This forum is for UPSC Strategy for GEOGRAPHY OPTIONAL.

Dear Aspirants

We shall be short and precise in the subsequent write-up. Here we don’t discuss the merits and limitations of Geography Optional. If you have already made up your mind with respect to your Optional preference, this series of articles shall be your  single point access to prepare this optional in a comprehensive manner. We present to you a study plan for Geography Optional. 

Note- Do inform your friends with Geography Optional and help us extend your kind support to all aspirants. There are a lot to offer to you!

Components of the initiative: After Prelims 2015

  1. There will be weekly targets on the basis of which a detailed plan shall be provided. The plan shall include an exhaustive list of books and other resources to be covered for basics and advance studies.
  1. The chapters and the sections therein shall be provided so that you need not search beyond the same and the related components of the syllabus are covered comprehensively.
  1. Each day questions shall be posted on the covered topics to ensure answer writing practice. IAS Baba shall provide feedback on the answers posted in the comment box.
  1. Each week a special article shall feature on IAS Baba for improving the quality of answers related to each component of the syllabus i.e. the topics covered in the last week.
  1. On the basis of all the answers received by IAS Baba, a compilation of best answers shall be published topic wise for easy reference and last time revision.
  1. On alternate days, a list of 5 map entries along with explanations shall be posted so that a comprehensive list of entries is ready by the time Main Examination arrives.

We will give you a detailed strategy for respective topics and subtopics. Click on the tab for Climatology and Bio-geography strategy given above.

Note- Do inform your friends with Geography Optional and help us extend your kind support to all aspirants. There are a lot to offer to you!

We will come up with other strategies in due time. Don’t ask again and again. Just have patience and wait for the surprises 🙂



  • prateek shendre

    Baba ki jai ho, thank u much needed strategy for optional…

    • Pleasure is ours Prateek. hope its of help 🙂

  • jerry54

    Will you be posting strategies for other optionals?? Like Anthtopology??

    • We will try our best 🙂

      • jerry54


  • Ashi

    Today itself I was trying to come up with a strategy for optional and then I saw this in my mail. Thank you so much, this is of great help.

  • mns

    Thanks for this IASbaba:)

  • Croco

    Hello sir,

    Please provide the strategy of history optional as there is very less information available for this subject.


    • Will try our best to assist 🙂

  • avi

    looking forward to this initiative to be a single exaustive source for geo optional

  • Anand Veeral

    This is my first and last attempt . So you know , although confident in GS , I have had a torturous time juggling between the idea of coaching or self study after PT for the optional which is geography .

    If I had more chances , it would not have been much of a dilemma . But being the only chance I have , I always sometimes wondered if I am taking too much of a chance if I go ahead without coaching ( I have always preferred self study ) .

    I also zeroed down on ALS and a crash course run by aspire ias for the same . But had feedback about their courses being good only in parts .
    Besides not to mention , the kind of time and energy they will subsume of my precious days .
    For the past 6 months , this has been a constant nagging question occupying my mind . Frankly , the blogs of toppers have been a tremendous help but still not clinching enough to empower me to see the proberbial light at the end of the tunnel . I even juggled with the idea of changing the optional but never felt comfortable with anything else .

    I can go on and on of this torturous question mark always hanging in front of me , but I guess u can get the picture .

    I have taken time to write this out of my busy schedule for PT , because I felt I owed it to you . Immensely . Like really .
    In one stroke you have brought the goliathic question mark that tormented me all these months crashing down . One second and poof ! Gone with the wind …

    I feel resurrected . Seriously , i am not exaggerating as I say that .

    I have always felt so connected to this site the day I found it . Like even emotionally . And calm it destiny , the first optional you decide to nail is same as mine !! I am a self proclaimed agnostic , but u just tilted me a wee bit in favour of providence .

    Feel like saying so much more , but I guess won’t be able to express it all . I just wish you get at least a rough picture of what I feel right now .

    Will see u on the other side of PT . A lot more .

    Signing off without saying thanks or any such word , for it would only belittle the immensity of what I am feeling right now for u guys .

    Remain blessed .

    PS : Get ready for some real *** kicking from aspirants of other optionals . Once they see this , u r going to be hunted down if u don’t come up with plan for their optional too 😉 …

    • Anand

      You always compel us to reply back. That comment was just for fun Man 🙂 Don’t take it seriously. We are just like you. The only thing that differentiates between us and You is this WEBSITE. At the same time, the only thing that unites us is the same WEBSITE.

      You douse us with love and support and we work in fear of not losing your love and faith. Your comment brings loads of happiness along with sense of responsibility. When you owe to us, IASbaba owes more.

      We are not only for providing quality guidance but to learn. To learn from the ocean of talented individuals like you. We are floating in this ocean along with you. Its just that we are experienced to sustain the storms, calmness and tremors of Ocean 🙂 And you have just started to feel it.
      With us around, you don’t need to go anywhere. We wish a very good luck for Prelims. Hope to see you preparing for MAINS with full vigor and participation. And yes, Baba has not opened his THIRD Eye yet 😛

      • Sepoy No 1446

        Baba,Any plan for Pub AD optional?

  • Tacit Observer( A Hope)

    Try to provide map based question as it carries very good marks

  • aspirant

    Waiting for sociology!!!!

  • avs

    BABA aisa to nahi hoga na ki bich majhdhar me chodd doge..tumhare bharose hun..delhi jana cancel kar rha hun…Geo optional tumhare bharose h ab..

    • Shayad aap chod den beech me lekin HUM yahin Milenege Apko hamehsa 🙂

  • Anuj Gupta

    babaji PSIR ka bhi kardo kuch…

    • Will try our best Anuj

      Do have a look for IR strategy under GS Mains. It will help in IR section

      • Anuj Gupta

        Its very good for Gs. But for Psir ive included many other sources like the diplomat ,national interest etc. Plus Ir is my stronghold.

        • You will learnt alot for IR on IASbaba since we too have some strong hold on this 🙂

          • Anuj Gupta

            yay,eagerly waitingf to update my stratergy if i find it useful

  • Vikram Kumar

    PLZ.. post booklist for pub ad…as soon as possible…sir…

  • Jon Snow

    I know it’s a long shot, but is anyone going for Management as an optional? I know it’s not a very popular optional, but for those brave(or stupid) enough to pursue the same, I am compiling the links here:

    In addition to these resources I have read in “Reading between the Lines(PDF)” that Brilliant Tutorials comes up with consolidated material for the same, if anyone has gone through it kindly share feedback.

    Babaji I know it will be over-optimistic to expect a Strategy on Management Optional from you, Hence I would like to use this platform to form a coterie(for management optional), so that we can do some answer writing practice for the same.

    Kindly feel free to add to the above links.

    PS: Babaji I hope I have not broken any rules(non grammatical), I apologize in advance.

    • No issues Jon

      We will try our best if any resource is found. 🙂

  • rahul

    i have same feeling as anand veeral in featured comment has…..i too have geo optional…love and respect sir

    • Thank You Rahul 🙂 Stretch your best

  • Learner

    Great Love and Respect towards BabaJi… Thank You So muchhhh!!!

  • RVK

    I think on stress quote.. I think I would differ…. With increasing stress , performance increases… After reaching a peak point , as stress increases , performance decreases.. Its perfectly good to be stressful to a level.. Source : Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman… Plz update ur quote.. Thanks..

    • You can differ. That quote was a well researched one. Quotes define masses not individuals 🙂 You have meaninglessly elaborated it by saying peak point. It was a general quote. Anyone can agree or disagree based on their interpretation

  • Ias Aspirant

    sir pls provide strategy for anthropology as well.

    • Will try our best

      • Ias Aspirant

        looking for….with great hope 🙂 🙂

  • pr39048

    Baba, pls start this wonderful initiative after Pre, as the prelims is knocking at the door and the door is too short to let every one in. I don’t want to miss even a single article on Geo. So, pls if you think, my request makes sense, start this initiative post Pre.

    • pr

      Seems you didn’t read it. It will be started after Prelims only 🙂

  • BST

    Please put strategy for sociology…

    • Wii try our best BST 🙂

  • Enticer

    Great tonne of Thanks Babaji for this initiative …
    I was confused for my optional preparation as i was preparing by self study
    Your Think and learn and PT series have helped a lot in boasting confidence now this initiative appears like a saviour for this journey….. 🙂

    • Thank You so much Enticer 🙂

  • Pallavi

    Waiting for History Optional


    baba ji , i request if u had some one in ur side about tamil literature , pl share ur side strategy about this optional.

  • Prin

    Geology and Forestry too 🙂

  • Atul Sharma

    Great baba ji… for my optional i never desired to go to delhi n put extra unnecessary economic n mental pressure on my parents.. hope ur approach on this optional will prove to be sufficient for aspirants like me

    • It will surely assist you in preparation 🙂

  • Harshit Ladva

    A very commendable initiative. The website is really developing as a single-stop , all-in-one solution for UPSC aspirants. Allow me to be a little selfish – Babaji , Please start a similar initiative for PSIR Optional. PSIR is uncharted sea and there is minimal guidance available on internet.

  • Aspirant

    Will u give strategy for socio as well pls?

  • samatha

    sociology please…………..

  • Baba ka bhakt

    Baba!! I have taken geography optional!! THIS Post Really cheered me up!!

  • Abhishek

    sir please provide such strategy for Public Administration also..desperately waiting for it…

  • Rajesh

    Baba expecting some guidance on Philosophy, BABA margdarshan karaiye 🙂

  • Soumya

    i love u… u mean a treasure for a self learner like me…

  • Charlie

    Hello Mr. Mentor… If time permits , can you please give an idea or pathway about PSIR optional strategy specially in the philosophical aspects of the subject as it becomes really confusing to understand the ideas of the thinkers . Need your kind attention on this . Please do the favour. I would be highly thankful to you for your kind consideration. ………Thanking in advance !!!

  • Tejasvini

    Please post guidance for sociology optional as well. Kind and humble request.

  • Ruchika D

    Great initiative, ,,,, it will surely gonna help us to improve our preparation. .. Thnks

  • Mohan

    baba please help us in sociology optional too..

  • zuber

    Thank u !!!!!

  • Atul Sharma

    Thanks a ton baba… 🙂 great initiative


    baba when will you start the initiative..

  • Naveen

    Great initiative. When do you begin babaji.


    babaji which is the best way to prepare for geog .. should i completely rely on books or book and coaching material …as some toppers recommend … i am confused….

  • siddhartha

    Thank you Baba Ji for sharing the knowledge & info sharing

  • siddhartha

    Baba Ji ,, one info for you & all For Geography optional aspirants :

    Pls refer below site on Geography magazine ( Free to access) ( up to date on health/ Environment/ Science &Technology /Enegy/ Disaster Management … many more)


      thankxx..I was planning to buy the magazine..

    • Muhammad Sherif

      thanks a lot . It really helps

  • Shubham Narula

    Hello sir
    I am very weak in gs but I can do hardwork and study even for 20hrs but dont no how to do and what to do can you help me please

    • siddhartha

      Buddy studying hard for 20hrs does not make any sense, i mean study hard but do not strain your health …

      GS preparation pls find the below modules on the same .see the time spend on hourly basis each

      Start Time Morning 5am

      End Time : 5pm( 13hrs incase)

      GS – NCERT -6 hrs( History/IP/Economy/ Geo) + IAS BABA review notes/ guidance :11/2hr per subject …

      The Hindu . new paper – Editorial + S&T + Economy + International Affairs ( 1 1/2hrs)

      PIB/Science reporter/yojana/Kurushethra – (monthly paid magazine) – @least 1 year ( Aug 2014 to till Date) + Civil Service Mentor (Free monthly magazine ) …….3 hrs

      Optional Subject preparation + IAS BABA review notes/ guidance : 3hrs( must & should)

      Compulsory paper (Regional Language ) / English : 3hrs – Must & should

      Final calculation :12 / Max / 13 hrs is need for total CS_Mains ..

      Any more included in above module / any further changes needed pls update the same


  • HCR

    Babaji, Please Provide Strategy for Public Administration. I am really confused with lot of resources available for Pub ad.
    some says cover x topic from sharma and sadhana, some says don’t read sharma sadhana, similarly some says stick only to laxmikanth, Stephen, Nicholas, Mohit and IGNOU, ARC reports. but some completely ignore these and say stick only to sharma sadhana, polinadu, rk arora, rajani & goyal, ARC reports. Problem is both are genuine persons/sites. whom to follow?
    I am perplexed and stuck !!. Please help..

  • HCR

    Babaji, Please Provide Strategy for Public Administration. I am really confused with lot of resources available for Pub ad.
    some says cover x topic from sharma and sadhana, some says don’t read sharma sadhana, similarly some says stick only to laxmikanth, Stephen, Nicholas, Mohit and IGNOU, ARC reports. but some completely ignore these and say stick only to sharma sadhana, polinadu, rk arora, rajani & goyal, ARC reports. Problem is both are genuine persons/sites. whom to follow?
    I am perplexed and stuck !!. Please help..

  • Neeraj Panwar

    I found Geography video lectures too good for the prelim and main perspective.
    Waiting for your resources to go further 🙂

  • Salesh Suman

    Baba ji…thnk you fir TLP phase 2..request you to clear some anticipatory air around the geography optional too.

  • mns

    Baba further updates for geography plzz..

  • anil kumar

    Baba waiting fr further updates regarding Geo, can u provide us with timetable when and how to start this initiative

  • Dear All

    The Geography optional plan will be uploaded soon. On the lines of our TLP initiative, we have a comprehensive plan for Geography optional as well. The plan shall start on 31st Aug. We shall upload the detailed plan in two days to come. Meanwhile, you can brush up your basics and keep looking the website for further communication in this regard. We hope this information clears the air now 😀

    • Learner

      BabaJi please provide material for Geo also if possible..

  • pratheep

    Eagerly waiting….

  • Bipin

    Thank you Babaji. 🙂

  • mns

    thank you baba:)

  • Mohit

    Sir, for the Geography optional plan due on 31st please give a book list. So that we can arrange it as soon as possible. Otherwise on a very tight schedule arranging materials and books would consume our time, it would be again further difficult to balance it with GS preparation.

    • Dear Mohit

      You need not worry about the books. We have recommended standard books only.

      • Mohit

        Thank you 🙂

      • Mohit

        Thank you 🙂

      • om prakash

        Which all book u have recommended?

    • Dear Mohit

      You need not worry about the books. We have recommended standard books only.

  • amit

    thanks baba

  • K.rajeev

    then what abt other optional..?
    is there any initiative regarding pol-science..?

    • No Rajeev. nothing as of now. We did what we could do for the subjects we are familiar with.

  • Mohit

    Sir, I am not getting a clear idea about the the answers we have to write. Is it supposed to be like, we read the topics and then attempts the questions or is it other way round that we can see the questions and study about them. The first one seems the right approach but I read it over some post of yours about the other way round. Please clarify. It sounds like a stupid question, but its better to ask a stupid question rather than keeping a doubt and be ignorant about it.

    • Umang

      Gud question mohit bhai I also want to know this thing

  • Baccha!

    I strongly agree with Mohit Bhai ‘s comment below!
    Not getting a clear idea about the sources to be referred for the day’s questions.
    If its not much of an issue, along with the topics for the day, kindly mention the sources to be referred. It will help beginners like us. Babaji’s blessings shouldn’t be limited only to the experienced players

  • Mohit

    Sir, we wont be getting questions for day 3 ?

  • Jai Malar Mannan


  • Sherlock

    baba ji will u provide mind maps for other topics too?

  • prateek

    Sir jii…where is the current affairs for tdy…m nt getting it

  • simran rajput

    sir plss sugesst me what optional subject i will take ???? m totally confused.. bcz i have passed in computer science .. plsss sugeest me what to do???? m waiting

    • HighHOPES


  • pr39048

    Baba, Can you please help in mindmaps and syllabus dissection of Indian Geo – Paper 1 – Part 1

  • Rajshekhar

    Thank you Baba for your Initiative so far.. Please provide a plan for Oceanography. It is one of the big topics of Geography optional.

  • HighHOPES

    No further update on geography what happened baba

  • pavnitkiran02

    what is geopathy in geography?

  • Will

    Hello babaji,
    Please upload the remaining geography optional syllabus mind maps..will really help for beginners like me. Thanks for the great work 🙂

  • naveen[ ILP ID; Nav0916]

    Dear babaji..waiting for the tlp on geography to start….it was indeed a grt learning experience…for the first time I read the subject holistically through the tlp geog…though not able to clear but I feel the understanding developed through that exercise would yield something in futurefuture…also tell some more innovative ways to tackle uncertainities…thanks

  • parthi

    Is TLP 100 FOR GEOGRAPHY OPTIONAL 2016 to be started after prelims?

  • mehnati

    baba is there any plans for TLP geography…i will be great if you start it…

  • Rutuja

    please start geography optional TLP for mains 2016!

  • Tom


  • Masand

    Babaji plz clear it that your program will be available for hindi medium students also or not? If no than i
    request to you plz “hum par bhi daya kijiye”.

  • Iliyas

    please help Iam preparing for 2017 exam with geography optional , any
    senior plz suggest how to start geography means should i go for coaching
    classroom notes or read all topics from savinder singh or what iam not
    understanding how deep should i study a topic. Please reply who so ever
    can…….. thanks in advance

    • Er. Rustam_e_Hind

      First of all read 11th class ncert, the one that deals with Indian physiography, then read 11th ncert-physical geography. Then start GC-Leong, only upto 14 chapters (climate). This will cover your basics about phsiogyaphy. Then stats Human Geography related topics like, human settlement, rural and urban settlement from ncert, in addition to this, you can take help from majid hussain human geography.

  • munna kumar

    Pls upload for geography optional..

  • Laxmi

    sir..plz provide for sociology too…

  • vision

    sir,pls make a flow chart on perspective in human geography.It’s vary difficult for me

  • Rupali

    sir, please upload flow chart of remaining syllabus as well…. Thank you

  • Avijeet Rathsharma

    Hi Baba! could you please help in 2 things
    1- The link to the above daily strategy for the Geography optional for CSE 2015
    2- Will you guys be making a similar strategy for the Geography optional for CSE 2017 which will be extremely helpful

  • Shagun Kharbanda

    Hi, even I was facing the problem while choosing my optional subject. Thanks for sharing! 😀
    Also, check this out :
    Good Content. (y)

    • Prep Master

      hey!! Have you selected geography as your optional ? i am in dielema of what to choose amongst geo and socio

      • Rajkumar Kanakam

        geo: conceptual clarity ; maps; presentation.
        socio: no concepts; theoritical analysis; full of writings.
        choose which one you will be confortable with.


    is there any different platform for geography as optional, simultaneously with ILP 2018 or will it be taken later ?

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