Think, Learn & Perform (TLP) – GS Mains 2015 ARCHIVES

Think, Learn & Perform (TLP)- GS Mains 2015 ARCHIVES

This forum is for Think, Learn & Perform (TLP) – GS Mains 2015 ARCHIVES.

PASSWORD TLP2015                                                      SUPER 100 TLP- MAINS 2015


Weekly Plans                                                                                                             100 Day Plan


GS Mains Comprehensive StrategyMust Read !                           Phase I Archives




TLP Compilations Paper Wise- Till Day 50Click here


TLP Compilations Paper Wise- Day 51 to 70Click here


TLP Compilations Paper Wise- Day 71 to 93Click here


Full Mock Mains 2015


Essay Paper I

Paper II & Paper III

Paper IV & Paper V


Questions                                                                                                              Synopsis

31st August:  Day 1                                                                                    Art & Culture Synopsis

1st September: Day 2                                                     Constitution & Comparison Synopsis

2nd September: Day 3                                                                       Indian Economy Synopsis

3rd September: Day 4                                                                                          Ethics Synopsis

4th September: Day 5                                                                                    History Synopsis

5th September: Day 6                                                                              Federalism Synopsis

6th September: Day 7                                                                                                    ESSAY

7th September: Day 8                                                                 Agricultural Issues Synopsis

8th September: Day 9                                                                                      Ethics Synopsis

9th September: Day 10                                                                                  History Synopsis

10th September: Day 11                                                   Parliament & State Govt Synopsis

11th September: Day 12                                                  Industry & Infrastructure Synopsis

12th September: Day 13                                                                                  Ethics Synopsis

13th September: Day 14                                                                           Mini Test/Revision

14th September: Day 15                                                            Post Independence Synopsis

15th September: Day 16                                                        Executive & Judiciary Synopsis

16th September: Day 17                                                                                     S & T Synopsis

17th September: Day 18                                                                                   Ethics Synopsis

18th September: Day 19                                                                    World History Synopsis

19th September: Day 20                                                       Constitutional Bodies Synopsis

20th September: Day 21                                                                                               ESSAY

21st September: Day 22                                                                      Environment Synopsis

22nd September: Day 23                                                                                Ethics Synopsis

23rd September: Day 24                                                                      Social Issues Synopsis

24th September: Day 25                                                       RoPA, Welfare Issues Synopsis

25th September: Day 26                                                                 Security Issues Synopsis

26th September: Day 27                                                                                 Ethics Synopsis

27th September: Day 28                                                                                     MINI TEST- 2

28th September: Day 29                                                            Indian Geography Synopsis

29th September: Day 30                                                                                       Synopsis IR

30th September: Day 31                                                                       Disaster Management

1st October: Day 32                                                                                                        ETHICS

2nd October: Day 33                                                                           WORLD GEOGRAPHY

3rd October: Day 34                                                                    International Organizations

4th October: Day 35                                                                                               GS ESSAY 

5th October: Day 36                                                                            Economic Development

6th October: Day 37                                                                                         Ethics Synopsis

7th October: Day 38                                                                         Art and Culture Synopsis

8th October: Day 39                                                                     Constitution & Comparison

9th October: Day 40                                                                                 INDIAN ECONOMY

10th October: Day 41                                                                                                     ETHICS

11th October: Day 42                                                                                             MINI TEST

12th October: Day 43                                                               Ancient and Medieval History

13th October: Day 44                                                                            Federalism and Issues

14th October: Day 45                                                                     AGRICULTURAL ISSUES

15th October: Day 46                                                                                                    ETHICS

16th October: Day 47                                                                      Modern History and INM

17th October: Day 48             Parliament, State Legislature, Judiciary and Related Issues

18th October: Day 49                                                                                                  ESSAY

19th October: Day 50                                                                      Industry and Infrastructure

20th October: Day 51                                                                                                        Ethics

21st October: Day 52                                                         Post Independence Consolidation

22nd October: Day 53                                                                        Executive and Judiciary

23rd October: Day 54                                                 Science and Technology/Applications

24th October: Day 55                                                                                                    ETHICS

25th October: Day 56                                                                                         Hot Questions

26th October: Day 57                                                                                              World History

27th October: Day 58                                                     Constitutional & Regulatory Bodies

28th October: Day 59                                                                ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES

29th October: Day 60                                                                                                   ETHICS

30th October: Day 61                                                                                     SOCIAL ISSUES 

31st October: Day 62                                     ROPA, ELECTIONS & WELFARE SCHEMES

1st November: Day 63                                                                                           Model  Essay

2nd November: Day 64                                                               SECURITY ISSUES & HOT

3rd November: Day 65                                                                 GS INDIAN GEOGRAPHY

4th November: Day 66                                                                                              IR & HOT

5th November: Day 67                                                             Disaster Management & HOT

6th November: Day 68                                                                                   ETHICS & HOT 

7th November: Day 69                                                                                REVISION & HOT

8th November: Day 70                                                                                            REVISION

9th November: Day 71                                                                    World Geography & HOT

10th November: Day 72                                                             International Bodies & HOT

11th November: Day 73                                                       Economic Development & HOT 

12th November: Day 74                                                                             ETHICS AND HOT

13th November: Day 75                                                               INDIAN CULTURE & HOT

14th November: Day 76                                            Constitution & Comparison  And HOT

 15th November: Day 77                                                                                                      Essay

16th November: Day 78                                                                           ECONOMY & HOT

17th November: Day 79                                                                                              ETHICS

18th November: Day 80                                           ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL INDIA/HOT

19th November: Day 81                                                                                  POLITY & HOT

20th November: Day 82                                                  AGRICULTURAL ISSUES & HOT

21st November: Day 83                                                                                ETHICS & HOT  

22nd November: Day 84                                                                 Modern India and HOT

 23rd November: Day 85                                                                              POLITY & HOT

24th November: Day 86                                               Industry and Infrastructure & Hot

25th November: Day 87                                                                               ETHICS & HOT

26th November: Day 88  Post Independence Consolidation, Executive & Judiciary & HOT

27th November: Day 89                                                                                                 ESSAY

29th November: Day 90                                                                                                    HOT

30th November: Day 91                                                                                  ETHICS & HOT

1st December: Day 92                                                                   WORLD HISTORY & HOT

2nd December: Day 93                                                                                                      HOT

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      Rohit ,
      For GS MAINS –

      Here in this link you will find Day 1 , Day 2 etc . By clicking on each Day you will be directed to the questions.
      On the questions page – Click on the question you wish to answer. It will then ask you a password. Type in – TLP2015.
      Now in the comment box below write the answer for that particular question. You can also upload images of handwritten answer (make sure they are clearly visible for ease in reviewing).

      So, start writing. Best of luck 🙂


      I have joined VISION IAS GS mains test series 2015
      1. Total test-24 (till now 16 happens rest from Sept. to Nov.)
      2.current affair from Aug.2014 to Nov. 2015
      3. material of 4 GS Mains paper(value Addition)..
      I bought it for Rs21000 but i will share at a minimal cost of Rs1000
      if anyone interested my mail id is [email protected]

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    • No…but for those who have prepared for an year can surely participate 🙂

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  • Never Zombie..we understand your concerns…and surely we will try our best…But it is a major reason that many aspirants wait for end time and do not work hard for the moment itself. This is why we wrote like that. You shouldn’t wait till the end, this makes you incompetent. Rather work today and if in future anything will come, it will add to your good only 🙂

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    • DO it on your side…if we come up with it..Good for all….otherwise no harm for you 🙂

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    • If first timers are prep for 2016, then they should wait for their turn. We only have 100 Days for serious aspirants. And if first timers are appearing for 2015, then by now they should attempt it 🙂 No offense, but we are doing as per the requirement and time constraints…for 2016 we will do as per them, and veterans will be offended then 🙂

      P.S- We will try to give some easy questions here and there if schedule allows

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    Can we quote bhagvad gita quotes in ethics paper? If yes in Devanagri or Roman?

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    Baba Ji, thanks for your great selfless initiative. It’s very helpful specially for working aspirants like me. I have been following most of the answers written by our friends. Though I manage to write some answers but could never upload because of time constraint.
    But personally I have observed most of the answers contain lots of detailed facts like date, data, committee, places, acts etc which are readily available in the internet. Is it possible/feasible to present all these in the actual Mains exam? At least for me, can’t even dare to think. Please suggest how important to present all related facts, data or any act.

    • If you can produce some facts, its good but there is no harm if you couldn’t 🙂

      But certain questions require some facts to support your answer so you should prepare them accordingly

  • Fluid

    babaji, I am in a dilemma.Your TLP questions are really great and honestly speaking the way you frame questions, for novice writers (atleast like me), it’s easy said than done to wind up the whole thing in three hours.To write an answer, I need to search the topics, read from multiple sources, and do a lot of brain storming to frame an average answer and it easily consumes around one hour.So five questions and five hours plus it’s not at all useful if I don’t go through others answers for reading others answers allow me to evaluate me and learn. So you can say its easy seven hours gone.Now atleast four hours for optional. Two hours for newspaper, then your current affairs.So I write few answers and sometimes I write in my notebook so can’t upload and some times simply avoid.

    The day gets exhausted.No revision and self study.I have joined a test series also and every sunday tests are conducted.But I prefer this platform because I trust you more than those money making machines, so I am not able to prepare for them also.
    Babaji I know it’s a very silly question, and it’s not expected from me but I started my preparations very late and probably I will not be able to clear prelims this time, not because I didn’t study well but a bit of bad luck, silly mistakes and a lack of revision of some parts. But, i really want to utilise this TLP 2015 because ultimately it will help me in future.

    So please babaji tell me what to do.It sometimes throws me out of the track..
    With efforts and courage, a bit of direction is needed and I guess I am lacking that, probably that’s the reason I did miserably in prelims too. Please babaji throw some light.

  • Hope

    I am a working Professional and Usually I got 5-6 Hour Per Day for Study. Out of these I consumed my 2-3 Hours in The Hindu Editorial (Reading & Note Making). Sometimes I also Read Indian Express. And I consumed Whole day in Just Editorials.

    My question is From a Editorial maximum we can remember 3-4 points. So what is the need of reading them? These point we can easily Collect from Various Sources like Daily News Analysis + Civilsdaily Notes of Daily News with Monthly Vision IAS Current Affais Module Will not be enough?

    I am very new to this so any experience Person pls help me. Because I don’t want to regret on my decision later weather it is reading The Hindu or Solely Dependent on + Vision IAS Current Affairs Module.

    Please Reply Baba asap. Although I asked this question on 2-3 Places but I am solely Rely on you and your plan for 2016.

    • Hi Hope

      If you wait for few more days (till we come up with 2016 Plan), you will be in better position to understand it.

      • Hope

        Thank You Baba..I am 100% Dependent on you. Even I don’t open other websites. I am hoping for the best.. 🙂

        • We will never restrict you from not opening other websites. If anything benefits you, what else we want 🙂

          But yes, if we are able to solve all your worries then why to roam around 😛 Wait for the best to happen….Thank You for the support

        • Ritesh Maheshwari

          Never depend on others. Only you can do justice to your life. One of my school teacher used to say ki “khud ke mare hi swarg milta hai”. It means that you will not achieve anything meaningful in life without doing the necessary hard work. My advice is that do not waste time. Try to use it judiciously and I don’t see any reason why you can’t achieve your dream.

      • Akash

        waiting for 2016 plan

    • Anit ifs

      I’m not an expert or anything. but to use your time in the best manner… rise up early, if you can.. by 4.. then by your office time, you can put in more work than most full time preparatory do.. Then in the evenings go through the editorials.. it may be hectic, but it would work

    • Sujit Hatte

      Please add to me to your no 8888536300..
      Sujit Hatte

  • Basant Yadav

    Jai ho baba ji………:)

  • Radhakrishna

    please increase the number of daily questions. at least 10?
    quality drops with quantity??
    precision with time limit? a bit concerned about it!!
    it is only a suggestion. i don’t know about the motive, revision ya practice ya quality improvement.
    a fine balance of time and quality is necessary.
    i have no intentions of being rude. please reply.

    • We cannot since our intention in the beginning was clear. We feel you joined late!

      We only work for quality learning and with practical limits considering the output of the same….also, we try to review the answers and if we increase the number of questions, then it will become a redundant exercise for everyone….Its not about number of questions but learning.

      In our questions, the dimensions to explore are more and it is suggested to work on thought process and originality rather than mugging the things. We are going with a proper Plan…so cannot modify it at this stage. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

      • Chasing Tom

        Babaji we are following you like your disciple……….you had given us your finger to hold………..

        In this world of extreme darkness……… are enlightening our path

        We are not going to sit on your shoulder as burden for you………….you just maintain your pace and follow your strategy for your disciples……..

        You are torchbearer for most of us and we are not some body to point finger on your way of imparting knowledge………………

        It will be a great achievement for us, if we can just following path to success, which you prepared for us

        Babaji ki Jai

        • Tom

          Thank You for the support 🙂

          • Chasing Tom

            Baba I am embarrassed by your thanks…………………it is against guru-sishya parampara

            We, people, should thank you for your tireless efforts and helping hands being extended towards us.

            I always overwhelmed with your reply to me.

            Babaji……..If you are reading this……….then please enlighten me, how to start and excel in answer writing because you always urge for writing for scoring good rank……..

            Your Sectary

          • No its not. We are on the same panel of knowledge and learning. Only thing that differentiates us is TIME. 🙂

            Writing practice: Its an inclusive exercise. The more you learn (not mug), the more you think, the more you think, the more you get contextualized, the more you get contextualized, the more you get better in thoughts, the more you get better in thoughts, the more you get better in presenting it! – And writing is nothing more than the end result of the above statement 🙂

      • Radhakrishna

        yes, the questions does have quality and forces you to think. even answers by people show the level of dynamism in thought process. that is why greed came….aur jyada!! your questions have been helpful, thank you.

        • It will be done for sure but gradually 🙂 Thank You for the support

          • champa rajendran

            baba pl dont increase as of sudden ,,, cause when i started writing tlp i just wrote one answer per day … but now it got increased to 4 …. surely by end of 100 days i will be utmost humble in just improving

  • Anit ifs

    A suggestion… kindly RE order the above list … so that the latest link appears first… thanks..!

  • Saurabh

    Integrate the site with Twitter handle as well. It makes to have updates easier. directly on your wall. Thanks. 🙂

  • Nintendo

    Baba.. One input.. Can you please provide latest day’s questions on the top?

  • jyoti

    IAS baba, I came across this site only today. Can I join the TLP program now? If yes, then how can I get register myself for it? One more question, is this virtual classroom for everybody?

  • Amt Amt

    Dear baba, Will it be possible for you to provide compilation of all synopsis as one pdf file so that people who have missed this initiative till now could get benefited from your initiative?

    • Yes..but it will take some time…

      • Rajan Agarwal

        babaji waiting…a bit faster….request

  • Babaji plz provide compilation of September month best answers.. and not so good ..

  • Amruth Kumar

    Babaji today October 13th TLP is not coming in Archives, please look into it.


    heyy guys …i want to form a group of 5 to 6 people (preferably)…..who are serious for written practice of philosophy…well solve questions share resources and for discussion or any doubts…..people who could be regular in written practice of philosophy …well take up questions from previous years or any probable questions one could form…..if possible i want people to be from delhi …who could meet up weekly or bi-weekly so that we take it as assignment and check each other’s progress on regular basis….and have a healthy discussion…anybody interested could revert here as soon as possible…..if nybody is from delhi then it would be preferrable otherwise we could think of this plan to be pursued online only..

  • Anu Ritika

    anyone here .. i jus found this website like todAY..anyone where who would like to analyse previous days tlp and present ones in answer writing daily? i have cleared pre n m writing mains this year .

    • cosviny

      me too …just we can do it together.being professional i missed a lot

  • Dreamy_Drish

    Babaji I am really impressed with Quality of this Websites and the pattern of “Think, Learn & Practice you follows”… God bless you guys…
    Where I can get “Compilation of Written Essays by various people”, similar to Question Answer compilation…
    I really appreciate your help on this…

  • Cadet1970

    @iasbaba:disqus Babaji have you stopped reviewing GS answers now a days?

  • Ishaan

    Sir… Some synopsis materials are too backlog..

  • Cadet1970

    @iasbaba:disqus what is this HOT?

    • Cadet1970

      Got it thanks

  • ABHI ….

    thanks for compilation

  • Anant

    @iasbaba:disqus Really awesome site. I was wondering if you could please compile all the Question and Answers of each day in PDF format so that can go through them in the end for quick revision. Would be greatful.


    • SINDHU

      babaji will regularly update compilation….dont worry soon ur request had been taken.

  • g20

    gud work

  • champa

    sir ,, u said u l post tlp questions within 10 am …. please post it bit earlier so that working professionals may use effectively…since everyone are more scrutined to our schedule, it would be better

  • siddhartha

    Sir You have lot of patience to display the articles & TLP 100 day plan every day .. Hatts off to you !!!

  • Mani

    has anyone filled the DAF or started working on it?

    • Anwar

      yes I have filled it

      • i logged in today and started to fill

      • Mani

        how did u get the hard copy of the form?

        the one which we have to send offline

        • Anwar

          You have to take print out after final submission….

          • Mani

            actually i have not submitted it yet

            so will it possible if I fill and submit the form online and log out and then log in again at cyber cafe for hard copy print out?

            i mean, will the form open or I have to do that simultaneously. i.e. submitting the form and then taking print out at one go?

          • Anwar

            You log in and fill the form and simultaneously save every tab but before final submission click on print preview and take print out, check it and make corrections, if required. Now you can finally submit and take print out. You can log out in between at any time and saved data will remain there……..

          • Amruth Kumar

            Do you know what we have to fill in the grade Column in education section ?

          • Anwar

            It’s optional, you have to fill grade or division+%

          • Amruth Kumar

            I filled considering 60 + % as 1 St class 50-60 2nd this logic some of my friends also did the same. I didn’t put grade ( A,B,C,D) as CGPA was already there. I sent it already. Hope its won’t create any problem

          • Mani

            you are correct.

            i also filled this way.

          • Anwar

            It’s optional, you have to fill grade or division+%…..

  • sbt57

    Can we have these daily TLP links in descending order.We won’t have to scroll down every time we open this page.It will improve site’s user friendliness a bit.

  • Amruth Kumar

    Hey anyone there? Do we have to show the certificates for everything we write in Employment Information section in DAF during interview? like prizes, positions of responsibility, team games etc. will mail from concerned person suffice for some cases?.

    • Mani

      i think we just have to provide certificates of age proof (10th class marksheet) and our educational qualifications: i.e. graduation degree and post graduation degree (if any)

      we dont have to submit certificates like for debate wining competition, essay writing etc.
      they are not required (i think)

      refer to the instructions provided (22 page document)

      if u find anything do tell me too 😛

      • Amruth Kumar

        Thanks, I went through it and no where I read we have to submit certificates, but one of my friend told me we have to, so just wanted to confirm. According to blogs and all we don’t have to submit.

        • dark matter

          theyll chek ur educ certificates only….u need not submit any proofs for ec activities

          • Amruth Kumar

            Thank you. 🙂

          • vidhu

            So what is the net result of this discussion? We have to send 10 12 graduation copy along with daf?

          • Amruth Kumar

            Yup, that is clear, I was asking during interview do they ask for extra curricular certificates, so I can avoid them writing in DAF.

          • Amruth Kumar

            got it. peace 🙂

          • Mani

            we dont have to send 12th marksheet 🙂

  • Khwabeeda

    no tlp kya today??

  • SUBHASH tadala

    What happened babaji, no questions on nov 3rd??? but dont mind..we will review previos questions instead

  • sbt57

    @iasbaba:disqus-Has timing for posting questions changed?Please tell so that I can organize my own schedule accordingly.

    • Dear

      Sometimes you need to consider unprecedented issues/personal may be 🙂

      • sbt57

        Ok.Hope everything is fine and back to normal.:)

  • Cadet1970

    @iasbaba:disqus have you changed the timing from 10? Please update so that I can plan as per this..


    • Nothing like that…some personal and technical issues…we are trying our best

      • Cadet1970

        Ok Babaji….Thanks for the effort….and apologies for being impatient….

        • No apologies. We all understand each other 🙂

  • anvit

    Anybody writing mains with political science optional , can work collectively!

    • Suyash

      yeah mate…
      PSIR here…
      is this your first attempt??

      • anvit

        share your mail id ; yes 1st attempt
        You are on evernnote?

        • Suyash

          [email protected]
          Haan I am…

          • anvit

            Hi Suyash ,I have dropped a message to you on evernote.
            Sorry I have not installed watsapp and do not have shubra ranjan mam notes, though check her facebook profile once, you can get test papers.

        • Suyash

          Mail me you number too…I’ll add you in the whatsapp group…

        • Suyash

          nd btw if u’ve got Shubhra Ranjan Mam’s notes and can share…please let me know…

      • rocking24x7

        Here, mail me at [email protected]

    • rocking24x7

      Here, mail me at [email protected]

  • People writing mains this year, make sure you are aware of the following issues!! 🙂

    LBA (in December compilation)
    CBI analyses NGOs funds
    Smart card for unorganised sector
    Aser report
    Problems with PDS
    AFSPA in Assam
    Tribal communities and their issues
    Permanent commission for women
    Niti aayog
    NJAC and constitutionality

    Right to life (comprehensive)
    Sec 309 of IPC
    Land issues (comprehensive)
    Displacement vs Development
    Environment vs Development
    Agriculture vs Industry
    Tribal Land Rights
    National Policy on Rehabilitation and Resettlement 2007
    Social Security (comprehensive)
    Vote for under trial
    District disparity
    Contempt of court
    Resilient City
    Public Distribution system leakage
    Article 25 and anti conversion legislation
    Trying juvenile as adult
    Religion vs public morality
    Commercial courts

    Sec 66A of IT act
    Political parties and RTI
    Electoral reforms
    Pharma Jan samadhan scheme
    Price stabilisation fund
    Beef ban
    Tribunal constitutionality
    India’s daughters ban
    PM sets 13 goals for Team India
    Atal pension yojana
    Farmer suicide
    Amendment to Prevention of corruption act, 88
    Real Estate Bill
    Agriculture Insurance
    Greenprint for sustainable and ecological restoration
    Greenpeace India loses license (reasons and arguments)
    Sec. 79 of IT Act
    Smart City Project
    India’s Defence Sector
    Sec 499&500 of IPC (regarding defamation) and Sec 197 of CrPC (related to public servant being accused)
    Elections in India (comprehensive)
    NRI e-voting
    RPA Sec 8(4)
    Education as a qualification in PRI
    Compulsory Voting
    Criminalization of Politics
    Whistle Blower Protection Act
    Plight of Undertrials
    Black money Bill & Benami Transaction Bill
    10yrs of RTI: Appraisal
    AFSPA withdrawn from Tripura
    Euthanasia (covered earlier also under Right to Life)
    Challenges of Urban Management
    Global Rule of Law Index
    Right to Clearance (innovative approach of Telangana govt.)
    Bibek Debroy Committee
    BIS Bill 2015
    Increasing Pulse Production in India
    Criminal Defamation
    National Agri Marketing e-Platform
    WB: MGNREGA, world’s largest Public Works Programme
    Focus on Solar Prospects can boost Make In India
    Lateral Entries
    DNA Profiling Bill
    Circumventing RS through Money Bill Strategy (so smart! 😛 )
    Parliamentary Paralysis
    IIM Bill

    Kerry lugar bergmen act
    Golden triangle
    Palestine to join ICCOurt
    India-SA relations
    India-Oman relations
    Global inequality : oxfam
    Us president visits India

    RIC group
    Sectarian war in Pakistan
    US-cuba relationship
    Constitutional deadlock in Nepal
    SCO and India

    Opposition of Japan to india-us nuclear deal
    IAEA acknowledged India’s need for autonomy in nuclear regulations
    L1B visa process easier now :Obama
    India and Indian ocean
    Lee kuan yew
    Yemen crisis
    China hikes defence budget
    Mine ban treaty
    One belt one road
    India’s Afghan dilemma
    President of Afghanistan visits India
    Xi Jinping’s visit to Pakistan (CPEC)
    Rebuild IBSA
    China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor
    SL’s 19th amendment
    Migrant Disaster in Mediterranean
    India-Australia Civil Nuclear Deal
    Death Sentences in 2014 (some usable stats)
    India-Iran on Chabahar
    India South Korea
    India-Vietnam defence Co-op
    PM’s China visit
    H-4 Visa Issue
    Motor Vehicle Agreement (BBIN Countries)
    India leading destination for FDI in S.Asia
    BRICS and SCO Summits
    PM’s Central Asia visit
    SENDAI Framework
    SAARC Promotes Non Wood Forest Produce
    Anchor Baby & Birth Tourism
    Forum for India Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC)

    PSB reforms
    Global investment trend monitor report: unctad
    Fall in crude prices
    Addressing inequality in south Asia: WB

    GDP methodology
    New criteria for capital infusion in PSB
    14th FC
    National minorities development and Finance Corporation

    New monetary policy framework
    PSL lending
    Gold metal account
    Rupay debit card
    FTP 2015-20
    Mulberry and organic farming
    Green Bonds
    Nirbhaya fund utility
    Increased aid for rain-affected farmers
    India’s first IFSC in Gujarat.
    Hybrid Annuity Model for for road projects
    Mudra Bank (quite detailed)
    IMF’s forecast (India, China juxtaposed)
    Energy Scenario in India (comprehensive)
    Concerns and Reforms
    Renewable Energy
    CLND Act
    Coal related issues
    Smart Grid
    Slide in Oil Prices (comprehensive)
    Reasons behind decline
    Global and domestic implications
    Possibility in future
    Strategic Oil Storage Project
    Internal Ombudsman in Bank (I guess just remember the heading)
    Investment by OCI,PIOs to be considered domestic investment
    Capital A/C Convertibility
    Virtual Network Operator(VNO)
    Predatory Pricing
    India’s Retail Sector
    NRIs can now invest in Chit Funds
    Nuclear insurance Pool
    SPV to improve connectivity in Ports
    Sagar Mala
    New Road Financing models
    Financing for Development Conference (Addis Ababa)
    China’s Stock Market Plunge
    India-EU FTA
    Indian Financial Code
    Greece Crisis
    Solar Dispute at WTO
    Indradhanush Plan for PSBs
    Infra. Investment Trusts InvITs)

    Health as FR
    Blood groups
    Sterilisation and gender approach

    Millennium development goals
    governance and management of health
    Growing intolerance in society (comprehensive)
    Religious conversions
    Freedom of Speech

    Gender atlas for education
    Maternity entitlement
    Plight of elderly
    Budget and social sectro
    Changes in Juvenile law
    Child Labour and Satyarthi’s demands.
    Fight against Leprosy
    UNESCO Global Educatio Report 2015
    Social Progress Index
    Gender gap in labour market
    Health (comprehensive)
    Present weaknesses
    12FYP strtegy
    Hidden hunger
    Sterilization issue
    Medical Tourism
    Taxing Tobacco
    Appraisal of Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP)
    Amendments in Child Labour Act (juxtapose this with Satyarthi’s demands)
    India finally tops in World Hunger List
    World Education Forum and issues with Indian education (mostly about quantitative debate)
    10yrs of NRHM-Performance Card
    PMJJBY + PMSBY +APY (Bima and Pesion)
    Namami Ganga Project
    IAP Healthphone
    Maggi Row
    Housing for All
    Charles Correa
    New Manual Scavenging Law
    RSOC: Drop in Number of Underfed Children
    Growing Inequality
    PwC Report on Plight of Urban Children
    SC/ST Atrocities Bill
    Poor Migration Policy (Indians going abroad esp Gulf)
    NCRB data on Road Accidents and Suicides
    MoRD’s Report: MGNREGS Updates
    Nai Manzil Scheme

    Coral bleach
    Neutrino observatory
    Bangladesh island sinking due to embankment
    Plant protection code
    Digital village
    Kasturirangan report

    sinkhole formation
    3parent baby
    spectrum allocation model mechanize farm
    Soil health card
    National deworming mission
    Plastic waste menace
    Han aushadhi
    MoEF: roadblock to dev or facilitator

    Deforestation and impact on monsoon
    Genetic editing of embryo
    Railway takes steps to improve service delivery
    Recycle bulb
    Solar power station in space
    Linear infra projects
    World conference for disaster risk reduction
    Broadband connectivity in India
    Compensatory Afforestation Bil,15
    Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)
    Red Sanders
    Interlinking of River
    Lion Census
    Heat Wave
    CERN’s associate membership
    Project for generating 2k MW grid-connected PV Solar Power
    Khoya Paya Portal
    Cyclone Ashooba
    Animal Vermin
    Rashtriya Aavishkar Abhiyaan
    Loss of Polar Bear Habitat
    Kasturirangan report
    Renewable Energy Bill
    GSLV D6
    Cloud and Aerial Seeding
    ESZs still not notified
    Only 4 segments eligible for Solar Roof Top Subsidy

    Central anti terror mechanism
    Unhcr report
    Refugee status in India
    Gujarat Anti Terror Bill
    Automatic Identification System Transponder
    Satellite Communication Gateway
    Interpol ‘colored’ Notices
    Anti Hijacking Bill
    Naga Accord
    UAPA to have Terror Ban List
    5-pronged startegy to contain LWE

    Classical language status

    Bharat ke rang

  • kkavad

    babaji… Will you provide compilation for Pub Ad optional?

  • professor

    sir, Pub Ad compilation Pls……

  • Cadet1970

    @iasbaba:disqus by what time will you post the questions?

  • Cadet1970

    @iasbaba:disqusBabaji are you posting questions in evening now?

  • costa

    Great job babaji

  • Vidyarthi Mishra

    Babaji ki Jai Ho…Jai ho Babaji ki! You must have heard it a thousand times by now, however, at the cost of being repetitive, allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude for the excellent TLP series and HOT. The services provided by your website are truly radical and have the potential to change the face of UPSC coaching.

    Imagine the plight of an aspirant from the rural/poor urban setting who can’t go to the conventional coaching institutes due to the exorbitant fees and what role you have played in his/her life. Per se, I’m not anti-coaching institutes only if they stop using the aspirations of a UPSC candidate as a money-making venture. How can a poor person (or for that matter even a middle-class person) who is serious about his goal afford a coaching worth ~1.25 lakh rupees? With the advent of technology and sites like yours, Unacademy, Mrunal and Insights, all that a serious candidate needs is a good Internet connection and a can-do attitude.

    Kudos to you for all the great work and wishing every one who benefited from your (and the amazing peers) guidance to do extremely well in the exams. Remember, all of us have the duty to give it our best and when we find success, let’s not forget to highlight the role played by the availability of guidance over the Internet and how aspirants can make use of available resources without worrying about spending lakhs of rupees.

    Good luck! So long and thanks for all the fish…

    • Hi Vidyarthi

      Apologies for late reply

      Really thankful for the appreciation. More than our efforts, its aspirants faith that has boosted our morale and the result is in front of you. We wish to work with more dedicated effort to mobilize our hard work through your success. All the very best 🙂

  • Balaji Naidu

    Pls upload Geography optional paper 1..
    I am eager to waiting.

  • Shashi Kumar

    will you please arrange compilation according to topics? Thanks.

  • Pooja 2017

    IASbaba when will you restart the think learn mains programme such that i can get my answers reviewed ?

  • Mohit Rajput

    sir daily prelims test series & TLP programme chargable hai ya free of cost

  • Prashant Singh

    Could you please tell when TLP 2017-GS Mains 2017 will start and is it free or has monetary tag.

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