Creative Guidance: Book Review – A flame of learning – J Krishnamurti

  • IAS baba
  • August 26, 2016
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A Flame of Learning

A flame of learning

Jiddu Krishnamurti is a brilliant philosopher, meditator and teacher. His acute sense of intellectual understanding of the human mind and its functioning provided the basis for his marvellous lectures on philosophy, science and religion.

A flame of learning is a critical and in depth analysis of the human predicament of understanding life and its ultimate purpose. Here Krishnamurti explores various aspects of learning, living and understanding. It is a fabulous read for a curious mind.

Although his approach is almost exclusively intellectual, it does not fail to touch the deeper chords of human emotion and suffering. Read this book to be illuminated by the teachings of one of the greatest minds of this century.

A flame of learning will provide you great insight into the functioning of the human mind, its journey and destination. Krishnamurti talks from the deeper understanding of experience through meditation. This book is hugely relevant to our modern times.

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