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  • October 11, 2015
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What price are you willing to pay?

Everything your mind can conceive in its imagination can be achieved, if only you know two things; there is a price for attaining to it and only you can pay that price. Most people fail to attain to their vision not because of a lack of necessary desire or motivation; they fail because they grossly underestimate the necessary price they have to pay in order to attain to it.

Switching off that television set, forgetting your weekends, telling no to your best friend, staying away from your family and loved ones, letting go of that weekend trip , cutting down on that casual gossip, staying awake amidst your snoring  roommates are some of the prices you might have to pay on your road to glory. There is a certain amount of luck involved in any endeavor, but no amount of luck can help you if you are not willing to pay the necessary price.

Success is just a mathematical formula; it is ability multiplied by efforts, divided by distractions. The only quality you need in order to succeed is learning the art of postponing your gratification; it is learning how to push your intoxicating desires a little further; it is learning how to wait a little longer.

There is a process that leads to success, it is always the same; first sowing its seeds, watering it, nurturing it and waiting for it to yield the fruits. Unfortunately, these sweet fruits of success are not readily sold in our super markets !. The fruits of success demand the greatest price; they demand your time and effort.

It is not necessary that everybody has to succeed; Success is hardly the ultimate yardstick of life. But if you are willing to attain to it, you have to ask yourself this all important question; Am I the kind of person who can sacrifice everything in order to attain to one thing? Ask this question a hundred times, if the answer is a no even once, then stop wasting your time succeeding.

If you happen to meet a successful person, don’t ask him for the secrets of success; instead ask him for the secrets of starvation. Ask him to teach you the ways of starving in abundance.  Ask him the secrets of thirst hunger and drive. Ask him to teach you the art of choosing a deserted street of success over a crowded marketplace of mediocrity, every time.  Ask him for the price of success and be ready to pay it.

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