Think Learn & Perform (TLP): GS Mains Synopsis [Day 74]

  • November 14, 2015
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TLP: GS Mains Synopsis [Day 74]


Q.1) Forbearance is considered to be an important quality for a civil servant. What do you understand by forbearance? Do you think it is important for a civil servant in current scenario?. Explain with the help of an example.


The Top Answer for this Question is written by – Cosviny

Ans) Forbearance is virtue of being patient and self control. It is virtue that provide the strength to be upright and take one’s stand tenaciously against odds. It is one of the important virtue to have by the civil servants due to the following reasons in current scenario:-

  1. In democracy, democratic reasoning must be respected . It means the for wider participation and inclusion of diverse thoughts and views , being patient is the key. Development can be bit slow but should be inclusionary not exclusionary.
  2. As an Individual, self restraint on one’s urges of accumulation, over material possession should be inculcated.Without virtue of Forbearance civil servant can resort to abuse of power or malpractices against Code of conduct for Civil Service.
  3. Civil Services is not a smooth road but a quite bumpy one. many miscreants and their personal motives will create lot of hurdles in the path of a honest civil servants. Civil servant in such condition through forbearance can show endurance and tolerance.
  4. Due to various constraints , sometimes policy implementation is not effective or with outcome.Disasters like Earthquake,flood or man made like communal riots, Naxalism etc can disrupt one’s efforts. The tolerance and patience to all odds is prerequisite for a civil servant.

Suppose, A newly posted Civil servant join his office of Regulating educational Institutions in the state. During His surprise visits ,One found that all subordinate, teachers and even seniors are indulged in supporting cheating and facilitating copying to students during Exams and making huge money from parents of the students. Here one cannot go immediately against the practices. Proper reasoning , Patience is require to persuade to subordinate and parents to stop such practices and help of media, CCTV , written information to seniors and taking meeting with them to elaborate scenario in details.

Q.2) What is legal may not be legitimate and vise versa. Comment. Do you think, to end certain social evils, just making them illegal is good enough?


The Top Answer for this Question is written by – Mani

Ans) Legal and legitimate are two different criteria to judge anything. While legal means supported by law, legitimate implies being supported by ethical and moral grounds.

There are things that are legal but not legitimate and vice versa:

  1. While abortion is legal in countries it is not legitimate as it amounts to taking a life.
  1. While prostitution is legal it is not legitimate considering the moral gorund sof selling one’s body for money.
  1. While euthanasia may seem to be legitimate for ending the suffering of a person, it is not legal in many nations.

Societies suffer rom many evils. There is a need to end them but simply making the illegal is not the solution:

  1. People may be following them because they consider them as legitimate. For example: child marriage is regarded as moral because people think girls should be married off early.
  1. When leaglity collides with legitimacy, there is a need for correcting the people attitude. Unless the legitimacy of an act is questioned, people will find the law as against their “beliefs”. For example: while dowry is prohibited by law, people feel that it is necessary as it supports the girl after marriage.

Social evils need socially- centred solutions. Laws will be helpful only when they are framed in the way people think and respond.

Q.3) Case Study

You are heading a committee mandated with the task of formulating a new code of conduct for the politicians. In this capacity, you are required to study in detail the current practices and also adopt best provisions from around the world. Moreover, you are required to innovate at your level to come up with unique provisions to suit the Indian scenario.

In this context, what suggestions you would give as the head of the committee? Also give reasons for your suggestions.


The Top Answer for this Question is written by – Adityaka

Ans) The conduct of politicians in pursuance of represented interests is a major determinant of the larger political culture in the country. The current political culture may be characterised as follows;

– Increasing criminalisation of politics

– mobilization of masses on the basis of caste and religion has given rise to vote bank politics and identitiy based politics rather than being issue based.

– Excessive use if unaccounted money during elections.

– Using slander, defamation, obstructionist politics and hate speeches in order to gain political mileage.

Based on the above, a new code of conduct for politicians could include;

– Declaration of criminal antecedents and educational qualifications so that the electorate is better informed.

– Making the Model Code of Conduct during elections legally enforceable. This could act as a deterent to certain loose cannons in various political parties from making hate speeches.

– Setting stringent standards for parliamentary conduct and empowering the speaker of the house to enforce the same. This would help reduce obstructionism.

– As practiced in countries such as Germany and France, civil servants could be allowed to take temporary leaves from professional careers to take part in politics. This would imbibe a professional culture into politics.

– More transparency into election finances of political parties. The recent CIC order can be implemented without interfering with internal party democracy.

In the end, it is the electorate that has to be informed so as to hold politicians accountable for

their conduct. Political culture in the country can only be transformed when citizens are swayed by solutions to issues rather than caste and religious identities.


High Order Thinking


Q.1) The conclusion of the nuclear deal between Iran and the US and it’s allies paves way for a new world dynamics. Do you agree? How India’s interests will be affected? Discuss. Also suggest the path that should be taken by India to balance it’s interests.


The Top Answer for this Question is written by – Cosviny

Ans) The conclusion of the nuclear deal between Iran and the US and it’s allies paves way for a new world dynamics. Do you agree? How India’s interests will be affected? Discuss. Also suggest the path that should be taken by India to balance it’s interests.

Ans. The unwritten part of the deal is that the sanctions relief will provide the new legitimacy to the Iranian regime which further have potential to change the world dynamics in the following way:-

  1. Israel and GCC will be wary of the resurgent Iran.They still fear Iran’s Nuclear capabilities.Saudi Arabia can get closer to Pakistan to attain nuclear capabilities. India ties can get constrained in that context.
  2. The issue of stability in Af has brought Iran and Pakistan together.
  3. the more rivalry in middle east geopolitics and geoeconomics due to increased production of oil and gas by Iran will be seen in near future.
  4. The Syria- Iran-Russia and China in collaboration will fight aggressively against rebels in Syria thus more war ravages, Refugees and devastation if not curbed through dialogue and deliberation.

India’s interests can be affected both positively and negatively. The negatives are:

  1. the seeming isolation coming from the Iran-China and pak ties in energy trade.
  2. Indo- GCC relations due to increased rivalry in Middle east but based only on the presumption which can be reversed if pursued tactically.

India’s balance of interests can go in the way:-

  1. Indo- Iran ties to harness CAR connectivity, energy resources of Iran and fighting IS in concerted efforts of Iran, Pak and China.
  2. Indo- Israel relation to provide the capacity, intelligence , arms ans arsenal to counter terrorism and militancy.
  3. Indo- Saudi relation to have alternate of Energy and employment to Indian diaspora and solidarity to Indian Muslims with larger Islamic world.

joint comprehensive plan of action for Non-proliferation, regional balance, trans Asian connectivity for roadways and railways, oil and gas pipelines and for stability of the region.

Q.2) The recent order by the Government to cap the number of beneficiaries of the Antyodaya Anna Yojana is not in line with the objective of a welfare state. However, there is also the need to streamline the architecture of social entitlements in order to check leakages and corruption. In light of the statements, suggest a roadmap that can bring harmony between both these aspects.


The Top Answer for this Question is written by – Khwabeeda


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