syllabus efficiently ,anxiety attacking me every now n then. Baba i want to clear mains with good marks,is that possible within present timeframe?? Baba plz guide me help me out ,tell me wat to do ?to get good marks in mains15–if possible,And if it isn’t possible then also at least let me know .I m eagerly waiting for ur response.

    • Its possible provided you work towards it..not against it…till now you are only thinking not doing anything to achieve. Start it asap….

  • Captcha

    Any tentative dates or week when the 2016 initiative begins? And please do consider coming up with a Mgt optional initiative, if your bandwidth and resources permit it.

    • Nothing for Optional as of now…no resources…We will announce very soon…its not intentional…some serious issues still under the belt

      • Captcha

        Sure Sir. I’m guessing it’s a technical issue w.r.t an online platform, as the plan must’ve been made. I read somewhere you work for 17-18 hrs a day for this. Infect us with some of your sincerity 😛

        • You just try to realize everyday work here….give it a thought! try to achieve the output in form of content, quality and then managing the whole crowd…then next day challenge- you will cross 17 hours for sure 🙂 Then realize the sustainability factor of doing it on daily basis…..if we can do it for you..can’t you do it for urself?

          • Captcha

            Yes Baba, of course. One can do it surely but Sachin would probably haven’t done as well had Ramakant Achrekar not coached him. On the contrary Vinod Kambli had the same coach as well. Point being, it’s the synergy b/w the mentor and the student that produces great results (Eklavya being an exception maybe). So while you’re firing on all cylinders, I assume many aspirants (including myself) are sitting idle waiting for the magic potion! If a student works even half as hard as you, then s/he’s sorted. A lesson here is working hard should be a habit in all our endeavours throughout our lives. A habit that dies hard and is enjoyable all the same. Cracking the exam is only a part of the long journey.

  • Gaurav Tripathi

    Baba, at what time should I participate in TLP initiative so that , answer can be reviewed by you?
    I am unaware about it?

    • On the same day when questions are posted…We cannot promise to review every single answers but we are trying our best.. 🙂

  • Ruchi

    Hi IAS Baba team , When can we expect 2016 time table to published here 🙂

    Waiting , Thank You for all your efforts !!

    • Ruchi

      We are more worried about it…its not intentional to delay it. Some serious issues are yet not settled. We don’t want it to go in vain for any reason and once it is announced, it should help you in every respect. This is the reason we are working on every single possibility and aspects before presenting it before you since it is a year long plan…to start anything is very easy but real thing is to sustain it…isn’t it? You want it to be of least quality? No nah….then have patience and trust….the best will be served to you

      • Ruchi

        Thanks for the reply !! Please take care working professional while making time table ..thanks !

        • Plan is rigorous but UPSC requires hard work irrespective of you are working or not! Isn’t it? Same exam, same questions and same competition…so can a plan of differentiating nature will serve a better purpose…its just a state of mind….we will let you follow it anyway 🙂 that’s the beauty of this exam…

          • rkr1234

            we have waited so long wait for few more days. Take ur time hoping for the best.

  • avy

    Baba wat should be my strategy?,,i mean should I follow u frm now but then wat about the backlog ,whatsoever u r offering to us on daily basis isalready quite time taking.

    • One line- Can you change your past?

      Focus on present to make future 🙂

      • avy

        50% cluttering is gone by ur one line ,,rest of it I will manage .A BIG THANX TO U BABA.

  • vimalraj

    Baba, I 2016 prelims aspirant. i have doubt regarding current affairs notes making.whether it is necessary to make notes daily from HINDU newspaper OR i can just follow newspaper and use your monthly magazine.. While taking takes it takes me 2 to 3 hours,and it reduces time for studying static part of syllabus. Also tell when i have to see news from MAINS EXAM Point of view.. plz help babajii..

    • Answer lies in our 2016 Plan to be announced very soon. Patience 🙂

  • sushanta

    sir plz post 2016 strategy.

  • Dinesh Soni

    Sir, it is imp in UPSC to know what not to study sir it’s a request if you can enlist the headlines of The Hindu articles that which article to study I’ll be highly obliged to you sir.It is not possible for me to be a part of the crowd in Delhi, sitting in a remote area of India I have decided to crack upsc I need your help sir as you are doing wonderful job especially quenching the thirst of aspirants like me SIR PLS RPLY

  • Gaurav Tripathi

    Baba, the quality of questions are outstanding in TLP initiative. As, I’ve only read modern history ,so can participate in it. However, unable to participate confidently in different subjects without help of newspaper articles. Shall I start writing answers or shall I study the books and then participate in initiative?
    PS: I can write answers of various subjects, although not very good.

    • Dear

      You are missing the theme of TLP and why we set such questions? We want you to exploit your thought process than merely depending on articles or editorials…..this way you will become extraordinary in your original points, presentation and connections…this is the real learning here…anyways….those who will join us for 2016…will become competent enough in all these 🙂

      • Gaurav Tripathi

        Thank you for giving clarity, Baba. Now, I understand and will participate in it.

  • Hari

    Hii Baba,
    Is there any plan to start Ethics case studies and current affair question answer on daily basis.I am totally confused ,how to cover current affairs.I used to follow insight for this ,but due to lack of answer evaluation, i got demotivated.But from your site i got a hope.You are only putting 2-3 daily current affair article on issue basis.Is is enough?.Plz guide me .

    • We are covering CA in our TLP Plan….do you still feel its important to do everything? We will do as per the requirement…let our plan for 2016 come…if you are prep for Mains 2015- follow the plan…it is more than enough considering your limits (practically). Focus on more output than input 🙂

  • Ria

    Hello Baba g 🙂
    What about the TLP’s of psychology..???

  • Souvik Mohanty

    Hey Baba,
    Why is it mentioned that “seats are limited”?
    Could you please put some light on it? Will the plan for 2016 for limited students only? :O

  • manisha

    Respcetd Sir,
    You have mentioned about prelims 2016 and highlighted as seats are limited, what does it means!
    Please reply Sir! And me in your group too I have already mentioned my number there!
    Thank you Sir
    Wonderful work!

    • Wait for 29th! Look at what we have in store..then decide…..:)

      • manisha

        Thank you Sir

  • Dinesh Soni

    Sir,do we need to pay some amount to join ur initiative ROAD TO MUSSOORIE pls rply sir I really wanna join it

    • Wait for 29th! Look at what we have in store..then decide… not hurry 🙂

      • Dinesh Soni

        Thanks for replying sir

  • abhishek anand

    HI Baba One of your bhakts here 🙂 Just wanted to know , i see so many good initiatives for CSE 2015 mains aspirants something for people like me who will giving next year .Any CSE 2016 Target based Test Series or TLP kind of a thing.

  • Vatsal Kaushik

    My conundrum.
    I am pursuing engineering right now and I know that my ultimate goal is being a civil servant. I had made up my mind that I’ll go for CSE directly after graduation without any kind of backup, no placement or job because I won’t be happy there anyway, that’s not what I want. However, people (close to me) often tell me that there’s no guarantee of anyone cracking CSE (luck factor) and you must work (job) for 1-2 years, have backup, peace of mind, then go for CSE.
    Now at some extent I agree with them, they do make a point. But that’s not what I really want. Help me out here, what do you suggest?
    Please reply.
    – A confused fresher in this journey.

  • L.K

    helllo sir…i chose math as how to prepare for four gs paper in main exam….please reply….

    is it enough to prepare with ncert…

  • DK

    Its difficult to find a colleague with botany optional , neither is there any TLP of the subject.
    It would be better if few of botany clan might form a group.
    With all due respect , Can you help ?

    • Hopefully if others with the same optional will join us for 2016..we will let you form a group 🙂

      • DK

        achi baat hai ! thank u .

  • simran rajput

    sir plss tell me what optinal subject i will take…

    • It Depends on your linking and comfort naa..? Chose the one in which you can perform best. Pick up the syllabus of such optional you feel to take and then read the syllabus…go through past years papers…and then decide

      • simran rajput

        thanku for suggestion.. plss tell me how i join your ias2016 plan ???

      • simran rajput

        sir plss i realy want to join ur plan for ias2016 .. bcz my father not allow me to go somewhere for coching ,, nd u are the only hope for me.. and i want to prove my self.. plss help me.. and plss tell me how i join u for ias 2016

        • Dear

          Please wait till tomorrow morning. We have worked only for you 🙂 Every single details will be given tomorrow

          • simran rajput

            thankx for supporting many students like me … :)))))

        • aspirant_2016

          if you can’t join coaching then also you can know that they taught through their notes which are readily available..i think you should also try it…rest iasbaba can tell you thoroughly but one thing which i find on almost every site that doing coaching is waste as some toppers also say in interview is NOT 100% TRUE…i agree mains is very dynamic but in pre they are most useful.

  • Manish Choudhary

    How to prepare for ir and additional topics in mains….

    • we have given he strategy for IR under Mains strategy. Have a look. In July edition of Yojana others aspects will be covered 🙂 It will be published soon

  • BST

    U said that there will be limited seats for the plan that u are going to announce. I don’t understand what is that?

    • We will select only serious aspirants who can sustain with our program not everyone just for the sake of it…:)

      • BST

        Could you plz elaborate it???

        • On 29th

          • BST

            K thank you . Plz let me in…. I am using ur site from ur beginning and really want to take part in your initiative.

  • Zo Hass

    Sir I wanted to see the contents for History Optionals day 19 but cannot see it as it demands a password. Please help me in this regard.

  • Bahut ho gaya majak

    Babaji waiting for Essay strategy..

  • Coma-Doof Warrior

    There is no class XII book for Ancient or Medieval India as such. There is a class XII book for Modern India by Bipin Chandra though. Class X and Class XII for World History. If you need the soft copy i can happily email it you.

  • Drop Out

    I am not living in Delhi and preparing for 2016. I can join only one of the programs for 2016 at any one website as it would not create confusion and i would prepare with a single plan for the whole year. But i am in a doubt whether to join Insights or Yours plan, just because Insights is here for a long time and you are Relatively new here (though i don’t know about your experience). But i have always liked and followed your website more than insights, especially your replies, which you give on almost every comment. Don’t know what to do..

    • Dear

      We will never force anyone, even not you whether to join us or someone else. If you cannot even decide this, then think about your decision making!

      though i don’t know about your experience Now read this

      But i have always liked and followed your website more than insights, especially your replies, which you give on almost every comment

      Why you liked us? Is it because we said we are from IIT’s or IIM’s? Or we are Brand X or Y?

      NO..Simply because of work, relation and attachment. You think only experienced people have this? If you are favoring experience over quality, commitment and dedication then you should join BIGGIES for sure 🙂

      • aspirant_2016

        very true reply sir…even experienced one were beginners one day !!!!

  • simran rajput

    sir plss reply how can i join ur plan for ias 2016 …

  • Rajratna Gajbhiye

    Can you please suggest me reference books and magazines or any other extra material for Political Science Mains exam preparation.Thank You.

  • Jyo

    Baba I am new to this website .. its really great initiative..
    As its mentioned only limited seats and few students would be selected..
    Since I am new can I be the part of prog..pls..

  • ksingh

    Hello Sir
    I am glad to be part of your study plans and congratulate you for your new initiative “Road to Mussoorie-2016”. I am going to take mains exam this year for the first time but as no one is sure about the final result, so i am in a dilemma if I should enroll myself to this new initiative or will you be coming up with new programs for those who will be taking mains this year and will also continue their preparation from January on wards for CSE-2016 ?

  • Suprita Kumari

    Sir I have mailed my queries,yesterday regarding ILP 2016. But I have not received any mail from your side

    • If it is for Economic Weak. then wait till we finalize prog-3. We will start it after that

  • Anand Paithankar

    Hi Baba,
    Do you have any plans to start support for philosophy optional

    • We are yet get any support for Philosophy Optional. If somebody can come up with a plan and start sending us questions. We will definitely create a platform for you to write answers on Philosophy.


    baba july yojana?? baba plz come up with yojana of july and october.. we need it for mains

    • Sure 🙂 It will be posted in a week’s time.

  • Barjinder Bhullar

    Hindu article-putin strategy for West asia…….sir, is it in our syllabus to read article in which Indian interest is not involved? ?

    • Go through the syllabus.
      International Relationships especially w.r.t Middle East has impact on other countries too. The role of US or Russia is important in this aspect.

  • sumeet

    If possible please suggest me what should i my optional notes dialema:

    I asked many of my friends but did not received precise answer which i could implement.

    1. I am having geography optional,which is quite vast and I am having bulk of notes. I feel these notes are very relevantl and due to this not able to make micro notes out of it.

    2. At last moment there will be no time and not even feasible to revise those 400 pages of notes [ Compiled of Text book + Class Notes + NCERT and current affairs].

    3. What parameters should I follow to reduce notes, which can help me to revise and give confident of completeness.

  • Jasmeet Singh

    Hi sir, recently came across your site. Its a wonderful initiative by you. Do you have any GS guidance of History guidance group running personally apart from the ones mentioned on the site. I would like to have improvement and feedback of my answer writing ability. PS- I’m hoping to write 2015 mains.

    • Not as of now. We will have in future.

  • anandborude

    Is ncert, ignou, nios material is not enouh for upsc pre as well as mains..?

    • For Static- Yes but UPSC is more of dynamic now so you have to prepare accordingly

  • Nagesh Singh

    Baba ji ki Jai Ho!!

    Just enrolled in the ILP program ( number 2) and got an User Id and Password. Now clueless about what to do ahead. Baba ji please guide: what to do till program starts…… Some pre Program guidance plz!!!!

    • Plan is coming today…start it then…we will give the platform once we are done with registration process…

  • Balaji

    Hai….I am studying B.E third year and I wan to study civil service..can you suggest me how should I prepare for the UPSC ??…I also have the doubt in reading the yojana ..that it is necessary to read the previous years yojana..??

  • sushanta

    babaji i have not received password and id yet although i have paid for ilp2 already?kndly mail me to [email protected]

    • You will get once process is over. We will mail everyone before we start 🙂 DO not worry…

  • Vishwaraj

    I am bored while studying NCERT text books… I am not enjoying NCERT study.. is there any other equivalent books/materials that makes studying the NCERT contents interesting and enjoying…? preparing UPSC- 2016

    • Tuktuk

      NCERT’s are not boring! They are like hub of knowledge! Don’t try to remember them at first, just concentrate on the basics and understand them. Whenever you find any doubt, google it(i’m not a google agent, you can use yahoo,bing or baidu too if you like them). It will take time at first to understand them but the next time when you’ll go through them again you’ll find them comparatively easy than earlier and so on! All the best to you! 🙂

  • Barjinder Bhullar

    Sir, brainy key website said that France is ready to share avionics with India in rafale deal…is it true??I think France has not yet made statement in public domain

  • Beleive Reversal

    Hello , baba I have typed TLP pub ad Ans in Ms word but unable to paste here. What should I do?

    • Copy and paste like you have commented here

      • Beleive Reversal

        Baba, I am using I pad . And it’s not working through it. I amonly able to type here but not paste my Ans. You can check yourself. Please check and make your website I pad friendly also. Please baba!!!

  • Balaji

    Hai baba….I am Balaji…And I have the doubt in reading the yojana ..that it is necessary to read the previous years yojana..??

    • Issue wise- Yes if it overlaps the syllabus

  • Tuktuk

    Respected Sir, Good afternoon!
    Can you tell me in how many days ILP-3 selections will be over! I’ve send email for that the day you posted the program but i have not received any call till now. It’s been 3 days now i guess. I know you people might be busy but we too are becoming hazy now. 🙂 To every other guy here i say they will call don’t worry, but i myself don’t know when that will happen. I hope you’ll clear my doubt like you’ve always done! With Love! Thank you baba 🙂

    • Dear

      If you have mailed, then will get a call for sure. Kindly cooperate…End Date is 22nd Oct- Still time 🙂

  • sushanta

    Babaji when r u going to post d strategy?

  • Balaji

    it is necessary to read the previous years yojana..?..2013,2014 year??

  • Akhilesh Yadav

    how to prepare for gs4 (hindi medium,2016)

  • Akhilesh Yadav

    sir…i m preparing for upsc in hindi medium …i m not comfirtable with the hindu..but understand efficiently your daily news analysis…is it enough (daily news analysis or not)

  • JS

    baba ji while writing mains answers can we directly use abbrevations like NPT , CNG, UN , etc..,

    • Yes but after mentioning their full form once… 🙂

      • JS

        thank you baba


    Hey.. Great initiative Team IASbaba (Y)
    Would you be providing micro plan for ILP, everymonth for non registered users as well ??
    If not please consider to do so.. it would be of tremendous help.. will keep us on right track and on strict schedule! kudos to the commendable work done by your team 🙂

    • Test Series Plan will be available to all 🙂


        that’s great thank you 🙂

  • nitish

    i have paid for ILP 2016 programee 2 and received user name and password.. what next?

    • Wait…once we are ready..we will inform 🙂 You will be given a platform


    how i get hindi medium notes ofor mains


    kya is site par sirf english me hi sb hota h

  • abhishek

    which is best as optional sociology or anthropology ?

    or suggest as easy to understand or less time taker subject among all ….

    • Himanshu Sharma

      Don’t go for choosing optional based on time/content. See your interest and jump into it. Your personal interest is mandatory.

  • Anvesh Cheruku

    Dear IAS baba & aspirants, Would be great to know your views on this.
    The committee is expected to submit its report by March, 2016. What could be possible changes that can affect preparation during these 5 months? Should one prepare for optional or focus only on GS based on present syllabus? (as the committee may do away with optional)

  • Dheeraj Solanki

    Baba payment kar diya h and response bhi sent kar diya h for it 2016 program 1.
    But Kobe acknowledgment in aaya abhi talk…. I believe some discrepancy might have occurred.
    Plz look into it.

  • pampa

    babaji as per ur micro plan strategy u gave reference for HISTORY tamil nadu NCERT nd new ncert nd old ncert…. which one would preferable….
    shall i ONLY go through the TN ncert.

  • Devanampiya Piyadasi

    Thank you very much for your unparalleled effort. I have a doubt as I am at my nascent stage of preparation. Should we study political science NCERT? Is Laxmikanth sufficient ?

    • Himanshu Sharma

      Laxmikant is sufficient. I never read NCERT but still was able to attempt all the questions in UPSC Prelims. But still if you want to read NCERT, you can after reading Laxmikant 4-5 times. Reading Laxmikant only once won’t help. See the trend of UPSC too from previous year papers.

      • Devanampiya Piyadasi

        Thanks a ton for your valuable suggestion !

      • Saritha B

        Hi Himanshu, Thanks a for sharing your approach. Can you please share your approach for Geography & History?

        • Himanshu Sharma

          Hi. As fas as history is concerned, it is better to cover NCERTs first. I studies old NCERTs. For Ancient and Medieval India, old NCERTs are sufficient. And there is no need to even think of any other option. For modern history, complete NCERT and one additional book for mains purpose. Although questions are general in nature in Mains, but you can go for Bipan Chandra’s Indias’ Struggle for Independence.
          Coming to Geography. NCERTs from 6th-12th standard is must. You can download them from because he has compiled the chapters topicwise. GC Leong is the best for climatology and oceanography part.
          For arts and culture – I will send you notes of CCRT if you share your email id.

          • Suyash

            bro I need those CCRT notes too as they have very high utility.
            please mail me too if you don’t mind
            [email protected]

  • Himanshu Sharma

    Sir, I am waiting for September magazine. Your current affairs coverage is the best. Keep up the good work.

  • Ritesh

    I have already mailed you regarding ILP 2016 Program-3 but I haven’t yet received any call from you.
    Waiting for your interview call baba.

  • Devanampiya Piyadasi

    These questions are flustering my mind to the core. Baba ! Enlighten me with your heightened knowledge !

    1. Can we integrate philosophical concepts in polity, ethics, essays ?
    2. Can we use quotes in GS answers ?
    3. Can we use diagrams/flowcharts/symbolic representations in essays ?

    • 1. Yes but be careful. Do not impose it
      2. No. Not required in general
      3. Yes

      • Devanampiya Piyadasi

        Thank you Baba ! Jai ho !

  • Heisenberg

    Guruji plz add a few more words in ‘in decoding the directives’ like1. Elucidate 2. Simplify .3 Argue 4.Review
    thank you 🙂

  • hai


  • bhakt

    baba i have a doubt if some one crack prelims in 2016 then they apply mains in 2017 is that possible

  • Devanampiya Piyadasi

    Can we cite the religious connotations ?
    E.g. the origin of caste system lies in ‘Purush Puran’ of Rigveda and reference regarding ‘Dharmashastra’. Does this violate the principle of balanced perspective ? Should we abstain from it ?

    • can..but be careful with facts…



    I decided to stay at home and prepare for upsc 2016. And i don’t want to take coaching for either GS or Optional subjects. I am an engineering graduate and totally new to the streme of humanity and social subjects. i am solely going to rely on internet. Can i crack the exam? There are people who cracked this exam without coaching, I too have confidence but simetimes i think that atleast group studying is necessary for better conceptual clarity and motivation. kindly give me your valuable suggestions.

    • Yes you can. If you believe in hard work, yes you can. Go through all the contents of the website from prelims to mains. You will surely understand the requirements.

  • vittal

    Sir, Can you pleas help me how to better answer the mains question w.r.t directives like examine or critically examine like that

  • pushkaR

    babaji answers of protected questions are written by yourself

  • pushkaR


    • Just use TLP2015 as password

  • devadoss

    hai babaji …i have paid for the program 2 today morning…i received mail id and password …how to login to start preparing babaji

    • Dear

      before we start, you will be given every guidelines as well as the platform to use id and password. We will inform all of you about it 🙂

  • pushkar

    sir how to get the protected questions please tell i am eager to answer those questions

    • use password- TLP2015 🙂

  • Barjinder Bhullar

    Sir u did thorough analsis of paper 1 mains ..but I could not find analysis of question (why no green revolution in northeast)……sir how to prepare these questions or they appeared in news indirectly???

  • ekta raghu

    hello, i came through your site and found it helpful. i have been preparing since 2 years. i have cleared prelims,however after the prelims due to some issues i could not prepare whole heartedly till today. i have done some basic reading and little writing practice but not enough. i want to use this remaining time to the best of my ability and really give a honest attempt. could you guide me. i feel lost because i am late and have not been religiously following any time table, but only doing my optional satisfactorily which is geography.

  • Devanampiya Piyadasi

    1.Various institutions carry out surveys. We find reports and excerpts of them in newspapers having relevance to GS syllabus. Can we cite the data of survey in our answer without providing its name ?
    E.g., according to survey, India can increase its GDP 60% if it includes women in labour participation. Is this correct ?

    2. Can we furnish international examples in our answers ? E.g., we find a grave need to cite majoritarian bias. Sri Lanka is a glaring example of having majoritarian bias towards ethnic tamil population. Does this violate the concept of ideal answer ?

    • 1. NO- When you cite some factual references or Data, make sure you write the source. It may be possible that examiner might not be aware about it 😛 But with concrete references, he/she will be forced to applaud you for that, if cross examination of the same makes your point clear to him/her 🙂

      2. Yes you can but be polite when you criticize India or Government in particular 🙂 Means when compared to any International examples

  • Manjunath M P

    Dear Baba,

    Have U released the Plan for 2016 aspirants and as per below conversation there is a lot of discussion regarding joining and password related, can you explain what is this regarding,

    With Regards

  • priya

    are I am new to this place….how can I access these password protected TLP threads for 2015…..pls help!!!

    • PASSWORD- TLP2015


      • priya

        thank u babaji…u always come to my rescue….:)

  • Pardeep Khatri

    i m not getting login an one help

    • Dear

      before we start, you will be given every guidelines as well as the platform to use id and password. We will inform all of you about it :)…

  • aman jain

    Babaji please also start a thead on how to write a good (140+) essay for mains 2015

  • sultana usmani

    pleas btaye ki csat pre me passage question kese solve kre, passage practice ka shortcuts btaye

  • Parmeshwar

    How to download monthly magazine

  • Raviteja Danamneni

    Hello sir, before starting the course will there be any workshop for program3

    • No. We will inform well in advance before the workshop details

  • Satheesh Arumugam

    hello sir…iam obc nd ws expecting 120-125 in gs 1 and gs 2 around 130….but i dint clear…and don know why?i also heared that from one of my friend that there s another one with same 120 range but dint cler…whts happening this
    time??pls help…

  • Ritesh

    Regarding Program 3 course:
    It’s been 10days already and I haven’t received any reply to my mail or interview call.

    • We mentioned that, as per your requests and SOP, we will shortlist and then make calls. For candidates, not selected, we will post on the website “Saying End of Selection Process for Prog-3” so that others can go for prog-2. Hope you get a call since the process is still running 🙂 DO not get impatient. Your work was to send the request and now we are working on it. You are not the only one here 🙂 Hope you support us patiently

      • Muhammad Aslam Khan

        How will you shortlist ?
        I have only mailed my short intro and for shortlisting purpose(for call) you must have to know person dedicated or not.

  • accountdeactivated

    Hello and sorry as I haven’t read all queries here and there might be a chance that it’s a repeated question- will micro plan be provided every month separately or It’s just a one time thing for first month? I need to know this as I’m working in 9-5 set up and it’d be easy for me to plan my studies on a daily basis. Thanks in advance.

    • Once we start, all registered users will get FULL Phase-1 Micro-Plan on the separate Platform. 🙂

      • accountdeactivated

        Thanks a lot

  • Meerashiv Bk

    Hi sir ,my date of birth is 10-04-1984 i’m i eligible to write the exam

  • Himani

    Dear Sir,
    I have registered for Plan 2. Wanted to know if the Indian Year Book is available for download?
    Thank you

  • champa

    please share this baba … will use for motivation

    • Indiana Nivas

      Nice content ……enjoyed reading

  • Harish Kumar Reddy

    i would like to register for plan 2 or plan 3. But i would like to know whether you provide online classes

  • Amarsinh

    Baba i have one query …how inflation rate affect exchange value of currency… high inflation rate has negative impact on exchange value …how?


    what will be the age limit in civil services exam 2016 for all category?

  • Ankit Sharma

    i qualified prelims, but i did selective study i am clueless what to study since almost 40 days are left. can you please guide.
    i am totally blank – regarding paper 2,3 mostly.

    how should i cover current affairs… seems like herculean task to read all the articles now :((

    • Just go through our Monthly Magazines for now. Major issues are already covered. it will help at this juncture

      • Ankit Sharma

        You didn’t answer the first part . Which all material should I cover to be able to write comfortably in exam ..

        Can you please let me know the bare minimum thing , that is feasible to be covered because time is not there ,had not joined coaching and all .

        • That’s what we mentioned nah!

          For paper 2 and 3 you asked from current affairs- So our Magazine will be more than enough at this stage since we covered all important issues of past 4-5 Months…

          • Ankit Sharma

            Hehe probably I framed my question wrongly , I am doing ncerts (polity of 12th and 11th )n laxmikant plus economic survey !!

            Started with your gyan in magazine n loving it !!

            I know this is not enough but given the time constraint is it okay to restrict with this or you would suggest to add some more material ?

            I have sent mail for super 100 tlp too .

            Also , I still remember the night before prelims when I was panicking you had wonderful article … It really did help me sail through the pre plus environment question bank was handy !!

            Thanks for being there ??

  • Hi Baba,
    Have you guys read
    India and the World: Through the Eyes of Indian Diplomats by Amb. Surendra Kumar?
    If yes, can you please review it?

  • Govind Gopal Meena

    Babaji Ias 2016 hindi medium ke bare mei jankari chahiye

    • For Hindi

      Abhi resources nhi hain hamare pass. Jaise hi hoga hum ap sabko inform krenge

  • avy


    Can you please tell how to change my password after I made the payment for ILP. I have only sent a normal acknowledgement mail to the id ‘[email protected]’. Please tell if something else is there to be done.

    • You need not worry. We will tell you everything once ready with the platform and before the start of program 🙂

  • Dr.MPSS

    Namaste Baba ji I want to join your ILP – 3 2016 program. My email address is [email protected] and contact no. Is 9467350678 and I am a doctor by profession.

    • Anusha

      This is not the procedure to join program 3.Send an email to [email protected] with subject Title- ” ILP 2016 Program- 3″ Give a short description of yourself and mention contact number. For other details check this

      • Dr.MPSS

        Thanks a lot for your help anusha. Can you please tell me one thing is it mandatory to send this to email address [email protected] or we can just send it to [email protected] because I sent my info there I got baba ji’s rpl.. Do I have to resend it on the Id you have provided me?

        • Anusha

          You got reply know..Not necessary!

          • Dr.MPSS

            Sry cudnt get you

          • Anusha

            Wen u got baba’s reply..It is not necessary to send again..Got it :)?

          • Dr.MPSS

            Yeah! thanks for your valuable time.

          • Anusha

            My pleasure 🙂

          • Dr.MPSS

            You typed know instead of now dats why there was a bit of confusion

  • Shubham Harne

    hey ,im beginner & not yet started any preparation for UPSC .
    How should I start ,which book should I refer first pls let me know

    • manoj gupta

      Bhai book ke lie Baba ko mat Parisian Karo, Since I am like family member of IAS Baba ,I would love to help, just mail me at [email protected] .I will tell you the books

  • av9

    can anyone pls tell me what is the that book mentioned as – “11TH TN” in history section in the micro plan?

    • Tamil Nadu Books

      Google it. You will get

    • manoj gupta

      Hi av9, mail me on [email protected] ,I will send you the PDF of 11th TN history and R s Sharma.

  • bhawana

    baba there is no regular electricity supply in my locality, what if power cuts in the middle of real time test…are they mobile friendly.

    should we read vivek bedroy’s editorials for economics.

    baba, would you please group all the remaining 30 daily prelims test as you have done for the first 30, it is very helpful.

  • Charlie

    Hi…I came to Delhi last June to attend coaching in this very famous institute, from a very different part of the country . But now ,after 2-3 months I’m not able to keep up with teaching there (even though the coaching provided is very good).I’m not able to cope with the climate ,food , people etc . I have not attended the classes for the last 2-3 weeks and i am sitting home and preparing ,which i am comfortable with. And now i have joined baba’s programme 2 .So , now I’m thinking that it will be better for me to go home and study (i don’t have to pay rent and stuff like that ) , instead of staying here .. But I’m really confused to make a decision because , the money involved is hug and also I know for a fact that self study cant replace the knowledge we get from classroom coaching… Can anybody help me making a decision please ! 🙂

    Thanks !

    • legaleagle

      Study where you are comfortable and happy. At home, we do get involved in daily stuff but see how things are with you. I am myself living in Delhi and doing self-study but do look at the affordability factor. Though in your city you can join some library for serious study in the day not to get involved in daily homely involvements. This way you can study and be in your city n with your ppl. Still, do wat u feel is right but just be double sure so that you do not regret later on….
      ATB 🙂

  • nikhil

    joined second module

    didn’t got mail from your side

    • Be patient. We will update you with all the information soon. ..

  • mahesh

    hi friends … very good to here with u , i am mahesh , i want to buy a economics book for indian economics , but i am in confuse state becuase which author is sufficently give the information …. please help me friends . i am very new to economics

    • Go for Ramesh Singh

      • mahesh

        thank you bro

  • legaleagle

    @iasbaba:disqus please tell while reading articles from different sources, how do I keep them with me just saving pdf or newspaper cuttings seems futile because there are so many so i would not revisit them. what should be done?? notes? points? or just plain read

    • This is what we try to answer in our Current Affairs Analysis! And see, you couldn’t understand it even now 🙂

      • bhawana

        baba articles from livemint are not opening properly. what to do?

        • legaleagle

          it is opening now… 🙂

      • legaleagle

        baba..i am asking about different articles i go through on other sources like livemint, Indian express, pib or the must reads u give in the daily Current Affairs section. I read them but i fear i would forget it later on. wat to do?

        • This is so demanding :O

          • legaleagle

            Sorry…I think I have written it wrong and you took me wrong. I am not demanding anything. Apologies if it felt so. I am asking a suggestion from your side that while reading different articles I go through, not only here on IASbaba but on other sites as well… there are few overlapping issues with few new pts and there are other articles as well then I feel like making notes because few days later it seems I have forgotten the points so wat is feasible to do? because I could not continue note making. Some suggest to make just points instead of notes while others suggest to just read it as it will stay or going through Daily current affairs here is sufficient. plz suggest… 🙂

          • Dear

            By now you should be aware of the requirements of this exam. Apply the same while reading newspapers and making notes. You shouldn’t be mechanic while doing so otherwise, its just a waste of time. There is no dearth and end of issues,new points and scope. And fortunately this exam is not about “Knowing Everything” but “Presenting the Required thing”.

            Take note of your out put more than input 🙂

          • legaleagle

            Thank you. I understand ur point n will try to implement it 🙂

    • bhawana

      all articles in baba’s current affairs are important because they are taken from different sources and are selected by baba’s team.
      but we can’t save them in saved pages and writing all of them is neither possible nor rational. so we have to read them carefully and if seems that, this one should be written then have to write that particular article.

  • Ashish kumar singh


  • bhawana

    baba there is no regular electricity supply in my locality, what if
    power cuts in the middle of real time test…are they mobile friendly.

    should we read vivek bedroy’s editorials for economics.baba, would you please group all the remaining 30 daily prelims test as you have done for the first 30, it is very helpfu

    • You can appear for the tests twice…not confirmed if mobile friendly or not..will let you know

      Yes go for it if you can understand them well 🙂

      Already did the compilations of all tests in subject wise..its much better

      • bhawana

        thanx baba

  • akshay kumar

    Is there any difference between universal adult suffrage and universal adult franchise? Someone please clarify. Thanks in advance

  • srini vasan

    babajii is it posible to study whille working in foreign for upsc

  • karthik grao

    Hey ppl !! I am an upsc aspirant -2016 , anyone residing in and around vijayanagar bangalore!
    this is just for combine study purpose , as we can share thoughts and knowledge , which could also be helpful for effective preparation! pleas email if any [email protected]. thank you

  • Abhishek Singh

    Pls suggest some books about IR

  • Dr.MPSS

    Namaste Baba ji.
    I have two queries :
    1. Will there be all India ranking for the minor and major tests in phase one of programme 2?
    2. Will we be able to give test series two times that is one now alongwith phase 1and phase 2 and then again during phase 3 that is revision phase?
    I am assuming that set of questions will be different for both the time.
    Is there any provision that once started we have to complete the test so that it is a fair game for everyone whosoever is attempting the test at whatever time according to his/her convenience? Otherwise there are chances of unfair advantage to the candidates who are attempting the test on later date or who once go through the test and then attempted it on later date.
    At last Thanks a million for your selfless service.

  • Divya Prakash

    is there any time limit for joining ILP-2016-PROGRAMME-2???

    • No..But would be better if you start from initial days so that the essence i.e regularity is maintained

  • Divya Prakash

    mains notes of all GS paper WILL BE PROVIDED IN PROGRAMME-2 OF ILP-2016

    • Yes but condition applies* i.e “We will apply our discretion here”

      Not for all the topics. Our approach is analytical not spoon feed. So we will maintain this and will provide strategic notes through which your preparation and understanding gets clear 🙂

  • rajinder katna

    will any notes/material (read: hard& soft) be provided in programme -2 of ILP’16 ?

  • Nidhi M

    Babaji really appreciate your efforts and completely understand the enormity of the work but would like to know when would the Programme-2 ILP-2016 begin. I had mailed the payment details two days back but I have yet not received the Id and Password.

    • Dear

      We mentioned that, those who paid successfully shouldn’t worry about reply from our side. We are done with the patform. Program as mentioned, starts today, i.e 25th Oct. You are supposed to follow day wise study guidelines and accordingly first Minor exam will be on 8th Nov. And in next 3-4 days, we will ensure to send id’s and password to all of you for the newly developed platform 🙂 Don’t forget that Id and Password serve more purpose for Online Tests

  • UPSC2016

    Hey..Please tell me from which month I should prepare current affairs for CSE 2016.

  • abhi

    hello BABA JI ,
    does you r monthly magazine cover daily current affairs

  • Powerpufgurl

    Dear Baba,

    what is the best way of making notes for mains, as I am little confuse between online notes and hand written, though I am comfortable in both, I feel its a important point to discuss. 🙂

  • srini vasan

    in my first attempt i didn’t success babajiii… but my only dream is to became ips offficer….due to my family situation they said go to foreign and study to come to attend the exam babajiiii…. somebody said u only study,then u will success…so i’m in confuse… pls say the correct solution to this problem babajiiiii

  • chaitu

    Can you please post EPW compilations or share the link or the important articles of concern!!!

  • Snehal

    We all know that committee has been formed to review UPSC pattern comprehensively…In such a situation, what should be approach to crack CSE 2016?What should be approach for optional, which us expected to be deleted from syllabus???
    please guide…

    • Be prepared…you never know..its upsc

  • Devanampiya Piyadasi

    This confusion is regarding the answer writing.
    1. Can we write merely “as per supreme court judgement” ? Should we be more specific or cite entire nomenclature of judgement ?
    2. Can we write supreme court judgments in answers in order to enunciate the conflicting provisions of the constitution ?

    • 1. Do mention- The recent judgement of SC w.r.t “X” case….

      2. yes

  • Narubhai8

    Baba what to fill in DAF if my parents are divorced. I stay with my mother and have been attaching her income certificate for my past academics. What now for upsc? Father’s occupation, etc

    • Write your Mothers Occupation. Kindly confirm once…from UPSC…call them

      • Narubhai8

        Ok baba, thank you for the help

  • mahesh

    please clarify me difference between the socialist economy and communist economy baba ji

  • ankush

    babaji i am done with my first reading of laxmikant, ncert (geography, modern history,economy,some ecology and art part). should i jump into TLP because when i look at the questions i get blank due to my inability to comprehend the whole question and relate it to current scenario, kindly suggest a way.

    • Try it…brainstorm…TLP questions are dynamic…so you need to put current aspects as well…seems you are not abreast with current affairs that is why

  • rajinder katna

    i am getting issue while Paying for ILP-2 ,it is showing NETWORK ERROR everytime i click on Payment active….pls help me out.(Error showing:A communication error occurred: “No route to host)

  • csmg

    how can i get password for tlp public administration

  • Billie Jean

    Hi 🙂 this is my first query here . .i would like to hear ur say on this. .how risky is it or how safe is it to just go through tlp questions alone for paper 2 and paper 3 for the upcoming mains. It would be around 150 questions for each paper.

    With less than 50 days for the exam . .what would u suggest? . Can the same be done for paper 1 and 4 as well? And by going through tlp questions i mean thorough reading and revision. Would it suffice ? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi

      If you have followed it from beginning then better revise them. If not, additional readings of our Monthly magazine can be safe. Its not equally true for paper 1 since it is static but you can give a selective reading of them as well

      For paper 2, 3 and 4, it would help a lot along with our Monthly magazines since it covers only Issues of Paper 2 and 3 🙂

      • Billie Jean

        So u say tlp questions plus monthly magazines should suffice for paper 2 and 3 . Will do that. And will stick to the basic books for paper 1. Thank you very much for the prompt reply 🙂

  • Billie Jean

    Please reply

  • Priyanka

    Sir mera Hindi medium se geography optional h. Kya main tlp programme join kr sakti hu.phele ke annswer ka link bhi bta dijiye please.

  • Manoj

    Babaji, kindly help me clearing my doubt.

    My OBC certificate(Non-creamy Layer) issue date is – 12-06-2014. Till now i have not renewed it
    UPSC PRE online form submission period was from 23-05-2015 to 19-06-2015 (closing date).
    (I applied on 01-06-2015.)

    and as per the notification issued for mains exam page no. 7, point no. 24. Candidates seeking reservation/relaxation benefits
    available for SC/ST/OBC/PH/Ex-servicemen must ensure that
    they are entitled to such reservation/relaxation as per eligibility
    prescribed in the Rules/Notice. They should also be in
    possession of all the requisite certificates in the prescribed
    format in support of their claim as stipulated in the Rules/
    Notice for such benefits, and these certificates should be dated
    earlier than the due date (closing date) of the application of
    Civil Services (Prelim) Examination, 2015.

    (Same thing mentioned in pre notification page no. 2 point no. 10:
    10. Candidates seeking reservation/
    relaxation benefits available for SC/ST/
    OBC/PH/Ex-servicemen must ensure
    that they are entitled to such reservation/
    relaxation as per eligibility prescribed in
    the Rules/Notice. They should also be in
    possession of all the requisite certificates
    in the prescribed format in support of their
    claim as stipulated in the Rules/ Notice
    for such benefits, and these certificates
    should be dated earlier than the due date
    (closing date) of the application for Civil
    Services (Prelims) Examination, 2015. ),

    Will there be any problem as my OBC certificate is about an year old at the time of applying for UPSC PRE and currently it is not renewed?

  • Kiran

    i have joined for program 2 of iasbaba team but i have difficulty finding the materials mentioned except for new NCERT books and laxmikanth.It would be helpful if you can provide the links to old ncert books(R S Sharma) and tamil nadu books on history.

    • Kiran

      Wait for id and password….everything is given on the new platform 🙂

      • Kiran

        Thank You Babaji

    • Yogesh Bhatt

      Tamilnadu NCERT are also available in Mrunal website.

      • Kiran

        Thank You for your help Yogesh

  • Avi M

    Hello Sir I have mailed you regarding the ILP program , please reply . My mail id is [email protected]

  • Yogesh Bhatt

    Baba ji. Need to fill mains UPSC form. Can we expect any guidance on that as we people are first time filling it. Personally for me you are only coach here so need guidance on this regard.

  • Devanampiya Piyadasi

    1.Do we have to necessarily append date to every act ?
    E.g. the Factories act, 1948
    the Mines act, 1952

    Is it allowable/ideal to write merely nomenclature of the act ?

    2. Can we show approximate number for any reference ?
    E.g Economy grew at the rate of around 6% in 1980s. Is this permissible ?

  • rumi

    hi i got password and id . but some complications crop up every time i try enter. please make clear how to log in to the separate site meant for ilp 2016. a minute wasted is a precious pearl wasted…. please help!!!!!! i don’t see any “login” icon either on your site . please help

  • manasi

    I got an email including user name and link for setting password but when I go through that link it’s redirecting for resetting password every time I tired. Do something to fix this problem.

  • Nivi

    Hi Baba….few days back I saw a heading as how to choose your optionals for mains but I’m unable to find the same in your portal now. Can you pls let me know about it. I’m in dilemma as what to choose. Request your guidance. Thanks in advance!

  • rajinder katna

    when shall value added notes and Prelimns current affairs for ILP-2 be updated?

  • anvit
  • Rakesh Kumar

    Baba please send me user id and password

  • Prashant Shiva

    Can u please guide me with study material for Optional : Commerce and accountancy..
    I am a Chattered Accountant, should i refer IPCC notes?? m very confused … Please help me…

  • Sandeep Anand

    is this helpful for Hindi medium student? If yes/no plz tell how

  • divyadeepak

    where from i find matriel on case study2 as your mind syllabus

  • Pardeep Khatri

    what is baba special program. Please clarify.


  • Pardeep Khatri

    Material will be provided in soft copy or hard copy.

  • Prashant Shiva

    Can u please guide me with study material for Optional : Commerce and accountancy..
    I am a Chattered Accountant, should i refer IPCC notes?? m very confused … Please help me…

    • Urvashi Saini

      Yes please go through Ipcc notes..
      For costing & accounting try to sove as many questions as possible
      For amendments go through icai regularly.. Tax nd Audit.. And practice practice practice
      As paper required hardwork more than final I think but level is ipcc..
      And try to get notes of Rankers classes… They are good!

      • Prashant Shiva

        Suppa thank you for your efforts… ??

  • poonam agrawal

    hi Baba!
    greetings for the day…
    plz let me know wen one can expect your free assistance program for 2016 exam like TLP 2015 if one is unable to join your paid program and want to stay tuned with writing practice.

  • YUGI

    Hi Can you please elobarate competence of Tean IASBaba.

  • Ankur

    Can one make the UPSC answer sheets ruled by drawing lines using pencil? Is it allowed.?
    If yes, do we have enough time to do that, i.e. before commencement of exam?, i.e. do they give answer sheet before the real time as in case of OMR answer sheets.?

    Asking, because it brings great improvement in handwriting.
    Doubt, because saw such self-ruled sheets in one of the Gaurav Agarwal’s Vision IAS answer sheet.

  • Abhishek

    None of the Google Drive links for any of the current affairs magazines are working.

    plz chk.


  • Yatharth Anand

    Whats the real test timetable for programme 2 members baba?
    Am really confused.

  • Vishnu

    I’m a member of program 2. I’m a bit confused regarding my optional preparation. My optional classes will begin only in February. So should I spent time for self study of optional now?
    Thank you

  • harsh

    sir plz provide me with user id

  • Satyam

    How i written the answer of this question which is provided by u and how i got the answer to seen from others person

  • lalit kumar

    i want to write on tlp what is the process for registration or anyone can write and what about virtual classes

    • You can write anytime

      Use- TLP2015 as password

  • Prashant Kumar

    is their any program available for 2016 preparation??

  • Rishi Gupta

    Hello Baba!
    I am a completely new IAS aspirant and I came across ILP-2016 today. I want to join program 2. But on reading the details i came to know that i have missed a part of Phase-1(Starting from October 2015 till today). So after i get access to ILP, how will i cover up the missed on portions? And will i be able to appear the test which was conducted on 15th nov or do i need to proceed with rest of the journey?
    Your help will be much appreciated. 🙂

    • You will have everything from the inception of this program.

      Missed Tests will be available on your profile. We have 3 phases in program 2. 3rd phase i.e june and july is solely for revision. This is kept to make sure, aspirants can revisit missed portions and tests

      • Rishi Gupta

        Have made the payment for program 2 and have mailed you the screenshot of transaction ID. Waiting for the login link, login ID and password.
        By what time shall i expect you to provide me the above mentioned?

  • Goku

    New to this website. What does the words, Protected: TLP means in the context of this website?

    • use “TLP2015” as password

  • Devanshu Ghosh

    I have not ample funds to join any institute dedicated to the preparation of UPSC Civil Services Exams, then can I crack the same by staying at home.
    Please suggest me since I am fully confused about that.
    Thanks & regards
    Devanshu Ghosh

    • Devanshu

      You can join our program 2. You do not need to go anywhere. Just need proper system, laptop or dekstop and internet

  • Nivi

    Dear Babaji,
    I would like to join 2016 test series. I missed 15th Nov test and Im interested to appear for the rest. Pls let me know how can I enrol for it. Thank you in advance!

  • Prashant Shiva

    October edition of monthly magazine has not covered IAFC ( India Africa Forum Submit)……..

  • Prafull

    Baba ….prelims ka test series kab se start karoge ??

  • Bond

    Is this a key mistake?
    Test 1: Question 15
    It is given that heat transfers from the surface of the earth to the atmosphere by conduction and convection ,not by radiation and advection.
    Why heat from the earth cannot transfer to the atmosphere in the form of radiation ?
    Earth emits long wave radiation that heats up the atmosphere(Green house effect – co2 absorps it), isn’t it?
    Babaji please explain?

  • vijay

    Hello IAS Baba,

    Being a beginner what should be the timeline for current events wrt UPSC 2016(prelims as well as mains)?From which month onwards current affairs must be prepared wrt UPSC 2016?
    Do KRIPA Baba 😉 please assist at earliest

  • Kavya Mishra

    sir, i m a holder and in a gov. job… i want to prepare for ips, but i cant join a coaching, please suggest me form which books or study material i start my study, in hindi medium….

  • Kunal Wagh

    Dear Sir, It might be a silly question after providing detailed information about program 1,2 and 3. However, Just wanted to confirm Is Prelim Test series of Program 1 included in Program 2? Or do we need to Pay for both the program 1 and 2 separately?

  • Deepak Sagar

    i have made payment for program 2 my pament id is MOJO5b25000J99357890 and my registerd email id is [email protected] please send id and password as soon as possible i also did not get acknowledgment

  • DOLL

    dear Ias baba ,
    please if u can assist me whether starting prep.of prelims 2016 from november15 to july16 end not much sufficient ,bcoz i think i have waisted 4-5 months of prep..Sir i am very confused nd afraid also to start lately …..but i m ready to work very hard for the exams……..please assist…Also i wanted to know whether ur ILP 2016 program 1 and 2 registrations have been closed or still open?……and also whether the tests will give results on an all India basis…..waiting for reply

    • Sorry for the late reply

      Its possible even now. You have immense time. Hard and smart work counts. ILP Program is Open. Tests results will give AIR

  • kumar

    Are all the cases and judgements of the supreme court and high will be important.For current affairs what were you reading any magazines or any important websites
    please help me on that sir

  • Prashant Shiva

    BABA ji .. wen will u resume RSTV section??
    m eagerly waiting for updates.. In meanwhile, since i hav no option, m resorting to insightsonindia…. But i dont like their summary….

    • Will surely try to do so soon. Sorting it out 🙂

      • Prashant Shiva

        Thnx fr reply.. Bt babaji please help us by providing a precise and neat summary.. Definitely not like insights on india

  • Dheeraj Solanki

    Baba Pranam !!
    I understand how a bill becomes an act and on the basis of such acts the government functions.
    But is it really that if government has to construct something then they need to pass a bill for that and need consensus of both the houses and president’s assent as well.
    i mean for every small little work also ?

    • Prashant Shiva

      there are some inherent powers which government derives form constitution itself…
      so it is not that fr every work gov need to pass a bill n make a Act….
      Moreover, mostly every Act which is passed in the Parliament normally consist of a clause which gives Executive (gov) to pass a notification and implement small n petty work..

      lemme know if u r not satisfied or u have got ny queries..

  • Machiavelli-II

    Baba I am working and do not have option to leave the job and go for classes. I would be grateful if you can start and initiative for PSIR optional even if it is chargeable, I can bear. I hope there would much more aspirants like me who will avail this if they come to know of this.

    Looking for the comments from the supporter who has PSIR as optional to give impetus to start this initative.


    • Hi guru

      Its not about money. Unless we deliver what we are known for, there cannot be anything new coming up from our side. Hope you understand. May GOD give us enough strength to support you people!

  • sadaf

    please tell whether ur ILP program 1 and 2 have closed their registrations or still open and what’s the deadline for that……..nd also please help me to overcome my fear that whether 8 months preparation will be sufficient for clearing prelims of 2016…..please

    • Yes program 1 and 2 is open. No deadline

      Its possible provided you are consistently achieving the daily targets

      • sadaf

        thank u ias baba.I will be enrolling in ur program shortly.once again thank u

  • Alexander

    I have made payment for program 2 my pament id is MOJO5b28000J30370428 and my registerd email id is [email protected] please send id and password as soon as possible i also did not get acknowledgment

  • Neha Jha

    Anyone preparing for APFC-EPFO exam? If yes,please tell how to prepare for insurance and labour laws. Is mrunal sir video and material uploaded sufficient for this section . Or need to study more?

  • rinku

    i am working in govt. department as a group B officer in delhi itself. i am confused about my preparation, sometimes i got satisfied when my parents tell me to discontinue my study as this is a good job nd in my home town also but my inner feelings never let me sit idle for more than 10 days. when ever i got free time i found my self googling about IAS Study Plan and various coaching institutes batches but i am not able to make my mind. some of my friends says if you have any doubt about appearing for IAS then better dont go for it .
    i know it may sound weird but i seriously needs your suggestion. i could not find any motivation and on the same way i could not resist my feelings also … confused

  • Gaurav

    Test Series Platform RTM , unable to access it. Kindly look into the concerned issue.

  • Sai Karthik


    I have chosen Political Science and International Relations as my optional subject, i need a guidance for how to approach this subject with suggested books for this optionals. Thankyou

    • Hi Sai

      We do not have resource for the said Optional. Really Sorry



  • Rohit Panwar

    Awesome Temple with wonderful Baba !! Baba i have one question please help me .I am a heart patient since 2012 as of now i am 30 of age ,Can i give UPSC exam ? i am physically fit or not for UPSC exam Please help me to understand this . I am from general cat. Thanks

    • Hi Rohit

      Yes, you can. There are various services available. You may not be fit for IPS but for others, there shouldn’t be any problem. Make a sincere and hard effort as you have less time as per age

      • Rohit Panwar

        thanks Baba , Since a long time i was looking for the guidance .I was misguide by many guys saying that i am not physically fit for this service . Thanks a lot for guidance.

  • Sepoy No 1446

    Baba, When is November month CA compilation coming?

  • Billie Jean

    I have an important query.

    Was it the policy paralysis or the paralysis of implementation which slowed the growth of our country?

    Do i need to take only one stand in such questions?

    Like in this case either policy paralysis or implementation paralysis. . Or can i take both coz we know the problem is at both fronts.

    What do u reckon?

    Also another query same as sepoy no 1446

    • In this case we have amalgamation of both. None of them is exclusively responsible. But you need to give sound arguments for both to justify your stand

  • Akanksha

    Please help….as i m short heightened,will it affect my selection???

  • priya

    baba ji plz tell any stratergy for history optional .like gs main stratergy

  • zenith

    i am a newbie and the biggest question from where should i take my first step?

    • Look at the syllabus properly and go through previous year papers for reference. Start your preparation with NCERT and read The Hindu or Indian Express daily.

      Explore the website’s Menu Bar Section Prelims and Mains properly

      If you are appearing in 2016, may join our 2016 ILP Program. If not 2016, then follow the above points

  • hk

    dear sir ,
    i am a student of 3rd year in mining engineering at school of mines . i was done my schooling and jee advance preparation in HINDI medium . but currently my education medium is ENGLISH but till now my ENGLISH is not so good. so please suggest me in which language i will prepare for UPSC HINDI or ENGLISH ?

    • Chose as per your understanding and comfort.

      What matters is your selection and it depends on your knowledge not language

      • hk

        but sir i heard that the material is available in hindi is not so good .
        could you suggest me hindi prepartion material for upsc?

  • ashish yadav

    Hlo sir ,
    i am 18 years old , i started my prepartion a month ago in a sincere manner and i have completed ncert of history and geography from 6th to 9th still going on with the 10th one . plz advice me sir actually my aim is not to be an ias . Wo to sb baana chaate but sir i want to be the youngest ias . Plz sir hlp me .

    • Keep studying and be regular.

      With current pace you will surely crack this exam being the youngest 🙂

      • ashish yadav

        thanx sir ,
        will you advice me what to follow and what not on this site coz sir i will be be appearing for the exam in the year 2018 . Just now i am going with the ncerts .

        • For now


          1. Daily Current Affairs and Magazine

          2. Yojana- Monthly

          3. All India Radio and RSTV

          Go through Prelims Strategy- Mains Strategy -

          This will help you in understanding of the syllabus and pattern.

  • pavankumar sarnala

    What is the difference between India’s struggle for independence(Bipin chandra) and India since independence (Bipin chandra) ????
    which book should i follow ???
    will spectrum’s –> ” Brief history of modren india” covers both the above mentioned books ?????
    plz reply …
    Thanks in advance…

    • Pavan

      For Mains you need to selectively read from both the books


      1. India’s Struggle for Independence includes events from 1857 to 1947
      2. India Since Independence includes events after independence- This book precisely covers topics of Paper 1 Mains- Post Consolidation of India..

  • ManUtd90

    Can I ask specific concept related doubts here

  • respectbabaji

    baba ji….thanks a lot for your efforts
    babaji hindu takes a lot of time … your monthly magazine sufficient along with rstv programs ?

    • Yes…but read one newspaper regularly. It will help in comprehension

  • Brajesh singh tanwar

    hey baba pranam.mujhse galti hogai sarkar hame abhi pata chala hai apke bare me i want to see you live baba.pahle pata nahi chala ab kafi late ho gaya hai help me baba.bolo baba ki jai ho…….late se pata chalne ke liye mafi sarkar mere ko tayyari karte hue 3 saal ho gaye ab best solution batao kaise ham collector ban payenge baba

    • You can com to Bengaluru in our upcoming workshop to meet us 🙂

      Whole website and our work is for you to have the right guidance only. You may also join our ILP 2016 program if wish.

  • mukesh kumar singh

    Baba …..i am working professional want to know that information regarding extra chance…whether it is available or scraped by UPSC …….

  • Priya kirubanandan

    I had just kick started my preparations. could you just suggest me the books on Public admin for optional paper?

  • kst

    i already enrolled program 2 but due to some work im not even attended on test baba plz clarify from where i have to login for tests and ur value added material thank you

    • check your email

      • kst

        THANK YOU baba but there is only exams no value added notes and virtual libreary

        • Do you guys even read the email properly. Last night sent the id details of both the platforms. Check your email properly

          • rajashree

            babaji………… whr is ur center location in in bangalore in whc you r conducting the workshope

          • Prashant Shiva

            Babaji.. M just a guy who is regular user of ur website. I have noticed that ur team respond very harshly for some illegitimate / lame questions…
            Please try to keep clam.. U ppl need not yell.. A normal response will do the work.

          • Prashant

            No comments. You will understand when people yell and blame even after sending continuous and clear guidelines just because they do not have patience to read. We have loads of work to do other than sending emails and replying to queries without fail. Sometimes patience is lost because of all this. Anyways, will try to be more patient and take your suggestions 🙂 Thanks Buddy

  • shaiz

    can i write essay in urdu in upsc main essay paper??

    • Aravind_janar

      no u cant

  • diwanshu mahajan

    civil servant have to advice Minister , It may happen that due to his advice that political party earn huge benefits in term development agenda and popularity among people . Indirectly he help them to earn vote and help them ? is it right how can we justify his this act . Please help Baba

  • ravi

    sir ,this is ravi from hyderabad
    i have a dilemma regarding the medium of mains examination. iam very comfortable with telugu in descriptive examinations but in the current scenario students who are succeeding with vernacular languages has drastically reduced .that made me to rethink about my decision
    .so please respond me sir

    • Go by your comfort and confidence not by statistics.

  • Maverick

    Dear sir/mam
    i have registered for ILP 2 prog . Where can i get the test links on my profile .
    plz help

    • If you have sent the payment acknowledgment then we will send your ID details by tonight

  • Seeker

    Firstly, congratulations Baba for the wonderful website.

    I wish to ask if your team has prepared a list of expected/important current affairs and essay topics? It will be very helpful

    • Seeker

      Nothing specifically. We have tried our best to cover all important issues through Magazine and TLP HOT Questions.

  • Piku

    Hello! What is the password to access the questions of posts of anthropology?

  • Shubhank

    Hello, Can you please give your guidance to select magazine among Frontline and EPW to follow for Upsc preparation and also For Down to earth it is good for GS 3 ?

    • Hi

      We do not cover them specifically but any important issue is part of our Daily News Analysis. Few selective articles of EPW and Frontline are useful. Down to Earth- mostly relevant for environment section that we will cover selectively under our Prelims and Mains Program.

  • Aravind_janar

    Ur monthly magazine contains lots of number of links which directs to articles of the newspaper it is difficult to follow up those no of links to study .help me to focus on current affairs easily

    • Those links are for reference. Skip if not able to follow. Initially we were covering only issues and others requested to give important links of the day. So we are giving. You can focus on your need only.

      Do not read from the links if it is hectic. Anyways, we cover them some other day

  • Kept6363

    ias baba, i m new to this website ..and want to ask three things
    1) is the monthly magazine compilation of ur daily current affairs
    2) is there a section for 2016 like TLP2015 or u ii start that after prelims
    3) i want to join ILP prog 2 but will only be able to make payment by jan first week . I know the website says that it has no deadline but just want to confirm once whether i ll be able to join then.I kno it sounds stupid but was apprehensive that after mains 2015 many candidates would want to join the ILP so may be u limit the entries in ILP 2

    • Hi

      1. Yes it is. But we also cover some important issues of past months- 3 to 4 initial articles

      2. TLP 2016 will be started in the end of February

      3. Yes you can join. Do not worry. It will be open

  • sandeep kumar

    baba ji i have not been able to clear pt even for once. This is my last attempt in 2016 . My confidence is very low. please tell me what to do and how to increase my confidence

    • Hi Sandeep

      By now you must have understood your mistakes. So work out on your wrongs that has led you to this state. If you have faith in our program then you must join it soon (ILP 2016). The program is designed to make you consistent and regular with study. If you are ready to give last attempt with full commitment, then you are most welcome to share this journey with us. We will try our best to make it exciting and simpler than before 🙂

  • Prashant Shiva

    Can anyone recommend me a exhaustive book fr GS 4 mains.. Plus…

  • kumar

    1. Sir who is the custodian of constitution, and who is the guardian of constitution, though in president oath it is he, in judiciary chapter it was mentioned twice that supreme Court is a guardian..???
    2.Sir the special provision for states and for J and K, should we hve to remember all the provisions r how to read those topics…?

    • Kept6363

      hey i kno u didnt refer this question to me and at the cost of being called interfering, i would like u answer the first part.

      The custodian of the Constt is only the Supreme Court. President cannot be the custodian. And there is sound logic behind it. The president has to act as per the advice of the govt which is in power ( that is the Council of Ministers.) Now the Constt contains provisions relating to states also .If president is the custodian, then the union govt can ask him to to do anything( in effect do it themselves) that violates the federal structure by encroaching upon states ‘ powers .Thus and independent judiciary (and SC being the apex court ) is the custodian to ensure that provisions are respected

      same logic goes with FRs. if president is the custodian , then in effect, the Union govt can make any law that violates fundamental rights of the citizens . what is the remedy with citizens ? Independent judicary only because president has to act as per the Union govt.

      • kumar

        Who is guardian of constitution

        • Kept6363

          are u sure that guardian and custodian ( in this context) means sumthing different
          IN THIS CONTEXT, they are the same and its the supreme court
          President is the HEAD OF THE UNION EXECUTIVE . Lets not forget that the Constitution contains provisions which are beyond the jurisdiction of the Union govt . for example, take the provsions relating to Supreme Court (Art 124 to 145 something) or State executive ( Art 152 onwards) or the High Court.

          also, if u ll read in polity (assuming u r not a law student) abt pith and substance doctrine , then u ll read abt cases where the SC has struck down a union law becoz it encroaches upon a state matter falling under List II Schedule 7. Why does it do it. becoz it is the custodian/guardian. it is its responsibility to see that provisions of the constt are respected

          • kumar

            Thank you!!
            What about the second question one I asked?



    • There are many aspirants preparing along with Job. You should have inner motivation to pursue your aspirations. No word can motivate unless self motivation is there. Think, why you want to? And to what extent you are ready to sacrifice?

  • kumar

    Sir what material r book to read about the governance part??

    • First understand the dimensions related to Governance. Go through ARC report on Governance. Only glance through it. You will have an idea. Also, have a look at Yojana for coverage on Governance. There are various schemes and issues coming up in newspapers. have a tab on them especially on the functioning of Government Schemes and issues related to it. Refer to Laxmikant- Governance also

  • Vinod Baraik

    SIr I read editorial only and following current affairs from your site, nothing else. Is this enough or should go through whole news paper with making notes?

    • Enough only when you are able to revise what you read and prepare. Do not spend too much of your energy on various sources. Stick to few but maximise your learning

      • Vinod Baraik

        thanx sir 🙂

  • rohit

    hello sir,
    As I’m new to this website, I’m totally lost in this goldmine! What to use and what not to.I went through some sections but still I’m in doubt; have I missed important sections ?
    I’m 2016 aspirant. so pls, if possible, mention list of important sections that i need to go through everyday so that I can start right away without wasting time in going from one section to another.

  • surendar

    when will you post micro plan phase 2 baba

  • surendar

    i have done ur full micro plan phase1.i have not commercial joined in any plan as i do fail to keep up. so i wil happy if u share all ur test series as u did in 2015.thanking ur work for the needy like us who cant afford nw ur also charging baba. pls put oly the test series question and micro plan for us.thank u baba.

  • Ruchika

    My DoB is April 10th 1986. I wish to appear for the UPSC exams 2016 and 2017 but am not sure about the upper age limit (there are too many rumours online). How many attempts do I have left (general category)? And when can I enrol for an online program for GS 2016?

    • As per present norms total number of attempts for General aspirant = 6 and maximum age limit is 32. So, you still have chance 🙂 Calculate accordingly

      We already started ILP 2016. You can have a look and decide accordingly

  • Singam Reddy

    geography optional book list please….

  • Prashant Shiva

    Babaji.. Please help me…
    Please give me a detailed n informed reply..
    I found that, even if I read the newspaper daily, the mark certain points / para, but I won’t / can’t reproduce the same in self evaluation.. Further, If I make notes, that will run into 200-250 pages per month.. Dat also won’t serve the purpose..
    I was thinking wld reading religiously ur maganize + vision ias + would suffice, if I won’t read newspaper..
    If I shld read hindu, Please tell me how shld I get prepared to write core to core answers on that…?…

    • One must have the habit of reading at least one newspapers not only for knowledge but comprehending things.

      Regarding output from your input

      You have to understand the syllabus and its demand as per UPSC. While going through your set of sources, try to produce content that is revision friendly. Use keywords and mapping techniques so that 200 pages become 20 pages.

      Its always better to condense the content but its equally important to understand the relevance of what you prepare and how you keep it for future study.

      Use different note books and divide the areas accordingly.

      • Prashant Shiva

        M already making notes fr news.. Bt not issues.. I will make notes fr issues also… Bt in some time…
        Thought u haven’t answered my query babaji..
        Please tell me.. The stated sources will suffice..???

        • If you are able to understand properly and cover all important issues well, then it will surely suffice

          • Prashant Shiva

            Love u babaji ??
            Thanks.. ??

  • kumar

    sir special provisions for each state has remembered or not ?

  • Monish

    In the 19th Dec daily current affairs –
    “5/25″ system, by which loans to infrastructure companies are extended in tenure. “However, this has to be closely watched. Earlier, CDR assets did not have the onerous provisioning requirements associated with NPAs, and so there was concern that banks were playing around with the classifications to make their books look better. The RBI has closed that loophole.”
    I didn’t understand regarding – “banks playing around with the classifications to make their books look better,”
    and how is this related to infrastructure companies. and extending their tenure. how will that help in lessening the NPAs?

  • Indrajeet Singh

    Sir…I want to start my preparation from scratch…. My GS is poor…right now …m working…is it possible to prepare for IAS 2016 from now for me…and how??? Plz guide me sir

    • Hi Indrajeet

      It is possible only when your crave to achieve it and work towards it is in the right direction. First of all start analyzing the syllabus and previous year papers to understand the demand of this exam. Then refer to sections meant for GS Prelims and Mains on the Menu Bar.

      After that you will get some confidence. You may also have a look at our ILP-2016 program which is for Prelims and Mains.

  • harsh bhadouria

    sir….the workshop with which ur coming with….do it have any option to attend online. as i lives in will u pls uplaod it…so that i could also see the team of urs…and their guidings

    • We will try to do so

      • harsh bhadouria

        thank u sir…

  • Vivek Kashyap

    Can you upload upsc mains, today’s Hindi paper.

  • Reetam Singh

    Solutions to UPSC Mains GS Paper I 2015 :

    Solutions to UPSC 2015 Mains GS Paper II 2015:

    Solutions to UPSC 2015 Mains GS Paper III 2015:

  • BST

    @iasbaba:disqus Hello sir, I want to know how to study the mind maps. I find it very new to me and could not understand why people praise them so much. I think they have some great advantage when compared with other techniques. Plz throw some light on how to use and study mind maps.

    • Hi BST

      Before this you need to understand whole syllabus- In and Out

      Mind Map is nothing but a smart way of condensing your content to remember it for long term. Suppose, you have prepared 10 page notes on Right to Information Act (RTI). Practically it will be difficult for you to remember all the content and you may miss some important dimensions and points. If you prepare a Mind Map, it will stick to your mind since it is in the form of image and pictorial things are easy to remember. Various dimensions on the Mind Map will be in your mind for long.

      • BST

        Thanks sir..:)

  • vinod420

    sir…can u provide us monthly magazine in hindi? plz…because it will help most to the hindi or other language.

    • No resources for it. We will try our best

  • learner

    you have stopped posting mind maps why so?? that was a nice feature of this website, please start it again also please try to cover important topics from other papers too

    • Its not stopped. Had some issues. We posted it today 🙂

      Check out.

  • Twinkle

    I want to join ILP Prog- prog 2 which covers from from 24 dec 15, the parts on which i missed out, can i study with plans u give daily or 15days basis? i m a beginner, wasted much time on various resources in surfing n m finding for a ONE STOP solution, expecting a great help from u. Plz tell me if i need to follow else than yours except some basic site i discovered till date like: or mrunal blog .
    plz help me.

    I m ca – wont do job- will be opting for commerce optional- plz guide me how can i go through. i want to rank 2016 with ur help, n by living in my city only. i will give my 100%. plz guide me how i can use resources smartly n do my level best.

    i m confused n plz give me direction so that i can put my hard work in.
    i know i m already late.
    but i will try to cover.
    thank u in advance
    ps: i m editing my post, i have gone through the notes that u provided at link Most Trending on IASbaba’s New Platform : Value add Notes & Current Affairs Capsule
    i found it very useful as i have read 1-2 ncerts, its nice to consolidate. plz tell me one thing u provide plan based on books n then 15- day wise , right?
    n (also being not so much computer friendly,) one more doubt, is everything provided in pdf ?

    • Prashant Shiva

      M also a CA. .. Seems like I get some tough competition in mains… ?
      I wonder, y do again I hav to compete with CA ??
      Books.. U can get some pdf.. Some other u hav to buy…
      M also preparing fr 2016

      • Twinkle

        “competition here is with SELF”
        i have a book list of commerce part 2, part 1 done in CA almost, but doubted about practice- n rank is not easy task!
        i don’t see competition with “anyone here”.

    • HI twinkle

      Yes you can join

      Program has started from 25th October. It has three phases and first phase is running and it will end in February. This phase is very basic but it requires you to study on daily based targets.

      We have kept Third phase i.e June and July for Revision only so that missed portions can be covered as per plan if aspirants are lagging behind or joined late.

      Once you regularly start following the scheme, it will be a cake walk since its all about consistency. Plan is already there, you just need to follow it religiously. Yes you will get PDFs and images only. But it will not be bulky to threaten you 🙂

      • Twinkle

        thank u sir, i have joined the prog. waiting for your response.

  • Indiana Nivas

    Can i move ahead withot newspaper,,,,,by just using baba current affairs daily updates !.please recommend me the best suggestions

    • No

      One must have the habit of reading at least one newspaper. Follow The Hindu or India Express daily and religiously learn the issues in Current Affairs covered on this website. It will suffice

      • Indiana Nivas

        Thank you baba i will definetely obey your valuable advice,,,,,,,,

  • saurav

    sir is your monthly magzine collection of your daily news or these are different from daily updates…………..

    • Yes collection of daily news but some new articles in the beginning are also there

  • Dreamz Unlimited

    SIR, just like you started geography TLP for mains 2015, will u start it for mains 2016 from january onward or not?
    Also sir, you had made a compilation of geography TLP which seems to have been removed.Till the time you start your new initiative for geography TLP 2016, it’s a humble request to please upload them, so that we can make a beginning.thank you

  • Adi


    I have been following your website for quite some time now and finding it very useful. I have done my MBA in HR and aspire to clear CSE exam. I have thought of choosing MANAGEMENT as my optional and have gone through previous years papers to have a idea about the pattern of questions but you must be aware that very few( may be IIM people) opt for it. I have always come across the concept of GOOD OPTIONAL AND BAD OPTIONAL at different forums and presently facing a dilemma of whether to choose MANAGEMENT or not and if yes then wanted to know if you can guide me about the sources to refer for MANAGEMENT optional paper 2. Paper 2 consists of questions and case studies related to BUSINESS STRATEGY, OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT, quantitative and qualitative techniques and MANAEGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS. Paper 1 majorly covers Organizational behavior and HR plus other theoretical areas and I have a fair idea about the same. I have some idea about topics related to paper 2 also but then not sure about sources as difficulty level and type can vary here. Some previously selected candidate mentioned about Briliant tutorials material and some one also mentioned about IGNOU material for management. Waiting for your reply and thanks in advance.


    • Hi Adi

      We do not have expertise in Management Optional. Sorry.

      • Adi

        No issues , just thought may be anyone from your team might be having MANAGEMENT optional and so might be be able to give some insights, anyways thanks

  • anat abhimanyu

    sir, first thanks ur team that ur doing a great job for this pretigious exam. my question is that is there any chances that upsc opted out the optional papers in 2016 year . please guide me Sir. thanking you

    • Only UPSC knows this 🙂 Do not worry. It will come to picture, whatever it is

  • adithyaganapathy

    Hi.. I have some doubts.. Can I have your contact number so that I can talk to you in person.. Or office address where I can meet you in person??

  • Anisha Aysha

    Babaji am a graduate in ayurveda there any chance to include ayurveda as an optional subjects..heard so..

    • Medical Science is the available Optional not Ayurveda

  • Twinkle

    It’s a very small doubt, if I m doing current affairs by referring our website since dec 15: with monthly magazines from – April 15, is it sufficient for prelims 16? Do i need to refer past hindu editorials from July or August or Oct?
    M just confused about this.
    Now I m religiously following hindu n daily analysis, but what about past?

    • Twinkle

      You are in program 2. Have a look at Prelims Capsule on

      Whatever you are following, is more than enough. Do refer to Prelims Capsule as mentioned

      • Twinkle

        Thank u.

  • praveen

    i paid fee yesterday but i dint get my id …..sir plz provide iam eagarly looking to be the part of this series……….

    • Hi Praveen

      You will receive it by today evening for sure. There were some technical issues hence the delay

  • Abhishek

    I paid the fee for program 2 yesterday but till now haven’t received id and password. Kindly send it as soon as possible.

  • avantika sinha

    hi can you please upload 2015 management optional paper

    Thank you

  • Samudragupta

    Hi iasbaba.. i gave this year mains.. it was a total disaster for me.. in all i left 450-500 marks due to lack of time.. i am not able to understand the reason for this pathetic performance because speed is not a problem for me.. probably answer writing is the reason i performed so bad.. due to lack of time i had not prepared answer writing before mains. Also essay was a disaster for me.. i panicked during the exam as i was not able to organise it and i am not even expecting 50 marks in essay paper. I have seen many toppers who got ranks without writing even a single essay.. also a few toppers did not do any answer writing practice.. after my performance i lost confidence in myself if i can clear mains. I want to know that can lack of ans writing really be that disastrous?? I mean 450-500 marks!! If i were 80-100 marks i wont be that depressed. Now i doubt myself if i can complete paper well in time with quality answers. I have gained strength now and am determined to write 30-40 essays and almost daily answer writing.. and giving many mock tests. I want to know whether lack of ans writing really be so disastrous?? am i the only one or many face such disasters(who give mains without practice). Is it usual to see such disasters if ans writing is not done? Or a rare case like mine? If yes.. then it will raise hope because i will put everything this time and focus mainly on ans writing. Plz guide. Thanks.

    • Hi

      Yes lack of answer writing matters not to the extent you have used it to your disadvantage. There must be some other reason like lack of preparation and content.

      Keep in mind that UPSC questions especially of Mains require more analytical and indepth understanding of an issue so that you can write the core issue intelligently. For that matter if your understanding is well enough despite poor writing practice, you will at least write something substantial.

      Just writing or attempting all question doesn’t give preference to anyone. Your answers should address the demand of the question.

      Focus more from now as you have first hand experience this time. Work on why you did this? Try to attempt the papers again and see if you do the same and assess whether content is lacking or fear of writing?

      • Samudragupta

        Thanks iasbaba.. i was not expecting a reply but thanks for you proved me wrong. i have realised that i overshot word limit in many questions.. may be that the reason for my bad performance and time problem.. also i want to improve my essay writing.. i had thought of joining any essay test series, but one of my friend told me that essay does not require any test series.. self practice is sufficient.. my doubt is isnt essay review important? Is it possible to do better with essay without joining test series and therefore without essay reviews? I dont want to join test series for essay due to some problems. At the same time i am ready to sacrifice almost anything for my 2016 attempt, so i will join if test series is important for essay. Please guide. Thankyou.

  • Dreamz Unlimited

    Sir few queries:-
    1) have u stopped posting the mind maps or do i need a eye check?
    2) a humble request to please start TLP asap.
    thanks and regards

  • gagan

    hi, my questions is my spectacle number for both eyes is ( – 9) .. Can i get the advantage of PH?

  • Baba i have a simple question.
    plz answer me.
    my question is dat every one says we have study from morning to night continuously, then only we vil get into service. IS THAT RIGHT??
    can u plz say a time limit

    • Its not about time but quality of time. Simple. Do not listen to such myths.

  • Bond

    please guide me how preperation for IFS (forest) should be different from IAS in Mains?

  • roshni

    baba i have joined ur ilp 2016 program and made online payment. but i haven’t recieved my password and id. i am also confused about how to login to my account so that i can appear for d test

  • Priyanka Gupta

    babaji, am facing difficulty in notes making. pls help. hw shd i mk notes frm ncert, it has outdated data n old schmes. are they needed?

    • Priyanka

      Learn the concepts only and update the data while you read. Do not create another book while making notes. Keep it precise. Use sticky notes while reading and write the important points there itself. It will help you in revision.

      • Priyanka Gupta

        Should i make notes once i go through it 3-4 times or start itself in first reading? pls pls help. really need it. and by delaying, i only pile up my work but if i dont understand concepts, i wont be able to make good note.

        2. am analysing each and everything from ncert, its taking much time.
        3. if i make notestopic wise foe ex drainage system, should i make it topic wise, if so should i include points from 7th geography or just from higher level class.

        • Note making should be done from second reading but make sure that “Note making is only for those concepts which are not easily remembered or difficult to understand” Do not end up creating another book

          Make notes topic wise not book wise. Once you follow all relevant books, segregated compilation of useful content in form of notes will be there as per topics.

          • Priyanka Gupta

            thank you so so much babaji 🙂

  • Priyanka Gupta

    babaji, how to mk notes?

    • Kevin

      Note Making is good but you should try writing in the TB itself or the material from which you are studying because when you make notes, only a single perspective is defined and each and every time you read a material you may fined something new in it.

  • Denny Jose

    Sir when will you publish the RTM phase 2 micro plan? If you have already published am sorry I missed it could you please attach the URL here ?

    • Phase 2 Plan will be shared in February. We are trying to sync it with Test Series as well as TLP 2016. Do not be tensed about plan. You should follow what is in front of you and achieve it to the fullest

      • Denny Jose

        Thank you sir.

  • santhi sweety

    babaji can you please suggest me books to be referred for anthro optional??

  • Urvashi Srivastava

    Baba where is the daily news analysis for 5th and 6th january?? I have joined your programme 2 but why am I not able to access it now??

  • K Venkat Bhargav

    I am beginner. I will give exam in 2018. So, from where should I start my preparation like which subject first and from where to start?

    • Kevin

      1. Start with NCERT’s
      Geography and History – 6th to 12th and 1 Newspaper(The Hindu) ,
      Till you are down with your NCERT’s

  • Ishan

    I think there is some problem with the website feed. I have subscribed through Feedly. It hasn’t updated since new year. Could you check?