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Hello Friends,


Thank you all for the response to ILP 2017 Programme. We aim to provide you with an end to end learning platform and the process is time consuming ☺

We are witnessing loads of queries and doubts regarding ILP and replying to every email consumes a lot of our precious time. So, here we are to address all the doubts from emails and comments.

First Good News : Based on innumerable requests from our aspirants. We have decided to give you a daily plan. Not just on the the chapters but what should be the outcome 🙂 and added separately what should be your daily Prelims  and mains focus.

We have provided Plan for one set _ that is ONE Month. 

Many of you have  asked for the complete plan. But it would be unfair for our ILP members. Also this plan is being filed as a copyright by IASBABA 🙂




2 3


4 5


6 7


  • Mains Mocks are excluded from 35 Tests.


When the Program Starts?

  • It will start from 25th August as per given sample schedule.


ID and Password not received?

  • Those who have not received it yet, will get it before 25th August, be rest assured!


Login Platform was to be accessed by 20th?

  • Yes, we intended to do so but it will take another 2-3 days (before 25th August) to make sure everything works fine there. We do not want to have any glitches once the program starts. Since aspirants are registering on daily basis so we thought of providing access in groups but all registered users will be able to login before 25th for sure. We request you to be patient 🙂


I need to know the complete Book List?

  • NCERT- Old Modern India by Bipan Chandra
  • New NCERTS- Download from Here- Click
  • Lakshmikant- Polity
  • Ramesh Singh- Economy
  • G. C Leong- Geography
  • Shankar IAS- Environment
  • Struggle for Freedom- Bipan Chandra
  • Norman Lowe- World History

This is all you need as Books (Rest is from our side)



How Current Affairs will be taken care of?



  • On daily basis Babapedia will be updated w.r.t all the sectional current affairs from economy, polity, history, science, environment and geography point of you.
  • You do not need to cover Press Information Bureau (PIB) or other stuffs. Babapedia will cover all relevant issues w.r.t Prelims.
  • Mains current affairs- You need to strictly follow Daily News Analysis. Important issues of Current Affairs (Mains) will also be covered in Mains Questions/Synopsis.
  • Yojana/Kurukshetra by IASbaba



Printable Notes/ Value Add for Prelims and Mains?

  • Since we have many users from remotest part of our country, we will provide PDF of Value Adds


What about after Prelims?

  • We will provide you with relevant Value Adds for most of the Mains topics before Prelims only.
  • You may prepare them or adjust according to your requirement. But we will give you a plan for post Prelims phase too.
  • You may use those value adds to follow that plan (Post Prelims)
  • We will also provide Value Add for left out topics of Mains post prelims
  • Platform will be active for discussion, doubts and group study.
  • If you qualify for interview, we will guide for sure. That’s our promise 🙂



  • The Day Wise Plan- Would work well for fresher and full time preparing aspirants.
  • Working professionals can reschedule it as per their convenience, not exactly adhering to daily targets but making it a Weekly Block.

Revisions and Time for Self-Study?

  • Once the plan moves ahead, we have kept many revision days based on topics to be covered. So need not worry.





  • Ashis

    babaji, gamepedia is exclusive of these 35 tests?
    and is mains mock for only ilp people or its a free initiative like TLP?

  • Man Of Steel

    SUPERB…no words to express my gratitude…thankyou babaji:)

  • Uttam

    Thank you Babaji…

  • alisha_ dash

    Thnku babaji…. All doubts cleared…

    • Suraj Chikara

      I ll clear remaining doubts in ILP group discussion :p :p

  • Archit Gupta

    Baba ji ki jai ho

  • Durgarao..

    Thanks babajee

  • Archit Gupta

    So for current affairs, babapedia is sufficient? I dont need to follow hindu, IE, PIB, daily news analysis and yojana. Please clarify.

    • Yes but you should have the habit of reading at least one newspaper.Kya Hindu Hindu 😛 Economic times and business standard 🙂

      • Archit Gupta

        Sure 🙂

  • Neha

    Thanku babaji.

  • gurmeet chopra

    Babaji what ia the site address to access the it the same site on which we subscribed??

    • We haven’t specified yet. You will be informed soon.

  • Silent

    ” Mains mocks are excluded from 35 tests”

    How many mains mocks will be there ? and how often ? Once in a month at the end of set ?

  • Suraj Chikara

    great baba

  • Dipal

    Babaji plz let us know how to make daily notes…for each block…

    • Once you get your hands on Babapedia and Value Add- You will never ask this 😛 Have patience

      • Neilam

        means we need not make it .. keep revising them ..

        I m soo happy… you people burn !midnight oil for us. we will do our midnight oil from our side…

        but babaji for end of year revision .. some keyword notes migth be helpful right ??? not full like afer revision revision and revision … alot of revision …

  • आयरन मैन २.०

    so baba, that means we do not have to cover pib,air,rstv summary posted on iasbaba website ?

    • Follow the current affairs provided by us but keep a tab on at least one newspaper to develop your reading habit.

      • आयरन मैन २.०

        baba I am a working proffessional, right now I cover Insights and your’s current affairs that itself takes ~2 hrs. so I do not get time to read Indian Express that comes to my room.

  • devashish dhaundiyal

    how will tests be conducted, please put some light on that ?

    • There is a platform developed for conducting the tests.

  • Aarti Parmar

    Thats soo nice of u ias baba?

  • Shivam

    i paid for the ILP but didn’t get confirmation

  • Pavithran Garcio

    the way i read and gather contents is good, but when it comes to writing my confidence level is very low, please guide, how should i start the writing part????

  • Manish

    Old ncert may not be available everywhere can the modern India by bipan Chandra (orient black swan publication)would be ok??

  • anchal

    Thanku ?

  • XXX

    Can anyone plzzzz send me the pics of cover pages of all the books mentioned above….plzzzz….it will be great favour…plzzzz

  • Neilam

    thank you for so much clear write up.. all doubts clear…

    I have FuLL faith … faith like diamond which cannot be broken , on babaji and it’s quality studies..

    now it my duty to complete with understanding daily target to reach ranks in 2017 without lossley faith in myself…..

    thank you babaji .. but actual thank you will be paid when we will get ranks in c.s.e list … alot of single and double digits ranks

  • Piyush Mirje

    day 2 day plans is awsome…
    thank babaji….

    but this is just set 1 block 1..ecxited to see all the 7 sets..plzz activate the site soon..

  • Harry

    Struggle for Freedom- Bipan Chandra
    Norman Lowe- World History
    Please provide the details of the above books. There are so many books with similar names. If you can provide with the link for online buying, it will also help.

    • Raghava

      Exact name: Mastering modern world History by Norman Lowe

      India’s struggle for Independence- Bipan Chandra

      • Harry

        thanks Raghava…

  • Raghava

    Is reading Ramesh singh Mandatory ?

    • No..Any source for mentioned topics will do provided concepts are clear

      • Raghava

        Thank you for your prompt reply.

  • iam rk

    baba still i have not yet registered for ilp ..wen is the last date for registeration …

  • Piyush Mirje

    Mains Mocks are excluded from 35 Tests.

    whats the meaning of this sentence???

    plz again clearifify.:)

    • Zuzu

      35 tests are prelims oriented objective type tests! Mains mocks are over and above these tests.

  • abhinav

    are Babapedia and value add notes printable?


    ILP 2017 hindi medium mai available hai kya.baba ji reply this matters to me

  • Suharsh Kumar

    Thanks Baba. .U solved many of my queries. .But some books are missing like
    1. Spectrum- Modern India
    2. Subbarao/Lexicon- Ethics
    3. Art and Culture- Nitin Singhania/NIOS
    What say?? Whether these are not important??

    • Manish Saini

      Lucent’s GK also..


    Thanks babaji for writing this precious short note, which is capable enough to reply almost all the queries regarding ILP 2017.

    Need not to write and watch for reply. Once again thanks.

  • XXX

    Somebody plz help me….plz snd me pics of cover pages of all the books mentioned above…plzzzz it will be great favour….

  • Sachin Singh

    Dear Baba ji,
    Are we supposed to read Ncerts first and then read the same topics(same day) from higher level books mentioned above?
    If yes, then please define the strategy to finish both for a working professional, as I can manage to squeeze out only 2-3 hours of preparation time
    Please help.

  • cseviaggio

    Can struggle for independence be substituted by Spectrum?

  • cseviaggio

    Have you included ARC reports? #justasking

    • Yes, it will be included in the Value Add of that particular topic.

      • Neilam

        I am eagerly waiting for this value add on and Babapedia babaji..
        I mean nothing is left behind oll source your covering , then why we need to open even new tab for any source .

        I m so eagerly waiting .. exception on high level….

  • Avi

    How often would the main mocks be conducted? would they be of static part or dynamic or both?

    • Neilam

      main mocks are excluded of 35tests .. written in bold in article .
      but we will be provided all value added material .. main question synopsis(#babaji will takecare static or dynamic for all potion we only have to use brain and study them ) to prepare integrated .. for pre and mains . so when you clear pre .. you donot have to panic about ! mains.

      they do have offline paid as well as online free initiative for mains after prelims ..

      thank you

      • Naveen


        I don’t understand Mains Mocks are excluded from 35 tests. But when will the Mains Mocks be conducted.

        Does it mean that there won’t be any Mains Test till we clear our prelims? If that is the case it is merely a Prelims test series.

        I thought of joining here. But am really confused.

        Please help me.

        • Neilam

          i can concluded from this two articles posted by babaji that – I might be wrong but 90% I m sure I am right

          posted this in their previous article this.

          In nutshell ILP 2017 is :
          As you know: Innovation is synonymous with IASbaba. And these are our new innovations for ILP 2017.

          Detailed Micro plan + Value add notes + Prelims oriented Current Affairs + 35 high quality tests including Sectional Tests & Full Mocks+ Mind maps on Current Issues + Mains Mocks (including synopsis) +Discussion forum + Babapedia.

          Now coming to broad structure of the program:

          ILP 2017 is 275 Day program.
          It will have 35 high quality tests including Sectional and Full Mocks
          Mains Mock and its Synopsis
          VALUE ADD and Current Affairs
          Learning is divided into Sets. Each set is further divided into blocks.

          means it clear .. main mocks would be there then it will be in 275day program and it would be covering alot of g.s topics if I am not wrong # stated in article nutshell .

          it is not merely PRELiMS TEST SERIES that I am sure because , it covers alot more then just test series .. alot more …

          • Naveen

            Thank you buddy.

            People can take this input from Neilam.

            As i see the comments more people have the same doubts.
            It would be great if babaji further clarify on the issues.

          • Neilam

            welcome …..
            as soon as platform will be on I guess all doubts will be cleared still
            it would be beneficial if babaji put some more light on this mains mock issues …

  • PujaU

    Babaji I’m unable to login with the given username and password. It says “invalid password”.

    • Zuzu

      The login portal is not yet ready. Where are you trying to login?

      • PujaU

        It’s there. top left corner.

  • devashish dhaundiyal

    i have Rupa series books for geography, is it not competent ?

  • Naveen


    May I know why mains tests are excluded?
    Doest it mean that there will no Mains test on the day Prelims test?

    • Seems you have not gone through the Program details.

      Please read carefully. Mains Questions and its synopsis is part of every Block (Monthly).

  • raja

    babaji .. last year’s Micro plan and ILP 2017 plan approach are same or different ?.. I feel last year micro plan has topic oriented approach which i like. But ILP 2017 seems different. please clarify . If there is going to be any onther micro plan program further . ?

    • This time it is integrated. So more of stuffs from our side and more of revision from your side 🙂

      Not much difference. Last time, many working professionals plus beginners had a tough time. So we wanted an inclusive plan. For veterans it will also be helpful since they can move a step further with the plan and prepare in advance 🙂

      • raja

        @baba ji this time is it Topic based approach or book by book approach . ?

  • Sourav Saha

    I have subscribed to the ILP 2017 program. I have made the online payment and received both user id and password.
    Please provide the portal URL for loggin in.

    • Let the portal go LIVE first. 🙂

  • Naveen

    Hi Aspirants,

    If someone had access to platform(ILP 2017), kindly share the screenshot.

    • The platform has not been activated yet

    • Avu avu

      i am able to login but the platform is not activated yet.

      • zoro

        hii avu can u ping me on 9167916721 got some doubt to b cleared will b waiting thnk u

        • Avu avu

          sorry i am not using phone these days


    Hallo Bbabaji.. I have joined ILP Connect nd have ID n password.. but am unable to login in the portal by using the id n password that you have given after successful payment..its showing invalid id/username/password… what to do????????

    • The platform has not been activated yet.

  • neelu

    babaji…it’s showing invlid id and password 🙁

    • You will receive the login ID & Password before 25th. Kindly have patience and start off with your preparation in the meanwhile.

  • Raghava

    Hello Baba,
    In the above plan, 6th September is repeated (Day 13 and 14). Please check that

    • Repeated for your revision only 🙂

      • Raghava

        I still didn’t get it.

        @Neilam: 30 Aug, Sep 13, Sep 21 are entirely for Revision.
        But according to this plan, On 6th Sep, we have to study three topics (Agriculture,Industries, Human resources) and also revise the entire week’s plan. If this is what Baba meant,then it’s fine. But it is mentioned as Day 13 and 14. If September 6th is 13th day, September 7th should be 14th day.

        • That is a typing error. Day 14 should be 7th September 🙂

        • Neilam

          ohh yes .. point ..

          means one day all dates will moved … day 14 should b 7th day 15 8th and hence forth ..

          thank you for clarifying… appreciate your alertness

    • Neilam

      it is not only 6sept

      same for 30aug,13sept,21sept too alll for week revision…babaji is taking care of our revision too. .. ?

  • Rar Jakuja

    Babaji, can u provide us with plan for optionals as well. My optional is Geography

  • satya

    babaji last time i paid for your program….but within a few days many websites has your tests and materials as well so it is disadvantage for many of us who are actually paying for the programme…….please check that problem………….thank you

  • Manish Chaudhary

    Babaji, please share where we can find NCERT- Old Modern India by Bipan Chandra book

  • Shobhit

    How to get bipan chandra old ncert? wouldnt new ncert work? It has also been authored by Bipan Chandra

  • maverick s

    Just joined Babaji ! I have lot of doubts, but its not fair to ask everything on day one. Everything said and done If the platform performs as promised, it will be a game changer in the arena of UPSC preparation.

  • Ashis

    Made the payment babaji.. Received confirmation from Instamojo but no email/sms from IASBABA kindly have a look

    • If you have received ID and Pass be patient. We will activate the platform and inform before 25th. If not then email us at [email protected] with payment details. Id and Password will be activated well before 25th

      • Ashis

        Mailed with Instamojo payment ID, is that enough?
        I didnot recieve any mail from your side

        • No need. We commented here na 🙂

          We will reply soon

          • Ashis

            Thank you 🙂

  • kundan kumar

    Babaji I want to enroll from November., as from NOV. onwards i can give proper time to Study.

  • namasri aditya

    Will the ILP 2017 test syllabus & schedule and the offline classes be in sync ?

  • Naveen


    Having trust in you successfully made the payment.
    Looking forward to start the journey and see my name in the CSE 2017 list.

    Thank you for your great support.

    Is it possible to join in ILP CONNECT?

  • BRShinde

    confused between IASbaba and Insight Which one is the best? babaji please help me to clear doubt.

    • iliyas99

      I was also but with Baba releasing schedule I made my mind to join iasbaba

  • Hari

    Respected Babaji, I made the payment on August 13th. Am yet to receive the User ID and Password.
    Kindly look into the same.

    • Hi Hari,

      You will get the login deets before 25th of August. Sit back and relax.

      • Hari

        Thanks a lot babaji 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • BRShinde

        Babaji please clear my doubt regarding which strategy to join..Insight or IASbaba…

        • s deb

          Why would IASBABA recommend you to join INSIGHT? Common guy…

        • Neilam

          it should be your decision because it’s your journey , and babaji is to guide you and help you ….. nor insights neither babaji is going to come and do your part work ..
          they never start this for money .. but to sustain this good site , you need have some source .. you can’t put all your resources.. they dnt do public ads or something too soo…

          you should see both plan and features..
          take what suits you and join … believe me .. I have done that …
          once you decide .. have FuLL faith in them …..full faith ….

          if you cannot take simple choices , how will do big choices in upsc ..

          thank you … sorry no offence…

        • Mansha Singh


          Its so simple to decide. The only criterion is your requirement

          INSIGHTS- Only Prelims Test Series with a Plan that requires you to cover everything on Earth 😛 Their planning Team is obsessed with all the books available on earth

          IASbaba- Its not a Prelims Test Series (Integrated Mains and Interview)

          Their plan is daily based. Their offers are

          1. Daily Planning
          2. Value Add notes for both Prelims and Mains
          3. Babapedia- For daily updates of Current Affairs (Segregated notes- will help in note making and revision over the period of time)
          4. Tests- Weekly, Monthly, Sectional, Full Mock (Gamification mode 🙂 )
          5. Mains Questions and its synopsis
          6. If you clear for interview- IASbaba will assist you again for Free

          7. Separate Platform for close group (all paid users)

          8. Doubts and Discussions among peers and IASbaba Team

          This all you get if you join IASbaba

          You can ask any regular followers here about the commitment of IASbaba Team either in replying to comments or emails or providing the best quality content. Choice is Yours!


    baba ji, Is this ILP-2017 is available in Hindi medium as same i have post earlier kindly reply you are replying very promptly but why not this post .i am waiting for your answar

    • s deb

      India’s struggle for Freedom by Bipin Chandra

    • Neilam

      sorry , Hindi medium is not available .

  • Ashish V

    Dear Babaji,
    I have enrolled in your ILP 2017 online programme.
    In the booklist you have mentioned a book as “Struggle for Freedom- Bipan Chandra”. I have found two books viz. “India’s struggle for Independece” & “Freedom Struggle”, both are by Bipan Chandra. Did you mean one of these books or some other book? Please Clarify.

    • Its the same book 🙂

      • Ashish V

        Dear Babaji,
        Did you mean “Struggle for Freedom- Bipan Chandra” book ONLY & NOT “India’s struggle for Independece” & “Freedom Struggle”??? If yes, then please let me know, from where I can get it online. Thanks.

  • rajkumar

    sir ! you have mentioned above the books we should have with us , but in daily schedule plan you didn’t mentioned any such books ( mentioned only NCERT books) so,when we have to read that books(ex;-Laxmikanth for polity) as they were compulsory books for exam ?

    • cseviaggio

      it will be released for subsequent months later

      • rajkumar

        so after 2 months there will be use of that book list ?

        • Neilam

          if you are ilp 2017 student then have patience till platform is active, it will clear your doubt … if then also it does not then babaji is there to help ..

          if you not ilp2017 student then also babji provided 1 month sample plan.. you should appreciate it…….. if they have not mention any book means they meant something or by mistake they forgot …

          what will be beneifit to people who pay and who donot pay ?? of babaji tells everything in article …

          # have patience if you are ilp2017 student

          if not then also i am sure their many site out there who will get babaji test series over period of time for free , people say that not me ..

  • Chiranjeev Saini

    Babaji first of all my sincere gratitudes to u for setting up such a nice plan (sample as of now),suitable for everyone..i wanted to ask that how cn i make best use of prelims daily quiz that u have started if i m preparing for cse 2017??

    • Naveen


      If you read daily newspaper properly, you can able to answer.

    • Neilam

      agreed with naveen .. chiranjeev ..

      babaji always want you to learn in process not get right answer ….
      even if you didnot read question aksed .. Google the terms. go to new tab,. find out where it was in news , why it was there in news , what , how
      the Hindu article is there then go through it…

      thsi how you will learn …..
      even if you read newspaper at first you will not be able to filter require stuff… best is this … over period of time when u read newspaper.. you mind will automatically hit the content required..

      hope I can help you little bit … thannk you

  • amit tripathi

    Hello babaji,
    In your link of ILP 2017, on the left hand-upper side of the webpage, there is a log-in link. But it is not working with my log-in details as of now.
    Will it start working soon?

  • Prabhu

    @iasbaba:disqus Ji, Could You Pls advise the latest editions of the books mentioned :

    Lakshmikant- Polity
    Ramesh Singh- Economy
    G. C Leong- Geography
    Shankar IAS- Environment
    Struggle for Freedom- Bipan Chandra
    Norman Lowe- World History

  • Curious

    🙂 Is it possible to get a plan’s copyright?


    Sir, what is the last date for joining ILP program?
    May I join now by filling fee?

    • Ashis

      no last date. the sooner u join the better 🙂

  • Saurebh (IAS in making..)

    Baba Ji, its 24th today, kindly share the platform details. Thanks

  • Sidd

    Respeced Babaji, enrolled in the program today and I have received and downloaded the pdf fle indicating user id and password but I am not able to login with that. Every time same error message is coming “Invalid userid”. Please give me some solution.

  • Friends

    Platform will be activated by later tonight or tomorrow. We will put a notice too. Do not worry 🙂

    We are also sending ID details in batches. Have patience!..

    • Suraj Chikara

      Baba night me hi kr dena aaj 12 bje accha muhrat h 🙂

    • Suraj Chikara

      Baba 🙁

    • Rex

      Baba still not able to log in with my user id and password! 🙁
      User id: Sid0325 … Please help!

    • Shubham Sharma

      Baba I would like to join ILP 2017 but I find that it has already been started. Will it be okay if I join it now? If yes then how can I cover up the syllabus you already covered.?
      Kindly reply.
      Thank you.

  • Abhishek Madhavan

    Will I get the PDF of the tests with detailed answer for revision purpose? I thought once I should ask to Babaji before going to join.

  • IASHunter

    Dear BABAJI, made payment today and received the pdf with userid and password…But cant able to login…any solution GURUJI..? BABAJI last year i was unable to join ur programme due to some reasons…but in this year…. im totally ready to get ur precious guidance…since the beginning of ur site I m die heart fan of you….I hope YOU will fulfill every NEEDS… Hope for the best from ur parts…..

  • Upali Mandal

    Cannot login, thought of giving it a try on 25th itself!

    • Uchiha sasuke

      where did u find the log-in portal ?

      • Upali Mandal

        couldn’t find any!

        • Uchiha sasuke

          let’s wait for tomorrow.

          • Upali Mandal

            Yes! till then 11 std pol 🙂

          • Uchiha sasuke

            Yup. Best of luck.

  • Manish Saini

    where iz login portal?? still waiting…

  • Sudipta Kayal

    Dear IASbaba , due to certain financial issue I was unable to pay before 25th August . Can I join the program from 31st August 2016 . ? Is it allowed to pay after 25th August?

    • Sure.. You can make the payment any time 🙂

  • Raghava

    Thanks Baba. Platform activated 🙂

    • Kanishk

      Where is the platform link?

    • Manish Saini

      bro share screenshot..

  • ranjit

    not activated .where is login page ?

  • Manish Saini

    Finally.. thanku baba 😉

  • anchal

    thank u iasbaba

  • abhinav

    platform is active…. than u IASbaba

  • Ashutosh Kumar Singh

    Respected Baba ji,
    As the traffic for login to portal is enormous , would it be fruitful to subscribe at this moment without having any glitches or error , or to subscribe later and after subscription cab i be able to login at the moment . ..

  • Ashwin

    Done payment through offline…and sent the details ..when I will receive I’d and passwors

  • Akash Pawar

    Babaji,Will PIB covered from mains perspective also?You have mentioned that it will be covered from prelims perspective.

  • IASHunter

    Thnku Babaji…Platform activated..

  • Mahi22

    I did not get the id and password yet 🙁
    Is anyone in the same situation ?

  • Adnan Mustafa

    Please post the actual plan of 1st month so that people paying fee later can also start preparation.

  • Deepatirupathi 2013

    Good Morning Baba…. i have paid yesterday. when can i get access???

  • Rakesh

    i subscribe ILP 2017 on 25 aug 16 i got the user name and able to access with that but today when i tried to login in it was futile as showing invalid user name. I mailed for the same at 1215 hrs and got a reply “Have u log out properly”. I replied there that i saved my password for the page and didnt log out and simply close the window. Further i want to tell u that i logged on a single device and still i m waiting for ur response. pls help me sir as i m a working professional and i wasted ma entire day just to make a login as i have to plan the studies. PLs resolve the issue as early as possible and u can save ma other day of weekend thanx

  • Aspirant

    Hi Babaji,
    Is it enough of reading NCERT 6th to 12th for geography and go cheng leong? or do we need to study masjid hussain book as well?

    • @supervegeta


  • Nikhil Gupta

    Baba plz sent me the user id and password. it’s been more than 4 days to do the payement. Still, not got my user id and password. i have also sent information about my payement.My payment id is MOJO6826000U91408111.plz do it fast.

  • Deewana

    How can I subscribe sir

  • MM

    Hi, How can I subscribe to ILP course, what is the fees and kindly provide all details?

  • Gautam Nirala

    dear baabaji can i take test on android phone?
    or it is only suitable for window computer.

  • Dipal

    Babaji unable to login to test platform. Plz do needful.


    Sir, from where i can use the babapedia?i already enrolled with ilp2017. Please provide the information

  • saurav sharma

    What about the optional part ??

  • Neha

    What if I subscribe to the programme by october…? How would I cope up to the backlog…?

    • Koala Bear

      BABAJI i HV THE SAME QUESTION. WHAT If I subscribe a little late though I am preparing on my own with good pace.

  • Sid Deb

    Hello All,

    I have a question from everyone here. I have my degree from USA(Bachelors and Masters). I have approached AIU(Association of Indian University) to grant me an equivalent certificate and they are as always giving me hassle. My question is, is there any one here with a similar situation as mine with a foreign degree and do we even require a equivalence cert to appear for UPSC exam because it is to a point that I have lost faith in our system and dont even want to proceed with UPSC exam any more. Your advise on this topic will be greatly appreciated and will make an impact in a persons life. Thanks,


    • himanshu srivastava

      If u have lost faith in UPSC exam , y do u want to appear for this exam bro ??

      • Sid Deb

        I was expecting an educated response my friend. I was actually looking for a solution to my problem instead I received procrastination. Please read the post properly. It says System not UPSC. Thanks for your response any ways.

        • mission2017

          If you are not getting equivalent certificate then I will suggest you to join some correspondence degree like from IGNOU just for the sake of having an Indian degree and simultaneously prepare for UPSC. It will take 2 years extra as in final year you can appear for exam. Meanwhile you can continue your preparation.

          • Sid Deb

            Thanks for the suggestion @disqus_25B61COaSc:disqus

          • akash topre

            YA SID


  • shashank

    Babaji…I couldn’t clear pre this time.had high hopes of clearing..had written mains in 2015…now I have to restart for 2017…but as per your ILP schedule I am already late by 25 days…so please suggest a way out…and to add up to all this.I am working…

  • mamta

    could not clear prelims this time also, i was very late to join ilp 2016, now want to join ilp 2017 and start my preparation once again kindly advice

  • Rashmi

    I have just started my preparation…so i am running quite late…can i still join your ILP 2017?…will i be able to manage since i am late?

    Kindly reply…

  • .

  • Prasanna Kesava

    i want to join ilp connect , i saw few days back, now,. you said We are not looking for more than 25 people in this program, thanking you,

  • Minlen haokip

    I just the ILP . Can I have the opportunity in the group

  • Sahil Goel

    Hey If we join now.. How the old topic will be covered

  • Sir
    I haven’t got the id and password

  • navneet

    sir if i join now ilp2017 how could i cover the previous tasks?

  • Roshni Verma

    I have got my user id and password.
    I am unable to log in ILP 2017.
    Please Check the issue.

  • Nitin Vir Sirohi

    since ur ilp2017 is running from 25sept. and i want to join in December, how my topics would be covered?

  • kamal saini

    I have got my user id and password.
    I am unable to log in ILP 2017.
    Please Check the issue.

    • Sai Praveen

      can u please give ur mail ? planning to take ILP 2018. I want genuine review on their content quality and their support for ILP students. U can also mail me here [email protected]

  • Sachin Ambade

    Dear Sir,

    If I join now for ILP17, will it be helpful to me?
    if you have other programs which are helpful for very very late joiners like me, then plz suggest.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi

    ILP 2018 will be announced after Prelims 2017. Wait for the notification and details. Third Week of June

    • danny

      hi i want to join this course . but i have few doubts can i contact you over phone ? .

  • Priyanka

    how I can call u

  • DhaNU

    I would like to join Online coaching (ILP) – 2018, What will be fees for complete package?

  • Dhanu

    I would like to join Online coaching (ILP) – 2018, What will be the fees for the complete package?

  • Chirag Aggarwal

    wat about imp. docs like economic survey , budget , arc reports etc… Are these included in the plan?

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