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Baba’s Foundation Course (Baba’s FC) is a Comprehensive Classroom and Mentorship-Based program designed to meet all your preparation needs starting from prelims, through mains till interview in an integrated manner!

Bengaluru Offline Batch Starts From 3rd January!

EMI Facility Available @ No Extra Cost!

We are aware that, due to the pandemic a few of us are facing income losses and hardships. So, we have come up with a 'No Cost EMI Facility for Students enrolling in Baba's Foundation Course 2022.

Please note that there will be no processing fee involved and no hidden costs when you avail the EMI facility.

What Makes Baba’s Foundation Course (Baba’s FC) So Special?

Well! The answers to this question are many. But before we answer that question, let us tell you something about the values we believe in. Quality of guidance, sincerity in efforts and innovation in pedagogy are our core values.

The last four years of this programme have attracted students from different parts of the country (from 22 States) and the number of enrolments has been increasing year by year.

This program is meant for those who have completed 0% of syllabus yet determined to succeed in the first attempt itself.

We believe in smart work. Our classes and materials guide aspirants to get the best results with minimal time and effort.

In order to achieve this, we have devised a new way which we call Baba’s 8-Fold Path:

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Sample Classes

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The Secret Methodology of Baba's Foundation Course (Baba's FC)

Baba's 8-Fold Path to Success


Hybrid Model of Classes

It is a one of its kind programme where Offline classes are supported by Online content. This is the only course where online support is also provided to the students.

For ONLINE students, it refers to the setup where pre-recorded classes along with a live-streaming facility of Doubt Clearing Sessions will be made available.

ONLINE students will have a personalised dashboard, a separate ‘e-learning portal’ wherein you can access the recorded videos, live discussion sessions, value add notes, daily tests (Prelims, Mains) for self-assessment and fortnightly full-length Prelims and Mains Tests, give feedback on the classes, etc. all at one place!


Integrated CLASSROOM Program

Program is the Most Comprehensive CLASSROOM Integrated Program covering Prelims, Mains, Interview.

It is a complete solution for UPSC Preparation. It covers;

  • Classes– All GS Papers (GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4 (Ethics)), Essay, CSAT, and Current Affairs.
  • Tests-Prelims & Mains Tests, Mains Tests EvaluationSynopsis/Model Answers.
  • Mentorship.
  • Interview Guidance & Mock Interviews.

Daily targets and plans are given to maintain accountability and discipline. This way work will not pile up and students will be able to maintain their pace uniformly. Sitting at home you will be able to streamline your preparation. 


Focus on Fundamentals of every Subject

While teaching we always keep in mind that building the basics in every subject is very important. We assume that students are starting with 0% Knowledge and we teach them from the basics to the standards expected from UPSC.

Every subject is preceded by a Strategy or an Approach class where sessions will be in sync with UPSC trend with previous year’s questions analysis and discussing the topics where the probability of asking the question is more.

The UPSC trend analysis and the approach classes will give you clarity on what to read, what not to read, and how to read. This will help you in building a strong foundation in your preparation.


Focus on Conceptual Understanding & Value Add Notes

A major portion of the classes will be focused on conceptual understanding and analysing an issue from 360 degree. Interlinking all GS papers and static portions with current affairs forms the core of the program.

It is also a major problem faced by all the students that what and how many sources are to be covered. With our ‘Value Add’ notes (VAN), you will be able to declutter the complexity of UPSC syllabus. The VANs are high-quality specialised reading materials to give you an edge over your competitors. VANs have been designed intelligently to give separate prelims and mains focus pointers to make your understanding seamless and smooth. The notes will be given topic wise for all the topics in syllabus (Prelims and Mains) to ease your preparation.


Regular Prelims and Mains Tests/Assignment and Fortnightly Full Length tests

Studying all day long won’t make any sense if you are not practicing the questions. This is the reason why we have kept weekly tests so that you can understand and track your progress.

No. of Prelims Test = 24 subject wise mini Tests + 27 Current Affairs Tests + 9 Full Revision Tests + 5 Mock Tests + 10 CSAT Tests – A total of 75 Tests

No. of Mains Test = 24 Mains Test + 10 Essay Tests + Daily Mains Answer Writing Practice (150+Questions) (Including Current Affairs).

Please Note that daily test questions will be discussed in the class and will not be evaluated.


Connecting the Dots – Sessions by Experts & Toppers

Special sessions will be taken by the toppers and experts to improve your personality. Many times, it is seen that during a long process of preparation, students find themselves lost and their motivation drops. These special sessions will keep you motivated and give you the confidence to become a better person


Extra-Curricular activities

Over all personality development is not possible only by mugging up facts and figures in a classroom. To make studies a fun experience, extra-curricular activities like sports events are organised.


Subject-wise Mentorship by Expert

Hand holding till the end – Once you are enrolled in the program, we provide mentorship and support till the interview. Every student will be provided a Dedicated Mentor, who will monitor your progress, give you feedback, motivate and guide you in the Right Path! The students can contact his/her mentor for any difficulties regarding preparation. This will keep an external check and will help in maintaining accountability throughout the preparation process.

Apart from this, we at IASbaba have gone one notch higher and we are providing subject-wise mentorship in Baba’s FC. Students will be able to ask subject wise queries with the teachers even after the respective classes are over.

Features of Baba’s Foundation Course

Incentive-Based Programme

wherein – The first 15 Months (April 2021-June 2022) will be common to all students, wherein the entire syllabus of both Prelims and Mains will be covered!

The next 6-7 months (July 2022- September 2022) will be based on your performance in Prelims and Mains. TLP+ (MAINS -2022) Program & Interview Mentorship Program (IMP) along with Mock Interviews will be FREE for those who are clearing Prelims and Mains respectively.


We have the best mentors for the programme who will guide you throughout with the best possible support.

Prelims and Mains Tests

Prelims (GS + CSAT) and Mains Tests are incorporated into the programme. The tests will be designed keeping a fresher’s preparation in mind. Accordingly, there will be a gradual increase in the difficulty level of the test. The test series has been designed keeping the ‘learning-curve’ of the students in mind so that there is an improvement in their performance in every single test.

Unique Pedagogy

End to end integrated preparation with tests, discussions, and quizzes modelled in the programme.

Catering to Prelims, Mains and Interview

The classes will be conducted keeping all the 3 Stages of the examination (Prelims, Mains, Interview) in mind. All GS papers will be covered before Prelims.

Module wise completion of the syllabus

Highly focused and micro module planning with an aim to cover your syllabus in an integrated manner by the end of February 2022 so that you get adequete time for revision and solving mock tests.

Extracurricular activities

To make the classroom a vibrant and energetic place, extracurricular activities will be arranged during the course duration.

Series of Interactive Lectures

Eminent personalities from various fields and previous year toppers invited to take value add sessions on important issues to enrich your preparation.

Weekly Current Affairs Classes

In tune with the demand of UPSC, there will be weekly Current Affairs Classes/Discussions and Test.

Online support

IASbaba is the only institute to sync offline and online programmes in the most systematic manner.

High Calibre Faculty

IAS rank holders, IIT, IIM, NIT, and RV College alumni who are extremely talented, experienced, dynamic, friendly and accessible who will be providing vastly superior inputs.


Considering the present situation, the comprehensive features, support, quality, and duration of the program, we have kept the price to the bare minimum.


  • Online Programme:- Rs.70,000 + 18% GST
  • Offline Programme:- Rs.84,000 + 18% GST

In case you are not able to pay full fees, then 2 Instalments will be provided. The 1st installment (50%) needs to be paid upfront to confirm your seat. 2nd installment (50%) should be paid 1 Month after the Program starts (i.e., by 23rd September 2021).

Online Programme
  • 70,000 + 12,600(18% GST)
Learn From Home
Offline Programme
  • 84,000 + 15,120(18% GST)
Mingle & Learn

GS + Optionals Combo (Online & Offline)

Following Optional Subject’s Classes are available

  • Geography Optional
  • Sociology Optional
  • Public Administration Optional
  • Political Science & International Relations Optional
  • Anthropology Optional
  • Kannada Literature Optional

As an early bird offer, we are providing Baba’s Foundation Course along with Optional Subjects Foundation Course at a discounted price.


  • Online Programme:- Rs.1,18,000 Rs.1,06,000 (Including 18% GST)
  • Offline Programme:- Rs.1,34,520 Rs.1,21,000 (including 18% GST)

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Mobile No: 91691 91888 (Please call between 10 am – 6 pm ONLY)

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