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    Interview Transcript – Civil Services 2016
    Name- antyoday
    Qualification – M.Ed. MA , M.Phil.

    Board- Air Marshal Ajit Bhosale sir
    Date – 7-04-2017 Afternoon session first one to be interviewed
    So the day came and that moment came for what i had taken a great risk 4 years back by not joining capf and continued my studies, I reached UPSC gate 12.50pm, met Raju Bhaiya of ABVP, already positive environment started building 
    Entered the UPSC building 2nd time in my life, went to document verification got news that I am first one to be halal 😀 I was very happy to hear this because i didn’t want to sit all along till evening,
    Went to main hall at 1.45pm and daavat came around 2.05. 2.15 tring sounds came and i entered the room after 2 min,
    Inside the Room
    I said “May I come in Sir? “
    Yes please young man, please come inside “a confident voice came and I saw Air Marshal Sir and other members
    There were 5 members, one very handsome and pleasant Air marshal as uniform officers often is and others were good people with one lady member,
    It was a very big hall type room and after walking 3-4 steps I wished Chairman sir first then lady member then others but in a low tone  ( I got little nervous that moment ) he said come come please , I went and took 2-3 sec pause and stand besides the chair ,
    Chairman sir was looking at my DAF suddenly he looked at me and said “good afternoon! I got confused and a little nervous as I thought did I make a mistake to wish him and lady member while coming? Then he said please sit down…….. I said thank you sir 
    C- Are you comfortable?
    Me- yes sir with big smile
    C- Good you are looking happy?
    Me- I smiled only: O
    C- You had something in lunch?
    Me- yes sir I had my lunch
    C- Oh you have had your lunch, so how will u say this in Sanskrit?
    Me- (first jhatka of interview but controlled myself) sir “aham mam khadya padartham akhadat” ( I said with smile )
    c- ohhh this much to I can also speak yar 😮
    Me- smiled back with almost little laugh
    C- Ok ….. Now we will begin your interview, the so called interrrvieww (said like this only with a sarcastic smile) but believe me it will be a conversation only ok?
    Me- yes sir
    C- you have done soooooo manyyyy things in your life , you seems to be very engaging personality , u have done NCC , NSS and other things , i think you have good time management skill, isn’t so ? How did u manage I mean it must have been quite challenging!
    me- sir yes I prioritised my activities as in NCC we had go for parade only for 2 days in a week and in NSS we had to spent 240 hours in village community development activities in 2 years I was part of student council also so by putting them in time table I had managed my studies with my ECA
    C- hmmm very good alright but I had a little regret had I got such opportunities in my early years to do such diverse things and (looking in to my DAF you are sprinter too hmm gave positive smile )
    Me – (with smile ) yes sir I was team member of school track event team
    c- So ….. ! yar in Sanskrit we have to rot very much , I had Sanskrit , I loved Sanskrit , it was very good subject , scoring also , but our modern education philosophies condemn this method, as educationist how do u see this , u must have an opinion about it , isn’t so ?
    Me – sir in Sanskrit rot method of learning is an integral part of Sanskrit learning so if anyone want to learn he has to rot in initial years specially to learn Sanskrit grammar but after that we can teach in modern methods
    c- What and how?
    Me- sir like we are using ICT, we are developing textbooks in digital form and sir ONGC gave good projects under CSR to develop textbooks as digital material…..Something like that
    c- Hmmm good
    c- ……! This 1857 war of independence camp as team leader you organised? Smiled
    me- sir I did not organise that camp but yes I participated in that camp as team leader of Uttar Pradesh contingent and it was organised by ministry of youth affairs and sports sir.
    c- Oh I see you were team leader of this camp?
    Me- sir I was team leader of my state team for which I got selected to participate in this camp which was organised to commemorate the 150th year of 1857 war of independence.
    c- Hmmm I see interesting smiled
    c- You did NCC and other things so there must be a purpose? You have done BA then other degree in education then JNU, why civil then?
    Me- sir during my first year in BA I got a chance to work with civil administration and police administration there I got motivated to join civils.
    c- Ok so in your first year of grad u decided? (Probing face)
    Me- yes sir, he nodded with probing smile
    Now pls aap (lady member se bole)
    mam was smiling then she said ok ……
    M1- you use Patel and live in up, are you from Gujarat or migrant?
    Me- mam I live in up and Patel title used by agrarian communities yes migration is also one of the factors
    M1- so you are Gujarati too?
    Me- yes mam I am Gujarati by Gotra and Patel title put on my name by them ( kya puche jar hi ho aunty  )
    M1- why and who are “them”
    me- It was a result of caste politics in nineties through which many communities started these kind of changes so it was put by my parents n community members i had no control over it (what is happening).
    M1- you have done masters from JNU so what are the issues going on in JNU , I mean what these so called protestors do there , other member laughed
    me – (got the point ) – mam recently in jnu UGC announced seat cut in research programmes which instigated students there ,logic given by UGC and HON. Minister of Human Resource Development is it is a step to correct teacher student ratio
    M1- so why they are protesting
    Me- mam in JNU there are some misguided people who think that they are revolutionary so they oppose every act of govt ……cut short
    M1- no no they must be very influential leaders otherwise why they get support?
    Me- mam they instigate student on emotional issues like state or govt is going to take all the things from you…..Again interrupted
    M1- and people join them?
    Me- Mam in my 6 years i have seen only 5-6 big protests otherwise only 50-60 people usually come
    M1- seemed satisfied and smiled and said o my god you r in jnu since 6 years?
    Me- (what’s the big deal mam?) yes mam smiled I am doing my Ph.D. there
    M1- oh u r doing phd but u didn’t mention that in your DAF?
    Me- mam in online DAF form of UPSC only 2 Colum were there so i couldn’t
    M1- oh hmmm koi nahi
    M1- you have so many degrees and variety of knowledge with NCC NSS also so how you are going to use it, have you ever been interfaced with such situation?
    Me- mam variety of knowledge can be used in different areas, cut short
    M1- no gives me exp
    Me- Mam for exp I can use my knowledge in madam how leakages happening, how social discrimination is happening
    M1- no no have u ever been interfaced with it, I mean have u worked in these situation ?
    Me- (knowing that i didn’t get her question right didn’t show any anxiety and smiled besharmly ) ma mam I participated in flood relief program as NCC cadet in villages i distributed food packets
    M1- which village what was name of that village?
    Me- Mam it was Ranjeetpur village it is situated in Balrampur district UP there a team of 10-15 cadets were assigned with district magistrate sir ( Bhosale sir looked at mam smiling probably he was satisfied that I answered that rapid fire question confidently)
    M1- you do photography? Where you do it , how do you get enough subject to take photo ?
    Me – mam i devp this hobby along with my another hobby of trekking, cut shot
    M1- o yes you do trek where u went last time
    Me- mam! I went to Triund, another member said where? I again said loudly sir Triund in Dharmshala distt in Himachal Pradesh.
    Me – mam i get time and subject when I go to JNU there are enough jungle area so there and mam I prefer to take photos in social atmosphere we can say social photography
    (She passed it on I don’t know whether she was satisfied or not but I replied back to back in positive and enthusiastic manner)
    M2- jabardast uncle ,I have seen him in conferences but don’t remember his name anyways , he was reading my summary sheet very thoroughly and i saw he has marked 3 points in that , I got scared thoda sa
    M2- you have opted lit of Sanskrit?
    Me- yes sir
    M2- why lit of Sanskrit why not lit in Sanskrit?
    Me- sir it was written as it is that’s why
    M2- no no is there any difference between two?
    Me- sir one difference is that lit of Sanskrit means whole literature of Sanskrit and literature in Sanskrit means literature written in Sanskrit language.
    M2- so what do you think is correct?
    Me- sir literature of Sanskrit
    M2- so in lit of Sanskrit all were written in Sanskrit, what u have studied in syllabus
    Me- sir i have studied mahakavyas , natakas fumbled little bit and sir there were written in Sanskrit with eng hindi translation
    M2- so why didn’t you choose to write in Sanskrit only, in which language you have written your exam?
    Me- sir we have to write 2 question in Sanskrit in Devnagari lipi and rest in medium we have chosen i wrote my exam in eng medium
    M2- why? Why not in Hindi?
    Me- sir in these 6years i have converted myself from Hindi medium to eng medium , I worked hard all these years to learn English , so i just wanted to write in English
    M2- but you have chosen your medium of interview too in eng, why?
    Me- sir i wanted to study more and for that i had to learn English because there is no other option available ,after that i always try to write and speak in English only specially in official matters
    M2- why? You could have studied in Hindi medium too
    Me- sir in JNU one has to study in eng medium only at masters level in social sciences
    M2- what? Is it so, Bhaosale sir too said what? aisa hai kya
    Me- smiled yes sir no alternative
    M2- so it seems that you are putting Hindi and other languages as inferior to English , is it so ?
    Me- sir to me it is not so but unfortunately in our education system since 70 years of independence this kind of system is prevailing so i had no option .
    (In between Bhosale sir was showing something to member next to him, i too got distracted a little bit but kept giving my answer and suddenly he interrupted)
    C- You got selected in CAPF? (Looked very happy and interested)
    Me- yes sir (I was not ready for such kind of interruption anyway it was my achievement so I didn’t get nervous)
    C-you got in to service?
    Me- I got him wrong, first said yes then corrected myself , sir I got selected but didn’t join
    C- Smiling and m2 asked what CAPF is :’(
    C- Are it is armed police commandant exam
    M2- oh nice,
    chairman still looking at me smiling , I was not sure to tell him reason or just smile back , I preferred last one as my exp with armed forces officers has taught me that they don’t like faltu ka explanation
    M2- ok yar chalo hindi me baat karte hain , ye women studies me kya kiya hai tumne ? ( I saw he had marked that women studies word )
    Me- sir maine women studies me national eligibility test pass kiya hai ugc ke through
    M2- ok, kya padhai kari iske liye ?
    me- sir maine iskle liye feminism ko padha jisme 3 main wave hain feminist history , pahle wali to voting right se related hai aur sir dusri wali teesari wali ke sath mix krke dekhte hain nariwadi log jo baki rights se related hain ,
    (I said this only because I was not sure how much i should speak on this vast topic)
    M2- hmm good enough ,chalo switch over to eng , ok ?
    M2- ok …… tell me about dowry
    Me- sir it is a social evil of our society …cut short
    M2- Hamm, its origin? Smiling
    Me- sir it can be originated in Rigveda era when Duhita which means daughter was given certain gifts by parents so it has been present since long in our society
    Chairman smiled
    M2- nope, if I say it is a colonial practice and in England during industrialization people used to give chastity to daughter, aur pata nahi kya kya bolte rahe WO………………….. akhir me bole to what do u say ?
    Me- thank you sir, it is very new kind of info for me but I don’t know about it, smiled to him politely (lo de lo bhashan han ni to  )
    M2- ok what’s your view on inheritance laws and rights?
    Me- sir according to Hindu code bill women have equal rights and now we have enacted law too so they can take and it should be given and sir for this Dr Ambedkar resigned from first cabinet of India 
    M2- there is law for that, what is your opinion?
    Me- yes sir now we have law for that and it should be implemented because patriarchal mindset people think women as their property and there lies the problem, kuch aur blabber kiya tha
    M2- sister hain?
    Me- yes sir smiled
    M2- shadi ho gyi?
    Me – yes sir smiling
    M2- dahej kitta diya ?
    Me- nai diya
    M2- q nahi diya ,dena padta hai
    Me- she was M.A., B.ed and was teaching
    M2- oh yes dowry is problem of illiterate people hmmm?
    Me- sir dowry is not related to illiterate people but we didn’t give because in our family it is not permitted and should be curbed at societal level also
    M2- why?
    Me- sir because in my district there was a social movement against it by some gandhian leaders they inculcated that practice aisa hi kuch aur bol rha tha but cut short
    M2- babuji hain ?
    Me- yes sir
    M2- kamate hain ?
    Me- yes sir smiled
    M2- unke bad property doge bahan ko ?
    Me- sir if she wants to take she can obviously take and moreover after sad demise of my mother 2 years back , my father has made a will and make a provision of 50.50
    (chairman was listening very keenly ,I saw his face in between ,thank god I didn’t get provoked )
    He passed it to another uncle
    M3- he had a serious face but I was smiling at him
    M3- you did M.Phil. In which area
    Me- sir I did my M.Phil on curriculum study of school text books of up
    M3- what?
    Me- sir curriculum study……
    M3- oh you did that in education field
    Me- yes sir
    M3- you said you are doing Ph.D.
    Me- yes sir
    M3- what is your topic
    Me- sir my topic is rationalism in india: a study of arjak sangh
    M3 and chairman said what sangh ?
    Me – sir Arjak sangh (made a poker face , didn’t explain because they didn’t ask though they were looking at me)
    m3- hmmm you said you do trek, where you have been and since when u r doing it
    Me- sir since school days when i was class 9th we went with associationship of YHAI in nainital
    M3- where ?
    me- sir I don’t remember exact place now
    m3- ok after that smiled cunningly like he caught me
    me- sir recently I went for triund ,
    m3- before that again probing eyes stern looks
    me- sir I went to kedarnath for religious purpose and before that i went to gurmarg with my senior and before that ……..
    M3- ok ok , what is jaat ?
    Me- I told him something about varna system
    M3- no what is concept of caste , u should be aware of it , there are some caste groups who are same in terms of their origin but they live in different places and have no relation so you have heard about substantialization of caste in our social system ?
    Me- I told him about political mobilization and caste as institution but he was not satisfied or pretending so
    then I told him that according to some scholars like Dirk ha said that caste is a colonial product and scholars like M.N. Sriniwas has given concept dominant caste in which certain caste become affluent in society and political system , I blabbered but mentioned these terms and scholars just for the sake of speaking confidently ( he was looking at table )
    (After that i checked the fact term was given by Dumont but luckily Dirk has also said something on this and MN sriniwas too used that, so i hope unko laga ho ki ladke ko wo pata nahi hai but use related relevant baate bol rha hai )
    M3- what is varna and jaat give me one exp
    Me- Brahman is varna goswami is caste among Brahman
    M3- hmmm (finally satisfied shayad ) so you must be knowing about Jamindari abolition act so how Jamindari abolition affected this in eastern up and western up ?
    me- sir in eastern up mainly small land holders are there , Jamindari abolition provided a chance to landless labourers to get some land and live with dignity and to contribute in nation building, (I fumbled a bit but tried my best that I didn’t stop abruptly while speaking )
    M3- tell me about west up?
    Me- sir! There are still large farmers but situation has changes too though i have no depth knowledge
    M3- ok pass
    M4- ….. while looking at your form I found that you are from Akbarpur? Smiled
    Me- yes sir smiled and looked at m3 again and gives him smile too
    M4- so yar there is so much dispute in our curriculum these days about Akbar and Aurangzeb, who was great, why Akbar is called great not Aurangzeb what do u think
    Me- sir! Akbar tried to understand India , he formulated his policies not as administrator but as learner of culture and showed empathy while Aurangzeb was no doubt had more resources than Akbar and he was capable sir but he lacked empathy ,
    So sir in India empathy is very imp to run administration
    (Chairman smiled, madam too nodded other khali bali ko mai dekh ni rha tha jyade jo bagal me baithte hain )
    M4- nope, muslim call Aurangzeb great, he followed sharia , he destroyed music , u must be aware that when music lovers were taking procession he told them to dig so deep
    me- (forgot to tell that Aurangzeb was himself a great veena player anyways ) sir I beg to differ here , I have many Muslim friends and no one called Aurangzeb great , it is Akbar who holds greatness sir because of his policies
    M4- what r you saying, if people are so nice then why kashmiri pundits migrated from valley, you know the reason? Tell me
    Me- sir reason is depletion of Sufi culture and arrival of wahabism in valley but now people have realised their mistake and apart from misguided people many want kashmiri pundits to return
    M4- u think situation is like that?
    Me- sir though current situation is not like that but govt is making its best efforts
    M4- but what about Kerala and Bangladesh border where Hindus are minority and they are facing threats?
    me- sir India is large country , in some part a community can have majority and in other another can have , what bind us is our composite culture , our constitutional values like secularism , sir in policies secularism should prevail , our policies should be like this that no community face anxiety based on numbers in particular area , secularism should be guiding principle for everyone in administration , sir in India it is not possible for a Hindu to live without Muslim and for Muslim to live without Hindu , we have composite culture and we should always put secularism at front in decision making,
    M4- Hamm so what about that survey in which only 33% Hindus have a Muslim friend, if your views are correct if people are so good if there is composite culture then why it is so ? Smiled
    me- sir this survey was conducted by CSDS , ( I told him purposefully ,he nodded smiling ), so sir first we should see their questionnaire , how they have framed their questions , what kind of data they got , what was the methodology and we should scrutinise their findings further to get a sound analysis ,
    M4- hmmm alright
    He passed to chairman
    C-so …… you did NSS (again chairman sahab looking in my daf and smiling) and NCC, so in JNU is there NCC and NSS kind of thing?
    Me- (almost laughing but control uday moment sustained and said) sir we have nss in jnu and not NCC and made again poker face
    c- ohhh , chalo suppose you have to do something as NSS volunteer to bring back situation to normal in JNU from what happened , what will you do , take your time then speak , then started smiling
    Me- 4-5 sec thought process only and started – sir as NSS teaches us community development , I would like to first start dialogue between teacher and students which has gone missing for quite some time , sir nodded positively ,
    C- But as NSS cadet what will you do? you are talking about JNU problem not NSS , smiled
    Me- got confused little bit but smiled , sir I would organise a discussion session and will try to question those students or revolutionaries according to their terms that what kind of leadership is that , you should have been there whether u supported those slogans or not , but you hided and other people suffered , what is this , this not leadership , you can protest , you can question govt that our democratic system gives you right but only under constitutional rights and unity and integrity of India should be maintained ,
    Sir! these people take name of Dr Ambedkar in their protests but they forget that he himself was against all these kind of thoughts and said that we have enacted political democracy but what we need is social democracy ……ok said chairman
    ( thoda sa bhashan type bola but i thought ye akhiri mauka hai bol do dil ki baat )
    Chairman Sir and specially lady member nodded very pleasantly
    C- Do you agree with govt policies made in domain of education and social sector , what is your view ?
    me- sir it is matter of great satisfaction that we have a stable govt with full majority at centre through which many decisions have been taken which would have been not possible in coalition govt , sir i support govt schemes in education and social sector and i am very optimistic about future of my country , smiled positively to sir .
    C- Hmmm ……. it was nice talking to you now your interview is over , and I must thank you specially that you did not choose your medium of interview as Sanskrit and laughed , others too smiled
    You may go now good all the best
    I stand up, left the chair said thanku sir, thanku mam , and thanku to sirs , pushed chair little ahead , and turned back , walked slowly opened the door and closed it gently. (forget to wish other member)
    I don’t know how it was , what substance in it , one thing is clear that I responded in straight forwarded manner and in those tricky questions like which village dowry or trekking I tried to be frank and truthful yet polite , though it was very unexpected interview , no as such big and tough questions as our great coaching mafias ask and terrorise the students , I revised almost all the syllabus of my Sanskrit , was scared like hell for economics but see how things unfold in those 30 minutes,
    I did some minor mistakes too I think like wished chairman and lady member while entering and then went till table , thanked chairman and lady member in last and then other 2 members in low tone but didn’t looked at another member ,
    Put my forehand on handles of chair and palm in my lap then after 20 min I adjusted them on thighs, these kind of things I hope don’t matter in big way 
    I was cheerful, confident , spoke confidently , admitted that I have learned English only in 6 years and improving myself , though I didn’t answer some questions in that manner like they were probably expecting but I didn’t get blank or confuse and just shut up , I spoke on almost all questions , tone was polite yet I was putting emphasis on those key terms on secularism, leadership etc and where taking stand was required I took and remained firm on that for instance from Akbar to CSDS survey panel member tried to trap me and unsettle me on my stand on secularism but somehow I replied him while maintain my stand .
    Don’t know where will I land, but can hope for at least minimum 165 barrier, I hope they didn’t mind my opinion based answers and some silly mistakes like forgetting one member to wish while leaving  !

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