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The 4th  phase of Geography TLP having detailed day wise plan is here for your reference. The plan is for next 15 days. FYI, the entire syllabus will stand been covered on day 75. So we will be left with more than 20 days for revision and even more practice. We will come up with a strategy for the remaining days in order to fully exploit the days that we have saved in our 100 day plan.


Day 61 9th November Factors controlling landform development, Endogenetic and exogenetic forces NA
Day 62 10th November Origin and evolution of the earth’s crust, Fundamentals of geomagnetism NA
Day 63 11th November Physical conditions of the earth’s interior, Geosynclines NA
Day 64 12th November Continental drift, Isostasy, Plate tectonics NA
Day 65 13th November Recent views on mountain building,  Vulcanicity NA


Day 66 14th November Earthquakes and Tsunamis NA
Day 67 16th November Concepts of geomorphic cycles and Landscape development NA
Day 68 17th November Denudation chronology; Channel morphology NA
Day 69 18th November Erosion surfaces, Slope development NA
Day 70 19th November Applied Geomorphology : Geohydrology, economic geology and environment NA
Day 71 20th November Areal differentiation Space relationship of India with neighboring countriess


Day 72 21st November Regional synthesis Structure and relief
Day 73 23rd November Dichotomy and dualism Drainage system and watersheds
Day 74 24th November Environmentalism Physiographic regions
Day 75 25th November Quantitative revolution and locational analysis Cultural regions of the world

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