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  • IAS baba
  • December 29, 2015
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Life is always a step ahead of you : 

The whole journey of life is a process of catching up with something that was never there in the first place. What you are trying to reach always seems to be just out of reach. Very few among you can really understand this.

Take a few moments to reflect on the dreams of your childhood. What did you really want when you were a child? What were your dreams about? What filled your young imaginations? Did any of those dreams ever come true? There is a part of you that clearly knows the answer to this question and it is of course not your mind.

Life always seems to be a step ahead of you isn’t it? You desire for something with all your heart and put in the necessary effort to attain it. And from the very moment of attaining it, you start losing interest in it. It doesn’t matter how small or big your dreams are, they are always just beyond your reach.

This doesn’t mean that dreams don’t come true. In fact it is only your strongest dreams and desires that become your reality. And yet it is this very process of dreaming that keeps you at an arms distance from enjoying its fruits. You are so busy dreaming all the time, that when one of your dreams actually becomes a reality, you are not available to enjoy it; you are simply lost in the process of dreaming.

When you were young you would have dreamt of becoming strong, intelligent, rich, successful and so many more things. In reality a lot of your desires and dreams have actually come true. Your very process of growing up has been a process of reaching to your dreams. And yet, deep down you feel like you haven’t attained to any of your dreams, why?

This is where the forces of life play their part; they never allow you to be still and enjoy your moments of success. Life is ever busy weaving another sticky silken thread of a dream for you to tread and be lost in it.

Happiness exists; so does contentment, joy, success and every other beautiful thing you can ever dream of. If only you can choose not be a dreamer once in a while; if only you can choose not be ensnared in your ever dreaming mind; if only you can choose to be here, in this very moment.

This has been the age old question of an ambitious man. Where can he find those few moments when his ambitions can rest so that he can enjoy what he has attained to. If becoming rich is your obsession and if you spend your whole life trying to become rich, then when will you really enjoy your richness. If becoming intelligent is your quest, and you pursue it day and night all your life, when will you really pause and reflect on your intelligence. When will you really know that you have become intelligent?

Let your story not become the story of a dog chasing its own tail. There is a part of you that is ever complete; it doesn’t require any effort to attain to it; it is your very nature. Pause a few moments each day to reflect on your inherent beauty which doesn’t need any approval from the world around.

Dreaming is the process of living. It is next to impossible to leave the desires of the world and live like a hermit. Even a hermit has desires of his own, however small they are. The very process of living is to pursue a desire; otherwise what is the purpose of waking up in the morning.

We wake up every day to pursue and chase our dreams; it will always remain this way. The whole trick of a joyful life is to find a way to pause and reflect on who you are at this very moment. Life will always be a step ahead of you, only if you are trying to chase it!

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