Geography: Think Learn and Perform (TLP)- Offline and Online, 2016

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Geography is undoubtedly one of the most popular optionals in CSE. What gives Geography an added popularity is the overlapping of it’s syllabus with that of GS. Indeed, everything related to Geography included in GS papers I and III can be answered without an any extra effort by a Geography optional candidate. Moreover, with effective strategy and preparation, one can score really good marks in this optional. So if you are appearing in CSM, 2016 with Geography, CHEERS!!! You already have an edge.

After we announced the intensive test series cum guidance programme i.e. TLP offline, 2016 for GS for aspirants appearing in CSM 2016, we received many requests to start a similar programme for optionals also. We have already included few optionals in our TLP offline initiative. Since, many of followers wanted to have the blueprint of the programme for Geography optional, we are providing the same here.

Click here to read the details of Geography TLP offline, 2016.


Last year, we had introduced TLP for Geography optional on our website as an online initiative. The initiative was really popular as in a duration of 68 days, it was able to cover 90% of the syllabus and helped the sincere and regular aspirants immensely.

This year also, we are glad to announce Geography TLP for CSM, 2016. For the details of the online TLP programme, click here.


Thanks and All the Best

IASbaba Team



  • Piyush Mirje

    philosophy plzz……atleast provide souces and notes plzz

  • kriti

    Hello babaji, please provide something for History as well.

  • Panther

    I knew it.. Babaji would come with this initiative.. Thanks a lot for all this.. It’s beyond words..

  • Siddhartha_Bangalore

    Sir ji , pls do it 4 sociology too

  • Virat

    Thnxxx sir,
    For this initiative,
    It is my request
    Start this same thing for history too…..

  • Nidhi Sai

    baba our quest for more are ever increasing, start for sociology

  • shahi

    @iasbaba please start for sociology

  • Bond

    Thank you very much baba..:-)

  • 007

    Babaji, we know ur very tight schedules but plz do something for PSIR optionals as well. If not offline atleast online. there is nothing u cannot do if u make up ur mind. plz babaji show some concern for PSIR ppl as well 🙁

  • Daenerys

    Baba please start a similar initiative for history also.. eagerly waiting

  • Vijay Ashok

    Thanks baba for this initiative..✍?

  • Sam Sam

    History too Baba…. plz

  • Tom

    Thankyou baba…………….so much things to celebrate in a single day…tlp mains…tlp geography…..CA prelims quiz…………can we handle so much anxiety…..:)

  • rajesh

    Sir please start a similar initiative for anthropology also

  • DK

    Thank you

  • Satnam Sïngh Dhïllön

    Sir dont forget another popular subject Sociology

  • Smita Desai

    thank you

  • rajkumar

    sir ,do ILT(co-learn) program includes optional papers (geography ) schedule plan also as in the daily schedule it is mentioned (+ your optional) ?

    • NO!

      • Jeeves

        baba ji how do we get a user id and password (access to questions) for 75 day plan for geography

  • Prakhar Mishra

    Baba, go for History please, asap….

  • gloriousmessME

    baba ji ..sociology as well plz


    waiting for sociology baba..!!

  • anuj

    Plz start political science daily answer writing

  • Vijay Karthik

    Thanks babaji;

  • Kiran

    Hi Baba,

    Kindly let us know if there is any plan for PubAd TLP.

  • Rutuja

    Thank you 🙂

  • Viki Rao

    baba plz provide resorce am confused

  • Kishna

    tnx baba 🙂

  • Cracker

    thnx bbji

  • Nidhi Sai

    baba hoping sociology will be next after geography tlp………. humble request

  • cseprotocol

    TLP for PubAd ??

  • karna

    awesome initiative….hope it will suffice….

  • Sagy007

    buddies I ve created a grp in FB sply designd 4 answr writin sessions..d moto is js 2 review each othrs answrs n rectify mistakes..
    so if ne 1 interested cn join d league @ netym…n hlp each othr..coz dis batle is lyk “”EKTA M BAL””…
    merits of creatn d grp :
    1)transparent ne 1 cn c & its sequentially arranged..
    2)No hotch-potch n baflin typ view as one strugles to find answers in DISQUS…
    3)Pdf file cn b attached.
    4)Though we need to practic answrs wid d hlp f pen n pencil’s on papers & not n laptop screen’s using keyboard so its beter to write answrs n papers n js take a snap n simply post it in d this way 1 cn imprv his/her writin skils as wel as speed too.

    So,if u lyk it den every1 r heartly welcmd..
    below given d link js hit it..n wthn a fractn f sec(dependn n netwrk carrier)lyk d page…n bcm a part f d future blazing IAS aspirant…
    thanking you

  • Prodigy123

    Baba…plse start TLP for Anthropology also.

  • M N Gernal Rana

    IS TLP 2016 USEFUL FOR 2017?

  • avi

    i m unable to find tlp geo optional question mains 2016 daily. plzz help me out .

  • Scofield

    hi IAS baba team ..wont u people be starting any similar TLP program for optionals(my optional is Geography) any time soon for mains 2017 ? if possible please start it ..I want to religiously follow a time table for completing my optional before prelims in the next 45 days or so.. i hope all optional students would appreciate it if started ..Thank You in advance 🙂

  • RD

    Babaji..when TLP geography 2017 online going to start??

  • Aishwariya

    sir plz start tlp for geography 2017 online

  • Marla Akhil Reddy

    @iasbaba:disqus Sir, Any plan of starting tlp for geography 2017 Offline

  • HDK

    Please start tlp for geography optional

  • Abhishek Kujur

    @iasbaba:disqus TLP 2017 for ONLINE-Geography Optional please.

  • baby

    Babaji!! I just got to know about “IASBABA” and TLP-2018..
    I am a final year Engineering student..
    2018 would be my first attempt..
    i had thought earlier i would attempt for 2019 after coaching soon after graduation..
    but now, as TLP is prepared based on schedule for working professionals too, i think even i can join and give attempt for 2018 itself..
    i am a late joiner now!!
    how would i cope up with missed sections ? and how will i gain that acceleration..??? and most important of all.. final year engineering.. lots of project work classes and stuff..
    can i still join ILP???and make the best use of it in the very little time i get???

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