Think and Learn Mains 2015 ARCHIVES

Think and Learn Mains 2015 ARCHIVES

This forum is for Think and Learn Mains 2015 ARCHIVES from IASbaba.

                 THINK and LEARN MAINS-2015


Questions                                                                           Synopsis/Reviews/Feedback

Full Compilation- 120 Questions with Model Answers

40. 7th August-Day 40                                                                                                      Day 40

39. 6th August-Day 39                                                                                                       Day 39

38. 5th August-Day 38                                                                                                       Day 38

37. 4th August-Day 37                                                                                                        Day 37

36. 3rd August-Day 36                                                                                                       Day 36

35. 2nd August-Day 35                                                                                                       Day 35

34. 1st August-Day 34                                                                                                         Day 34

33. 31st July-Day 33                                                                                                            Day 33

32. 30th July-Day 32                                                                                                           Day 32

31. 29th July-Day 31                                                                                                            Day 31

30. 28th July-Day 30                                                                                                          Day 30

29. 27th July-Day 29                                                                                                           Day 29

28. 26th July-Day 28                                                                                                           Day 28

27. 25th July-Day 27                                                                                                            Day 27

26. 24th July-Day 26                                                                                                           Day 26

25. 23rd July-Day 25                                                                                                           Day 25

24. 22nd July-Day 24                                                                                                          Day 24

23. 21st July-Day 23                                                                                                             Day 23

22. 20th July-Day 22                                                                                                           Day 22

21. 19th July-Day 21                                                                                                              Day 21

20. 18th July-Day 20                                                                                                           Day 20

19. 17th July-Day 19                                                                                                              Day 19

18. 16th July-Day 18                                                                                                             Day 18

17. 15th July-Day 17                                                                                                               Day 17

16.14th July-Day 16                                                                                                              Day 16

15. 13th July-Day 15                                                                                                        Day 15

14. 12th July-Day 14                                                                                                        Day 14

13. 11th July-Day 13                                                                                                         Day 13

12. 10th July-Day 12                                                                                                        Day 12

11. 9th July- Day 11                                                                                                          Day 11 

10. 8th July-Day 10                                                                                                         Day 10

9. 7th July-Day 9                                                                                                                Day 9

8. 6th July-Day 8                                                                                                               Day 8

7. 5th July- Day 7                                                                                                                Day 7

6. 4th July-Day 6                                                                                                                Day 6

5. 3rd July-Day 5                                                                                                                Day 5

4. 2nd July-Day 4                                                                                                               Day 4

3. 1st July-Day 3                                                                                                                 Day 3

2. 30th June-Day 2                                                                                                            Day 2

1. 29th June-Day 1                                                                                                              Day 1


  • supergirl

    My answer got hidden between multiple comments, I am reposting it here for review.

    The evolution of Sustainable Development Goal’s from Millennium Development Goal’s would be a critical event in the history of mankind. Discuss India’s performance in MDG’s and comment if India isready to face SDG’s. (200 Words, 10 Marks)- GS 3


    India’s achievement across MDGs indicators is mixed.

    Targets accomplished :-

    –> Poverty and hunger reduced to half
    –>Gender parity in school enrollment is achieved
    –>Maternal mortality is reduced to three quarters
    –>Spread of Deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS,malaria and TB controlled
    –>Forest cover ceased
    –>Halved the proportion without access to clean drinking water

    Targets unaccomplished :-

    –>Empowering women
    –>Reducing child and infant mortality
    –>Improving access to adequate sanitation

    On analysis of the report, it would be challenging for India to achieve SDGs goal, if proper steps are not adopted.

    Steps for achieving SDGs goals :-

    (1) Raising awareness about the SDGs among the public
    (2) Involvement of communities with focus on excluded groups and women
    (3) Developing a clear commitment within government to facilitate and monitor progress
    (4) Strengthen the federal structure and self- government institutions to enable improve service
    delivery and governance
    (5) Collection of data ,monitoring and accountability by using tools like GIS mapping, remote sensing, and social networking will help
    (6) Continuous sustainable assessments should be made
    (7) Network of social innovators and social entrepreneurs should be strengthened to promote knowledge sharing across both North-south and south-south

    Thus, for proper implementation of SDGs , a clear and transparent approach with involvement of civil society is needed to achieve goals.

    • Hi supergirl
      Its reviewed there..check 🙂

      • chandu

        Sir my answer too has been left out in the flood of many other answers.Kindly review if time permits.

  • Draconian

    is 2nd july questions are posted

  • Sudha

    Dear Team,

    I happened to post my answer yesterday but did not get any reviews as of now. This is my first answer posted on this website (and also an answer which I wrote after a very long time).. a timely feedback would give impetus for writing further and improvising in grey areas.

    I did not understand where to raise the concern.. hence I am re-posting my answer on this page.

    Critically examine the strategic implications of the nuclear deal between the West and Iran on the Middle East and India’s neighbourhood? Comment on India’s role in the deal. (200 Words, 10 Marks)

    • Dear Sudha
      We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are trying hard but because of busy schedule and small team its getting difficult. Very soon, your every answers will be evaluated here (we are working to build a dedicated team for you)

      Coming to your answer.

      1. your handwriting makes it difficult for the evaluator (please take care of it). Write legibly.

      2. Question asked about strategic implications so you should have divided it accordingly. There are more to it than you have mentioned.

      3. Your first para is not appropriate and have taken more words than required. You should come straight to the point after 2 lines on introduction.

      4. When it is to examine- you have to avoid saying ” it would be beneficial to the west and Iran immensely (since you have not supported HOW? )

      5. Examine means to go deep and look for pros and cons of the arguments you are giving.

      6. How it will impact middle east is not supported in your answer. This is crucial aspect of the question.

      7. Do mention the burning aspect like ISIS control, crisis in Yemen, Arab-US-Israel angle, Shia-Sunni conflict. Its pertinent to the question.

      8. With the deal, sanction will be lifted and its impact has to be mentioned.

      9. Critical angle is Iran’s adherence to the deal and considering the turmoil in the west- it’s very much difficult and risky for Iran to sustain the crisis of ISIS and other terrorist activities and in case the nuclear establishments reaches to these organization- it would be a hard thing to imagine for world.

      10. Positive angle is mentioned in your answer but there is lack of proper structure. Please take care of this.

      Keep writing. We are working for you only. Have patience. Give us some time so that we make a healthy team for your own good 🙂 Best wishes

      • Sudha

        Thank you sir for the suggestions. I will work on it .

      • Anil Kumar Rathore

        even i think we can also mention the point that as a neutral country india can promote peace between israel and arabs with iran as we import weapons from israel and oil from iran

  • Pawan

    There is a problem with synopsis of Day3, may be the link is incorrect. It doesnt have the answers in them. Please check.

  • runner4life

    @iasbaba:disqus I am not able to download the compilation. There seems to be some problem with the link. It gets stuck in the middle of download.Please check.
    Thank You.

  • Swapnil ✌?️

    Can I join for program -3 now ?

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