2. By giving suitable examples, discuss the significance of emotional intelligence in civil services.

  • Da Vinci

    Emotional Intelligence mean managing one’s emotions intelligently. It involves understanding one’s own emotion as well as emotions of others and managing them for the benefits of oneself and others

    A civil servant act as a bridge between govt. And public. His every decision affect the public at large. Hence, understanding the emotions of public and having empathy towards them become all the more important. Further, being empathetic towards people’s grievance make him respond positively which in turn help him to enroll people in his vision. As a result, People tend to follow him.

    For ex. – Armstrong Pame, IAS officer from manipur, built 100 km road to the for providing connectivity to rural people even without funding support of the govt.

    Further, A civil servant works in complex environment which involves pressure from govt. And superior officers, media pressure, public pressure, work -family conflict. He has the responsibility to handle uncertainties and crisis situation. He is expected to be rational in all the situation.

    In this context, EI helps a civil servants in managing his emotions such as anger and depression, keeping himself motivated, as well as understanding both the sides of conflict and resolving the problems.
    For ex. – NSA chief ajit doval is known for negotiation for insurgency handling in northeast area. Therefore, EI helps a civil servant to deal effectively with unreasonable people


      Doval’s example is quite appealing.
      but armstrong Pame building road without any government fund seems an example of dedicated public service, not emotionally intelligent bureaucrat. I may be wrong but kindly let me know what aspect of EI is depicted by Armstrong in this particular instance.
      u have written a wonderful answer.
      Review mine

      • Da Vinci

        Hey thanks for review…?
        Pame example was in context of last 2 lines of preceding para – empathy towards public grievances and people tend to follow him – so even without govt. Support, he with people’ contribution developed the road…
        May be example does not suit ?

        • AJAY SINGH

          it actually seemed something out of the line. so i asked.
          but wonderful answer.
          Good Luck

    • good answer,flow of thought is good,
      some more examples can be added to the answer though.
      micro level examples are better in this context.
      keep practicing and goodluck

      • Da Vinci

        Thanks @iasbaba:disqus..will keep in mind…:)

  • sixdustbunnies

    Emotional intelligence constitutes awareness, and management of one’s own, as well as others emotions and conducting interpersonal relationships in an empathetic manner.

    It is an essential quality for a civil servant to be able to conduct their duties to the best of their abilities. It helps them gauge a sensitive situation and approach it from the most sensible stand point. It also facilitates a quicker and more efficient interaction with their colleagues, superiors, subordinates, the people they serve, and other key stakeholders.

    It enhances the ability of an officer to accept the feedback received by him/her. One who is not emotionally intelligent might dismiss such feedback without rationally analyzing the contents of it. In the long run, this would hurt both the officer and the organization they work for.

    Having the presence of mind to understand when to argue and when not to is another key aspect of a civil servant’s personality. An argument will be fruitful only when all parties involved accept ‘reason’ as the basis of reaching a conclusion. Indulging in futile arguments not only wastes time, but also damages relationships.

    It also facilitates in efficient handling of office stress. Taking out the anger of work place at loved ones at home can be avoided if the officer is emotionally intelligent. Such separation of work and personal life will keep the officer from getting demotivated at work.


      very well written and so lucidly explained. u could have written few 2 or 3 liner instances.
      u have adhered to the limit….kudos for that
      review mine

    • examples, the questions specifically asks for examples. quoting examples helps in showing how well you understand the concept,so try to quote a few.
      keep practicing and goodluck

  • Ghalib

    Emotional intelligence is very important for civil services. We can understand the use in following examples: 

    – Civil servants are generally having shortage of staff. Using emotional intelligence, one can coordinate better with his team to give the best results.

    – Compassion is required towards weaker section of society. This can be done only if civil servants have emotional intelligence.

    – Civil servants need to balance his work between government and people. Emotional intelligence help him in ensuring justice to common people with following legal guidelines too. 

    During riot, people think emotionally towards their community and hence an administration with higher emotional intelligence will be able to handle situation efficiently.

    • Axi Tak

      very precise answer Ghalib just try one real time example. I guess it will add little depth to your answer.

      • Ghalib

        Thanks @axi_tak:disqus for the suggestion.

    • examples are required, try quoting micro examples to show that you understand the concept well.
      keep practicing and goodluck

      • Ghalib

        Thanks @iasbaba:disqus for review. Will surely add specific examples!! Keep reviewing.

    • Da Vinci

      Hey good answer..:) but in the beginning I think we must write the definition of EI. You can include more diverse point in significance :
      For ex. In crisis situation such as disaster Mgmt, riots
      Public private life conflict
      Your last example – I have a little doubt about writing in that way. After kidnapping, you try to understand the problems there – it may be quite far fetched idea, what if they are just terrorist only – I may be wrong.
      But overall good answer…?

      • AJAY SINGH

        thanks for ur review vinci.
        u r right buddy. actually i have just started writing ethics answer.
        last example – i too think its very far fetched. i was writing something but ended up with something.
        will try to improve

    • Axi Tak

      wow, I loved your examples, just the last one I am still trying to figure out but I love the way you are using so many examples. I will do that from next time in my answers try to use more examples. This keeps your answer so interesting and easily understandable.

      • AJAY SINGH

        hi Axi, actually I have just started writing ethics answers. so still working on it. sometimes examples fit and sometimes don’t. but trying to broaden the ambit of thoughts without compromising on time limit.
        someone advised me to use examples in ethics. so trying that.
        pure ethics is like literature for me. its hard to grasp and retain. so I try to explain by examples. one can retain it in this way. I have just started this. so a long way to go. (That’s why I try to write every ethics answer)
        good luck to u too.

    • sixdustbunnies

      I agree with the rest of the reviews here. Good use of examples, but the last one is a little unrealistic.
      In ethics paper, try to give examples that everyone can agree with.

      • AJAY SINGH

        yes buddy. actually I had a different original though but could not reproduce it on paper. so will improve.
        but there are very less examples in ethics where everyone could agree unless they all have same sources and moving agents. but I will try to put generalist and universalist type of examples.
        thanks for ur review. suggestion duly noted.

  • Arjun
    • good answer,
      content is great,good use of examples..keep it up
      goodluck and keep practicing

  • MOL0929
    • conflict management is at the core of EI,as such you need to provide example for this important point.rest of the answer is good.
      keep practicing and goodluck

  • Axi Tak
    • very neat answer with good content.everything has been structured beautufully..
      keep it up

      • Axi Tak

        Thank you Sir.

  • PD
    • question specifically asks for examples, which you’ve missed.
      some more points are needed in the answer.
      keep practicing and goodluck

  • PBN
    • this is your all time best answer.
      very neat, very good conceptual clarity.good use of examples and great presentation.
      keep it up
      keep practicing and goodluck

      • PBN

        Will keep on practicing..!

    • Akash

      emotional intelligence must clearly appear out of example. A difference needs to be maintained between cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence.

      • PBN

        Will surely make it more impactful and apt!


    @iasbaba:disqus babaji, kindly review my answer too. need a lot encouragement for Ethics paper.
    thank you

  • Kartik
  • Fara dar
    • very good points yaar… the depression point is too good.
      try to take photo in a well lit room though

      • Fara dar

        Ya sure baba ji thank you so much

  • Mahi

    Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. Judgement given by Solomon to decide the right mother of the child is the good example of emotional intelligence (EI).
    IQ makes a person academically efficient but without Emotional intelligence one can’t be a successful in the professional life.It also plays a very vital role in the day to day life of civil servant.
    1) Self Awareness– It helps to understand their emotions.They can predict their behavior , strength and weaknesses. They balance their emotional and rational mind. It helps the civil servant to take right decision and think out of the box in the difficult situations .ex disaster management , riots, etc
    2) self regulation — It generate passion and love in their life. It also helps to control emotions through reason.
    3) Motivation– EI makes civil servant self motivated to perform and accomplish their task. Civil services is challenging service and demands to use emotions in the right time, in the right way, in the right quality to achieve the best result which can be achieved through EI.
    4) Empathy– civil servant require to build a strong relationship with people for the better implementation of laws, programmes or government schemes.Empathetic people are better listener, non- judgemental and compassionate. For example eating mid day meal with the school children to check the quality of food given to them.
    5) social skills– It helps to understand the others emotions, to interact with people. Team work is the key to success in civil services. EI is also important for ethical and moral values.
    6) creativity- without EI there will be no creativity. civil servant have take some creative initiative for better administration. For examples asking the people to plant two tree in their field in the name of their ancestors.
    EI can be developed in following ways—
    a) Be a human. b) reduce negative emotions. c)understanding people. d) avoid stress and maintain calm.e) expressing emotions .f) thinking positive g) learning from failure. h) being hopeful.
    Thus emotional intelligence is important to connect with people emotionally to drive energy and motivation for their work.

    • ironman

      nicely written but you have not given example.

    • PBN

      Good answer..
      But examples are stark miss..

    • if you are able to replicate this in mains, 100 plus laoge!!! good job.
      keep it up
      goodluck and keep practicing

  • ironman
    • points are good but examples are missing, since question explicitly asks for examples ,missing them will be blunder.
      keep practicing and goodluck

  • SanathSriniv
  • Missionias777
  • NIO
    • good answer nio,
      presentation is good, use of examples is good.
      keep practicing and goodluck

      • NIO

        thank you BABA..

  • Abhishek Mishra
  • shobhit sharad

    Emotional intelligence has been of immense utility and application in administration and governace.It significantly helps civil sevents in discharging their duties intelligentely and empathetically by influecing peoples and connecting them. ITS IMPORTANCE IN BUREAUCRACY-●Trust with people-Work done by Ips shivdeep lande for People and society as a whole made him star in eyes of people and he successfully set-Up trust among them which helped him lot in discharging his duties.●social capital ,Better man management and leadership-Armstron Pame,An Ias officer of Nagaland Cadre constructed 100 km road in a historically unconnected region using social donations and resources collected.●Better Conflict Resolution-A civil sevant be able to use his EI to tackle conflicting situation between aggreved parties.ex-Dispute settlement in land boundary casesm.● implementing better programmes for poor and more citizen centric initiatives be well tackaled by EI. ^^Thus,It is imperative for a civil servant to inculcate Concept of emotional intelligence for better coordination and increasing productivity in his professional behaviour.

    • soial capital and the conflict resolution points are the highlights of your answer.
      good use of examples.structuring is also good.
      a good answer overall
      keep practicing and goodluck

  • V Kumar

    Civil services or public services have very wide functional area. From policy implementation to unbiased suggestion for policy formulation comes under this services. They have many discretion in doing their duties. This discretion provide them opportunity to touch the life of weaker and vulnerable section of society. Also, they have to take strict action many times to deal with miscreant to uphold law and order.

    Emotional intelligence helps in this task to civil servant. It keep motivated them even in adverse conditions. They don’t succumb to political pressure and also not lure with bribes. They are self aware about their emotion, anger, ego, frustration, guilt, etc. They try to take best possible decision in prevailing circumstances. This all is possible with EI.

    Many time civil servant have negotiate and persuade with angry mob mostly when accident happens on road side. They can use force or persuade and negotiate with people for misshaping. There is nothing right and wrong in taking such decisions. Civil servant here uses EI and mostly adopt carrot and stick policy to create fear among mob as well as shows sympathy with misshaping.

  • Putta
  • Happy

    Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive, understand and manage emotions. It is the assimilation of head (cognitive abilities) and heart (emotion).

    Significance of Emotional Intelligence in Civil Services:

    1. Empathy and compassion: A civil servant must be compassionate towards the needs and demands of poor people and should strive his best to uplift their living

    2. Anger management: Civil servant may be expected to work in high power environment. He should try and understand the emotions of people and keep his cool to survive through the situation.

    3. Relationship Management: Due to dynamic job role, a civil servant faces various relationship issues. He should try and understand the expectations of the other person and must give his undivided attention when with the other person

    4. Conflict resolution: A civil servant may be posted in a communal sensitive area. He should give ear to opinion of each factions and sort out the best possible solution.

    In the current dynamic environment, a civil servant has to be emotionally intelligent as he has to balance the opinion of every section of society, politicians etc to carve out solutions in the benefit of community at large

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