Think, Learn & Perform (TLP) – UPSC GS Mains [Day 70]

  • November 8, 2015
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1) What is soil texture? How is soil texture important for agriculture ?

2) Soil salinity has become a major problem in recent times.This has rendered a huge tract of soil unfit for use. What are the reasons for soil salinity in India? What steps can be taken to improve the soil quality?

3) Air surveillance by some nations on the name of security has been in controversy for some time. Do you think there is a need for an International policy on Drones ?

4) What can be the implications of US-China cyber security agreement on India? Do you think we are lagging behind in cyber security measures even though we claim that we are an IT power.

5) India- Nepal relations: A self created problem. Comment.

6) A political party getting almost thirty percent of votes is not able to secure a single seat in parliament. On contrary, a party having secured almost same number of votes gets majority of seats. Do you think this system of election is justified. Discuss.

7) What can be the social implications of banning the cultural performances by prominent artists from Pakistan in India ? What implications can this have on Indo-Pak relations ?

8) Our approach to Disaster Management has always been reactive and never proactive. Critically analyse.

9) The mother of all contemporary arts are the folk arts. However, they are being suffocated to a slow demise. What steps can be taken to protect and rejuvenate these precious treasures ?

10) Mughal architecture was not unique, but it was an amalgamation of old and new, foreign and Indian styles of architecture giving it a unique character. Elucidate with examples.


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