IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : History [6th Sep, 2017] – Day 34

  • September 6, 2017
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IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : History [6th Sep, 2017] – Day 34


Q1  “Not only does ancient Tamil literature furnish an accurate picture of widely disparate classes; it also describes the social condition of Tamil country as it was.”

Q2  How do recent archaeological findings and Sangam literary texts enlighten us about the early state and society in South India?

Q3 Evaluate the contribution of Cholas to the art and architecture of ancient India?

Q4  Explain  as  to  how  the  early  Buddhist  Stupa  art,  while  using  folk  motifs  and narratives  and  common  cultural  symbols, succeeded  in  transforming  these  themes  for expounding the Buddhist ideal.

Q5 Shankaracahrya mere brought to conclusion the process of decay that had engulfed Buddhism.Comment

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