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  • September 25, 2016
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Just as much as motivation and internal drive is necessary to succeed, you also need the necessary braking mechanism of discipline to succeed. Very few understand the importance of discipline and the role it plays in succeeding. It is impossible to succeed without discipline.

Just imagine driving a car or a bike without brakes. You might have the skill, knowledge, desire and motivation to drive, but if you do not have the brakes, you are sure to crash at some point in time. Discipline is the braking mechanism that keeps you safe on the track.

Discipline is a constant checking process of the course. It is not that hard to find the necessary drive and motivation to move fast to reach your goal; the hardest part of any journey is knowing when to apply the brakes to stop, check and rethink the course of your journey.

Discipline lends balance, control and stability to your journey. In almost every case of success, discipline is the only differentiating factor. The one who possesses discipline might move slowly, but eventually he will reach the destination, for he knows how to slow down and move over speed breaks, how to stop at obstacles, how to take diversion if necessary.

The journey to succeed is like any other journey; it requires focus, speed, course correction and ability to stop and move. If you are just crazy to reach your goal and you have not learnt how to stop when required, you will not get very far. Knowing when to stop and check is almost, if not, even more important than just speeding ahead.

Success is a journey where every step of the way you are sure to meet an obstacle; how you deal with that obstacle decides whether you will succeed or fail. Learning how to slow down and re think your progress is an invaluable skill on the journey.

Again, success is not a short term momentary phenomenon; it is a long and arduous journey that takes enormous amounts of patience, perseverance, discipline and courage. Learning how to apply the brakes of discipline will save you from all the frustrations caused by momentary setbacks.

Slowing down does not mean that you are stopping; It only means that you need some time to assess where you are going. Slowing down doesn’t mean that you are lagging behind; it only means that you need some rest. Slowing down doesn’t mean that you are not strong enough to push ahead; it only means that you need to refuel.

Some of the smartest minds know when to stop. Knowing when to stop is their greatest asset. This is why it is so difficult to understand the qualities of a successful person. Motivation, drive, determination and speed are valued so much that we completely forget that success also requires patience, discipline, evaluation and correction. Let us learn how to apply the brakes. It might take a little longer, but we will certainly get there!

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