Think, Learn & Perform (TLP) – HISTORY [Day 1]

  • IASbaba
  • August 30, 2015
  • 85
TLP Mains 2015
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Think, Learn & Perform (TLP) – HISTORY [Day 1]


Mark and write in 30 words

  • Mehrgarh
  • Burzhom
  • Hallur
  • Adichanallur
  • Paiyampalli

Q-1. “Reconstruction of Early Indian history is hardly possible without the help of inscriptions and coins.” Discuss.

Q-2. Discuss the changing approaches to the study of early Indian history

Q-3. To what extent archaeological materials are useful in understanding the progress of neolithic man in India?

Q-4. Justify Pliny’s statement the Rome was being drained out of its gold by India during the first century of the Christian era.



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