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  • February 21, 2016
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The Tradition of Discipline

The perfecting of the individual mechanism is the oldest of all traditions. It all began with the question – Who Am I?

For as long as there have been people, there has been the tradition of knowing, understanding and exploring oneself. Everything mankind has ever achieved has been done in the quest to understand the individual phenomenon.

Martial Arts, dance, music, sports, literature, religion and other innumerable human accomplishments have been a result of taming the wild force of individuality through the tradition of discipline.

Man by himself is simply a raw force of nature. He is more like pure gold; magnificent and of very little use in his natural form. But when mixed with the copper of discipline, he can mold himself into almost anything.

With this understanding began the long and painful tradition of disciplining the human spirit. The whole tradition of schooling has been about lending the necessary strength and direction for the ever changing human desires.

It is unfortunate that our modern schools have just become places where one goes for accumulating information; while the actual purpose of education is to identify the uniqueness of an individual and lend him the necessary strength to perfect his inner mechanism.

Fortunately, this tradition is still alive in the schools of ancient wisdom like meditation and yoga. The whole purpose of yoga is to unify your mind, body and spirit so that you can choose your path with clarity and walk it with certainty.

There is no success without discipline, and there is no discipline without regular practice. The practice of discipline that has been passed down through traditional systems of yoga, meditation, martial arts, sports, music, dance etc. are the greatest contribution of humanity to the individual spirit.

The most important feature of all these various disciplines is of course discipline itself. They are all meant to strengthen your inner spirit and lend the necessary balance for your long journey of life. There is no success for the one who has not gone through the tradition of discipline.

Also, what can be more joyful and exciting than pushing the boundaries of your individual limitations? The practice of discipline gives you a joyful path to transcend yourself. Happiness is of course, leaving behind the weaker you. The tradition of discipline helps you to conquer yourself and there is no happiness greater than this.

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