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  • May 22, 2016
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Handling Stress:

If there is any one key distinguishing factor between people; it is their ability to handle stress in important and deciding situations. The better one is able to handle stress; the better is one’s chance of winning.

More often than not, stress is an ultimate decider between two individuals with equal opportunities and capabilities. In reality most of you possess the necessary ability to succeed; the important question is how your ability to handle stress affects your performance.

Performance is a combination of intelligence, awareness, memory and state of mind. While one can increase their knowledge, awareness and memory; state of mind has to be handled in a completely different way. To begin with, you cannot increase your state of mind; you need to manage it.

Managing your inner emotional and psychological states during critical phases of your life becomes the difference between winning and losing. All your knowledge, understanding and memory are of no use if you cannot handle stress.

The only way to handle stress is to expand your vision beyond the task that needs to be accomplished. Preparation is the phase where you spend all your time and energy in gaining knowledge and expertise necessary to succeed; it is a phase where you are only concerned with the task that needs to be accomplished. But the execution stage requires a larger perspective of your action and the consequences of it.

One of the easiest and simplest ways of handling stress during executing a task is by looking at yourself and your life infinitely larger than the task that is being accomplished. You have to be much more than just the executioner of the task at hand.

People who are too concerned about how they accomplish their task, usually end up stressing themselves to a point of losing the much necessary calm state of mind that is necessary to accomplish the task. On the other hand, those who are sincere in their preparation and look at themselves as much beyond the process they are going through can maintain a fabulous calm state of mind which makes all the difference.

You have to begin your preparation for handling stress, much before the day when it is actually required. You need to cultivate the right mindset and learn to put things in perspective much before the day when you are tested the most. The best time to start working on your ability to handle stress is now. Take a few critical tests to check your ability to handle stress.

As with all other skills, if you can work at handling your stress levels a few months before your examination, it will do wonders for your results. Remember, for all you know, the only difference between a successful you and a disappointed you is your ability to handle stress.

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