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  • July 4, 2016
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Painting on Water

Art of Letting Go

If there is any skill that is worth developing which has the ability to remove most of your pain and suffering, it is the art of letting go. The very functioning mechanism of the mind is to cling to things. This ability of the mind to attach itself to anything and everything creates enormous pain and disturbance.

While life is a beautiful moment to moment experience, mind makes it a painful and unfair game by clinging to things. Everything around us is changing; people, places, lifestyles, habits and behaviors. The mind that clings to things soon finds itself out of place and out of time.

Let’s take an example of a failed relationship. Life was magnificently beautiful when you first felt that love and connection with someone. It would have been like the whole existence is singing and dancing in joy. But somewhere down the lane, your mind began to interfere with this experience. It started to think, question, doubt, argue and eventually broke what was simple and beautiful.

The surprise is not a failed relationship; it could have happened for a million reasons as everything is constantly changing. The surprise is how much it has troubled you and how long it continues to trouble you. The problem is never love or desire; the problem always is not knowing how to let go.

A failed relationship is just one example. We fail at pretty much everything, before we learn the knack of succeeding. If you have not learnt the art of letting go of all your past failures and disappointments, life simply becomes an endless accumulation of suffering.

It is ok to say good bye, it is ok to let go, it is ok to start new, it is ok to fall and get up. The moment we take things just the way they come and let go of them gracefully, life becomes a celebration. Every moment is awaited for the surprise it brings, if the surprise is painful, there is always another moment to look forward to.

There is really no other form of suffering other than the one we inflict on ourselves by constantly thinking about what has gone by. If only we can let go; we can be so much more, we can give so much more, we can laugh so much more, we can make this brief visit to life a memorable one.

Let go, for nothing lasts forever. Life is like a beautiful painting on water; everything is constantly changing, and that is how it gets its beauty. The only way to participate fully with life is to become more like that painting; flexible, changing, reflecting and flowing; always ready to become something new.

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