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  • March 6, 2016
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Know Your Self

Have you ever wondered why is it that in spite of all the things you possess and all the things you have accomplished, there comes a time in your life when nothing seems to matter except the sense of certainty you have acquired through painfully understanding yourself.

How often does your bank balance or your name, fame and accolades come to your rescue when you are torn by the bitterness of lost relationships, your ailing body or your tormenting mind?

Nothing whatsoever you have accomplished will help you in moments when you need them the most. Not to say that you should not pursue a better, richer and significant life. But to forget the most important needs of your mind, body and spirit in pursuit of such a life is the grandest of mistakes you can make.

There is no substitute for knowing yourself; and there is an ocean of difference between knowing about yourself and knowing yourself. Almost everything you know about yourself comes from the people and the society around you. Knowing yourself is a completely different ball game all together.

So, what do you know about yourself. I am tall, I am short, I am dark, I am rich, I am poor, I am intelligent, I am dumb, I am famous, I am worthless. Everything you know about yourself this way is simply a comparative analysis; it has nothing to do with the real you.

You spend a lifetime fighting these phantoms of adjectives, constantly trying to understand in which category you belong. Battle with the false has become your life and your purpose; even if you manage to win the battle, you will eventually stand to lose the most important thing that matters – You.

Everything you are trying to accomplish is just a tiny part of your hungry mind. The most important necessity of life is the understanding of the phenomenon called you. There is no rest and respite till you solve the mystery called you.

Saying that wealth and recognition can guarantee a good life, is like saying that a change of hair style and makeup is a guarantee of good health. Everything you are trying to accomplish is meant for the people around you; as for yourself, none of these matter.

Creativity, love, service, meditation and silence are some of the paths that lead to the destination called you. Knowing yourself has to be pursued with the same aggressive intent with which you are trying to accomplish all other things.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of self-knowledge. While everything fades away with time, only the knowledge of understanding yourself lasts. In times of pain, fear and uncertainty, what you possess and what you have accomplished is of very little significance compared to how much you know yourself.

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