Think Learn & Perform (TLP)- Optional UPSC Mains



Hello Friends,

TLP Mains Answer Writing starting on 10th July. Here are the Optional Subjects part of this years TLP answer writing. We advice you to make this initiative successful by your active participation.


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GEOGRAPHY                                                                                          Archives to Questions

SOCIOLOGY                                                                                            Archives to Questions

POLITICAL SCIENCE AND IR                                                       Archives to Questions 

ANTHROPOLOGY                                                                                Archives to Questions

PHILOSOPHY                                                                                       Archives to Questions 

MEDICAL SCIENCE                                                                            Archives to Questions

 ZOOLOGY                                                                                                Archives to Questions

CIVIL ENGINEERING                                                                        Archives to Questions

HISTORY                                                                                                  Archives to Questions


Note- If anyone is interested for taking responsibility of any Optional, kindly send us email at [email protected]


Archives (TLP)- Optional UPSC Mains 2015


Read Mains StrategyA must

GEOGRAPHY OPTIONALRead the Plan                               Archives to Questions

HISTORY OPTIONAL- Read the Plan                                      Archives to Questions

PHILOSOPHY OPTIONAL- Read the Plan                            Archives to Questions


  • JKL


    Any plans for Pub Ad this year??

    Thanks & regards

  • Dr_preeti

    baba any plan for anthropology

    • Jay32

      hey ,i need some help in anthropology optional,can u plz help

  • Amit

    Is there any plan for Physics.

  • Akash Pawar

    Babaji,Please start TLP optional initiative for Political Science & International Relationship optional also.

  • tejeswi

    when can we expect a plan on public administration ?

  • Sanjitvshukla

    Political science optional

  • darkknight

    baba ji any such plan for anthropology optional?

    • Jay32

      hey can u plz help in anthropology optional

  • kamireddy nagarjuna

    IS there any such plan for sociology optional?other wise provide some useful material, pls baba ji.

  • kaira

    political science or public administration which one should i keep? and how to cover international relationship?

    • anoosha

      it should be based on your interest of the subject which will help u. not suggestion based.

    • junaid

      even i have problem with international affairs how to prepare it?

      • jasmin

        news are the most important sources for this

    • shantanu

      any suggestions for ethics? disaster management like topics and subjects ?

    • Brahmakumar Ankit

      PSIR is my optional too dear,look IR will be covered by itself from current affairs and IDSA(keep hawk eyes over this web)
      …rest polity laxmikant is basic and after that u can refer many as per syllabus of upsc…

      • Ramesh Gupta

        Me too havin PSIR as optional…
        Ankit msg me on ma no 9689399968 so dat v cud help each othr n share our views

  • jai singh negi

    hllo baba any plan for psychology.. pls help me…

  • shantanu

    are optionals to be removed in future by upsc ?

    • jasmin

      yes they keep on saying but dont belie till it is declared

  • Jay32

    any one wish to join Anthropology optional group ,comment your no.

    • Homjayega


      • hi, welcome to the world of ANTHROPOLOGY, walk in and experience the difference 🙂

        just click on the link 😉

        keep writing and reviewing, lets a make a difference in the way of preparing anthropology.!!

        its day 6 ..!!! don’t delay ur success … all the very best 🙂

    • Abhishek Choubey


      • welcome to the world of ANTHROPOLOGY, walk in and experience the difference 🙂

        just click on the link 😉

        keep writing and reviewing, lets a make a difference in the way of preparing anthropology.!!

        its day 6 ..!!! don’t delay ur success … all the very best 🙂

    • Balaji Ganesan

      Please add me. 9597201464

  • sumit

    babaji some insight for psychology optional….

  • sumit

    is anyone here with psychology optional…..

    • Annu

      Hi..I am having Psychology optional..

      • sumit


      • sumit

        hiii annu…hope u have done well in prelims…whenever free respond me ….will try to discuss regarding psychology with u…

  • pooja

    anyone with pub ? any watsapp grp fr discussion?

    • Abhishek Dhiman

      no you can make

  • amit gupta

    pls add psychology

  • Stoikiy muzhik

    anyone with History ?

    • rohitash tiwari

      yes frnd

      • Stoikiy muzhik

        How r you preparing? Any coaching? Answer writing practice kaise kr rhe ho

  • Surchandra Kayenpaibam

    Is there anyone who is going to take Physics as optional paper???????????????????????

    • Pranjul Yadav

      Yup. I am going to take physics as optional.

  • Abhitesh Sisodia

    anyone with MATHEMATICS optional….need test series

  • Rohit Maurya

    Any one commerce and accountancy

  • Neelima

    Babaji please start one for Public Administration also…Please

  • Anurag

    TLP Pub ad.. Guru Sir plz

  • Jay32

    anthropology lovers …

    we have started the discussion here, pls join here to give the best shot 🙂


    Please publish for sociology optional.

  • Bunny Praveen

    no public administration guidance…pls provide it babaji

  • Good morning anthropology lovers;:)

    welcome to the world of ANTHROPOLOGY, walk in and experience the difference 🙂

    just click on the link 😉

    keep writing and reviewing, lets a make a difference in the way of preparing anthropology.!!

    its day 6 ..!!! don’t delay ur success … all the very best 🙂


    is there no tlp historyfor 20/09/2016

  • Rahul Ramnathrao Manal

    Please start political science TLP

  • lostmonk

    @IASbaba ji why have you stopped tlp for philosophy ??? please start it if possible..

  • tyrion lannister

    Please IASBABA….start TLP for Economics Optional…

  • sivam

    please baba comeup with PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION

  • iwanna clear

    Hi, if anyone has subscribed to any online courses of pubad please let me know… I would like to exchange choka notes ( took 6 hours for each lecture to note it down..your time will be saved..) and ethics of choka in exchange of pubad lectures.. do let me know..

  • ram

    Babaji is there sociology optional archives

  • amit

    babaji plz an u help m in getting classes notes for geography optional i m really in dearth need of it…plz……hlp me.

  • Suhani

    Plz provide POl Sc guidance too Sir

    • prateek

      Hi you having PSIR as optional ? I am not finding people with this subject. I need a few doubts cleared if you could then please reply. Or if you know any other site where I can find guys with PSIR as optional.

  • Elixir

    Hello Everyone, I am a regular follower Baba but joined today only.
    I am from medical background and wants to know who else are from the same background. I need to connect with you, do reply. I am having trouble in studying medical syllabus along with cse.
    Thank you.
    PS: Baba Medical Optional walo pe bhi meherbani karo.. 🙂

  • मैं ‘आत्मदर्शी’

    For Philosophy Optional daily writing practice join :

  • prateek

    Hello, anybody with political science as optional?
    Or may be direct me to any group where I can find guys with PSIR as optional.
    Thank you…

    • Blossom

      Have you found any group?? even I am looking for the same

      • prateek

        you have opted for PSIR optional?
        Are you taking test series Shubhra Ranjan Ma’am ?
        I found a few groups but no activity since 2014 🙁

        • Blossom

          Yup psir optional
          No I haven’t, I don’t live in Delhi so…

          • prateek

            You can email me on [email protected]. Me too not in Delhi. I have a few questions to discuss about optional

  • bhavuk wadhwa

    Please start with public administration. …Thanks

  • Kashif

    Baba plz start sociology tlp

  • Anil Kumar S

    Hello is any one with Physics optional

    • Pranjul Yadav

      Yes, I am. Can we discuss about the same?

      • megha

        I also have the same optional i.e physics
        can we discusss?

        • Reverse Flash

          Yes. It would be good as there are very few aspirants who opt for physics. Kindly share some of your contact details like email id. Mine is [email protected]. Mail be directly so that we can discuss. Btw how much syllabus have you completed?

  • Balaji Ganesan

    Please share the Anthropology plan.

  • Diya Jain
  • Shringar Kashyap

    baba ji sir,can you please provide strategy for KANNADA LITERATURE optional please.We are struggling a lot without proper strategy since it is common only in karnataka.
    Being in Bengaluru,I hope you (@IASBABA) can understand the trouble we have and come up with a strategy for kannada optionals.
    Thanks Babaji,Im sure that you wont disappoint kannada literature aspirants or any other as such.
    Thank you.

    • PIKU

      So true . There are not much guidance available

  • Deepak Jose

    Baba pls start Economics optionals too

    • Ch Mani

      i share the same feeling, why isn’t baba starting Economics?

  • jyoti

    hello frnds can anyone please share geography optional books

  • curious

    Can anyone tell my about answer writting practice sites for economics optional?

  • MUKESH Patel

    please share anthropology question compilation

  • megha

    Dear Baba Ji
    I Have Physics Optional Please Help!!!! Which books I should buy and will it work without a test series????

    • MahaRana

      noo test series is imp. but only after prep.

  • john

    anthro optional strategy

  • Ankur Archi

    Baba, PSIR wallo pe v kuch kripa karo!!

    (Sant, show some blessings to PSIR students)

    P.S:- Daily ni to weekly hi kar do 🙂

  • brainstorm01

    Anyone preparing zoology optional??

  • Jhanvi Dogra

    anyone having geo optional?


      yes me

    • Nitin Tomar


  • Rocky Singh

    i am a member of the ilp programme. i just reset my password of chrome hence had to reset all the passwords that i had forgotten. by the new password i am being able to access the VAN but i am not able to access the babapedia. baba plz help

  • Rohit Maurya

    please start commerce and accountancy

  • VIJAY k

    please add Sociology optional also Babaji.

  • Ashish Pandey

    Kindly add sociology optional

  • Eshwar

    sir kindly plz add anthropology optional

  • Nitul Kumar

    How can i access previous years material on Anthropology

  • Drop Out

    Please do start History optional this year as well Babaji, there are no other better alternative for this optional out there, specially for people not living in Delhi. Thanks.

  • jithinmathew

    sir kindly plz add management optional

    • Kindar

      You having management optionals? appearing for 2017 or 2018? and background?

  • Ankur Upadhyay

    Sociology please!

  • Punam

    Political Science and International Relations ???

    • Kurus

      i have PSIR….

  • Mohammad Syed Malik

    Please sir start on line test series for mains and i want also join to ILP 2018. you can mail me [email protected]

    • Syed

      We will announce ILP 2018 in few days. You will get to know from here only. Don’t worry 🙂

      • Farishta

        @IASbaba sir how do I sign in to join TLP of geography optional 2017?

  • sailesh ojha

    wht abt LAW

    • BR

      Any group studying law optional?

  • Rahul Verma

    please start psychology optional for mains also

  • Kapildev Verma

    WHERE would i find Political science optional strategy

  • abhilasha sharma

    when will TLP for Geography optional for mains 2017 will start

  • darkknight

    Sir please start anthropology optional TLP initiative as you did for cse-2015. Thanks a lot.

  • Neeraja sandeep

    sir please start TLP for anthropology

  • manik basu

    why no TLP for Sociology ??

  • Sai Praveen

    Economics Optional ?

    • Vikram Rawat

      Bhai I have eco optional. we can be in touch..
      my number 8295041735

      • jashon chrish

        hey bro can you guide me how should i prepare eco optional for 2018 cse

    • Ch Mani

      same question! Why isn’t baba starting TLP for Economics?? i don’t know any online platform for Economics optional, if anybody does know, please let me know! A very humble request!

  • Kavitha Dinesh Neeradi

    please provide TLP for Anthropology

  • Chandrakanth Ac

    Is there anyone for PSIR????

    • Citizen_10


  • Farishta

    @iasbaba:disqus sir how do I sign in to join TLP of geography optional 2017?

    • Anjali Gupta

      Questions are posted on the right column in section on NEW POST of the iasbaba page for each Optional TLP for everyday.

      • Farishta

        thanks Anjali But they have said you have to sign up for the optional to join the TLP.
        synopsis will be provided by baba on the next day. am I right ?

        • Anjali Gupta

          did you find where to sign up?

          • Farishta

            no 🙂

          • Its free just utilize it

          • Farishta

            thank you baba ji

      • Nitin Tomar

        anjali r u writing ans of geography ..?

    • Its free…Just use it

  • Rachna

    Thank you so much baba

    • Anjali Gupta

      hi can u please tell me how to join TLP 2017 for geography mains

  • Ravi Nandu

    @iasbaba:disqus …how to sign in for TLP- Geography optional and and TLP GS


  • aliceinwonderland

    Could anyone tell me how this works? will questions be posted everyday or by the end of the specified week?

  • Lokesh b

    kindly help the psir students with your kind suggestions…………………………

  • praveen kumar

    sir , i want to join tlp…plzz guide me how to enroll for this

  • PIKU

    Sir plz do for Kannada literature

  • Radhe

    The common subjects like history, geography, sociology questions are more easily available than the literature optionals, babaji please start kannada literature, we kannadigas are waiting for such initiative please, on account of guru purnima, babaji guide us towards the light !!!!

    • PIKU

      New telegram group for upsc kannada literature where 2 questions from each papers will be posted. Only candidates who are serious of practicing can join
      a new group just been created

      • Radhe

        Thanks so much for your effort @PIKU, lets be regular on our approach.

        • PIKU

          That’s guaranteed sir u may join from the link. Whatever question I have I will share and we can start writing answers

  • HDK

    Please tell where can I find the daily questions for Geography optional?

  • Trump

    sir please start electrical as optional

  • mandar jeware

    @iasbaba:disqus Why no mechanical engineering? Only one engineering optional(civil) has been included..I request you to start mechanical engineering and other engineering optionals too

  • PIKU

    Sir y not kannada literature optional and u r based in bengaluru

  • PIKU

    New telegram group for upsc kannada literature where 2 questions from each papers will be posted. Only candidates who are serious of practicing can join

    Just created the group

  • YoYo

    day 4 med sci questions?

  • ias agriculture



    @iasbaba will there be any initiatives being started for public administration optional?

    • adithyan

      pub ad optional?..

    • kunal singh

      where hv you done your pub ad class?

  • kunal singh

    Baba,plz start TLP for pub Ad optional..

  • DustySergeant

    Friends, Is this Geo optional TLP specially for those students who are going to appear in 2017 mains? or anybody can do who is appearing in 2018? @iasbaba:disqus pls clear my doubt


    Nice initiative for civil engineering optional..
    Thanku ..
    Thanku very much iasbaba

  • ias agriculture


    • oculus

      do you have notes of evolution coaching for zoology ?






    PLEASE explain principle of accountability is essential part of rule of law as applicable in armed forces


    in THREE MONTHS time table shows as VAN what is van


    any body having timetable of pub ad for 2018 mains

  • Mitesh Pant

    For sociology which book are you referring to ?

  • Alok Raj

    Sir kindly try to add mechanical optional also.

  • babaji
    plz provide tlp for economics optional

  • vineetcsa

    anyone with pub ad optional?

    • vinod singh

      yes ..

      • vineetcsa

        hi vinod, how are you preparing for pub ad? can you connect at my whatsapp 8447423713.

  • kva249

    pls include optionals in ilp
    atleast leave some time out of that 🙁

  • Yu Jeje

    Any geography optionals ?

    • Nitin Tomar

      yes bhai..

  • anu_aghrhari

    if anyone wants IMS maths notes pls email at [email protected]

  • Tulasi Ram Chowdary

    what about mathematics optional

    please start a programme babaji

  • IASoptional notes

    optional notes for CSE mains
    1) maths – IMS
    2) political science- shubra ranjan,vision ias, vajiram
    3) geography
    4) agriculture
    5) forestry
    6) botany
    7) pub ad
    8) sociology
    brilliant, evolution, kaveri, visionias, vajiram,
    UPSC GS preparation books and notes test series
    contact – [email protected]

    • kaivalya pakale

      political science full notes send me at [email protected]

    • Eklavya choudhary

      MATHS NOTES SEND ME AT [email protected]

    • Aman Rajgotra

      please send me the forestry notes at [email protected]

    • Pragathes S

      Hi Baba Ji,,,
      Please sent Geography Optional Materials and respected book lists
      Mail: “[email protected]

      • Rasp Pi

        Hey hi,
        Did you got any geo notes ???

        • Pragathes S

          Yet, I’m not received anything regarding geography optional:(

          • Rasp Pi

            Hmmm…I have Neethu mam notes …… If you want I’ll share ……if you have any other notes or material plz share …

          • Pragathes S

            Pls share those notes… It’ll help me immensely…

          • Rasp Pi

            In this PDF click download … will redirected to Google Drive shared space

          • Pragathes S

            Thanks for your kindness.

          • Pragathes S

            Is your optional is Geography?

        • Pragathes S

          I’m not received anything till now..

    • Kavita

      philosophy notes bhi h kya plz tell me

  • surbhi sharma

    if any one has history optional notes of balyan sir pls contact [email protected]

  • dr JAIKAL

    anyone with veterinary science optional??

  • upsc2018

    anyone here with punjabi Literature optional subject.

  • upsc2018

    anyone here with Punjabi Literature as optional

  • sumit

    anyone here with psycology optional…plz do reply

    • Gantla Subhashini

      hii ….i took psycology as optional…my name is subha

      • sumit

        hii subha ,,,find time to discuss books n notes abt psycho…my email [email protected]…as per ur comfort….

        • Gantla Subhashini

          hiii sumit… due to change of my num .. i lost all the contacts ….my new num is…7660059487.. msg me…kk dont forget..

    • Gantla Subhashini

      if u feel uncomfortable in recieving my queries through mails … i hv a wtsapp num … 9010327976.. plz contact me with this num … calls r not possible bcoz .. this num i hv in laptop…so plz msg me and guide me with this optional … i am very much intersted in psycology optional…

  • prabal vikas

    for buying ims maths notes contact at [email protected]

  • Manali Khadaria

    from where to get synopsis of history optonal

  • ajay

    hello ias baba ..maine aapka ilp join kiya hua hai thanks its a great plan …lekin mujhe optional smjh nhi aarha hai ..maine geography optonal choose kiya h 2018 upsc k liye….please aap mujhe guide krdijiye kaise tackle karna chaiye geography optional vaise maine apka 75 day plan download karliya h but mujhe smjh nhi aarha hai,,ussme mini test wgera aur ussme likha hua hai map based locaton aap provide karwaenge …please aap mujhe guide kardijiye ya aap mujhe btadijiye ILP JAISA KOI AUR BHI PLAN HAI KYA JISSE MERI GEOGRAPHY OPTIONAL K LIYE HELP HO SAKE..

  • peerless
  • anu

    for buying maths notes ims contact at [email protected]

    • InDiAn

      Are you leaving math optional? Why? It is very scoring optional

      • anu

        it was my second optional for ifos. m not going for ifos now.

  • preeti

    hello sir , if i have to take tlp for 2018 history please write how to join the course

  • vinod kumar gupta

    need guidance on Management as optional

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