New Launch: IASbaba’s APP

Hi Friends,

Overwhelmed by the loving response at the Delhi workshop, the team is happy to announce that we have launched IASbaba’s Mobile app on android for UPSC Civil Services Preparation. We thank Atul Tiwari Sir (IAS Officer) for the launch.

Now everyone can access all our free initiatives on the move. All our ILP enrolled students can also access their tests through the app. We hope you all have a great learning experience !!

Don’t forget to rate and review us 🙂

P.S: Once the App is downloaded from the Google Play Store, the ILP aspirants can Login using their login credentials (user id & password), others can register (for FREE) and create their own id & password.

  • Raghu

    Sir release in iOS also

  • rashmi something for iphone users as well

  • preetam choudhary


    For windows too please ?

  • Magic

    Sir pls give the current affairs magazine..i know it is 1st of this month..but pls upload if possible

  • Darth Duggi

    I tried with my ILP userId and password but it’s saying invalid details. So I’d signed up as a new user.
    It seems ILP users can’t login with their portal credentials to this app.

    • Soul Surfer

      Use the id and password of

      • Darth Duggi

        Thank you, working now. I tried ilp.iasbaba credentials.

  • Karthik_(KK)

    App – superb ?


    Thank you 🙂

  • Thesuperman

    Babaji please bless the apple iOs users

  • Shivam Mishra

    sir for android 2.3 too plz

  • amit


    • zoso

      Yes, Baba, what about the Windows users? Right to equality is being violated ! 🙂

  • nimesh kumar

    GREAT ?

  • darkness visible

    Tablet isn’t compatible with this version. 🙁

  • disqus_Dee

    Windows ?

  • Vini

    Thank You 🙂

  • Lakshya


  • Ashu Patil

    Great ….
    Thank u 🙂

  • ankita

    tablet waalo se kya khata ho gai baba???kripya unpar bhi kripa barsayiye !!!

    • Urvashi Saini

      Mere tablet me toh kam kar rha h.. try with android tablet ankita!

      • ankita

        samsung galaxy toh android hi hain na ??? paata nahi yaar y its nt working …it says designed for phone…

        • The Alchemist

          Yeah its not compatible with tablets

        • Amy

          download the apk file or get the apk file from some friend and then try to install. it should work

    • Dr.Who

      In ur tab, Go to online apk leecher. Search IasBaba app through it. Leech apk files. Download. Run the files. It will install. Don’t consider the warning. Use it. It’s awesome. That’s how I m using.

  • Thanks babaji…

  • Animesh Shah

    Great app babaji,it has made reading DNA very simple, it will be a game changer if you can bring the entire ILP platform on the app.Congrats!

  • Nikhil


  • royal reddys

    Babaji…!! Pls develop app for ios(iPad)

  • paras730

    I already had it for somedays..

    • parth

      Yar ..application ka naam kya hai..I search but could not found

      • Type iasbaba app in Google Play store

        • parth

          Thanks sir

      • paras730

        IAS BABA. I think they removed it

  • ChandraKhot

    Babaji,the app is not compatible with some devices like Mi Pad..Can you plz look into it?

    • Dr.Who

      I am also having Mipad.. You can use online apk leecher and download apk file of IasBaba app. Then you can install it on your tablet. It works perfectly.. I gave test via it..

      • The Alchemist

        Thanks Dr.who

      • ChandraKhot


  • shobha yadav

    how to download app its not in play store

  • Chandu RedE

    Baba ji.. This app is not supportive for tablets. Kindly do the needful.
    Thank you. 🙂

  • Akash

    babaji , window phone walo ke liye be keriye ,

    • Shiv

      same prob here….windows phone h 🙁

  • sbt57

    I think it would be great if TLP is also available on app.Then aspirants can take answer snapshots and post answers through app (something similar to whatsapp or camscanner).

  • 2tuff

    windows phone ????

  • nitesh pancholi


  • BST

    What about an app for IOS ?

  • yogesh varma

    सर हिंदी माध्यम वाले विधार्थी क्या करे
    उनके लिए भी कोई रणनीति बनाइये
    कोचिंग वालों ने व्यापार की लूट मचा रखी है
    और जहां पर आप जैसे सराहनीय प्रयास किये जा रहे हैं वो सिर्फ कुछ अंग्रेजी क्षात्रों के लिए
    हिंदी से पढना गुनाह है क्या भारत देश में
    पकिस्तान ने तो अपनी आधिकारिक भाषा उर्दू घोषित की हुई है
    जापान में जापानी।
    रशिया में रशियन
    चीन में चाइनीज
    फ़्रांस में फ्रेंच
    जर्मनी में जर्मन
    सारे मेडिकल और इंजीनियरिंग कोर्स उनकी भाषा में चलते है तभी वो आगे है
    हम अंग्रेजी के पीछे क्यू भाग रहे हैं
    और कुछ लोगों के हित के लिये बाकी सारों का अहित क्यों कर रहे हैं
    गरीब तबका इंटरनेट के सहारे आपकी साईट का फायदा उठाना भी चाहे तो कैसे सब कुछ अंग्रेजी में है
    पहले आप दैनिक समसमायिक देते थे हिंदी में अब तो वो दुर्लभ है
    क्या आप स्वप्न अंग्रेजी में देखते है या गाली अंग्रेजी में देते हैं
    कोई भी मौलिक काम अपनी भाषा में किया जाता है
    तभी हमारे यहाँ नोबल पुरस्कार किसी को नही मिलता
    जापान का बच्चा बचपन से विज्ञान सीखता है जापानी। में
    भारत का बच्चा पहले अंग्रेजी सीखता है फिर अंग्रेजी में विज्ञान सीखता है ।
    कहने का अभिप्राय इतना है की आप एथिक्स सब्जेक्ट का जो मूल भाव है उसे चरितार्थ करे अर्थात अपने देश के गरीब तबके के जो लोग हिंदी से आगे बढना चाहते हैं उन्हें आगे आने दे उनके लिए पहल करें वो भी इसी संविधान के अधिकारी हैं
    वर्ना ये सब सिर्फ कागज में हि रह जायेगा मेक इन इंडिया । डिजिटल इण्डिया ।और इसके मायने सही में खो जायेगे
    आभार आपका
    आपका हितेषी और शुभचिंतक
    आपका प्रयास सराहनीय है

    • mohit

      I agree

    • Vinay

      very true sir agree with you

    • Sarthak Salunke

      This is an age old debate, but as a diverse cultural country, no single language can be made as national language as the examples you displayed here. So, we embrace the global language along with regional languages. Even the constitution does not single out any language as national language, but there are 22.
      If you are stressing the point of Hindi to ethics and integrity, then I. as a Maharastrian, will ask for civil services examination to be held in Marathi as well.
      The reluctance to change is what holding people back and not the languages of education.

    • Rakesh

      Sir mai bhi yahi sochta hu ki india ke hit me ho aur logo ke hit me ho
      Sabhi log india ko develop country banane me sahyog kar sake air jaldi hi india devlop ho jaye esliye hindi ko jyada se jyada jagah lagu kiya jaye aur iasbaba se request bhi hai ki aap hindi me bhi sabhi chij hindi me bhi dijiye kyoki aap log agar hindi me bhi logo ki madad karenge to desh ko develop karne me aapka bahut bada yogdaan hoga
      Aap bhi ek saache deahbakht honge.
      Jai hind

    • Shadow

      Hello Brother Check

  • drisya

    iphone app plzz….

  • Mrinal Patra-The Eclipsed Sun

    sir please make it for windows phone too..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Sarthak Salunke

    Can you make the app compatible with Android TABLETS?
    I use Note 10.1 tablet with Android OS 4.1 and the app is not compatible with it.

  • rahul

    please make it for windows phones …………………………….

  • RV

    windows phone?????

  • Bhushan Thakare

    windows phone please

  • ravi jaiswal

    Sir plz do for windows too…. we are very thankful to u..

  • Xyz

    Sir plz make this app for iPad too…

  • vasanth vas

    guys does any one has ias baba micro plan chapterwise n subject wise i could find only for 1 moth(oct) plz send it i can pay for it not a issue [email protected]

  • Adrijit

    Sir can u make a study plan for working professionals..

  • Devarakonda Chandu

    i am confusing about preparation for cse and my target to crack by next 2017 notification. i have financial problem for going to coaching and expend on large books but i have confidence for going to prepare for civils please support me and encourage me by giving nice time plan, [email protected] is my mail id thanks

  • Siam Simte

    When can we get iPad x version?

  • IndiaIndium

    Sir, how to access TLP via the app?
    If this feature is not available, please make it so. It will be highly convenient for us to upload the pics directly using app

  • Abhimanyu Duhan

    iPhone app please????????

  • bijji

    Freshers should Check out this blog to know what sort of understanding & analytical skills upsc demands from you.

  • Dewanand Sahu

    Windows app please !!!!!!!!!!

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