IASbaba’s TLP 2016 [10th Oct]: UPSC Mains GS Questions [HOT]

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  • October 10, 2016
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IASbaba’s TLP 2016, 10th Oct

UPSC Mains ‘High Order Thinking [HOT]’ GS Questions


1. Economic reforms that require legislative sanction have become victim of the politics of the day. Consensus on key reform initiatives seem distant and in the meantime, India is losing the window of opportunity that could propel economic growth to the next level. Critically comment.

2. With the budgetary allocations for the social sector going down and increased devolution of finances to the states, there is a need to rethink the roadmap for improving the key socio-economic indices. Do you agree? Examine in light of the schemes including the centrally sponsored schemes being given lesser share of allocations in the last budget.

3. The key impediments for the economy lies neither in policy paralysis nor in the vagaries of the external sector. It is the crisis of political economy in India that has constrained it’s potential from being realized fully. Only if the parliamentarians learn to manage the floor and adopt a inclusive approach, key economic legislations can be passed. Critically examine.

4. The recently enacted Foreign Income and Assets (Imposition of Tax) Act, 2015 can act as a deterrent against future evasions but as far as bringing back the money stashed abroad is concerned, it has it’s set of limitations. Identify and discuss those limitations. Also suggest a roadmap that should be pursued in dealing with the menace of black money.

5. Issues pertaining to governance, funding, institutional oversight and sustainability are the major stumbling blocks in the path of creating 100 smart cities. What are these issues? Discuss. Also suggest ways that can truly impart smartness to the urban landscape in India.


P.S: The review from IASbaba will happen from the time the question is posted till 10 pm everyday. We would also encourage peer reviews.. so friends get actively involved and start reviewing each others answers. This will keep the entire community motivated.

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