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The most important feature of the Creative Guidance initiative is a personal one on one assistance to help you overcome emotional, psychological, creative and motivational limitations through regular personal interactions and clarifications.

So don’t even waste a single moment waiting to get your doubts clarified. Your question can be as silly as ‘My name starts with S, can you tell me what percentage of people clearing IAS exams have their names starting with S or as profound as ‘How do I recognize my negative beliefs and overcome them consistently’. 🙂

It is not what you do that matters, it is how you do it. There is way to approach things; with clarity, purpose, intelligence and commitment. You need a lot more than just subject knowledge to clear an examination as profound as IAS.

You might have to change everything about yourself in order to sail through this mighty storm (if you like to look at it that way). 🙂

You have to understand more about yourself; your beliefs, values, preferences, comforts and fears.

We are here to answer your questions day in and day out. We are here to help you go beyond all the obstacles, but you have to take the initiative to ask your questions. Remember – the answer always comes to the one who knows how to question !

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