MOTIVATION: For Those Who Had Hard Luck This Time, Prelims 2016!

There’s no such thing as failure, It is just a wait for success! So the bitter truth is out, and you haven’t cleared prelims! What next? 



You can stare at your beautiful plan for mains preparation and curse your luck, the way you prepared, the books you read that you didn’t make it through, or you can take a day, understand yourself that it was a matter of negligence from your own end and start analyzing your mistakes. Choice is yours to make!

This article isn’t for the group of people who fall in the former category. 

This article is not for the people who cannot be changed! The latter ones read ahead.

Relax! You are not alone. Thousands of others didn’t make it. Some of them did. You need to be calm and composed and congratulate yourself that at least you dared! You dared to dream.

You dared and went to write the exam on that Sunday. By doing it, you brought yourself a step closer to a phase wherein you can at least analyse why you didn’t clear the exam!

Think of lakhs of those people who fill the form and decide not to appear for it for the fear of lack of preparation. They are still a step behind you. So you don’t need to feel let down by this disappointment of not clearing the prelims.

This is the time that is going to make or break your course of preparation. Either you can start from scratch, follow the same rote strategy that you applied earlier that couldn’t let you clear prelims or make a smart move and alter your strategy to the need of the hour.

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end”


Do you doubt your capability or yourself?

There are very few other things that can plague and destroy a young aspiring mind and self-doubt is one among them. At the same time it is doubt that pushes one along on the path of learning and exploration.

So what is your doubt? How can you recognize it? And how can you overcome, or even use it to your advantage?

It is this doubt that act like a silent monstrous snake that crawls up your leg while you are fast asleep to tighten its coils around your chest; slowly squeezing the life out of you. Many of you would have quit jobs put their other careers at “stake”.You will fears that what will or might happen to my career ? Specially when you find your friends appear to be enjoying their lives in Facebook.

Nothing, absolutely nothing else can drain you out of life neither UPSC. It is that moment when you feel like the whole world has deserted you. It is a moment when you feel like you have lived in vain. It is simply a moment of absolute emptiness of courage and strength. Are you feeling the same?

Your present has no connection whatsoever with your past and future. 


Let us tell you a story of a girl who went on to take rank 1. (Note the sentence above, we have used the word take )

She had only 2 attempts left and was already 28 (30 was the age limit in her times).

Yet she was adamant that IAS is her calling and had quit a very well paying job to prepare for UPSC.

She was insulted by her manger in the IT company that she would end up as nothing in life.

Now with all in this in mind, the lady Prepared hard. The teachers recognised her talent and hardwork and expected her to get a top rank in the very first attempt.

On the day of result she was waiting in the Dholpur house for the list to be pasted. She expected a rank in top 100, no less.

The list was pasted and destined her name was not there!

Tears of sorrow rolled down her cheeks. She called up her mentor and sorrowfully explained her predicament and decision to quit UPSC preparation.

The mentor astonished as he was but at the same time being mature to understand the uncertainties of UPSC asked her not to quit the preparation.

Instead he said “you will be ranked 1 next year”. Take few days off and start your preparation again.

And Yes, she was Ranked 1 in the coming year of CSE examination

Friends, it is in the moment of hardship and your response to it that defines you. Only in moments of challenges are you truly tested; this is when you need your personality, intelligence, strength and courage.

Doubt is not all that bad, it helps you to question learn and understand. But self-doubt is a different matter altogether. You can doubt your abilities, you can doubt your intelligence, you can doubt your progress, you can doubt your knowledge, you can doubt everything, but you cannot doubt yourself. Give shelter to all other doubts except self-doubt.

Self-doubt is the silent death of the your soul.

Sure it will take a little time and effort to understand where you went wrong, you will feel lost about where to go and whom to approach, but once you sit with a calm mind, you’ll realize you don’t need to approach 10 friends and 5 relatives to tell you what to do.

We are there to guide you at every step. But self-realization is what works the best!

You are the best judge of yourself. You know which areas you prepared well and where you cheated a bit due to lack of interest or lack or time. You have to start analysing where you went wrong, which area of preparation you need to focus more and where to avoid silly mistakes to fall in those to make it for the next year.

Now is the right time for self-awareness! You need to be well aware of your weak areas and your strengths. For the next attempt, focus more on your weak areas and keep revising on your strengths. Prepare your notes well; IASBABA’s initiatives are always there to back up your preparation.

Most of you will find it a little difficult to change your plan of preparation, it will go haywire, but those few who will sail it through are the ones who’ll reach their final destination!

Again, choice is yours to make! 🙂 

All the best 



    ok…………….ready to. try for 2017…thanks for your support

  • arjun singh

    thank u sir,i appreciate your hard work and selfless motivation.

  • Bhaskararao Kothapalli


  • Saisha

    This was my 5th attempt nd i dint make it….left wid only 1 chance nd m bit worried regardin news of age reduction .. r there any chances that this year this ammendmnt will b done?

    • Ankit

      Nothing will happen dear….just continue with full spirit…:)

      • Saisha

        Thanks ankit…:)

    • Don’t worry be positive OK channelize energy in the right direction and use one attempt you will succeed any way and I’m pretty sure there is no change and one attempt is enough get into list just do it,
      you can do, you will do, My advice just find where u went wrong and work on that religiously!!

      • Saisha

        Yes u r right that one attempt is enough to make it….thanks for ur inspiring words…:)

    • मैं ‘आत्मदर्शी’

      there will be not any reduction.
      Just give your last (and this will be final )shot this time.
      ATB !!!

    • Same here.

    • Hellfire

      Age reduction will in next 5 to 7 years; not immediately; check out this hope this calm ur nerve just like mine

  • gurpreet singh

    Ist attempt is down………pls help me prepare for 2017 BABA G

  • Preethi Babu

    Each and every word meant alot sir!!! Thanks from bottom of my heart!! Revived to go ahead!!

  • S.K. Sudhir

    I scored 117 but swinging between below 66 or 66.15 in paper 2 , but could not able to clear prelims. A deep grief,it’s easy to say console yourself but not I am feeling it hard.

  • Ripple_Effect

    What was the girl’s name Baba?

    • NIL0518

      Pool Kumari

    • Shubhra Saxena, 2009 batch is it?

  • IndianSuperhero

    thank you sir for Motivating…:)

  • The Leiter

    Thank you baba…:)I’m in..:)I will give my best and will make you proud..:)

    • Vasu

      Leiter, have been following your comments lately.
      You definitely sound promising.
      All the best leader.

      • The Leiter

        Thanks bro..:)

  • DS27

    couldn’t make it this time inspite of appearing for interview last time for cse and ifos and writing mains in previous attempts..was on border line this time..anyway..i won’t stop writing in TLP and will keep reviewing. Will be willing to help people who have qualified this time.. All the best!! Make use of this attempt.


    thanks for your motivational article.could not able to qualify this time.missed by only 1-2 marks.luckily i have a backup plan.recently joined as bank po. will again start preparation.just feeling sad.i was hoping to clear but after all upsc preparation we have to prepare for unexpected.thanks again babaji.this time give more work on fault lines.

    • madan kumar k j

      bro i applied ibps po….please share your strategy or mail me @ [email protected]
      mine is 108 in prelims this year but can’t get in ….

      • CHANDAN

        just simply following current affair meaningful to banks exam and not any special strategy,was only concentrating on upsc so dont join any test for bank

  • naveen[ ILP ID; Nav0916]

    I am [email protected] thanks Baba ji…it cud happen only because of u nd ur ilp….big big thanks!! All those who cudnt clear this time…dnt fall back for ur pre is coming in just 7 months, success is just delayed; gear [email protected]
    for me….looking up to perform more better in mains; your guidance is a bliss [email protected] keep showering?

    • APPLE

      CONGRATUALATIONS NAVEEN…N all the bst fr mains:)

      • naveen[ ILP ID; Nav0916]

        Thanks dear;] hw abt u

        • APPLE

          m a fresher dear.. 2017 vill b my first attempt:)

          • naveen[ ILP ID; Nav0916]

            ohk;] good luck apple; sure u vl do great;

          • APPLE

            yes my dear:)

    • V Kumar

      congrats naveen

    • Panther

      wow naveen gr8 to know…congrats..wish u all the best:)

      • naveen[ ILP ID; Nav0916]

        Thank [email protected] hw abt u?

        • Panther

          Didn’t make it this time.. 🙁 Panther with roar next time.. Keep writing dear.. U write very well.. 🙂

          • naveen[ ILP ID; Nav0916]

            m sure;] panther vl roar in 2017;] keep up ur efforts;] u too write very nice…good luck;]

          • Panther

            Definitely dear…wish U the same!


    • Panther


  • Subhajeet Chakraborti

    2017 will be my first attempt and I have this naive dream that if anyone works smartly, analyses every day issues as well as take tests on core subjects daily, then nothing can stop their selection in Prelims. However, after witnessing so many brilliant aspirants who had followed everything to the plan fail, I am getting more apprehensive. Is it truly impossible to predict success even after doing the best?

    • Bruce Wayne

      Its nothing like that.
      2016 was my first attempt and I started my prep quite lately.
      On 6th Aug it was when I finally decided to attempt the prelims(apprehensive before that,inspite of scoring good ranks in some test series).But finally made it to mains.
      Yes,there are some rankholders in previous attempts who flunk in the next prelims,but thats the beauty of this exam.You should always hope for the best and be preapred for the worst.

  • Piyush Mirje

    wat is success rate babaji..u havent posted till…

    success rate of ILP n 60 day plans…
    plzz do share it

  • Dhanashri Lawand

    Thank you very much IAS baba…2017 will be first attempt!!
    MOTIVATION : always help alot. Thank you very much sir…

  • Dev

    All I have in myself is a curse to myself… I want to die :'( don’t know how to react to my family when they trust me to clear theexam and I didn’t made it.. I really don’t know how I should react….Result pains me a lot….I wish all successful students good luck…..

    • Abhishek Sinha`

      Don’t curse yourself, just gather some courage & start ur fight once again. I’m on the same boat as u are. Failed to clear Pre fourth straight time & that too at border line. But once again I’m gathering courage to fight back & face the world. Because I know I can do this. It’s just a matter of time. Bro come on we can do it coz once you give u can never but if fight back u can. Just work hard once again & his time u can do this.

      • Ali

        Dear Dev,Mehnati…..Don’t loose hope. Its normal to get knocked down ….but never get knocked out of the fight. Get up ,stand up and break the monster-UPSC CSE in the next round…….just 270odd days left !!!!!

        • mehnati

          thank you ali for the support….!!!!

    • peta

      It’s very natural but to get bogged down..but this attitude of blaming yourself will all but make you feel less about yourself…Take a day off and just relax..then think with a clear mind…

  • Preeti

    Who was that lady who got first rank?

  • sparsh

    This is an article which in my opinion is not only for UPSC ,its a lifelong necessity for all the failures one would face anyway ! Thanks . 🙂 Please if you could , post something to uplift the spirits of those like me , who are writing mains this year . For the syllabus is huge and clock has been ticking on as usual !

  • Theja

    baba will there be a november ILP like last year ???
    I was waiting for results to join ILP , now i would like to…
    Is there a programme Babaji ???

    • Its the same ILP. You can join even now

  • mehnati

    baba feeling completely shattered….it was my fourth attempt and lost again…last time was getting 105 ,was out …this time getting 114 but out again….really baba i’m not able to comprehend as why i am at the border….i religiously followed your test series and 60 days plan…..this time i was satisfied with my preparation and with my score also….now feeling completely black out as to what to do…upsc is so unpredictable….my heart say that one day i will get selected…but the way result is coming it is becoming hard to defend for further attempt…already i’m 28…pressure is already mounting on me to look for other alternative….but if i get out of this cycle then will not prepare again for this paper……i’m having no idea baba…my confidence is very low now …even i feel less confident for other exams also….show me ray of light baba…

    • 0207

      When going gets tough, the tough get going!
      Often what hurts the most is what grows you the most.
      Our decisions should be backed by logic and will, not emotions. Think, not feel!
      this preparation is like a sinusoidal wave. you slide down and you jump back up. but u don’t stop moving.
      i too lost this time. but should that stop us? gather clarity friend.
      and you never know you may fall in the league of Edison, “i didn’t fail upsc, i just found out 4 different strategies that didnt work” and as Edison himself said,” Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

      • Abhishek Sinha`

        These are seriously very motivational words. I’m really feeling upbeat after going thru your comment. I too have the same situation like mehnati, always striking down at boundary line but your words filled energy in me. I know it’s just a matter of time & some more hard work, I know I can do it. I’m made for this only.
        Thanks a lot Buddy. Your words r magical.??

        • 0207

          Exactly Abhishek. Winners never quit and quitters never win.
          Good luck!! 🙂

      • mehnati

        thank you so much friend…your word are really motivating….silence is still there in my room…my confidence have never been low….though it is tough phase but this darkness will definitely pass away and new bright day will come .taking break for someday to gather new energy and to take decision wisely….thank you again..!!!!

        • mehnati

          and again iasbaba platform is not only limited to preparation only ..but also friends to support in tough days…thank you everyone!!!!!

    • Annu

      Don’t happens..dont lose hope..u r on the verge of success.. dont leave the battlefield at this time..

      • mehnati

        thank you annu for the support…..hangover is little less but silence is still there…taking break for sometime…

    • Rohan Subramaniam

      i know feels tough even my age is 27 …Give the attempts again in the meanwhile can give other competetive exams or find some small work where you can give time for your preparation for 2017

      • mehnati

        thank you rohan for your support….taking break for some time and will decide then…

        • CHANDAN

          hi bro dont depressed take it in a positive way.i m also expecting 111 marks according to babaji but couldnt clr prelims.just relax and start with a fresh approach.keep knocking on the door one day door of success will surely open.i m also 28 .but u shd take some backup option for banking also.luckily i have a plan b recentl joined po in dont depressed work hard.last yr i reach till mains.after giving exams one thing is sure success will come but have towards right direction in a positive frame of mind

    • Harshit

      Same here, last time 106.66, this year 113. May be attempting less questions is the curse.

      • mehnati

        no yr…i attempted 81…its just the luck is not in our favour…..!!!!!

        • Harshit

          Playing on margins isn’t the way to go about. Focused too much on mains, optional ready, answer writing in right direction but prelims me hi out. Need to clear prelims with a huge margin. Next year its going to be 150+… No matter what.

          • Harmony

            Same story.Excessive focus on mains.
            And given how prelims is playing out we must target ifos cut off.
            I like your attitude .150+ no matter what.Yes.ATB.

    • ankesh

      Rekhao ka khel hi mukkadar rekhao se mat kha rhe ho u tried ur best it feels great to listen ur endeavors

    • Sujal Mishra

      Same with me yaar…last time score 106 ..this time i was getting 114 from shankar IAS…again out…it was my 4th attempt…clueless for what to do….luck is not working..age is 29.

    • DB10

      I don’t say the same words people are repeating viz.., Don’t lose the hope, your are near the success…..

      With my limited knowledge I can say that, there are some pattern of mistake we always commit knowingly or unknowingly in journey of preparation. More importantly, these mistakes are very personnel in nature. I suggest you identify those mistakes and write it down. Try to work on it bit by bit.

      If I comment on my own experience I was not emotionally intelligent, I used to get very excited on looking question paper, I didn’t practice marking in OMR sheet every time I take test and there are many more to add upon. These minor mistakes cost our marks like anything especially in PT. So, I suggest you to do root cause analysis of issues you encounter. It is my humble suggestion. Thank you 🙂

  • decide

    Can we join ILP 2017 now? As prelims result has been declared and I couldn’t get through.

  • Karthik

    Babaji Gayi, out i am out. I am 28, can you let me know the next yr age limit? pls?

  • Rehansh

    Was my first attempt..getting around 110..want to start afresh with a vigour… @iasbaba can i join TLP now?

    • You can start anytime.. Start from today Rehansh

  • peta

    Ias baba please do start tlp 2017 for polsc optional too…Please. ..For those who are at places where there are no test series facility…
    And yes upsc is unpredictable and all that stuff…did get a big blow after the results..but where I have come this far, a little more push, a little more work…
    Maybe the level was not upto the mark, maybe went a little slack somewhere..
    But I got the key~> Consistency and commitment..and of course getting going..
    Babaji please do start polsc answer writing…would be of great help..

  • Zuber Shaikh

    .i m just 22 . it was my first attempt babaji . i didnt make it in prelims . now starting fresh . can i now join ilp ?

  • leader7

    i am following your WEBSITE since last one year onwards due to financial constrains i didnt joined in TLP16……. now i am out from 2nd attempt tooo…..need u r support…to get through this exam …i want to change my preparation….as u said.can u help me?

  • Keratam

    Thank u babaji this lines really energized me a lot to overcome my depression✒

  • Determined

    2nd attempt and cudn clr even prelims..i was doing a wel settled job. today m flng distraught. ovr tht m 28 nw. i hv started to suspect ma own decision to get in this pool of unending desire to succeed. I want to carry on with prep but on the other hand thr are things pulling down too. m so confused and so depressed. starting to doubt ma own abilities and achievements. huh!!

    • Nikhil

      why are you bringing your “ma = mother” in your message. use “my” 😀 this will help you in your essays.

  • Hellfire

    I am out but look at the positive side, I now have plenty of time to prepare for 2017 exam; to finish optional and also GS-I, II, III and IV.

  • Vinod Kumar

    Baba pls guide me… I started late already 33 SC… first exam in 2015 with 72… this time scoring 98 as per your keys… quite low though but for SC I thought it is enough… couldn’t get through… I know I don’t have enough time.. a job with package close to 30L demands a lot from you… but my dream is to serve the nation… Cant leave job as have family… 4 yr old kid…I regret that I started late… but plz guide me… hope you will reply to it…
    when I first thought (2014) CSAT marks were being added… being IIM grad i knew i will get good score in that but destiny didn’t like it … 2015 it was removed… now hope is 2017 else baswan committee report will be implemented and I will be out of the race… I srsly regret why did I start late… may be I am from a small town … father a retired havaldar… couldn’t get the guidance….

    Need your help… pls


      Hello Sir I don’t Know If I am the right person here. But I would Like to tell you something. I joined IAS Baba’s 60 Days Prelims Initiative and worked rigorously on it and I didn’t thought I could even get to score even near the cut-off But still I managed 112 this year(Approx.).Even I have dreamt from early childhood to become an IAS and I am just a fresher at 21 years of age even i have many responsibilities of looking after myself now. But my parents are strongly supporting in achieving my dreams. So my point here is though you are working I would strongly suggest to build yourself everyday and introspect to find where your strength lies.I definitely hope you will come out with flying colours. We have many examples of people who had success while working you can definitely be one of them.

      Peace. 🙂

      • Vinod Kumar

        thnks bro


          Anytime Bro!

    • Annu

      Baswan committee reduction of age proposal is not for dont worry..u still have three more years..give your best shot next time..

      • Siddhartha_Bangalore

        For sc its 37 to go . Do not worry on this .. you are safe zone .. study hard & get into CIVIL service all d best

    • Hellfire

      Baswan committee say for unreserve category and that too in the next five to sseven years time; not immediately

  • sandeep chahal

    this article would be a catalyst in preparation. surrounded by positive people and thoughts would definitely boost us and give new ray of hope.
    thank u babaji for reenergising us….

  • hemaias2017

    thank you babaji, it boosted my mind. I was very depressed whole yesterday, thought that i cant do anything in mylife, now am feeling better and thinking to restart my prep…

  • hemaias2017

    Namaste babaji and HELLO everyone, anyone with psychology optional??

  • Mokhtiyar

    Dear baba team, I want to join in ur programme. For 2017. But I am a oc candidate, and 30 now. Whether I am able to appear in next exam,or not?

  • Vignesh Veerasamy

    Guys dont know whether I am the right person to say these words…you guys dared and be proud of yourself….success is bit delayed….as BABA said.
    God’s perseverance wont let you down.I am already 31 [OBC] lately entering the race but still hoping for the best.Cheer up guys we will again enter the battle…..All the best….

    Vignesh [email protected] viky.

  • Mokhtiyar

    Why the govt showing bias towards oc candidates. Though we have low number of attempts as well age when compare to other categories. We have to secure more Marks when compared to others. We have dedicated our time to achieve our goal. When baswan committee has recommend to reduce oc age, particularly. Why this bias against oc.

  • sudheer kumar


    watch his inspirational video

    • Dipal

      Didn’t understand a word ! ?
      But felt it……?

  • Shalima Jha

    Hi guys. Can anyone please guide whether there is a WhatsApp group already for Sociology? Please help…. I have also joined Socio test series and 6 months membership plan of If we form a group, we can also discuss our viewpoints on the questions asked in their (iasaspirantnetwork’s) Socio tests and their daily topics and their answer blueprints (they are reallly good and comprehensive).. Please help … ..!/./

    • AARTI

      Hii ! We r in a what app group .u can also join us on 8447295798

  • sudheer

    ias/ips inspirational video /goose bumps /see tilll last minute

  • Santosh Kumar

    Being OC 29,and not qualified for prelims. Highly Demotivated. Getting out of it. Someone help me in prep.

  • Sumit Rana

    Hello ias baba team
    My optional is agriculture
    Please suggest some strategy for this subject especially for paper 2 related to biotechnology .

  • Yakshi

    Any watsapp grp for Mathematics??

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