Creative Guidance: Book Review – The Art of Communicating – Thich Nhat Hanh

  • IAS baba
  • May 9, 2018
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba
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The Art of Communicating:

Books by Thich Nhat Hanh are a treasure trove of ancient wisdom, presented in a modern and easy to understand way. There are books that educate, inspire and awaken. His books help you to awaken. The understanding and knowledge he possesses about life is unprecedented and yet his presentation will make you want to practice what he is trying to teach.

Being a Buddhist monk who has practiced the art of meditation, he embodies the spirit of stillness and silence. There is no other practical wisdom greater than the art of silence. Reading his books are like diving into an ocean of silence, emerging out clean and fresh.

The art of communicating is a beautiful book about Learning how to deal the most important person in your life; you. The book offers practical tools and wisdom to learn how to communicate with oneself and others. This is a revolutionary book on the importance of learning how to communicate.

Very rarely do such authors come who pack the whole world’s wisdom into a mustard seed; Thich Nhat Hanh is one such author. Pick this book if you really want to understand the meaning of communication and how to develop it. It will not disappoint you.

If there is only one book you want to read this month, let this be your book. It will certainly open a world of understanding about yourself and the world. Take your time and enjoy the reading, it is worth it.


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