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  • October 23, 2016
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Resolving Inner Conflicts:

A human being is almost always in the middle of the war zone of the mind. He is torn between a thousand different desires, emotions, fears, expectations and dreams. Managing this constant battleground of emotions and learning the art of resolving inner conflicts is one of the most important skills an individual can learn.

Every choice begins with an inner conflict. Knowing how to understand and interpret different thought patterns and eventually choosing one idea over the other without being overwhelmed by the whole process is a mark of a person who understands himself well. This personal understanding of oneself is the key to resolving inner conflict.

An inner conflict can be as simple as choosing coffee over tea and as complex as choosing the right profession. All decision making is about resolving these internal conflicts. Every day and every moment of living is a challenge in inner conflict resolution.

All inner conflicts propose two or more options to choose from. The firmness of one’s conviction to choose what is right and to remain committed to that option in spite of all the obstacles is the process of resolving inner conflicts. The one who has learnt how to resolve his inner conflicts can face almost any obstacle of life without fear and guilt.

Give it a thought. If you didn’t have to choose between what is right and wrong; if you dint have to choose between what is good and bad; if you dint have to choose between now and later; where is the strife and struggle of daily living. Most of your time is consumed in making decisions; isn’t it?

Where to go, what to do, which profession to choose, which subject to take, when to take a break, when to study, when to rest, when to work etc are all examples of inner conflict resolution. All of us know what a conflict is, but very few know how to resolve a conflict and what the process of conflict resolution is.

We have to first begin by identifying the conflicting thought process. Very often we are too afraid to look at the options presented to us in detail. We would rather prefer to quickly choose one and move on than to spend good quality time reflecting on the available options.

The first habit that has to change in order to address the problem of internal conflicts is to stop being afraid of the problems. The moment we stop fearing our thought process, we get the necessary courage to sit and analyze different options available to us. Just the time and energy given to observe our conflicting thoughts solves half the problem. Rest is just a matter of having a little more patience for the other issues to resolve.

Let us acknowledge and accept the fact that we are faced with the daily challenges of inner conflict resolution. Let us also understand that with a little more courage we can resolve any inner conflict. Take away courage, then all we have is an endless list of unresolved problems that will continue to torture us for the rest of our lives. Courage will help us to take control of the problem and resolve it. There are no conflicts for a courageous heart.

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