TLP 2016 OPTIONAL – Geography Mini Test 1[Day 16]

  • September 15, 2016
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Mains Examination, TLP Geography Optional
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Must Refer to Geography Plan and StrategyClick Here

Think Learn & Perform (TLP) : Geography Mini Test 1


These questions are meant to examine your understanding of the last 15 days. Attempt these questions in 2 hours in strict exam conditions without referring any source. Please be honest and do this exercise sincerely.

(PS: These questions were asked in last year’s TLP Mini test 1)


All the best


1. Taking urban area as an open system, discuss the concept of urban climate. Illustrate various links and relationships to substantiate your answer. (15 marks)

2. How do air masses form? What are the necessary conditions for their formation. Discuss the effects on local weather brought about by continental polar (cP) air mass. (20 marks)

3. Explain the phenomenon of flood. On an outline map of India, show the flood prone regions of the country. Enumerate various flood proofing strategies. (20 marks)

4. What are the various methods to measure quality of life? How is it related to social well being? (15 marks)

5. Discuss the changing trends of interstate and intrastate migration in India. Which factors are responsible for this changing pattern? (15 marks)

6. What strategies should be adopted for the development of tribal belts in the North-East of India? What are the associated developmental challenges in the region? (20 marks)

7. Write a note on the evolution of the concept of ‘region’ in Geography. Quote geographers who have made significant contributions in developing this perspective of Geography. (20 marks)

8. Investing in human capital is the only way to check India’s demographic dividend from turning into a demographic liability. Comment. (15 marks)

9. Explain the principles that govern the process of carving out regions. Also discuss at least two methods of regionalisation. (15 marks)

10. What changes do Panchayati Raj Institutions require to ensure social well being and good quality of life at the grassroot level. (20 marks)


Note: No separate links will be provided for answering the questions. All questions can be answered on the same page.

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