INTERVIEW PREPARATION INITIATIVE: You Have Travelled So Far, Now Take The Last Leap With IASbaba


Dear Friends


The euphoria of Christmas and New Year is over and the time has come when your interview preparation must start with full throttle. Naturally your focus in the next couple of months should be on improving your personality traits and communication. After all, you want yourself to be seen, heard and noticed as a bright and charming candidate. However, we caution you for one thing- stay away from the rhetoric related to Civil Services Personality Test. Hundreds of coaching institutes will be helping and guiding aspirants in hundreds of ways leaving behind a confused lot. They will all use the age old cliche that Civil services Personality Test is not about knowledge but about personality.

While that is true, keep in mind one thing- STYLE WITHOUT SUBSTANCE IS AWFUL. Even if you succeed in portraying yourself as the most confident and charming candidate, if you are superficial, your chances will be bleak. Confidence and demeanor can’t replace knowledge. We at IASbaba believe that equal attention should be paid to expand your knowledge and polish your personality. As a part of this belief, we are happy to announce the initiative called- ‘Mental Workout for Civil Services Interview’ meant to probe your intellectual faculties and induce you to become a thinking individual who responds rather than reacts.

In this initiative, on alternate days, issues relevant for this year’s personality test will be posted. The thread will be operational for 24 hours where all of you can share your responses, ideas and queries under your disqus name. The idea is to explore the issues in a 360 degree manner and at the end come up with concrete viewpoints on a range of national and international issues. By following this exercise, you will be able to internalize a lot of issues and won’t be taken by surprise in the personality test. Moreover, an engaging discussion with your peers will broaden the spectrum of your understanding.

We want you you to become thinking individuals and not just mechanical robots who follow others blindly without realising their own strengths and requirements. This initiative will serve as a mental gym for you. The more you work out here, better will be your ability to think and respond.

Finally you have to accept the fact that success or failure are nothing but superstructures built on the foundation of efforts or the lack of it. We are starting this initiative with the genuine intention to help you. It all depends on you as to how you want to utilize it. We are determined to make you succeed; are you?

All the Best

IASbaba team.


  • Thesuperman

    Superb initiative

  • Mahi

    I m ready babaji….need u r guidance and support

  • santosh

    good plan…

  • Neha

    I am in


    This sounds a great . Thanks team, looking forward.

  • Puja

    Yes I’m determined…. And the much needed initiative with solid mental push has come at the right moment from u Babaji…. Thanks a ton Team… Great initiative to start…

    • ALAG

      Puja.. how you doing? how you did mains?

      • Puja

        hello Alag.. waiting for result.. how r u doing??

        • ALAG

          Hi Pooja ..Yes I am doing okish..Not consistent . How are you going ..? All the best

  • Puja

    Any idea on result date?

  • Prithviraj Harish

    Great initiative.. Looking forward

  • Mukesh_MAX

    Nice initiative iasbaba. Thank you:-)

  • Dharavi Writer

    thank u sir ! looking forward for it.
    Loved the title of this initiative 🙂

  • Panda

    Hey, thank dude for the initiative, I am perplexed about my interview preparation, I hope this is going to remove my confusion.

  • SherniZaad

    This was desperately needed…thanku baba!

    • ALAG

      Hi SherniZaad how are you? How you did mains?

      • SherniZaad

        Hi Alag..papers went okay-ish! Hoping for the best:-)

        • ALAG

          All the best ..:) keep sharing ..

  • Pranav Pathak

    Thanks so much!!

  • Atul Sharma

    Great initiative

  • Mani

    Thank you babaji

  • ACE

    kudos to the initiave.. kripa hai babaji

  • Leo

    Thanks Sir

  • Mani

    Thank u babaji

  • Jeremy Thangkhokai Haokip

    Thanks a lots Baba…This will give me a good direction for interview preparation.

  • neha

    Thank you baba??

  • Simplex

    thumbs up!

    Dun kno whether i vl clear mains or not but definitely participating in the initiative.

    • K S

      hiyaa… wassup anni bhai… hw were the exams?

      • Simplex

        Hey bro. m gud.
        ssup with u?

        Paper!! Yaar bas ho gaye. fingers crossed. Hopinf for best to happen. how bout u?

        • K S

          aah.. mera bura haal hai,
          i am Over occupied these days in elections man.. nodal officer in 4 activities and member of committee in 2 activities …
          working 24hour literally

  • naadan parinda

    thanks a lot babaji… pta ni kitne baar pehle hi thanks de chuka hu but still…consider this one too 😀

  • K S

    wow.. lets go for it…

  • seed astin

    let’s dive into it.Thank u babaji

  • naveen[ ILP ID; Nav0916]

    Pepped up with this article:)
    All geared up to take the last leap with you [email protected]

  • thevagabond85 – KUNA3885


  • mohd. faheem

    Enticing topic…

  • Maari

    I am Waiting 🙂

  • Winter

    Yes, very much determined.

  • One_focus

    nice [email protected]:disqus looking forward:)

  • V Kumar

    great baba ji .. thaks for initiative

  • Asmi

    Thanks 🙂 looking forward to be a part of it.

  • Winter

    The date written on photograph is 15 Jan 2016..!!

  • VKS

    Thnx babaji.. looking forward for the journey.. 🙂

  • Shannon

    Yes babaji I’m also determined to participate and perform better in interview, waiting desperately.

  • Affu

    Thank you babaji,much needed initiative,looking forward for amazing discussions:-)

  • Spirit of Life

    must watch motivational video for all students

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