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  • Pavithran Garcio

    Just now subscribed to ILP 2017!! Received my userID and password. Where should I enter my login and password? Please provide the link @Iasbaba

    • Ganesh Venkataraman

      Read the instructions well. It says, the login portal will be active only from 20th August 2016. Please wait.

      • Pavithran Garcio

        Thank you ganesh!

  • swapnil pote

    schedule link please


    SIR, I have subscribed to ILP 2017 But my userID and password not received

    • No Worries Alok

      We won’t start without you. Have Patience 🙂

  • Abhishek

    @iasbaba:disqus is doing great work for aspirants, specially for those who can’t afford offline coaching in Delhi (or somewhere else). Though i am following your site since Jan’16 but this is my first comment here. Subscribed to ILP 2017 & applied for ILP connect as well. Nice user friendly interface. This was the only site where i got cleared all confusions/doubts related with civil services examination. Thanks

  • Pulkit Misra

    I can’t seem to login to my iasbaba account which has been provided to me for ILP 2017.. Kindly look into it..

    • Zuzu

      Where are you trying to login? The login portal is not ready yet it seems!

      • Pulkit Misra

        Arey I just searched iasbaba login and tried.. Turns out it was last years’.. Mishtake happens..

  • Ranjith Sreenivas

    Registered for ILP 2017 Received Login and Password but cannot find Login area. Please provide Link for Login ASAP

  • Abhishek

    Bhai log, have patience. Babaji told that login portal will be updated ASAP. 🙂

  • Dhananjay

    Babaji,there is a problem.
    As soon as I had completed my payment for ILP the screen displayed this
    “Payment failed 🙁
    Your money is safe. Money deducted from your account will be automatically refunded in 7 business days. You don’t need to do anything.
    For any concerns contact [email protected]
    So do I need to complete the sign up process again as soon as I receive my payment back and till then follow your schedule for ILP till 30th August ?. Or sign up on Monday by putting in money in my account and then wait for my old money to be refunded?
    Kindly help.

  • Avadhesh Singh

    Babaji I subscribed to ILP-2017 on 13th. I haven’t received my LoginID and password as some of the aspirants have got.

  • Suraj Chikara

    baba i joined ILP please tell login link kha login krna h baba

  • kishore kunal

    Where is the Login Link????

  • cseviaggio

    Till when will you email selected people for ilp connect? what date I mean

    • First week of September

      • cseviaggio

        Last date for replying back incase of selection?

  • Aditi Kabra

    Do we get prepared for our choice of optional subject also in this ILP program?

    • Zuzu

      Optionals have to be taken care of by the aspirants only.

  • mou

    log in portal says invalid username despite entering the username and password sent to me via e-mail. please clarify.

    • We have not activated it yet. On 24th we will post notification once it is activated 🙂

    • Abhishek

      What is the login portal URL?

  • mou

    log in portal says invalid username despite entering the username and password sent to me via e-mail. please clarify.

    • Alok

      From where did you get the log in portal?? I guess it is yet to be active. No official announcement of such, I think.


    Babaji i am ILP 2016 student ?m confused whether to join ILP 2017 r not .Plus moreover incase i dont get through pre will i have the access to ilp 2016 further mains program

    • No

      ILP 2016 will be closed soon. 2017 is totally different

  • Aditi Kabra

    Does one can access the material & information shared on the forum right from the beginning if he/she registers any day later than 25th August?
    Including tests?


    sir payment failed but money deducted,what should i do ?

    • Money will be refunded by your bank in few days


    iasbaba i want to join ilp 2017 what is procedure please reply

  • Yuvaan

    Dear Sir,
    unable to login to ilp2017. The payment was successful and the ID and password was also generated

    • We have not activated the platform yet. Will be done before 25th and you will be informed 🙂

  • Rahul Sharma

    Looking forward to an exciting journey with you Babaji..Thanks a lot for creating such a wonderful platform providing us with your valuable support and guidance and helping us to make our arduous journey more fruitful and enriching..Thanks a lot for sharing and giving me a well defined path and direction to make it an enjoyable learning experience..

  • Ajay Kumar N

    How to manage Daily News Analysis posted daily? I mean do you take hand written notes from baba’s current affairs or just read the current affairs?

    • Uber Coolosis

      I use Baba’s notes to update my own

  • Upali Mandal

    hello, got my id and password but cannot connect! 🙁

  • ummesiya

    today is 25th august. i’m i the only one not getting id and password?

  • rp

    ummesiya..m also in d list.hope we will get id nd password asap..

  • Aquilla

    not yet received the user id and password..payment made as Manish Sarawagi

  • Gaurav Goyal

    I HV already paid ilp 2017 amount bt unable to login.. Has the platform been started or nt?

  • Ankur Singh

    By when the course is expected to complete???

  • Prajwal

    Waiting for the ILP-2017 access ID. Can we be made aware how much longer we would have to wait?

  • Subhajeet Chakraborti

    ILP was supposed to start today. We were promised a notification and easy access to the same. Still waiting for clarifications from IASbaba team.

    • LeeTHAL SCRIPTER ..!^!

      same here ,, i woke up last midnight at 12 to check ILP 2017 !!!

  • drsim

    please activate your platform sir. today is 25 th . please post the link to ilp 2017 platform .

  • vijay

    I too m waiting for ID and password.. Babaji hamare bina hi ILP start karenge kya ??

    • Prakash Khundrakpam

      When did u pay bro? I paid o 17th and sent the slip on email But I have not got it too.

  • LeeTHAL SCRIPTER ..!^!

    common baba .. lets start ilp 2017 ,,, give it onnnnnn … lets go ,,,

  • Iliyas99

    I have also not recived login id made offline payment on 23rd August

  • Sanket Savale

    Sir, I have not received ID and password yet. I have done offline payment yesterday.

  • Rahul Sharma

    In Plan & Update section, Kindly mention the sources/books in set5 Block1..

  • Jogesh Goyal

    I hv read in ET that age for applying is going to reduce to 26 for general category

  • Nagmani Choubey

    Hello Baba ji,
    While using online mode of payment, intamojo is popping up and while clicking on next it’s not taking to payment page. Please address the issue or instruct me of the other possible way, preferably online mode.

  • Deepshikha Sinha

    made online payment today,got user id and password but unable to login,it said invalid username.what to do now?

    • Nagmani Choubey

      Hey!! How did yo make it? Did you also encountered with Instamojo gateway.

      • Deepshikha Sinha

        yes.but i did not find any difficulty regarding payment,

    • Deepshikha Sinha

      Able to login now. Thank you Baba ji. 🙂

  • Dinesh shah

    Finally got in

  • Sinbad

    How does one log in? Can’t find any direct link to ilp 2017

  • saket

    online payment done and receive user id and password but not able to login.problem of invalid username/password.

  • Vaishali Malhotra

    I have successfully made the online payment and received the tentative ID and password as well, but I’m not able to login, my credentials are being shown invalid.


    Sir I have made offline payment on 24th but not received login details…baba please send.

  • prasanna

    how to register ilp 2017.the payment is not taking sir

    • hi

      Check the offline mode if unable to pay through online

  • Ankit Anand

    Sir check calendar it’s 2nd sept. Didn’t receive anything. Kindly send it asap

  • Koala Bear

    IAS BABA ji,
    I really wanted to buy ur online programme but after seeing so many queries(which concerns a lot) m worried whether I should join or not?

    • We reply to them through emails too :

      • Bhoomi sharma

        pranam babaji…how will i cover the back log? if i join now..please help..

        • Bhoomi

          Backlog: You will anyway cover them in future or will never prepare it?

          Why not prepare them now?

          We intentionally put a check on followers by forcing them to follow each tests as planned by introducing gamification. One cannot take test 2 without qualifying test 1. This will always keep you on track and any sense of procrastination will only harm your preparation.

          This is the intention. We do not want anyone to buy our programme, keep downloading the tests and notes just for the sake of it. We want you to succeed in the process

          • Bhoomi sharma

            thankyu so much babaji….yur selfless effort is commendable…:)
            m collecting the money and will pile up till the end of the will be able to join till end of this month…then will be regular with my sincere efforts…next 2017 the cake is mine ..I will do each n every effort ….:)..

          • akash topre

            HEY BHOOMI
            CAN V TALK PLZ
            HELP ME OUT

          • Bhoomi sharma

            we can compelete…with full dedication…sure I can help..

  • Sjay2234

    still can’t able to login.

  • There is NO DEADLINE TO JOIN ILP 2017

    Sir, would it be ok if we join ILP now because it has been more than a week of start of ILP. Would not we be affected by this late joining? I mean how the gone dates would be adjusted?

    • Aditi Kabra

      Please reply to this question. Thank you.

      • Hey I contacted through email, Iasbaba told you can still participate in this not an issue. Subject to your determination as it has not been too long.

  • saurav sharma

    Sir is offline classes available for 2017 prelims I would be pleased to join it asap

  • amit kumar

    sir is its necessary to pay in one time only, can i pay in installment?

  • kanha

    is there no option for hindi cndidts ? wanna be part of IAS BABA

    • Hi

      We have no support for Hindi as of now due to resource constraints.

  • Abhi

    Cant login. ID-ABH0115
    Already sent a mail to [email protected]

  • amit gupta

    i joined your program today but didnt see any test in my dashboard
    already sent a mail to your official mail account
    pls solve it asap
    userid — ami0315

    • Dear

      Click on Learn TAB 🙂

      • amit gupta

        baba ji
        that time noting was there
        your team send me a new password and problem get resolved.
        thnk u for your support and time, you always reply that motivates me

        • Your faith is what runs IASbaba so we always reply 🙂

  • Gautam

    I joined ilp 2017 today and i got useid Gau2409…during login invalid userid is coming
    Please resolve the issue

  • Pranjal

    Sir, I have paid for the ilp co learn today I
    NTEGRATED LEARNING PROGRAM (ILP) – CoLearn 2017 (Prelims, Mains, Interview) 8300 + Taxes (15%)= 9545 Rs
    Payment Id- MOJO6920000J13413826
    I have sent a mail on [email protected]
    What else needs to be done

    • Hi

      We have replied. Check your email 🙂

  • Rashmi

    Can I still join ILP 2017?…I hve just started my prep, so running quite late…Please guide if I would be able to keep up the pace with the program and is it advisable to join it at this time?…Kindly give a genuine opinion…

    • Hi rashmi

      Yes you can. Even if do not join, still you will prepare, right?

      Its just one month delay with the plan. We will end up 2 months before prelims. So you will have enough time to revise.

      • Rashmi

        Joined it..Hope to I can do justice to your course!!!

  • Shrinkhla

    Dear IASBABA,
    I am big fan of urs.. ur way of inspirational talks.. sir i am ur online ilp student and did payment 2 weeks before..
    As my mentor i want some help from ur side.
    I have seen many toppers video and understud what to do in cse 2017
    I am afraid of starting sir.. i am always thinking of negative side of result.. my english is not so good so i think my so called answer writing skill is not good.
    2nd thing is that i did the payment for ilp but could not start till now because of so many issues.. like i thought that i have to complete pib, prs , yk gist, big pictures and specially dna from may onwards . so because of these thoughts i didnt started yet..

    I am late in joining but want ur help how to start sir… please help.. dependent on u sir totally… which block to study first.. how to start…

  • Rahul Yadav

    Sir, I have subscribed to ILP, but i am not able to login to the test platform. I have mailed you guys also. Can u help sove the problem.

  • AKD

    Sir,I have subscribed for ilp .but didn’t receive login id and password yet.

    • Hi

      Is it resolved?

      • AKD

        Yes resolved sir..thanks a lot

  • bikram

    sir can we get link of +1 tamil nadu books of history and themes of india books new krni hai jah old

  • bikram

    pllzzz provide the link of +1 tamil nadu book….thank u

  • Shrinkhla

    @iasbaba:disqus .. If we will do daily Babapedia and 2 Current affairs from DNA… then also we have to do PIB RSTV YK GIST or that must read portion of DNA?????? Please reply… biggest hurdle baba

    • Hi Dear

      Current Affairs includes RSTV, YK, AIR and DNA- DNA is daily basis. Should focus on two issues. Others are not daily. Make a consolidated learning from them on monthly basis or in between when you find time.

      Babapedia is must for ILP users.


    Namaste Baba
    I have joined ILP co-learn yesterday only.
    In the learn part of test series it is not showing any test and asking me to contact administrator.
    Kindly help me…..
    [email protected]


    One more query Baba
    Where I can find daily -weekly -and monthly plan…
    As I couldn’t find it on ILP co-learn page..
    Sorry for inconvenience caused.

  • sudheer
  • Shrinkhla

    Babaji from which month current affairs we have to read for pre 2017

    • Hi

      Start from August 2016

  • Mana

    baba, is there any concession for 2016 batch subscribers for the ILP 2017 ?

  • Exam Exam

    Dear baba,
    please reply to mail.
    I want to join ILP 2017.
    I know i need to make mains specific notes.
    Do i need to make PRELIM SPECIFIC notes also from babapedia? or reading babapedia and value adds for prelims suffice.
    Can i take test offline (in the mode of examination)
    can i join ILP connect now.
    Please reply as soon as posible
    I also mailed to [email protected]

    • Hi

      1. Yes you nee to make very short notes from babapedia. It is already very short. You just need to focus on important keywords and concepts and put it in your notes in revision friendly manner.

      2. Yes but for that you need to appear online and take the pdfs.

      3. Yes you can apply for Connect till 30 Sep

      • Exam Exam

        so you mean i only need to refer to babapedia and make revision friendly notes.
        but my qn is do i need to refer any other source like pib to make notes other than babapedia.

        • No. For Prelims Babapedia and Test questions will suffice

      • Exam Exam

        if i apply now till when will i get id and password??

  • Prasad Nagare

    sir, i did the payment today afternoon. i am not able to access tests.
    what is the issue?

    • Resolved

      • Prasad Nagare

        thank you sir 🙂

  • vikrant

    Due to some reason I couldn’t joined earlier…Can I join now ? would it be ok to join now ?

    Kindly do reply at earliest

    • Hi Vikrant

      Yes you can

      • Sahil Goel

        Baba If join now the schedule provided by yourself upto september 2016 where all topics are already covered… How it will be covered now?

      • Sahil Goel

        Baba Please help..
        If I join Now… How will be the next schedule as september is over.. how we will continue without doing previous study.. Please help a bit

        • Replied to your email already.

  • Amit

    Sir I wanted to join test series. I am installing money(Cash) in Canara Bank on given account number. But what is further process…? PLEASE REPLY..

    • Hi Amit

      You will receive a Payin Slip (stamped) by Bank. Attach that in the email and send

      • Bhoomi sharma

        unable to login plz plz help my user id i is Pra0402 Please suggest asap

  • Dnyaneshvar

    If I join test series, can I prepare from frist set now. please sir answer me I want to join ..

  • Rakesh

    IAS BABA ji
    Pre 2017 ka hindi medium ka bhi test series start hoga ki nahi

    • rakesh

      Not this year 🙁

  • Shobhna Raj

    I have made the payment by NEFT yesterday.I have also mailed the reference number and the slip of payment but I have not received any userid and password from your side.Please help me out.

  • sneha

    i have changed my password for ilp 2017 program but i have not receive my new password .link to set new password on my mail id is not working.please help me username is sne1029

  • redeem ningshen

    hello sir I havent got my login details. thanks.

  • S K Varma

    Please go through the new book on environment:–Complete-Preliminary-Examinations/dp/9350357585/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1476265527&sr=1-1

    Its an awesome book and is far better than Shankar IAS. It covers latest topics like Chennai Flood and Uttarakhand Disaster. A good compilation of questions of environment from 1987 to 2015 has been provided (for both prelim and main).

  • In the pursuit of happyness

    My e-mail id [email protected]. I have paid the fees through internet banking (Code:

    MOJO6a13000N72931621 ) and have also been able to login to the ILP Main Platform. I have e-mailed the query on your [email protected] id. But the Test platform is inaccessible. Iam getting a message saying “E-mail id not registered”. Kindly help

    • In the pursuit of happyness

      Hi..the issue has been resolved. thank you

  • Naveen Kumar

    Hello ,i Have made the payment but not able to login .Could you please look into this as i have already mailed what is the issue on your id [email protected].

    • Resolved. Check the email sent to you

  • Yashi

    I have changed my password but I have not got the link for new password
    Kindly help me please
    My Id is Sha31-12-1994

    • Resolved. Check your email

  • Boom Shankar

    Dear babaji,
    I registered for the program today and made the payment. I also mailed the payment details to given mail [email protected].
    when should i expect my login id and password ?
    regards !

  • sana fathima

    I made payment today for ILP – 2017 and have mailed to [email protected] with payment details attached requesting for id and password .I didn’t receive any response .My email id is [email protected]..kindly respond

  • Aks

    Payment Page is not opening.

  • santosh

    Hi babaji History optional question have stopped last few days please continues …

  • Kriti Bakoliya

    Baba I want to ask … should i make notes from babapedia date wise of Topic wise (like Economy, Geo etc)

    • Go subject wise/ make different notes for each subject

  • Prem Prakash

    Today I made payment through online mode for ILP17. I got tentative ID and password which is not allowing me login. Please reply sir how long it will take to activate my account. I have change that password. will I have to send payment receipt to your office.
    mail id- [email protected]
    Name- Prem Prakash Maurya
    payment id- MOJO6a28000J33468853
    contact- 9911199289

    Prem Prakash

    • Its resolved. Check your email

  • Suraj

    After giving the test can I download the question paper for future reference

    • Yes but you should appear for tests first. Then go to Review/PDF section from Learn Tab and to get pdfs in your email, you have to click on pdf

  • Machiavelli-II


  • Moni

    Where can we have full year plan forILP 2017 so that we can plan accordingly..
    Also if possible plz sir lessen or if psbl remove or dim the effect of baba logo on background as its a bit distracting ..Aap to god ho….Baba to chhoti cheej hai aapke samne..thank you…!

    • Full plan is available on Ilp platform under Plan and update menu bar

  • sandeep reddy

    HI IAS baba,

    I am unable to login to ILP platform, its showing invalid email address.

    I have already raised the concern 4 days back and my comment has been deleted, kindly have some responsibility to respond back to my concern and please let me how many days or years it will take to be resolved.

    Name- Sandeep reddy
    Payment Id- MOJO6b02000J75456291 ( Payment was made on 2nd November 2016)
    Email Id- [email protected]
    Login Id- san1113


    Dr Sandeep Reddy

    • Hi Sandeep

      Its resolved now. The issue was because of same ID for two users. We regret for the delay. Kindly check your email.

  • Snehasish Naskar

    Hello sir, i have made the payment through netbanking. The test platform is not opening.Please resolve the issue.
    name – Snehasish Naskar
    payment id-MOJO6b08000N84044645
    Email id- [email protected]

    • It will be resolved tonight

  • Himangi Singh

    Sir, I want to join the program for 2017 but I have some queries. First I wud be a late joiner so how wud I be able to keep pace with ur plan. Second m a working professional so wud it work out for me, I mean how many hours do I need to devote to complete d daily targets. Third wud you provide d complete notes for pre and mains to be covered on a daily basis or we need to read the topics from ncert, laxamikant and other relevant books on our own ( coz den i need to arrange the books also). Please clarify.

  • Kanta Verma

    babaji…..i hv joined two days ago…….but didnt understand the forum…….where r my backlog test???

    • We have activated your test platform. Check your email.

      On ILP Platform- Check the Menu Bars for Plan & Updates and others

      • Kanta Verma

        thanku babaji

      • Kanta Verma


    • nisar

      can i get ur mailing id ,,lil doubts need to b cleared,,,,,,,,,,mail me at [email protected] waiting fr ur reply

  • Kanta Verma

    Babaji i hv done payment two times……because of one transaction was unsuccessful. But money was debited from my account……now what to do??

    • Kanta

      It will be refunded in case of failed payment by your bank within two week

  • Brijesh

    Sir i want to joine online coaching but i have all preparation material is in hindi language and if i change language hindi to english that it create problems or not.

    Please… tell me the pripration strategy for IAS 2017.

  • Nishiva

    Hello, I would require this program. I need some clarifications though. 1. Is this an app for android? 2. I have quit my career and pursuing UPSC with utmost diligency, i am not able to join any classes as I am not financially able and most of all i am a 25 year old feeding off my mother.. Is there a payment plan for the money that has to be paid?. 3. I am ready to put my entire year into the preparation and score well, Is it possible to complete the entirety if i start now? 4. Would I get physical assistance as well for the preparation? .. Thank you and expecting your reply.

  • being human

    sir i have tried to join this program through online payment..but transaction failed..what to do now?plz help sir..

  • kumari

    sir, what is the last date for joining ILP 2017 for late joiners and what is the schedule for tests

    • Hi

      There is no deadline

      • nisar

        HY IAS BABA ,,i too want to join ilp 2017,,although its too late to join but i want to join this. can i get schedule on [email protected]

        • Go through

  • navneet

    sir i want to join ilp2017… but how could i cover the previous tasks?

  • Muhammad Aslam Khan

    Baba ji, please help me, I am unable to find “chapter+book” wise preparation strategy for geography optional as you said on this page “2.The chapters and the sections therein shall be provided so that you need not search beyond the same and the related components of the syllabus are covered comprehensively.”

    • We were not able to update it further

  • Amruth

    sir i have made the payment for ilp 2017 but i did not got any mail regarding id and password …..please help me with id and password as early as possible….

  • Kumar Saurabh

    sir would mains answers be checked by you and recomendation would also be given to improve answers.


    Baba ji i want to join this program,as i am going to pay fee through NEFT,then what should i need to mail regarding this?UTI number or any thing else?Kindly reply asap as i am eager to join it as early as possible…

    • Payment reference number yes UTI also. You can also send the screen shot

  • Please mail us the acknowledgment at [email protected] for queries and for resolving issues

    • Fidel

      Babaji , Kindly reply to my mail . Joined prelims test series. Not able to login . mail id : [email protected]

  • Nishant

    I’m unable to access the paid for content on the App, have mailed at the given id.
    Please resolve this.

    • Amar Link

      Thanks for sharing nice information with us. i like your post like EAMCET and all you share with us is uptodate and quite informative, i would like to bookmark the page so i can come here again to read you, as you have done a wonderful job.


    Dear sir, I joined ILP yesterday!! I have only this doubt about current affairs! I need to follow only babapedia as a source for current affairs for both prelims and mains? Or do I have to follow monthly magazine, YK , PIB too along with babapedia!

    • Hi

      Babapedia- Prelims Only. For Mains- DNA or Magazine, PIB, YK, RSTV/AIR

  • Vikram Vajantri

    Hi, can you please tell me when is ilp2018 going to start? I’m too curious to know this.

  • Axi Tak

    hi Iasbaba, I have put money in your account this morning and have send you all the details on your given email id. Can you please send me my id and password.

    • Sent

      • Talha Khan

        I have made the payment through NEFT of Rs. 9545 today for ILP – 2017. Can you please send me my id and password. I also mailed the same with Acknowledgement slip to [email protected]

      • Talha Khan

        I have made the payment through NEFT of Rs. 9545 today for ILP – 2017. I also mailed the same with Acknowledgement slip to [email protected]

      • Talha Khan

        Please activate my account……

        • Talha Khan

          Sir, please activate my ILP -2017 account. I send acknowledge slip to [email protected]
          Its already late to join ILP – 2017, so please send me login ID and password as early as possible.

      • Talha Khan

        Sir, please activate my ILP -2017 account.
        Its already late to join ILP – 2017, so please send me login ID and password as early as possible.
        I made NEFT today around 2 pm through my Father’s SBI account (Nabi Mohammad Samani).
        I send acknowledge slip to [email protected]

        • We have sent your ID details through email. Kindly check

      • Talha Khan

        Please reply whatever you are like to respond……..

  • Arun Taneja

    Sir ,i unable to login my account through your password and id .

  • Mahi

    Baba ji I have confusion that what should I join …test series or ilp program. If I join join ilp program whether it will also include all the tests plz clarify???

    • ILP Programme, Tests for prelims and Mains mocks and synopsis, value adds and babapedia for current affairs are included.

      Test Series is only for Prelims Tests. i.e 18 Tests .

      • Mahi

        Thank u sir …!! I will go for Ilp 2017 ..Sir may I pay the fee now .

        • Divyanshanu Jain

          No offence, Will you pay after prelims than?lol

          • Mahi


        • Yes obviously 🙂


    are these prelims test downloadable…..for offline

    • Yes after appearing for it you can download them

  • Karthi Nagarajan

    Hi sir/madam
    I am Karthik from Chennai I join IPL prelims test (fee-4025) .
    Its successfully login but there is no course available in my profile.
    today I have exam but still my course is not available in my profile kindly resolve the issue.
    This is my email I’d ([email protected])

  • Gautam

    Are the test series put up???

  • ruchita

    sir i m unable to login id with given password plz check it out

  • curious

    From which months the current affairs should be prepared
    for civil service exam 2017?

  • Shiv

    Can we pay through cheque

    • No. Only online or offline through Cash Deposit

  • Pravallika Shastri

    Unable to access test series missed 2 tests so far …. no response to the mails sent as well. Pls resolve.

  • MD Alauddin

    Hi, I have joined the test series few days back. today was the exam date when i started for the exam at 10.46, was not able to see the questions. Whereas exam held on 14th Jan was visible. what is the problem please clarify.

    • MD
      We have replied you yesterday with ID details. Please confirm through email.

  • MD Alauddin

    IAS BABA I trusted your site, infact I have not received the reply for mail too.

  • vivekpratap singh

    hi i am not able to start 2nd test. please resolve this issue.

    • Vivek

      The same has been fixed. Kindly post such queries through email so that we can rectify it at the earliest

      • ajatasatru

        Dear sir

        i’ve made the payment 4025 rs for the prelims test
        series and i do not see any exams in the exam section… kindly activate
        my account for the same

        Chandrasekhar Tangirala

  • Anant Raman Sharma

    I registered for the ILP program yesterday and yet to receive ID Pasword. I have already emailed you about the same with details. Kindly expedite.

    • Mukesh

      Hi Anant

      Kindly check your email

    • Anant

      Kindly check your email and please send us email in case of urgent issues

  • ajatasatru

    Dear sir

    ive made the payment 4025 rs for the prelims test series and i do not see any exams in the exam section… kindly activate my account for the same

    Chandrasekhar Tangirala

    • Mukesh


      Kindly check your email and please send us email in case of urgent issues.

    • Chandra

      Kindly check your email and please send us email in case of urgent issues

  • Harish Lalchandani

    Dear sir
    i ve made the payment 4025 rs for the prelims test series 2017 .
    i am not able to login through username and password provided ,
    please look into this matter .

    • Resolved through email

    • Ronak Koshiya

      Hi Dear,

      Can you share here your email ID?

      Thank you!

  • 300

    do i have to read economic survey and budget for this test (7feb economy)?

  • Tejaswini Manjunath

    Hello sir
    Frm wn does 2018 offline classes strt???

    • Ronak Koshiya


      Can you share here your email ID?

      Thanking you!

  • Neha Damadya

    sir, I registered for ILP and received username and password but am not able to login to android app…please help.

    • Check your email

    • Ronak Koshiya


      Can you post here your email ID?

      Thanking you!

  • Brijendra Kumar

    I have joined both ILP 2017 and Prelims test series 2017 but now i am unable to log into ILP test programme. I am logging into Babapedia and VAN but not into its test. Instead of Log into ILP test 2017, I am Logging into Prelims test series through ILP page. What should i do? Did i do wrong to join both programmes?

    • Dear

      Send us your registered email ID and payment details to [email protected]

    • Ronak Koshiya

      Dear Candidate

      Can you post here your email ID?

      Thanking you!

  • Mr.down

    Hello sir,
    Is there a particular schedule to be followed for prelims test series or can we take any test any time we want to? I know that all the papers are open all the time,but i mean, is there a rough date which is preferred to write a particular test? Some rough time table from your side?

    • Hi

      Tests are planned but you can appear for previously conducted tests any time. Time Table is given

  • curious

    Are you planning to start online preparation for economics
    optional for cse 2017.

  • Torsa Chakraborty

    Hello sir, somehow I am not able to find the link to ilp2017 test series programme. Recently I subscribed to the new Test Series 2017. After that whenever I am trying to log in it is showing me the new Test test series platform only. What to do? Help.

  • Dr.Angel Maria Mathew
    Daily PRELIMS QUIZ with explanations

  • Dr.Angel Maria Mathew
  • Preeti Bhatti

    Hello ias baba i have joined prelim test series 2017 today by paying 4025 rs and mailed too my query ..i didnt receive any id and password for login ..please provide help .Preeti kumaria

  • Preeti Bhatti

    I have been waiting for mail from yuo for my login id and password but no response ..dissapointed

  • Shraddha

    I am unable to find test schedule pdf. Can anyone help?


    Dear sir
    I have enrolled for the prelims test series 2017 .
    i am not able to login through username and password provided ,
    please resolve the issue.

    • Please mail us at [email protected] for queries and for resolving issues.

      If you have already done that, check your email now

      • Fiza Khan

        why so many students are facing the same problems about enrollment?

        • Those who pay online, are added to database by a software programme. This takes sometime as it is not manual addition. Also, they in haste comment here and there but send email later. Through email queries, we resolve it asap.

          Nothing to worry. We are here to support but sometimes it is not real time as we are human too 🙂

          • Fiza Khan

            you always reply our queries..thank you baba.please keep it up..and come up with great 2018 plan..

  • Aim_2017

    i was not able to attempt Test 8 on the specified date on the site and now i cannot find it anywhere on the account. Can you please resolve the issue?

  • md imteyaz ahmad

    i m unable to search the previous year pre gs 1 paper in which nearly 70-72 questions is to be came in upsc pre it not avl right now to this site..ya if avl pls share the link. thanks…

  • Abhishek Srivastava

    Link for Login is not opening !! 🙁
    i purchased it today only !

    • Abhishek Srivastava

      Link to Login to ILP Platform– Click Here (Not Opening)
      Baba please look into the issue.

      • Its already resolved through email

    • We are migrating to a new server and updating it. ILP will be active once the migration and updation is complete. Thanks for the patience…..

  • ravi shankar sharma

    Hi baba, not able to login to ILP platform !

    • We are migrating to a new server and updating it. ILP will be active once the migration and updation is complete. Thanks for the patience,

  • devashish dhaundiyal

    trying to open ILP page but its saying error 404 🙁

    • devashish dhaundiyal

      Not Found

      The requested URL /home/ was not found on this server.

      Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
      This is what it is showing !!!

      • devashish dhaundiyal

        It got okay for sometime and its again in the same situation !! 🙁

    • We are migrating to a new server and updating it. ILP will be active once the migration and updation is complete. Thanks for the patience,,

  • ramanuj shukla

    Trying to open ILP page… Showing. 404 error..

    • devashish dhaundiyal

      April fooled

      • anurag gupta

        Same happening with me.

        • We are migrating to a new server and updating it. ILP will be active once the migration and updation is complete. Thanks for the patience.,/

    • We are migrating to a new server and updating it. ILP will be active once the migration and updation is complete. Thanks for the patience..

      • SYA

        is the payment gateway secure(https) now ?

  • Hi All

    We are migrating to a new server and updating it. ILP will be active once the migration and updation is complete. Thanks for the patience

  • Sachin Ambade

    i want to join ILP 17, please provide details

  • Naveen Kumar

    Sir I want to join 2018 IAS prelims cum mains with Kannada literature optional subject. Please informe me how to register and join your coaching centre please guide me sir.

    • Naveen

      If not contacted through email kindly contact there or visit our office

  • Rashi

    baba i am not able to login the test series, purchased it yesterday, have sent you mail twice but no response.. kindly resolve the issue

  • Srikanth Cheruku

    babaji ….. i am unable to login test series ….paid yesterday night… informed you through the mail….pls resolve the issue asap

  • Kirobo

    Hello baba ! Paid the test series and i got all the login details also , but unable to login . Please solve it soon as time is shooting up

    • hemant

      Bro same problem with r u got the solution

    • Solved through email,

  • Pallav Kachari

    Sir after making payment for ilp 2017 will it send via post…plz..its urgent

  • Saranya

    Hi Baba,
    When is ILP 2018 course begin?

    • Hi

      We are working on it. This time it will be more comprehensive and deep. Details will be announced after Prelims. Stay tuned,,

  • hemant

    Sir h i have paid for test series but unable to login plz solve the problem

  • aspirant

    Sir when will ILP 2018 commence..

    • Hi

      We are working on it. This time it will be more comprehensive and deep. Details will be announced after Prelims. Stay tuned

      • Fiza Khan

        waiting sir…please come up with a great strategy..

        • Hi

          Details of ILP 2018 will be announced soon after Prelims,

  • Suraj Lourembam

    eagerly waiting for the ILP 2018, can u tell us the launch date ???

    • Hi

      Details of ILP 2018 will be announced soon after Prelims..

  • Ghåïñt Nāddî

    Is there any one?

  • vivek s.

    This ILP will include Anthropology optional Answer writing for mains ?

    • No

      • vivek s.

        or further coming ILP will include Anthropology optional Answer writing for mains?

    • sharad bhingale

      Hello sir please help me political science as my optional sub

  • maheshdsouza

    Hello sir,
    When will u start ILP 2018
    we are eagerly waiting sir ?????

    • Hi

      Details of ILP 2018 will be announced soon after Prelims.

  • ias

    please start anthro online test series babaji and also ilp18 soon..thanks

    • Hi

      Details of ILP 2018 will be announced soon after Prelims

      • Mukul Shukla

        SIR please announce it as soon as possible

  • sneha

    Hello sir,
    Please help me with public administration optional strategy and resources.

  • Chal ! Nalla kahin ka

    Respected Babaji, Its been a wonderful enlightening and learning association with you. I have been the part of your ILP 2017 program from september 2016 onwards. I am writing this to request you that kindly allow me to access the ILP till the end of this year. As apart from UPSC CSE, I have to appear in state PCS examination. here Babapedia would be of immense help.

    PK Dalal

  • Lucy The Super Dog

    Please start ILP 2018 soon

    • Details will be announced after Prelims 2017

    • Details will be announced after Prelims 2017,

  • Saroj Singh

    sir please make courses for HINDI MEDIUM student ,,,,,,,sir can i post essay in hindi on ias baba ?

  • chandrakanth reddy

    Please start TLP for geography optional soon

  • Mukul Shukla

    Sir when will the ILP 2018 start.

  • Mukul Shukla

    PLS start ILP 2018 soon. eagerly waiting

  • Sumit Sharma

    when will the ILP 2018 start?

    • ILP 2018 Details will be announced in the last week of June

  • Sumit Sharma

    how much the fees of ILP 2018?

  • Darshan


    • Darshan

      If you are part of ILP 2017, by now it must be a regular exercise for you isn’t it?

      Shoot an email to [email protected] with your ID details

      • Darshan

        Why i am unable to access my ilp???

  • Nirbhay singh

    Sir monthly magazine and compilation of yojana and kurukshetra are uploaded very late on your website

  • Archit Gupta

    Does ILP cover optional syllabus also ?

  • Zahoor Ahmed Khawaja

    Hello sir

    This is Zahoor Ahmed from Kashmir and I want to join ur ILP 2018 programme and please reply about the programme…..

  • Shivangi Dubey

    sir, will ilp be a paid feature?

    • AKB

      Yes Mam. But trust me it is good 🙂

  • Anmol Tiwari

    Does ILP cover optional syllabus also ?

    • No anmol. Only GS

      • Anmol Tiwari

        THANK YOU.

  • Login Link for ILP 2017 Students-

    Please mail us at [email protected] for queries and for resolving issues

  • Anup Kumar Naik

    Help my impatience but kindly begin with ILP 2018, and inform us.
    Thank You.

    • Anup

      ILP program will be launched for 2018 in the end of June. The details will be posted in the last week of June. The program will start from July End. You have to wait for the details to come out that will consist of Fee and structure of the program like Plan and other details. It covers whole Prelims and Mains including Current Affairs.

      Kindly wait patiently till ILP 2018 is announced.

      • Anup Kumar Naik

        Thank You for your prompt response. I will surely hold my calm till then. ☺️

  • sam

    May I know the fee to enroll for ILP?

    • Sam

      ILP program will be launched for 2018 in the end of June. The details will be posted in the last week of June. The program will start from July End. You have to wait for the details to come out that will consist of Fee and structure of the program like Plan and other details. It covers whole Prelims and Mains including Current Affairs.

      Kindly wait patiently till ILP 2018 is announced.

  • vivek

    Baba Ji…Is there any plan for mains 2017???

    please start something for GS…so that we can prepare effectively in 120 days..

  • Akhilesh

    What is this program and what will be it’s fees

  • anku

    i have subscribed last year for ILP 2017. Upto what date i will be able to read study material in ILP 2017 module?

  • susant pradhan

    Sir I want to know the whole preparation strategy from prelims to interview .all about your IpL course & 60 day course

  • rohit

    sir are you coming out with option of mains test series for this year students?? v cant join ILP-2017 plz allow us to access mains test series and material

  • abhiFrickinShek

    When is Mains 2017 modules will be starting for ILP 2017 students.

    • Look at the ILP Platform- Recent Forum and Plan and Update Page for Mains

  • Anupam

    I want to know about online course for CSE 2018 and how to enroll for it…?

    • Details will be given by the end of the month


    BABAJI i am not getting ilp 2017 login link please baba ji rsolve my problem

  • Mitesh Pant

    Dear BABA,
    When is this ILP 2018 coming. I am waiting since morning to get enrolled

  • Sean arrow D

    when will the ilp will start?

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