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  • December 12, 2022
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Since childhood, there has been a proverb that’s been used time and again at different times.

‘Practice makes a man Perfect!’

Sometimes it encourages us to lift our faces from failure. Sometimes it instills the belief that if we set our mind to something it is absolutely achievable.

And if you have entered the world of UPSC – there’s no way you can escape this step –  PRACTICE PRACTICE AND MORE PRACTICE.

🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand if you were reminded of the famous song ‘Escape’ by Enrique Iglesias!

You can run…. You can hide… but you cannot escape PRACTICE!”

At least we made you smile 😄

In the dreaded exam cycle of UPSC, the preliminary exam is the first round of screening. This first hurdle appears a small one but is the toughest to crack. Take it from us – You SHOULD not take it lightly!

Many aspirants think along the following lines and never cross this stage – “I’ll focus on Mains and devote just 2-3 months of studies before the prelims. I will easily qualify for Mains.”

So what happens?

Some of them do but most don’t. Why? The answer is simple. UPSC is interested in eliminating as many aspirants as it can in the first stage. Imagine the success rate – out of four lakh appearing students, only eight to ten thousand qualify for the Prelims! What seems like the most manageable stage of the UPSC cycle, ruins the chances of 98% of the candidates.

If Preparation is an Art, Knowing what and How to Prepare is the Science You Cannot Ignore.

A very important question arises here – Do you know that you have what it takes to crack Prelims? How do you know that you are ready? How do you prepare yourself for the unpredictability that UPSC is known for?

Many begin their preparation by reading standard books, magazines and newspapers. Yes, these are important but not sufficient. You have to test yourself on the yardsticks of UPSC.

So, how do you do that?

You need to enroll yourself in a credible and genuine test series. It had multi-fold benefits:

But there are many out there. How to choose the best then?

Don’t worry. We have the answer for you.

IASbaba’s All India Prelims Test Series (AIPTS) is the most trusted tool for cracking the prelims examination. We have a unique knack for decoding the expectations of UPSC at a micro level. The questions of AIPTS are framed after a lot of discussion and research. You can be assured that you will be attempting questions that will be close to or even higher than the standard of UPSC.

  • In fact, many students use the AIPTS questions as a repository of expected questions. No wonder, AIPTS questions have such a high hit ratio in UPSC.
  • Our detailed synopsis serves as a high-quality ready reference for quick revision.
  • You also get to know your standing amongst hundreds of sincere aspirants. The healthy competition in AIPTS keeps you on your toes always.
  • Improves accuracy helping you hit the bull’s eye with precision.

If you have sincerely attempted all the tests and learned the concepts therein, your chances of success in Prelims increases manifold.

And that’s what is the FIRST step to the Ladder – CRACKING PRELIMS; if you want to reach the next level.

Are you ready?

Hitting the Bull's Eye Year After Year


UPSC Prelims > 40%
UPSC Mains > 80%


UPSC Prelims > 75%
UPSC Mains > 80%


UPSC Prelims > 70%
UPSC Mains > 80%


UPSC Prelims > 65%
UPSC Mains > 85%


UPSC Prelims > 70%
UPSC Mains > 85%


UPSC Prelims > 60%
UPSC Mains > 80%


UPSC Prelims > 50%
UPSC Mains > 70%


UPSC Prelims ~ 50%
UPSC Mains > 70%



  • Mentorship by Prelims Experts

  • Video (Recorded) Discussion for the tests

    Note - Video discussion for Current Affairs Tests will not be provided

  • Exclusive NCERT Tests

    (Polity, Economics, Geography, Environment and Science & Technology, Modern History, Ancient & Medieval History and Art & Culture) – 6 Tests (100 Questions Each)

  • Subject Wise Tests

    (Polity, Economics, Geography, Environment and Science & Technology, Modern History, Ancient & Medieval History and Art & Culture) – 16 Tests (100 Questions Each)

  • Exclusive Current Affairs Tests

    (April 2022 to April 2023) – 13 Tests (100 Questions Each)

  • Revision Tests

    6 Tests (100 Questions Each)

  • Exclusive Thematic Tests

    (Economic Survey & Budget, Government Schemes & Policies, Map Based – National/International Locations & Geography of India and World Related) – 3 Tests (100 Questions Each)

  • Exclusive CSAT Tests

    10 Tests (80 Questions Each)

  • Full Length GS Mock Tests

    10 Tests (100 Questions Each)

STANDARD/QUALITY OF THE TESTS – Questions is graded. easy, moderate, difficult and very difficult. The overall level of the test is kept a notch higher than UPSC so that students of IASbaba can have an edge and can handle uncertainty much better than the rest.

CSAT TESTS-10 FULL MOCKS – Given the recent trend, one should not take CSAT lightly. We have meticulously analysed the previous CSAT papers from 2013-to 2022. Based on that, we have carefully crafted the CSAT papers as per the standard’s, difficulty level and pattern followed by UPSC.

DETAILED SOLUTIONS – will be provided after each test. The Detailed Solution will also incorporate Techniques to Decipher the Correct Answer (Elimination Technique). The solution document is made very exhaustive and revision friendly at the same time. PDFs of questions and solutions will be sent to the registered email ID. It can also be downloaded after taking the tests online. The Detailed Solution itself will act as a Source of learning and Revision.

DOUBTS RESOLUTION PAGE – We have a comment section for every question in a Test. So this gives you a scope to clear your doubts which are question-specific. All your doubts will be resolved by IASbaba’s team within 48 hours (maximum).

ALL INDIA RANKING – the scores and ranks will be displayed after every test. You can clearly monitor your progress in a continuous manner and get to know where you stand. Since our subscriber base is huge, you will not only get to know the real competition but will also bring in seriousness and discipline in your preparation. It will keep you on your toes and make you walk the extra mile which is very much important in the journey of UPSC.

DETAILED ASSESSMENT OF YOUR PERFORMANCE – For you to analyse your performance we provide 2 tools – Time Analytics and Subject-wise Analytics.

  • As time management is one of the most important factors on the D-Day of the exam.
  • Time Analytics will help you in gauging your efficiency per question. Here, you will be able to know the time you have spent on an individual question, the average time taken by all your peers, and the time taken by the topper to solve the same question. This analytics becomes extremely important in both GS and CSAT papers as we believe if you are not able to go through all the questions in the given 2 hours, then it’s a crime! This will also help you in knowing how much time you should spend on the difficult questions so that you don’t miss out on solving the easier ones.
  • Subject-wise Analytics will help you introspect your strengths and weaknesses in a particular subject. It also helps you in giving more clarity and knowing your subjects better. Based on that, you can work on your weakness and gain more confidence in subjects of your interest.
  • Overall, both the tools will aid you in analysing yourself better in terms of the subject and time factor which are the two most important factors in cracking UPSC Prelims.

13 Exclusive Current Affairs Tests – These Separate CA Tests will help you in quick revision and consolidation. Current Affairs also overlaps with many concepts and topics of core subjects, which will be given due importance in the test series. Example: National Parks, Biosphere Reserves, Summits, Reports, Indexes, Personalities, Important Events, Latest Technologies in news etc. will be covered.


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