Creative Guidance: Book Review – A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawking

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  • April 28, 2016
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A Brief History of Time

A Brief History of Time:

There are very few other scientific thinkers who can come close to the genius and creative of Stephen Hawking. He has been regarded as the foremost authority on theoretical physics and a man possessing, probably the most intelligent brain.

‘A Brief History of Time’ is a dive into the nature of the universe around us. Where did we come from? What is time? Will it ever end? What is a black hole? Are some of the questions explored in this marvelously insightful and engaging book.

Stephen Hawking has the power to take the most complex ideas of science and explain it in the simplest of possible ways for a lay man to comprehend and understand the mysteries of the universe. A Brief History of time is unimaginably simple and understandable considering the fact that it is dealing with some of the most complex ideas of theoretical physics.

Read this book to get a complete scientific understanding of the world around us. You will marvel at the knowledge and understanding gained by science over the past few hundred years. You will love the trip across the universe.

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