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IASbaba wishes you all a happy Lohri and Makar Sankranti in advance. Just like the cycle of fairs and festivals continues year after year, your preparation for Civil Services Examination (CSE) must go on unhindered; fuelled by commitment and accelerated by renewed vigour and excitement. Yes! You have to be excited about what you are doing. If you are not in love with your subjects and daily routine, well, success might be far fetched. So gear up and start NOW.

And this ‘NOW’ starts with the announcement of IASbaba’s trademark Think, Learn and Perform (TLP) initiative for CSM 2017. Since the commencement of TLP in 2015, the popularity of this simple yet effective programme has grown manifold for one simple reason- it hits the bulls eye. An examination that requires rigorous answer writing practice, preparation for CSM can’t be done by plain reading of the texts. You have to practice a lot and mark our words- a lot. TLP attempts to achieve that end by assisting you through quality questions, feedback and peer reviews. It gives you a platform to express your ideas and at the same time have a look into the minds of hundreds of other aspirants; learning by sharing what we call it. The best part about TLP is that it is focused. In 60 days, through 300 questions, it gives you enough practice to answer any question asked by UPSC. TLP is incremental learning in practice!

This year, we have divided TLP into two parts- TLP Phase I and II. Both the phases will span 60 days or 12 weeks, having the same plan. However, in phase I, the focus will be more on basics and fundamentals of the subject. The questions will give you adequate spectrum for fundamental learning by asking simple yet thought provoking questions. The motive is to sync your Prelims preparation with TLP. We don’t want you to focus too much on Mains at this point of time but at the same time help you keep the momentum needed for Mains. For that purpose, we are covering Mains specific topics in the initial weeks only so that by the time Prelims approaches, the topics of TLP come in sync with the topics of Prelims, thereby consolidating your learning.

The advanced phase i.e. TLP phase II will commence immediately after Prelims and will require High Order Thinking (HOT) questions to probe your analytical faculties. Both these phases have been designed to give your preparation a 360 degree view of the syllabus and prepare you for all the possible permutations and combinations.

The weekly plan of Phase I of TLP has been shared at the end of this write up. You can also download the PDF here. The detailed day wise plan will be shared on a biweekly basis. Here, we are providing you the micro plan for weeks 1 and 2.

Click here to download the detailed micro plan for week 1 and 2.

P.S- There is a surprise under TLP 2017. Wait for it!

On a daily basis, 5 questions shall be posted, 3 from static and two from current affairs. The number of questions might change depending upon the requirement. Regular feedback and synopsis shall be provided for tracking your progress and also for later reference and revision. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude will be a running theme in the Plan as day 5 of every week is reserved for Paper IV. Similarly, day 6 of every week will be dedicated to Essay. In phase I, there won’t be mini tests. Sundays will be off.

Importance of Peer Reviews

When you write answers it is restricted to your thought process only. But when you read 3 to 4 answers, get to know the multidimensional and diverse aspects may be missing in yours. This gives you insight and build your thought process in a gradual way.

Even after expert reviews (IASbaba or others), one should read others answers to have a better approach and points. Learning is not restricted to Google or Bing 🙂

The person writing below your answers may get into Top 20 or 100. You never know 😀

Considering this and importance of writing and learning at the same time, we request you to follow this.

  • You should review Two Answers of one question you write.
  • May be immediate above or below

This will let you read at least two more answers per question. Learning plus getting diversity at the same time.

Our Team will have a track of aspirants who are regular in writing and reviewing both. Accordingly our reviews will vary for them. Do not complain if you are not honest. Because the last laugh is always for honest and hard workers!

Importance of Answer Writing

We have always been emphasising on the importance of writing practice. It’s not what you study is important, but what you write and how you write it in the exam. There is a misconception, that it is easy to write an answer. But trust us; it is the most difficult thing to do. Since we study a lot, it becomes very difficult to consolidate our information and condense it in just 200 words. Writing is an art and can only be improved with constant practice. This is the only thing that will fetch you marks in the end. Writing is like an sport. When you watch cricket on TV, every single shot looks very easy to play and you feel like you can hit the ball as well as Kohli. But my friend, try to face the same ball in a match. In order to execute a technique, you will have to spend time on the nets, face many balls, get hurt and then only you will understand that what is your strength and what are your weaknesses. TLP is the best net practice that you can get to hone your skills and prepare yourself for the real test.

A lot of effort goes into framing the questions, giving feedback, preparing synopsis and so on. We do it only because we feel that our efforts are making an impact. In the process, we have also realized that your success eventually depends upon your participation. If the momentum of your involvement withers away, so do your chances in CSE. That is nature! So, as a new year resolution, take a pledge that you won’t miss a single day in TLP and we can assure you that success will be yours. We are committed and sincere in giving you the best. Can you give your best?

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    Ab Dangal hoga.
    Thank you team.

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    good……. a way to sustain momentum towards the ultimate goal………

  • veracity29

    Thank you baba. Was eagerly waiting for this notification!
    Also, is there any particular time at which you will upload questions each day? If there is then do let me know sir. I will plan my hours accordingly. 🙂

    • Keep Going

      They generally post between 9 and 12 in the morning 🙂

    • arun

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      brought a lots of memories of childhood

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        • arun

          beware of kindergarteners ……… good old memories

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    Happy Lohri to the whole team ;))

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        finally in delhi. wil start tlp from coming monday. need sum time to set everything here den wil start. how is ur studies going.

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          • 007

            no i took 3bhk in old rajendra nagar.

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        आज bahot busy tha school me.

        Kuchh bhi nahi likha aaj.

        I’ve decided to follow strictly IASbaba plan.
        And was adjusting with my own plan.

        I m saying especially about Optional.

        Thank God babaji gave 1 off day.

        Thanks Ishaan Bhai yaad karneke liye.

        • ISHAAN

          u will always be on my DUA bhai………..
          schoolll ???????//
          am i talking to a school teacher or a school boy bhai????///
          just kidding , we all will try hard to make a ias baba plan accomplish 😛
          gn tc

          • Pankaj Nimbolkar

            I m teacher.

            Working time : 8:30am to 5pm

          • ISHAAN

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            atb and tc

  • Main Samay Hoon…

    It’s good aspirants are happy, we should be, many would be anxious as well. I want to say something, specially to the latter one (me). If one really wants to clear this examination, make sure that you are aware of one thing, that “To Write” is the only way out, even if one is worse at it. Push yourself, initiate with a gradual pace but do build it up.
    The new gamified-clause in this TLP 2017 Phase I of reviewing at-least two answers per question reminds me of the Discipline Rule where even if one member gets late, the entire troop will be punished. It may sound as a burden but it actually works and brings all in ‘cooperation mode’ which eventually is for their own good.

    I have witnessed on this forum people getting linked and forming a family sort of atmosphere. Hope this will be repeated endlessly. Lets Push and Pull each other until ‘WE’ reach ‘THERE’.
    Help Us!

  • bond

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    what are the sources to cover from?

  • अब आयेगा मजा खेल में……..

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        BTW have you begun with preparations? I am just reading newspapers and watching news etc these days.
        I hope result jaldi aa jaye.. Uske baad pata chalega ki prelims ka padhe ya interview ka 😛

        • Dharavi Writer

          Aap ka bhi ho jaye . dono jayenge dangal karne fir.
          Bhai, i did only newspaper. there is no fire to study yaar !
          abhi TLP se motivate hoge fir se. I am thinking that till march will do
          optional + TLP + newspaper.

          • Mukesh_MAX

            Nice plan Bhai. Tlp se motivation milegi thodi humko !

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            How r u! I m just chillin these days. Not much studies. What about u?

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            Same here yaar. Chilling period unknowingly extend ho jaata hai. So not going full throttle abhi. Hopefully TLP se motivate hokar we can get back to work 🙂

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            Ping me once you see this Writer 🙂

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            How have you been doing?How were the Mains for you?

          • Dharavi Writer

            I am just thinking of studying everyday. Mains ka toh kuch idea nahi hein. sometimes i feelmaine mains faad diya n sometimes mains ne mujhe faad diya 😛

          • Toad Sage

            Good going man. Hope everything turns out fine for all of us 🙂

          • hey have few things to ask .. as finished with mains.. nd doing ppr daily.. and til result we have to wait.. same things .. interview nai kiya abhitk.. as waiting fr result.. q k moderate hua lg rha hain mains.. so ppr shuru kr diya.. toh ab shuru kaise kre .. static part b hain TLP me.. nd aap b wait kroge til result? (or going with interview prep these days) ??

          • Dharavi Writer

            i am also waiting brother. I am just doing newspaper. Now will start with IASBABA initiative for answer writing and interview

          • tym mil jayega na agr result k bad khushkhabar aai toh prep krne interview ?? ha.. fr that initiative also i put in comment.. static part they have included .. nd til feb half jbtk result nahi aata so kya aap static shuru kr rhe padhne fr writing? or curr k que hi lokhoge tbtk..

          • Dharavi Writer

            i will mostly write current affairs answer and follow synopsis for static. everyday 1-2 answer toh will surly write.

          • r8.. !

    • Thesuperman

      Hello @disqus_UPICh9c3Fy:disqus

      i would be great full if you can help me with source or reading material for mains as per TLP 17 schedule!


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    Baba ji pls tell about sources also

    • We don’t mention the source (esp for CA), bcoz it will confine your thought process.
      Let your imagination be the source 🙂
      All the Best !

  • Dharavi Writer

    Thank you sir 🙂
    @iasbaba:disqus : i have few personal queries. So sir, how can i contact u ?

      • Dharavi Writer

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        will mail you soon

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      Hello @disqus_71CyXxGG6B:disqus,

      i would be greatfull if you can help me with source or reading material for mains as per TLP 17 schedule!


      • Dharavi Writer

        i followed ILP notes given by IASBABA.

        • Thesuperman

          Ohh Great,

          Value add notes covers all! ?

          Thank you,

          • Dharavi Writer


  • Bhawani

    Friends anyone can help me bcoz i want to change my medium from hindi to ENGLISH …….So how can i do very well in this ……..pls help me

    • Ryshaka

      know the basic grammatical rules of English and then start writing practice. For that follow a simple technique
      1. Write the stuff into short key points in your comfortable language
      2. then, Start to frame your answer sentences

      • Bhawani

        Thanku very very much @Ryshaka for guidence……..
        i will give my best


      hi, i have also changed my medium from Hindi to English. Believe me initially it may require some extra effort but it will payback manyfold. Don’t even doubt ur decision and keep on going by reading and writing in English.

      • Bhawani

        Thanku very much for boost my moral
        i will give my best

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    Thank you IASbaba.. New to answer writing,, will try to give you a best

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    What will the time to post questions…..mean to say that before posting synopsis we get to TLP

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    Thanks babaji for this brand new initiative. This was desperately awated by ur followers. Thanks for this Mango shower.

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    i salute you 100000 times. You make my preperation easy and more focused.


    ty babaji 🙂

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    So, in this how do we submit our answers? Do we have to write it in comment box or scan n upload the answer sheet?
    Someone please enlighten

    • You can either write in comment or scan and upload

      • Thesuperman

        Dear Sir,
        Please do provide source or reading material for preparation of the same.

        Thanking you!

      • Zahoor Ahmed Khawaja

        Please make references of study materials for TLP 2017 s Aspirants can follow it easly

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    Thank you for the plan. Will go for it with as sincerity as possible.

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    thank you.

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    Where is the micro plan for week 3 and 4?

    • Lazy Boy

      If you have found out the schedule, please let me the know..

      • Magic

        its there below in the comments, attached by a student

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      No tlp mains questions today?

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    Babaji please provide synopsis on daily basis.your initiative is very good

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    Baba Ji for beigners how to start this because flow will be missing content will be lost so suggest I am an infant in answer writing practice in can’t handle to write the answers within 7min my thinking is restricted to one point dimensional thinking is missing plz suggest me how to start i am really worried even i have to cover for prelims this answer writing practice is taking long time to complete one answer even i want to write good answers please suggest me babji

  • Mr. √H!π√H∆ ???

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    Does anyone know where the detailed plan for week 9 is?

  • nk

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