TLP Current Affairs Focus (CAF) – Day 3

  • IASbaba
  • November 16, 2016
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TLP Current Affairs Focus (CAF) – Day 3


1. The latest ASER survey has shown diminishing education outcomes in India. Do you think the ‘no detention policy’, started under the Right to Education Act, 2010 is responsible for this? Critically examine.

2. “If justice delayed is justice denied, then India is a truly unjust country.” Examine the statement in the light of judicial delays and backlog s in India. What can be the practical solutions to this problem? Discuss.

3. The Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (FRBMA) was passed to institutionalize financial discipline, reduce India’s fiscal deficit and improve macroeconomic management. How far have these ends been achieved? Critically analyse.

4. The government is pushing for a cashless economy with its decision to demonetise high denomination currency notes. Is India ready for a transition into a cashless economy? Critically examine.

5. GST is definitely a landmark reform, but it is not the magic pill that cures all economic woes of India. Analyse.

P.S: The review from IASbaba will happen from the time the question is posted till 10 pm everyday. We would also encourage peer reviews.. so friends get actively involved and start reviewing each others answers. This will keep the entire community motivated.

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