IASbaba: Economic Survey & India Year Book Plan for Test Series, Program 1

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  • March 26, 2016
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Economic Survey, IASbaba's Daily Prelims Test
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Hello friends!!

Hope your preparation is going with full throttle.

In the coming tests we will be covering two very important documents of Government of India.

The Economic survey and India Year Book.

The importance of Economic survey is known to everyone. Questions have been asked directly from it in both prelims and mains.

They real tricky part is the India Year Book. To be very honest, some of the chapters in IYB are redundant. They are full of static data which is not exactly important for examination point of view. Moreover, most of the important details of India year book are covered in other documents also like economic survey, Yojna etc. so a detailed study of India Year Book is not required.

Then why do we have to cover it?

In the current scenario, when GS paper has become the sole deciding factor of your selection or elimination from prelims, we cannot take half measures. There are certain important chapters which needs cursory glance so that nothing important is missed. We have mentioned those chapters in the schedule.

One doesn’t need to read every single line and data from the Year book. What you need to see is the trend, whether something is increasing or decreasing and the chapter specific schemes and government measures. You can afford to leave very old schemes. Try to optimize your time and effort and get the maximum output from your input.

All the best.

Look at the Test Series Plan- Click here

No Test (Date) Economic Survey India Year Book
1. Test 11 1.       The Chakravyuha Challenge of the Indian Economy (Vol 1)

2.       State of the Economy: An Overview (Vol 2)


1.   Land and the People

2.   Defence

2. Test 12 1.       Agriculture: More from less (Vol 1)

2.       Prices, Agriculture & Food Management (Vol 2)

1.  Scientific & Technological    Developments

2.  Water Resources


3. Test 13 1.       Preferential Trade Agreements (Vol 1)

2.       External Sector (Vol 2)

1.  Communications & Information Technology

2.   Transport

4. Test 14 1.       Fiscal Capacity for the 21st century (Vol 1)

2.       Public Finance (Vol 2)

5. Test 15 1.       Economic Outlook, Prospects and Policy Challenges (Vol 1)

2.       Monetary Management & Financial Intermediation (Vol 2)

1.  Food & Civil Supplies

2.  Housing

3.  Welfare

6. Test 16 1.       Mother and Child (Vol 1)

2.       Bounties for the Well-off (Vol 1)

3.       Climate Change and Sustainable Development (Vol 2)

7. Test 17 1.       Spreading JAM across India’s economy (Vol 1)

2.       Powering ‘One India’ (Vol 1)

3.       Reforming the Fertiliser Sector (Vol 1)

1.  Energy

2.  Environment

8. Test 18 1.       Structural Changes in India’s Labour Markets (Vol 1)

2.       Industrial, Corporate, and Infrastructure Performance (Vol 2)

1.  Industry

2.  Labour, Skill Development & Employment


9. Test 19 1.       Services Sector

2.       Social Infrastructure, Employment and Human Development

1.  Planning

2.  Rural & Urban Development

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