Think, Learn & Perform (TLP) – UPSC GS Mains [Day 61]

  • October 30, 2015
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1. Discuss if India’s soaring aspirations towards economic development and the mandate of eliminating poverty have been able to complement each other well in a highly globalized scenario? Critically examine.

2. The death of 13 women, who underwent the sterilisation procedure of tubectomy in Chhattisgarh, pushes India to re-think about the different family planning options available. Should the camp-based procedure continue to operate or there are any methods to better still, the way it’s being carried out?

3. The conduct of societies and communities is shaped by social norms that evolve over time. What is repugnant today might have been acceptable earlier to some sections of society. Discuss.

4. “Secularism is all about erecting a wall of separation between State and Religion and thereby devaluing religion”. Critically analyze this statement in the Indian context.

5.  “Each generation defines its own values that they feel are right and in tune with progressive times”. Do you think Indian society holds true to this statement? Critically Discuss

HOT Questions


1. What reasons can be attributed for the development deficit in the Muslim community of India? Do you think affirmative action or positive discrimination on part of the State is the only way out? Critically examine.

2. In a democratic state like India, can freedom to vote be separated from the freedom to contest in elections? In light of the recent introduction of a set of educational qualifications to be attained, do you think that an educational qualification shall prevail over fundamental rights of the citizens of India? Analyse.

3. The moment we stop judging the issue of uniform civil code through the lens of religion and majoritarianism and rather strive to arrive at a negotiated understanding with respect to protection of human rights in general and women rights in particular, the uniform civil code won’t remain a distant reality. Critically comment.

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